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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Old RepublicSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: High RepublicCanon: Yes

Name: Elzar Mann
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Skin color: Tan

            Blaster: 5D+2
            Brawling Parry: 5D
            Dodge: 6D
            Lightsaber: 9D+2
            Melee Combat: 5D
            Melee Parry: 5D+1
            Command: 7D+1
            Hide: 4D+1
            Persuasion: 6D+2
            Search: 6D
            Sneak: 5D+2
            Intimidation: 5D+1
            Languages: 7D+1
            First Aid: 6D
            Scholar (Jedi Lore): 11D
            Streetwise: 5D+1
            Tactics: 6D+2
            Willpower: 6D+1
            Brawling: 5D+2
            Climbing/Jumping: 6D+2
            Stamina: 6D+2
            Astrogation: 5D+1
            Repulsorlift Operation: 4D+1
            Space Transports: 5D+1
            Starship Gunnery: 5D+2
            Starship Shields: 5D
            Starfighter Piloting: 7D
            Lightsaber Repair: 6D
            Security: 5D
            First Aid: 4D+2

Force Skills:
            Control: 8D+1
            Sense: 9D
            Alter: 8D+2

Force Powers: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Accelerate Healing, Concentration, Control Pain, Enhance Attribute, Hibernation Trance, Resist Stun, Combat Sense, Danger Sense, Life Detection, Life Sense, Magnify Senses, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Force, Telekinesis, Lightsaber Combat, Projective Telepathy, Accelerate Anothers Healing, Control Anothers Pain, Affect Mind, Projected Fighting, Lesser Force Shield, Force Stun, Battlemind, Cure Disease, Force Healing, Cure Poison, Force Speed, Force Stealth, Force Jump, Force Pull/Push,  *

*: Elzar knows many obscure abilities, and the Gamesmaster should feel free to have him know any ability in the books, or to create new ones that only he has discovered with his tinkering with the force.


Equipment: Comlink, Lightsaber (5D), Utility Belt, Jedi Robes, Jedi Vector Starfighter

Description: Elzar Mann was a human male Jedi Master during the time of the High Republic. A controversial Jedi due to his unorthodox manner of using the Force, Mann remained a Jedi Knight late into his time with the Order in spite of his ability to rediscover abilities that had been forgotten. He served along with other Jedi, including his close friend Avar Kriss, and members of the Republic Defense Coalition during the response to the Great Hyperspace Disaster, a hyperspace-related cataclysm which sent the remnants of ships torn apart in the hyperlanes hurtling towards inhabited systems. Following their actions during the evacuation of the Hetzal system, Mann was chosen by Kriss to assist her after she was instructed to find the source of the Great Disaster and, as a result of their mission, he was finally promoted to Jedi Master.

In the aftermath of the Nihil defeat at the Battle of Kur, Mann attended the dedication of Starlight Beacon along with Kriss, Gios and dozens of other Jedi, during which time he experienced a distressing Force vision about the future, a vision which badly shook him up and led him to distance himself from his friends, especially Kriss. A year after the Great Disaster, Mann was assigned as the Jedi marshal for Valo, the Frontier world where the Republic Fair was being held to encourage Outer Rim planets to join the galactic government. Mann's vision came true as a large Nihil force attacked and devastated Valo, dealing a blow to the Republic's expansion efforts and leaving hundreds of thousands dead.

A Jedi on the frontier
Born during the time of the High Republic, Elzar Mann was inducted into the Jedi Order at an early age and brought to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to be trained in the ways of the Force. During his time as a youngling and later as a Padawan, he befriended fellow apprentices Avar Kriss and Stellan Gios; the three Jedi would remain friends for decades after their training ended. Mann and Kriss's friendship was particularly strong and, during their time as Padawans, they shared an intimate relationship, a relationship which led them to develop a bond that allowed them to know what the other was feeling without having to use speech. As young Padawans happy to break the rules, their relationship extended to the point that they spent at least one night together in Kriss's quarters.

In addition to being trained at the Temple, Jedi apprentices of the time were sent to serve in Jedi outposts on the frontier, beyond the reach of the Galactic Republic, the Jedi having become instrumental in assisting exploration and settlement in the area.

Once his training ended, Mann ascended to the rank of Jedi Knight, at which point he and Kriss ended their relationship and agreed that, as Jedi, they should be no more than friends. However, while both Gios and Kriss eventually climbed further and became Jedi Masters, Mann remained a Knight despite his fervent desire to ascend to Mastery. He had become somewhat of a controversial Jedi due to his experiments with the Force and, although such experimentation had allowed him to rediscover lost Force techniques, his manner made him few friends. He was considered unreliable and difficult to work with, even among his fellow Jedi.

The Great Disaster
In 232 BBY, Mann was part of a Jedi contingent assigned to the dedication ceremony of Starlight Beacon, a large station built as part of Chancellor Lina Soh's Great Works and designed to facilitate travel in the Outer Rim in areas still undiscovered by Republic explorers. When the Legacy Run, a Byne Guild freighter transporting cargo and settlers to the Outer Rim along a well-established hyperlane, was torn from hyperspace, its debris started emerging in realspace and threatening star systems around the Outer Rim in what would be remembered as the Great Hyperspace Disaster. Most of the Legacy Run emerged in the Hetzal system, an agricultural supplier with a main planet, Hetzal Prime, two inhabited moons named the Fruited and the Rooted, and forty billion inhabitants. Minister Zeffren Ecka, the system's leader, sent out a distress signal for assistance in the system-wide evacuation he had ordered. His message was picked up by the Jedi and Republic presence on Starlight Beacon, who immediately set out for Hetzal to assist.

The Jedi contingent, aboard their Vector starfighters, set about helping in any way they could, linked by Master Avar Kriss's ability to connect them through the Force. True to his nature, Mann piloted his Vector alone and headed to help on a pharm where the newly discovered bacta drug was being produced.

When Kriss sensed that a fragment of the Legacy Run containing liquid tibanna gas canisters was heading towards the largest of Hetzal's three suns, a combination which would lead to the star doubling in size and causing the resulting solar radiation to destroy all life forms in the system, she called out to all the Jedi present in the rescue effort to use the Force and move the fragment away from the sun, a difficult feat even for so many Jedi. Standing alone on a promontory overlooking the bacta pharm, Mann joined Kriss's call and used his power combined with those of his fellow Jedi to move the fragment out of its inertia, drawing on the Force and sharing the strength he drew from it with the other Jedi present on Hetzal. The strain of moving the tibanna was such that some Jedi died from exhaustion, such as Jedi Knight Rah Barocci, and others fainted from the effort, like Master Te'Ami. At one point, the Jedi lost the tibanna until Master Estala Maru found it again. At this stage, other Jedi from around the galaxy, even as far as Coruscant and as removed from galactic events as Master Yoda, had sensed what was occurring in the Hetzal system and joined the effort. Eventually, Mann's, Kriss's and the other Jedi's effort succeeded, and they moved the tibanna out of the sun's path, saving the Hetzal system from complete annihilation.

Investigating the Disaster
Although the Hetzal system had been saved by the Jedi and the Republic Defense Coalition, the Great Disaster had not quite ended. Most of the Legacy Run's superstructure had broken apart and made for the agricultural system, but not all of it; fragments of the ship had continued travelling along the hyperlanes until they emerged in other systems. Twenty million people were killed when one such fragment emerged from hyperspace in the Ab Dalis system and struck a city on the planet. Several more Emergences threatened systems and ships throughout the outlying systems and, in response, Supreme Chancellor Lina Soh ordered the closure of all the hyperlanes of the Outer Rim to limit the damage. Meanwhile, the Jedi Council assigned Avar Kriss to conduct an investigation into the origins of the Great Disaster as well as locating and preventing future Emergences, a task for which she selected Mann as her partner. Although she did not say it and he did not acknowledge it, Mann suspected that part of Kriss's reasoning for choosing him to help the investigation, besides his affinity for deduction and detecting falsehoods, was to show the Council that he was ready to ascend to the rank of Jedi Master, a position he had always hoped to achieve as it would allow him to pursue his own studies into the Force with little to no interference from the rest of the Order.

Mann and Kriss were present in the Hetzal system aboard the Third Horizon, an Emissary-class cruiser of the RDF peacekeeping fleet, as the broken pieces of the Legacy Run's wreckage were being gathered to ascertain how much of the ship was still unaccounted for. By this time, eighteen Emergences had occurred around the Outer Rim, the latest near Dantooine. This had led Chancellor Soh to extend the hyperspace closure another fifty parsecs. The two Jedi met with Keven Tarr, a young slicer from the Hetzalian Ministry of Technology whose efforts on Hetzal during the Disaster had been noted. Also present were Secretary of Transportation Jeffo Lorillia and Senator Izzet Noor, the designated spokesperson between the Republic and most of the Outer Rim systems. When Tarr told them that they had only recovered a vague outline of the Legacy Run, Senator Noor, who already opposed Soh's decision to close down hyperspace, despaired that the situation would continue for a long time. Kriss tried to reassure him that the investigation had only just begun, but her words had little effect as Noor revealed that he had received reports of hoarding on several worlds affected by the closure of the shipping lanes. He angrily berated the Jedi for being present in Hetzal instead of trying to find who had caused the Great Disaster.

When Mann asked him if he believed that someone was responsible for the disaster rather than it merely being an accident, the senator turned his anger on him, demanding to know why he was even present since he had not been present at the initial meeting convened by the Chancellor. Kriss defended Mann's selection as her partner, underlining his crucial efforts in helping the Jedi avert further losses on Hetzal, which did little to calm the senator. Mann, who believed it was important to remind people that they remained people before anything else (and no matter how important they believed themselves to be), silenced Noor by placing his hand over his mouth, an action which also seemed to stun the rest of the assembly. The Jedi toyed with the idea of using the mind touch, a Force technique he much preferred to call "the mind trick," but he dismissed it, knowing that Kriss would not have approved and that she would face the consequences for him causing a diplomatic incident. Kriss defended Mann's selection as, while she was good at detecting problems, he was good at finding solutions.

Tarr, who had successfully mapped the trajectory of several of the Legacy Run's fragments during the Great Disaster, suggested that he could replicate his achievement but on a much larger scale: a virtual map of the trajectory of every unaccounted piece which had broken away from the freighter and where it was heading. The model would allow the Republic to identify which systems would be threatened by Emergences. However, the procedure would require thousands of navidroids to power the projection, more than Tarr had available. While Tarr and Secretary Lorillia worked on finding sufficient droids to power the model, Kriss believed that she and Mann should investigate another possible danger: whether the Great Disaster had been caused by a problem in hyperspace itself. Noor advised them to meet with members of the San Tekka clan, a family of galactic explorers who had grown rich prospecting uncharted areas of the galaxy and mapping hyperspace routes. Mann and Kriss left for Naboo to meet with the heads of the family, Marlowe and Vellis.

Encounter with the San Tekkas
By the time Mann and Kriss reached Naboo, another Emergence had occurred in the Ringlite system, and Chancellor Soh had widened the hyperspace blockade to prevent further disasters. It had therefore become more pressing to find a solution to the crisis. In the Naboo Lake Country, Mann and Kriss visited the San Tekka estate, and as they waited for their hosts, who were conducting some urgent business, they observed an island close by. Mann told Kriss that it was called Varykino and that it was used as a retreat for artists, such as a poet called Omar Berenko. While sampling the San Tekkas' attar of spinsilk, he mused that Varykino would make a good spot for them to retire in quiet contemplation once they had grown too old for the Order to use them, imagining himself learning to catch fish with the Force.

Marlowe San Tekka, the head of the San Tekka clan, and his husband Vellis joined the two Jedi on the patio, where Mann and Kriss informed them of the Great Disaster's unexpected consequences. They agreed to provide the necessary navidroids for Keven Tarr's processor and, seeking further, Mann mentioned the principal theory of Republic experts, the idea that the Legacy Run had collided with an object while travelling through hyperspace. Marlowe strongly denied that such a feat was possible as it was counter to the very nature of hyperspace, which the San Tekkas were the foremost experts on. Instead, he suggested that the destruction of the Legacy Run had been caused by either mutiny or a dysfunction in the ship itself. Mann, however, sensed that Marlowe was withholding something. He considered using the mind trick to compel him to provide the answer, but he was stopped by a mental impulse from Kriss, who had sensed both his deduction and his intent through their Force bond. The meeting ended shortly afterwards. As the two Jedi made their way back to their Longbeam cruiser, Mann shared his frustration at having been unable to uncover what the San Tekkas were hiding from them. Kriss reassured him that what they had gained from the meeting was still progress and that they could always return and figure out the secret the San Tekkas had been keeping from them, should it prove relevant.

A successful experiment
Some time after their meeting with the San Tekkas, Mann and Kriss returned to the Hetzal system, meeting with Keven Tarr on a plateau of the Rooted Moon. Thanks to the San Tekkas' assistance (including a supply of navidroids and twelve navulators) and Secretary Lorillia and Senator Noor's efforts as well as specialists from as far as Byss and Kuat, the slicer had managed to assemble fifty-seven thousand, eight hundred and seventeen droids to power his projection of the Emergences. The atmosphere at the meeting was tense, as the hyperspace blockade had led Outer Rim worlds to protest against the measure, despite Chancellor Soh's agreement to let certain aid shipments pass. In addition, a reported Emergence in the Eriadu system had been reported to the planet's Governor, Mural Veen, by a fleet of Outer Rim marauders known as the Nihil sometime prior in exchange for fifty million credits, but the debris had hit the planet, killing many Erudians.

However, more immediately, while Tarr's array proved sufficiently advanced to accomplish the job of mapping the future Emergences, the slicer had failed to adequately prepare for one thing: the heat caused by the compacted processing power of the thousands of navidroids. Although the temperatures of the moon were relatively cool, even the outside air could not dissipate the heat fast enough to avoid overheating. The danger became apparent when an older model from the fifth node of the array burst from the heat. Tarr deployed pill droids to cool the units, but it wasn't enough to prevent fifty droids from shooting sparks as they displayed the nineteenth Emergence. As Tarr began to panic, Mann and Kriss approached him, and the Jedi Master tried to reassure the slicer while also inquiring what was happening.

As more nodes came down, Kriss turned to Mann in search of ideas to cool the array down. The Jedi Knight, relying on a theory he had yet to put into practice, said that he did have an idea. He told Kriss she would be able to sense his intent and that she should help if she could, as he doubted he would have the strength necessary to pull it off alone. Mann seated himself on the ground and called on the Force. Kriss did eventually sense what Mann was trying to do and, although she thought it would be impossible, she still combined her power to his to help. Mann's idea was that the hot air the droids were generating was rising higher into the cool air of the sky. However, it was not going fast enough. Mann and Kriss used the Force to push the hot air faster into cool air, where the moisture it carried congealed together. The effort was difficult but Mann felt it was easier for him to get it done with Kriss at his side as she understood him well enough to follow him without question. Nevertheless, the two Jedi pushed themselves to the brink of exhaustion, forming a single point of condensed moisture and hoping the moon's weather system would eventually take over. Neither of them stopped and, eventually, their plan worked as a cloud appeared above the plateau.

Soon after, the rain began, drenching the droids in water and cooling them enough for Tarr to finish the simulation. With the Jedi's assistance, a precise projection of the Emergences was drawn, and the Republic task force came one step closer to figuring out the mystery behind the Great Disaster.

Hunting the Nihil
Thanks to the information provided by one of the survivors of the Legacy Run's destruction, added to information found when they located the ship's flight recorder, the Jedi and the Republic were able to determine that the Great Disaster had occured because a ship had been in the path of the cargo freighter and that they had collided. The Emergences task force convened on the Third Horizon to brief Chancellor Soh, along with the San Tekkas and Senator Noor. The San Tekkas once again ascerted that such an event should be impossible and, once again, Mann sensed that they were holding something back. This time, Kriss sensed it too and the two confirmed what they had felt with a glance from Mann and a shrug from Kriss. Once again, no matter what the San Tekkas' secrets were, they had proven invaluable in helping determine the trajectory of the Emergences.

During the briefing, Kriss confirmed that the ship had been identified as part of the Nihil maradeurs, the same who had used the fallout from the Great Disaster to prey on the Outer Rim. When the chancellor asked whether the Nihil had caused the cataclysm on purpose, Mann said it was unlikely since the ship was armed and could have easily tried to take the Legacy Run rather than cause it crash. Instead, the freighter had attempted to evade the ship and had torn itself apart in the attempt. Despite the assumption that the Nihil were a small band of marauders limited in their influence to the Outer Rim, the task force expressed worry that they had acquired a much-deeper, and unusual, understanding of hyperspace. Concluding that hyperspace itself was fine, Noor once again attempted to convince Soh to lift the blockade.

Promotion and Frightening Visions
Upon the completion of Starlight Beacon, Mann traveled to the facility and took a tour with Kriss and Gios. The three wondered who would take leadership of the station in the wake of Jora Malli's passing, but decided it was beneath them to gossip. Prior to the dedication ceremony, Mann was informed that the Council intended for him to take the vows and be elevated to Jedi Master. Mann was elated by this; he was finally free to explore the limitless potential of the Force without restriction. After the dedication, Mann and Kriss went on a private walk where she informed him that the Jedi have asked her to be marshal of Starlight. The two lamented that they would not see much of each other since Mann intended to remain on Coruscant, but agreed to stay in touch now that Chancellor Soh made communication easier with her comm relay project. Wanting to attend the reception, Kriss asked Mann to dance with him. He requested to catch up with her since he wanted to take in the view of the facility a little bit longer. Once alone, Mann was plagued by terrible visions of the future. He saw countless images of his friends being mutilated and losing unwinnable battles. Mann was horrified and fell to his knees from the weight of the visions. He did not understand what he saw but parsed that it was inevitable and at the center of it was fear.

The rest of the evening was a daze for Mann. Unable to shake the horrifying images, Mann drank a few too many glasses of Kattadan rosé . While dancing with Kriss, he leaned in a little too closely and publicly. Kriss gently pushed him away and this led to them arguing in private about the nature of their relationship. Mann would not see Kriss often after this and their interactions became distant and preoccupied.

Mann spent the next several months either meditating on the visions or researching the Archives in the Jedi Temple. Now that he was a master, the Council assigned him to be marshal of the Jedi outpost on Valo on the edge of the Rseik system. Reluctant to go, Mann consulted the Ga'Garen Codex and learned about the Isle of Seclusion on Ashla, the primary moon of Tython. Feeling the solitude would be good for him, he traveled to the moon and spent time by its ocean. Wading out into the water, Mann surrendered himself to the Force and allowed more vision to come to him. The visions remained as frightful and confusing as before but now he was visited by the face of a Tholothian with missing tendrils, leading Mann to wonder if it was Indeera Stokes. Mann asked the Force where he was meant to be and awoke from his vision realizing the question had already been answered previously. Understanding now that he was meant to be at Valo, Elzar Mann traveled there fully intending to right whatever wrong that would inevitably occur there.

Personality and traits
Elzar Mann was considered an unorthodox and somewhat controversial Jedi, even by those closest to him. His close friend Avar Kriss described him as a "tinkerer," who enjoyed experimenting with the Force and disliked using it the same way twice. However, this trait made him somewhat unreliable and, more often than not, he worked alone, apart from the other Jedi. It was his love of exploration and experimentation, coupled with his unwillingness to explain what he was planning to focus on action rather than endless theorizing and explanation, made him difficult to work. This contributed to his continued status as a Jedi Knight while his close friends Avar Kriss and Stellan Gios had both ascended to the rank of Master. His explorations and experiments nevertheless allowed the Jedi Order to rediscover lost abilities with the Force. Mann was also remarkably perceptive at times and could identify things that others missed. On Naboo, he sensed that the San Tekkas were lying to him and Kriss about something connected to their family's past. Similarly, he was the first to identify that Padawan Bell Zettifar, whom he had just met for the first time, was cutting himself off from the Force to avoid feeling his fallen Master's absence.

More than anything, Mann saw himself as a problem solver, a task he was good at and which he enjoyed, as he was constantly figuring out ways to apply the Force to a specific problem, both the simple and the complex. This characteristic also made him reluctant to ask for help, even from the Jedi Masters or his close friends. He disliked boundaries and enjoyed pushing them to see how far they could bend, although he at times pushed them too far. After experiencing a disturbing Force vision at the dedication of Starlight Beacon, Mann made a pass at Kriss, who refused him as she wanted their past intimacy to remain in the past. This led to a straining of their friendship, one Mann blamed himself for.

In much the same way that Kriss saw the Force as a song, Mann viewed it as an endless, bottomless sea which could never be used up, no matter for what purpose or how many times it was called upon. He therefore used the Force for what were sometimes dismissed as frivolous reasons, actions which were frowned upon by other Jedi. However, true to his nature, Mann never explained his reasons or his actions, preferring to ask for forgiveness rather than permission

Nevertheless, despite his idiosyncrasies, Mann was deeply committed to the Jedi Order and its purpose. When the Jedi combined their abilities during the Great Hyperspace Disaster to move a cargo of tibanna gas away from an approaching sun, Mann joined the collective action of his fellow Jedi and helped them move the gas onto a new path. He was also held in high regard by his two closest friends in the Order. Avar Kriss described the success of the relationship as being rooted in her agreement never to ask him any questions about what he was doing or why. The two shared a deep connection, deep enough to have developed into a Force-bond by which they could communicate nonverbally.

Kriss and Mann were close enough that, even if they disagreed in opinion, they were free to disagree without fear of it jeopardizing their relationship. Mann also had a sense of humor, another reason Kriss enjoyed his company. During their time on Naboo, he joked about attempting to catch fish with the Force if he ever retired to a place like the Lake Country.

Powers and abilities
Mann was skilled in a number of Force powers, including several obscure abilities.

Mann wore the typical Jedi robes of his era. Additionally, he wielded his own lightsaber and could fly a Jedi Vector.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
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