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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: PlanetsEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Name: Corellia
Region: Core Worlds
Sector: Corellian sector
System: Corellia system
Suns: 1: Corell
Moons: At least 2
Grid coordinates: M-11
Trade routes: Corellian Run, Corellian Trade Spine
Rotation period: 25 standard hours
Orbital period: 329 standard days
Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 11,000 kilometers
Atmosphere: Breathable
Climate: Temperate
Primary terrain: Forests, Jungles, Oceans, Industrial urban
Points of interest: Gilded Descent Casino, Imperial training center, Navigation institute, Santhe shipyards
Flora: Tree
Fauna: Bluevev glider, Coppergrin, Corellian hound, Fleek eel, Garsmelt, Lancepyke, Needlegawp, Pulsar skate, Scalefin fish
Native species: Human, Corellian
Immigrated species: Barbadelan, Besalisk, Czerialan, Grindalid, Kel Dor, Pa'lowick, Rodian, Sullustan, Twi'lek, Ugor
Population: 3 billion
Demonym: Corellian
Major cities: Coronet City, Kor Vella, Tyrena, Bela Vistal, Doaba Guerfel
Major exports: Starships

Description: Corellia was a planet located in the galaxy's Core Worlds known for its ace pilots and large starships. Vessels such as the Millennium Falcon and Imperial starships were built on Corellia.

It was the homeworld of Han Solo, Qi'ra, Wedge Antilles, Crix Madine, BoShek, the Besalisk Gadren, the Executive Records Officer Winshur Bratt, the bounty hunters Dengar and Mercurial Swift, the Jedi younglings Kalifa and Petro, and Wanten of the First Order.

Corellia was located in the Corellian sector in the Core Worlds. It had a temperate climate and was covered in forests, jungles, and urban centers. One major city was Coronet City (also the planet's capital), which was home to shipyards used to build TIE fighters and Star Destroyers for the Galactic Empire.

The planet's human inhabitants were called Corellians and were known for their wanderlust. Besides humans, Corellia was also inhabited by several alien species including Barbadelans, Besalisks, Czerialans, Grindalids, Kel Dor, Pa'lowicks, Rodians, Sullustans, Twi'leks, and Ugor. In addition, Corellia was also home to several native creatures including Corellian hounds and fleek eels.

Early history
An ancient Core World, Corellia was the homeworld of natives known for their wanderlust. In the time before they explored the stars, Corellians embarked on ocean voyages to satisfy that wanderlust, traversing the seas to discover new continents and catch vast quantities of fish. After the advent of space travel, Corellian royalty sponsored exploration and colonization efforts that helped expand galactic civilization by furthering the frontiers of the Old Republic in its youth. Corellian colonists settled on thousands of worlds, and its hyperspace scouts paved many of the galaxy's major hyperspace routes, making Corellia an important planet in the Galactic Republic.

The planet became known through the galaxy for the Corellian people's wanderlust and its massive shipyards. Eventually, the ancient Corellian royalty, which included Prince-Admiral Jonashe Solo, faded away and the throne stood vacant for many years. In the millennia leading up to the Imperial Era, Corellia's key role in the expansion of galactic civilization decreased and power shifted to younger, more vibrant planets. The once influential world gained a reputation as a polluted planet with extensive poverty and crime. With its importance in galactic affairs reduced, Corellia was nonetheless recognized for its historic significance.

Age of the Empire
When the Galactic Empire came to power, Corellia's shipyards were transformed into Imperial facilities, and though Corellia was a faded industrial world, it was used to build TIE fighters and Star Destroyers for the Imperial Navy. Many impoverished Corellian commoners sought to escape their homeworld for a better life. By 13 BBY, the Corellian Security Forces including its emigration officers had become an extension of the Imperial security forces on Corellia with Patrol Troopers assisting in policing matters.

Several crime syndicates including Lady Proxima's White Worms operated in the coastal Coronet City. The White Worms used local street urchins called scrumrats as vermin-catchers, pick-pockets, errand runners, and crime operatives. Two notable scrumrats were Han and Qi'ra who sought to escape the White Worms and Corellia by going offworld.

After escaping the Den of the White Worms, Han and Qi'ra tried to escape through Coronet Spaceport by bribing an emigration officer. However, Qi'ra was recaptured and sold to Sarkin Enneb. Han managed to travel offworld and join the Carida Academy as an Imperial cadet with the hopes of becoming a pilot. Due to his insubordination, however, Solo was reassigned to the Imperial Army and became a Swamp trooper on Mimban. Meanwhile, Qi'ra became the chief lieutenant to Dryden Vos in the Crimson Dawn crime syndicate.

Around ten years before the Battle of Yavin, an organization known as the Corellian Resistance operated on the planet, fighting against the Empire. One of their members, Miru Nadrinakar, attempted to warn them of an upcoming crackdown.

Rise of the New Republic
Following the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, the bounty hunter Dengar tried to offer Mercurial Swift the opportunity to work in a partnership. However, the younger bounty hunter refused and the two men fought. Dengar warned Swift that the New Republic, the successor to the Alliance to Restore the Republic, would be imposing bounties on bounty hunters and that bounty hunters needed to form a union to work together. However, Swift ignored his advice.

In 5 ABY, the dark side cult Acolytes of the Beyond recruited a low-class Corellian Pantoran girl named Kiza. The Acolytes worshiped the Sith and the dark side. That year, the Acolytes staged an attack on Coronet City so that Kiza and a boy named Oblivion could infiltrate the Peace and Security Headquarters and steal a Sith lightsaber from the archives beneath the prison. In the process, Kiza killed numerous Peace and Security officers while Oblivion severed detective Erno's blaster hand.

In the months leading up to the Battle of Jakku, there was closer cooperation between the New Republic and Corellian law enforcement. Coronet City Peace and Security began linking its records to the growing New Republic database. This allowed Norra Wexley and her team to track down the bounty hunter Swift.

First Order
The First Order established a presence on Corellia, beginning a planetary occupation and nationalizing the Corellian Engineering Corporation. After the Battle of Crait, the Resistance launched a mission to Corellia. Around the time of the mission to Batuu, the smuggler Hondo Ohnaka led a raid against a First Order cargo train, using the Millennium Falcon to steal a shipment of coaxium from the train and deliver it to the Resistance. By 35 ABY, the Corellian Merchants' Guild was an influential guild in Thieves' Quarter on the planet Kijimi. Following the Battle of Exegol, Corellia was in open rebellion against the First Order.

Places of Interest
Coronet City
Coronet City, also known as Corellia City, was a major city located on the prestigious Core Worlds planet Corellia.

Coronet City, also known as Corellia City, had one known district, the Teeno Village district, as well as mag-lev subways and trains, which stopped at various stations, among them Juni Street Station. There were also several casinos and Peace and Security stations, one of which shared a basement with a museum. Diadem Square was located in the downtown area of the city, and had stores and air-tuks. The city also had its own HoloNet news channel, known as Coronet City Info, abbreviated as CCI.

During the late stages of the Galactic Civil War, the Corellian bounty hunter Dengar and Mercurial Swift once had a fistfight on a holoplex rooftop in the city.

In 5 ABY, a group known as the Acolytes of the Beyond began to attract followers in the city but also harangued the locals. The Acolytes, dark-side adherents and worshipers of Darth Vader, organized a revolution, which involved coordinated attacks on several locations throughout the city including Diadem Square, the 1-line of the mag-lev subway, Juni Street Station, and several casinos. Acolytes also jumped on top of several air-tuks to pull them down to the ground. These attacks were a ruse to enable the Acolytes Kiza and Remi to attack a Peace and Security station in order to steal a red-bladed lightsaber from its basement.

The Bottoms was a district in Coronet City on the planet Corellia that was home to the Silo. According to Rebolt, it used to be a swamp before shipbuilders drained the land to build more factories.

The Silo was located in the Bottoms of Coronet City on the planet Corellia. Qi'ra maintained a secret safe house within the freighter boneyard in the Silo.

Buckell Center
The Buckell Center was a hotel and business complex located in Coronet City.

Cistern of Discipline
The Cistern of Discipline was a location on Corellia filled with water. Lady Proxima sent White Worms there after a storm to scavenge for flotsam and catch fleek eels and coppergrins. It was more oftenly used as a punishment for people who couldn't keep up with Proxima's quotas or missed curfew to many times if they could swim to the end they were forgiven.

Coronet Spaceport
The Coronet Spaceport handled civilian, commercial, and military traffic in and out of the planet Corellia, one of the galaxy's Core Worlds. A sprawling facility located on the coast side of Coronet City, the spaceport was built centuries before the rule of the Galactic Empire. By 13 BBY, the spaceport was mostly staffed by Corellian Security Forces, although Imperial officers and stormtroopers monitored all activity.

CorSec Plaza
CorSec Plaza was a plaza in Coronet City on Corellia which contained the Peace and Security Headquarters.

Decommissioning facility
A decommissioning facility was located in Coronet City on the planet Corellia. In the time following the formation of the Galactic Empire, Separatist battle droids from the Clone Wars were decommissioned and melted down at the facility. The facility was patrolled by police droids and operated by organic workers. Due to the strategic value of intelligence held by T-series tactical droids, two parties both sought to retrieve one from the facilityĆ¢ā‚¬ā€¯the unit of former clone commandos known as the Bad Batch, hired by the informant Cid, and the Martez sisters, two smugglers working for a client who intended to use the tactical droid's data to fight back against the Empire.

The two groups crossed paths inside the facility, initially competing to retrieve the droid's remains, though were forced to work together to fight back the police droids after the facility was placed into lockdown. They eventually managed to use the tactical droid to activate the other battle droids, allowing them to escape. Though the tactical droid's head was hit and destroyed by fire from the police droids, the clone trooper Tech had copied its information to a data rod. The Bad Batch ultimately gave the data to the Martez sisters, believing their cause was more worthy.

Den of the White Worms
The Den of the White Worms, also known as the White Worms' den or White Worm lair, was the headquarters of the White Worms criminal gang in Coronet City on the planet Corellia.

Diadem Square
Diadem Square was a square located in Coronet City, the capital city of the planet Corellia. It was the main location of a revolution organized by the Acolytes of the Beyond.

Financial district
The Financial District was a district of Coronet City, the capital of Corellia.

The Foundry was an underground bunker in Coronet City on Corellia.

Juni Street Station
Juni Street Station was a mag-lev station near a group of casinos in Coronet City, the capital city of the planet Corellia. It was once home to a revolution organized by the Acolytes of the Beyond.

Narro Sienar Boulevard
Narro Sienar Boulevard was a waterway-spanning speeder bridge located in Coronet City, the capital city of the planet Corellia. It was a part of the planet's system to connect island-like architectural units called pills.

Old Town
Old Town was a location on Coronet City.

Powlo's lair
Powlo's lair was a lair in Coronet City where Powlo lived.

Santhe shipyards
The Santhe shipyards, also known as the Corellian shipyards or the Coronet shipyards, were shipyards located in Coronet City on Corellia. Rebel agents there reported to General Airen Cracken about the status of the shipyard. During a mission to board a civilian freighter undertaken by the Partisans and members of the Spectres, upon analyzing the cargo of the freighter Saw Gerrera stated that the materials were used for construction by the Imperial Navy, with Sabine Wren stating that the materials could have come from Corellia, or any other planet with shipyards.

Teeno Village district
The Teeno Village district was a district in Coronet City, the capital city of the planet Corellia. A pair of artists resided in the district.

Temple of the True Vine
The Temple of the True Vine was a temple in Coronet City on Corellia.

Unbroken Clan sanctuary
The criminal organization known as the Unbroken Clan operated a sanctuary on the outskirts of Coronet City on the planet Corellia. It was attacked by bounty hunters hired by the rival Mourner's Wail Syndicate.

Coronet City museum
A museum was a located next to the Peace and Security station in Coronet City on the planet Corellia. The museum shared a basement with the P&S building and used it to store a bunch of artifacts.

Kor Vella
Kor Vella was a city on the planet Corellia. Cassian Jeron Andor wore a Corellian-cut khaki field jacket that was popular in shops in Kor Vella.

Tyrena was a location on the planet Corellia.

Bela Vistal
Bela Vistal was a town located on the planet Corellia. It was the hometown of Winshur Bratt, who despised his upbringing and attempted to sever ties with the town.

Bela Vistal religious center
A religious center was located in the city of Bela Vistal. The Executive Records Officer Winshur Bratt loathed going to his religious center, as he was called "bratty" by all his fellow classmates. Despite his hatred for this center, his mother made him go anyway.

Doaba Guerfel
Doaba Guerfel was a mountain town on the planet Corellia, located a short distance away from the capital, Coronet City.

Gilded Descent Casino
The Gilded Descent Casino was a casino located on the planet Corellia that at some point before enlisting in the Galactic Empire, Han Solo played a game of sabacc at.

Imperial training center
An Imperial training center was located on the planet Corellia. Whilst on their way to the planet Ryloth aboard the cruiser Defiance, Emperor Palpatine informed Commandant Pell Baylo that the Baylo School run by Baylo would be folded under the existing training center on Corellia whilst Baylo took a chair at the Navigation institute.

Navigation institute
The Navigation institute was located on the planet Corellia. Whilst on their way to the planet Ryloth aboard the cruiser Defiance, Emperor Palaptine informed Commandant Pell Baylo that he would be taking a chair at the Navigation institute, whilst his School would be folded under the existing training center on Corellia.

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