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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: Old RepublicCanon: EU

Name: Slyther Bushforb
Homeworld: Sump
Species: Nuknog
Gender: Male
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: Blue
Move: 10

            Blaster: 6D
            Brawling Parry: 4D+2
            Dodge: 4D+2
            Melee Combat: 3D+2
            Melee Parry: 3D+2
            Search: 6D
            Persuasion: 5D
            Investigation: 6D
            Bureaucracy: 4D
            Languages: 3D
            Brawling: 4D
            Repulsorlift Piloting: 3D+1
            Computer Programming/Repair: 4D
            Security: 4D+2

Special Abilities:
        Rush: Nuknog can temporarily improve their agility, reflexes and speed. A rushing Nuknog gains a temporary +1D to Dexterity (and all related skills) and moves at twice the normal speed. While using this ability, the Nuknog cannot use skills that require patience and concentration, such as sneak or any Force Skill. A rush lasts for a number of rounds equal to 4+ the number before D in the character’s stamina. At the end of this duration, the Nuknog loses the benefits of the rush and suffers a –2 penalty to both Strength and Dexterity and must move slower than High Speed for a number of rounds equal to the charge’s duration.
        Acute Senses: +2 to Perception or search to notice something.


Equipment: Street Clothes, Concealed Blaster Pistol (4D), Comlink

Description: Slyther Bushforb was a male Nuknog private investigator who worked on Coruscant, the galactic capital. Originally from Sump, Bushforb left that planet's swamps behind in order to live on Coruscant and work as a detective. He became quite skilled at his craft, accumulating resources and contacts, such as Dexter Jettster and Rednax. In 22 BBY, he was interviewed, briefly, by HoloNet News, on the subject of the "Baby Ludi" custody battle that was enthralling the populace.

Two months later, he was hired by Vekka Lodik, agent of the actor Seboca, to discover the identity of someone who was trying to kill her charge. Taking to the case quickly, but not trusting Lodik at all, Bushforb followed a string of leads, helped by Jettster and a contact in the Bounty Hunters' Guild. His investigation eventually led him to a flat that Seboca owned under the name of "Manoca." Entering, he was confronted by Lodik, who had been planning to kill Seboca all along and frame Bushforb for the deed. The detective was not easily defeated, though, and he was able to kill Lodik.

From swamp to sleuth
Slyther Bushforb, a male Nuknog, was a native of Sump, and, unlike most of his fellow Nuknogs, he decided to leave the swamps of his homeworld behind. He took himself to the galactic capital of Coruscant and eked out an existence as a private investigator—or, as he liked to refer to himself, a "private dack." He accumulated considerable experience during his tenure on Coruscant, and became familiar with the everyday goings-on of his profession. He made contacts such as diner owner Dexter Jettster, and friends such as the Dug Rednax. Dex's Diner, in particular, became a favorite of Bushforb's, for its ardees, although he once claimed that Biscuit Baron's ardees was superior.

During the Separatist Crisis in 22 BBY, Bushforb was approached by HoloNet News to comment on the "Baby Ludi" case, in which a displaced mother, Jonava Billane, fought for custody over her child, Aris Del-Wari, against the Jedi Council. The Jedi had just refused to return the child to her mother, as they had already "awakened" her to the Force, and placing her amongst the general populace would be dangerous. The Nuknog reasoned that the Jedi had their own rules established in order to keep the galaxy safe, but he also commented on the state of the galaxy at the time, which he believed was less than stable or safe.

The lady in the plaza
In 22 BBY, a female Nuknog approached Bushforb with a case. The private investigator found her attractive, but did not trust her at all. She identified herself as Vekka Lodik, agent to the star of the recent play Airtaxi Driver, Seboca. Lodik claimed that someone was attempting to kill Seboca, and she wanted Bushforb to find out who. The private investigator accepted the task, and set about his work quickly. Along with Rednax, he set up a meeting with Seboca at Dex's Diner, and shortly before the meeting Bushforb conversed with the Triffian Ony Bobissia. During the meeting, Seboca was irritated by the presence of the Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi in a nearby booth, but Bushforb was able to talk the actor into calming down. The rest of the meeting passed without incident, and Bushforb began chasing up leads immediately.

Kenobi had been talking to Jettster, but once the Jedi had left, Bushforb asked the Besalisk what he knew about the business with Seboca. Jettster imparted valuable intelligence to the Nuknog, and that in turn led him to a friend he had in the Bounty Hunters' Guild. That friend provided him with a solid lead, which then led him to a modest, unmaintained flat below Pom Plaza. The flat was registered to one "Manoca," another Dug. Rapidly entering the structure, Bushforb was met with the sight of Lodik training a blaster on him, and he realized that it was she who had been trying to assassinate Seboca.

Manoca was in fact merely an alias for Seboca, used to keep a low profile. It was Lodik's hope that he would return to his secret flat, in which event she would then kill him, and frame Bushforb for the murder. The Nuknog found the prospect considerably less attractive than the one offering it, and so he decided to turn the tables on the duplicitous agent. Making things easier for him was the fact that she was inexperienced with weapons, and so when she glanced away, he took the opportunity to draw his own weapon and shoot her dead on the spot.

Personality and traits
With his unusual career path and world of residence for a Nuknog, Slyther Bushforb was a perceptive being, and highly skilled at his job. By the time he had established himself in the business, he was world-weary, having accumulated a stockpile of sources and "friends." He knew potential trouble when he saw it, and was able to talk his way out of a heightened situation. Bushforb worked quickly, sometimes segueing instantly from a meeting with a client to following up a lead. He was also skilled in the use of a blaster. In regards to the Jedi, Bushforb was respectful of their traditions, but believed that the state of the galaxy in light of the Separatist Crisis was not a happy one.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
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