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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: Old RepublicCanon: Yes

Name: Ody Mandrell
Homeworld: Tatooine
Species: Er'Kit
Gender: Male
Height: 1.63 meters
Eye color: Yellow
Skin color: Shades of blue
Move: 6

        Blaster: 3D+2
        Dodge: 4D+1
        Gambling: 4D+1
        Hide: 3D+2
        Search: 4D
        Business: 3D+1
        Cultures: 3D
        Languages: 4D
        Law Enforcement: 3D
        Stamina: 3D
        Repulsorlift Operation: 5D
        Droid Programming/Repair: 4D
        Repulsorlift Repair: 3D+2

         CREDITS 300
                 Podracer, Goggles, Commlink, Team of Pit Droids, Concealed Blaster Pistol (4D)


Description: Ody Mandrell was a male Er'Kit who hailed from the planet of Tatooine, home to the famed Boonta Eve Classic podrace. Mandrell eventually joined the sport of podracing, and acquired a team of pit droids that would go on to set podracing records while in his possession. During a Boonta race that took place during the Invasion of Naboo, which happened during the last decades of the Galactic Republic, one of Mandrell's droids was sucked into one of the engine turbines on Mandrell's podracer. Although the droid survived, the vehicle was damaged, forcing Mandrell to retire from the race.

A male Er'Kit from the desert planet of Tatooine, Ody Mandrell was excited enough by the local sport of podracing to join up and become a podracer pilot himself. Looking for fast-paced thrills, Mandrell acquired a large red colored podracer with round engines, along with three Pit Droids with similar colors. Together, the team set out into the world of podracing, where the droids became infamous for breaking several podracing records. However, the droids were not always the friendliest of peers. During the final decades of the Galactic Republic, the peaceful planet of Naboo was invaded, which was a major galactic event. Simultaneously, and unbothered by this occurrence, the annual Boonta Eve Classic podrace returned to Tatooine for another run. Mandrell was able to earn a spot in the race, and started near the back of the starting grid.

Mandrell was given a warm welcome by the race's Troig commentators, Fode and Beed, who also announced the presence of his pit droid crew. However, before the race even began, Mandrell's droids were involved with a small skirmish amongst themselves. Eventually, the race's host, Jabba the Hutt, arrived to start off the race. The Er'Kit raced his way to the middle of the pack, and stayed near the front, avoiding many obstacles along the way, including the race's favored contestant, Sebulba, who was playing very aggressively. Complications arose, though, forcing Mandrell to make a pit-stop at the beginning of the second lap. One of his Pit Droids, frustrated with one of the others, tried to approach his counterpart, inadvertently walking in front of one Mandrell's large, active engines. The droid was sucked in through the intake, and was shot out the other side, completely intact and operational. However, the engine was completely shot after the incident, leaving Mandrell to mourn his loss from his cockpit.

Personality and traits
A thrill seeking Er'Kit in over his head, Ody Mandrell respected his audience enough to return their cheers of adoration with a cheerful smile and a wave of his hand, although when it came to his Pit Droids, he could be ill-tempered and demanding. During his pit-stop, he became fairly demanding and impatient as his droids hustled to accomplish their work. However, when his engine was destroyed by one of the droids, Mandrell could only sigh in exasperation as his chances of winning the race were dodged.

Mandrell stood at 1.63 meters, atop long skinny legs. Mandrell had predominantly blue skin, with a dark indigo-like color going down the center of his elongated head, while the left and right sides of his cranium were a lighter shade. A similar pattern adorned his arms. His face and the front of his neck and torso were a very pale blue color.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.