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Industrial Automaton SE8 waiter droid

Industrial Automaton SE8 waiter droid

Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: ARMOUREra: VisionsCanon: Visions

Name: Steward Droid Disguise
Type: Power Suit
Color: Dark gray and gold
Availability: 2, X

Game effects:
         Heavy Suit:
                 5D Strength for all purposes when wearing suit (damage resistance, melee, lifting, etc)
         Enhanced Senses:
                 +2D to Senses when listening or searching.

Description: The Steward Droid was a droid disguise utilized by Margrave Juro of the planet Hy Izlan. In reality, the Steward Droid was a mechanical armored suit that Juro controlled from a seat inside its torso. When Juro summoned a number of Jedi without masters to Aerial Temple of Hy Izlan, Juro assumed the disguise after he learned that a number of the Jedi had been killed and Sith operatives sent in their places. As the Jedi and disguised Sith arrived at the temple, Juro greeted them as the Steward Droid. The Sith acolytes revealed themselves after Lah Kara, the daughter of the sabersmith who Juro tasked with creating lightsabers for the Jedi, arrived with the weapons. Juro walked toward the group of Sith wearing the droid suit before opening it up and revealing that he had been there all along. The margrave subsequently dueled the Sith, and with the help of Kara and the Jedi Ethan, defeated his attackers.

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