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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Rebel AllianceSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Name: Obi-Wan Kenobi
Homeworld: Stewjon
Born: 57 BBY, Stewjon
Died: 0 BBY, Death Star, Alderaan system
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 1.82 meters
Mass: 81 kilograms
Hair color: Auburn, later white
Eye color: Gray-blue
Skin color: Fair

        Blaster 5D
        Dodge 6D
        Lightsaber 9D+1
        Melee Combat 6D+2
        Vehicle Blasters: 4D+2
        Alien Species 8D
        Bureaucracy 6D
        Cultures 6D
        Intimidation 5D+2
        Languages 6D
        Planetary Systems 6D
        Scholar: Jedi Lore 9D+1
        Streetwise 5D+2
        Survival 8D
        Tactics: 7D
        Value 6D+1
        Willpower: 8D
        Bargain 7D
        Command 9D+1
        Con 6D
        Gambling 5D+2
        Hide 5D+2
        Investigation: 6D
        Persuasion: 6D
        Search: 6D+1
        Sneak: 7D
        Value: 5D
        Brawling 7D
        Climbing/Jumping 6D
        Stamina 6D
        Lifting: 4D+1
        Swimming: 4D+2
        Astrogation 5D+2
        Beast Riding 5D
        Space Transports 6D
        Starfighter Piloting 7D+1
        Starship Gunnery 6D
        Starship Shields 6D
        Repulsorlift Operation: 5D+2
        Sensors: 4D+2
        Walker Operation: 4D+1
        Droid Programming/Repair 5D
        First Aid 5D
        Lightsaber Repair 8D+1
        Security 6D

Special Abilities:
Force Skills:
Control 12D
Sense 12D
Alter 8D
Force Powers: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Accelerate Healing, Concentration, Control Pain, Detoxify Poison, Emptiness, Enhance Attribute, Hibernation Trance, Reduce Injury, Remain Conscious, Resist Stun, Combat Sense, Danger Sense, Instinctive Astrogation, Life Detection, Life Sense, Magnify Senses, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Disturbance, Sense Force, Sense Path, Injure/Kill, Telekinesis, Lightsaber Combat, Projective Telepathy, Accelerate Another’s Healing, Control Another’s Pain, Return Another To Consciousness,: Affect Mind, Enhanced Coordination

Force-sensitive: Y
Force Points: 9
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 18
Move: 10

Equipment: Lightsaber (5D), Jedi utility belt, Jedi robes

Description: Obi-Wan Kenobi, also known as Ben Kenobi, was a legendary Force-sensitive human male Jedi Master who served on the Jedi High Council during the final years of the Republic Era. As a Jedi General, Kenobi served in the Grand Army of the Republic that fought against the Separatist Droid Army during the Clone Wars. Kenobi, however, was forced into exile as a result of the Great Jedi Purge. As a mentor, Kenobi was responsible for training two members of the Skywalker family, Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker, both of whom served in turn as his Padawan in the ways of the Force.

Kenobi was born on the planet Stewjon in 57 BBY. He was Force-sensitive, and therefore inducted into the Jedi Order as a child. Raised in the Jedi Temple on the planet Coruscant, Kenobi was assigned to Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn. In 32 BBY, Kenobi attained the rank of Jedi Knight by defeating the Sith Lord Darth Maul during the Invasion of Naboo. He also chose to train Anakin Skywalker—the prophesied Chosen One who was destined to destroy the Sith and restore balance to the Force—having promised Jinn who died in the lightsaber duel against Maul.

With the advent of the Clone Wars in 22 BBY, Kenobi adopted the military rank of High Jedi General in the Grand Army of the Galactic Republic, and was given command of the Open Circle Fleet, the Third Systems Army, and the 7th Sky Corps. Clone Marshal Commander CC-2224 "Cody" served as his second-in-command throughout the galaxy-wide conflict, with their forces achieving multiple victories over the Confederacy of Independent Systems. In the midst of the war, his old enemy Maul re-emerged into galactic affairs, bent on revenge against Kenobi for his debilitating defeat decades prior. Though they clashed in heated duels on multiple occasions, Maul failed to end Kenobi's life or cripple his spirit, despite murdering his former love, Satine Kryze, Duchess of Mandalore. In 19 BBY, Kenobi killed Supreme Martial Commander of the Separatist Droid Armies General Grievous during the Battle of Utapau, effectively ending the Clone Wars. He later survived the initial onslaught of the Great Jedi Purge against the Jedi Order, which resulted from the machinations of the Sith Lord Darth Sidious. After discovering that Skywalker had turned to the dark side of the Force, becoming Sidious' Sith apprentice under the name of Darth Vader, Kenobi defeated his former Padawan on Mustafar and exiled himself to the Outer Rim planet Tatooine as the Galactic Empire rose to power.

Adopting a hermit lifestyle as "Ben Kenobi," he watched over Vader's and Senator Padmé Amidala's son, Luke. While in exile, Kenobi was hunted down once again by Maul, who he finally slew to protect the young Luke. Kenobi began the boy's Jedi training in 0 BBY, and soon after encountered Vader aboard the first Death Star, where he sacrificed himself to ensure that Luke and his allies escaped from the Sith Lord. In death, Kenobi became one with the Force which allowed him to continue guiding Luke throughout the Galactic Civil War. In 4 ABY, Kenobi reunited with his former student, Anakin Skywalker, who died destroying his Sith Master in order to save his son. Kenobi was remembered as a legendary Jedi Master during the rise of the New Republic; Ben Solo, the son of Luke's twin sister, Princess Leia Organa, was named after Kenobi. Solo's turn to the dark side left Luke disillusioned with the Jedi Order's legacy, and he held Kenobi responsible for Anakin's transformation into Vader. However, Luke's faith would eventually be restored with the aid of Darth Sidious's granddaughter Rey, to whom Kenobi would lend his voice and strength in a final battle and victory against her resurrected ancestor on Exegol in 35 ABY.

Personality and traits
During much of his time as a youngling, Kenobi was known to be rebellious and willful, described as breaking the rules laid out by the Jedi left and right. However, throughout much of his early apprenticeship to Qui-Gon Jinn, Kenobi possessed strong fondness for rigid rules and a largely by-the-book attitude when it came to matters such as the Jedi Code. He felt as if he never truly understood his master and yet nevertheless wished to please him and earn his respect. He also had trouble understanding his master's hobbies and interests, such as study of arcane Jedi prophecies.

At various points, he considered the fact that Jinn could be kicked out of the Order and wondered what would happen to him if such a case were to occur. The two later came to realization that Yoda intentionally placed Kenobi with a maverick master in the hope that he would rebel in the only way possible: by attempting to become a model Jedi.

Over time, Kenobi would become loyal and dedicated to Jinn, possessing a dry sense of humor and sarcastic wit. Yoda said that he sensed Qui-Gon Jinn's defiance in him, and Jinn himself reflected upon Kenobi's considerable knowledge and potential; he also considered his Padawan a lot wiser than he, if somewhat headstrong. Leading up to his Jedi Trials, Kenobi was very nervous and lost sleep worrying about them. Although he could sometimes be impertinent, he was often seen as wise beyond his years, his humble and soft-spoken demeanour belied his warrior prowess. Despite his numerous complaints during flight, and deeply shaken by an experience involving autopursuit in his youth, he was also a skilled pilot. In many ways, he represented the strength of the old Jedi Order: steadfast, selfless, and modest. His later skill at resolving disputes without a single battle would earn him the sobriquet "The Negotiator," at least in the eyes of General Grievous.

Over time, Kenobi lost some of his youthful audacity and assumed the role of a more cautious and conservative mentor to Anakin Skywalker, who was in many ways his opposite in personality. The two had a very strange dynamic early on, with Kenobi feeling protective and responsible for his young Padawan and Skywalker worrying about Kenobi's commitment to him, having been abandoned in his life previously. Kenobi knew of these feelings, evidenced by waking up to see Skywalker had moved to sleep on the floor next to his bed. Kenobi often worried he was not fit to teach Skywalker and sometimes would lie awake at night thinking of things to teach his apprentice. As their relationship deepened over time, the two found that they could easily get on each other's nerves, with Kenobi becoming particularly annoyed by his Padawan's habit of grinding his teeth in frustration. He was also displeased by Anakin's unwillingness to hold his tongue, particularly around those older than him.

Kenobi carefully measured his actions in any situation, garnering him the aforementioned nom de guerre. Kenobi was also known to be an accomplished storyteller. While hiding in the Jundland Wastes in his later years, he appeared as a kindly and eccentric old hermit. Owen Lars described him as "a crazy old man" to those not familiar with the ways of the Jedi. In his final days, Kenobi retained his traits of patience and foresight as well as gaining some of the boldness reminiscent of his youth.

Kenobi often thought out plans and strategies rather than leaping into action. He would usually place his hand on his chin or stroke his beard as he thought. This was a common trait of the Jedi Master, one that his apprentice Anakin Skywalker did not practice very often. He sometimes mentally repeated the Jedi Code to calm himself. He had also served as a mentor to Skywalker's Padawan, Ahsoka Tano. Tano recognized that Kenobi had more patience than Skywalker, but she also fondly remembered how they would bicker. Tano believed Kenobi would have enjoyed the strategy game crokin.

Kenobi's respect for the lives of others led him to emerge from hiding to save Ezra Bridger and the C1-series astromech droid Chopper from succumbing to the deserts of Tatooine. Kenobi then reproved Ezra for succumbing to Maul's manipulation and counselled the young rebel to return to his place with the rebellion. Despite not hating Maul, Kenobi was prepared to fight and kill him in self defense. However, that caused him to get consumed a bit on the dark side, as Maul was the culprit in the death of his friend and mentor Qui-Gon Jinn. After mortally wounding Maul, Kenobi comforted the former Sith and assured him that he was watching over the "Chosen One," Luke Skywalker, though Luke was not the Chosen One by prophecy. When he confronted Vader on the Death Star, Kenobi found himself unable to believe his foe was once his friend, even being unable to call him by his name; he used the title "Darth" instead, while he also realized his own anger was rising as Vader spoke.

During his exile on Tatooine, Kenboi was forced to engage in self-reflection that he described as agonizing. Over the years, he was forced to dismantle systemic rituals and ingrained doctrines he had experienced during his time with the Jedi. As he learned to forgive himself for mistakes he made during the war, as well as forgiving others.

Romantic relationships
Siri Tachi
A fellow Jedi, Siri Tachi trained at the Coruscant's Temple at the same time as Kenobi. Back then, Tachi and Kenobi used to hold hands under the table during lunch despite attachments being forbidden for the Jedi. Years later, Kenobi mused that although the Jedi may have been exterminated, their dedication to posturing theatrics lived on in Yoda and that he needed just look back at moments with Tachi to feel as though he had deserved a punishment for such acts from the Jedi Council.

Satine Kryze
During Mandalore's Civil War and his apprenticeship under Qui-Gon Jinn, Kenobi fell in love with the young Duchess Satine Kryze. The two lived on the run for over a year. Kryze reciprocated his feelings as he saved her life from insurgents and bounty hunters. When Kenobi's mission ended, he chose to honor his obligations to the Jedi Order in accordance to the Jedi Code. However, he regretted leaving the Duchess alone to rebuild Mandalore.

Years later during the Clone Wars, Kenobi and Kryze still had feelings for each other, but found themselves on opposing sides. Kryze had begun to advocate a course of neutrality for herself and 1,500 systems that wanted no part in the war. Meanwhile, Kenobi defended the use of military action to end the conflict with the Separatists, including a military presence on Mandalore to protect it from the Death Watch. As such, their inability to express their feelings led them to bicker relentlessly about their conflicting philosophies. Only when forced into action did their camaraderie return. When Kryze was taken hostage by Senator Merrick, she confessed that she had always loved him. Kenobi, despite the situation, confessed that he too loved her and would have left the Jedi Order if she asked it of him. Despite their confessions, Kenobi and Kryze continued with their responsibilities as peacekeepers.

When Maul resurfaced on Mandalore, Kenobi attempted to rescue her from him, but the pair were captured. Kenobi was forced to watch Maul choke Kryze and ultimately kill her with the Darksaber. Kenobi mourned her, but refused to give in to his anger and desire to avenge her, only doing so out of peace and justice nearly twenty years later.

Powers and abilities
Lightsaber abilities
Kenobi was a very capable lightsaber duelist, one of the greatest swordsmen of his time. Throughout his training years, he had learnt several forms of lightsaber combat, especially Form III. In contrast to the aggressive dueling styles of his master, Qui-Gon Jinn, and his apprentice Anakin Skywalker, Kenobi's combat style was mainly defensive, though he would use aggressive attacks when pressed. He faced some of the most dangerous people in the galaxy, such as the deadly Sith Lord Darth Maul and infamous Jedi Hunter General Grievous, respectively, the latter of whom he fought on at least seven occasions. Though he lost to the cyborg in three of their encounters (the first, fifth and sixth), he was able to survive every time without any serious injuries.

Kenobi was able to duel Grievous to a draw in their third and fourth encounters, and was able to overpower him in their second duel and ultimately killed him in the final round, albeit with a blaster rather than his lightsaber. However, his final victory may have been helped by Grievous' fresh injuries, which would have hampered the cyborg's fighting abilities. Although Kenobi usually used only one lightsaber, he also seemed to have been well-versed in the art of Jar'Kai, which was perhaps most prominently displayed during his duel with Maul and Savage Opress, in which he wielded both his own lightsaber and the blade of the slain Adi Gallia. His mastery of dual-blade combat allowed him to hold his own against both the Sith brothers, and he even managed to break Opress's left knee and sever his left arm. The duel ultimately ended as a stalemate when an angered Maul used his Force powers to briefly incapacitate Kenobi, giving the brothers time to escape.

Kenobi also situationally, and somewhat less successfully, used Jar'Kai against General Grievous and Cad Bane respectively. He was also capable of using his lightsaber to ground Force lightning, as he demonstrated against Dooku on Geonosis. Kenobi was also able to defeat his former apprentice Anakin Skywalker, then Darth Vader, in an epic duel on Mustafar. Making use of his staunch Form III defense throughout the fight, Kenobi was eventually able to exploit Vader's aggressive nature, and dismembered the hate-filled Sith Lord when he recklessly jumped towards him. Decades later, he defeated his old nemesis Maul within seconds despite the former Sith Lord having demonstrated the ability to hold an advantage against three Inquisitors simultaneously, and duel his former master Darth Sidious for a short time.

A few years later, during his rematch with Vader on the first Death Star, Kenobi proved formidable enough to hold his own against the Sith Lord for a short time. However, Vader's cautious but relentless assault ultimately overwhelmed Kenobi's defenses, and he was forced to begin retreating. Ultimately, he chose to become one with the Force rather than continue the fight and in doing this, he taught both of his Skywalker students one final lesson.

Force powers
Though Kenobi focused largely on lightsaber combat, he was also very skilled and powerful in use of the Force. He was trained in the use of the mind trick, making use of it whenever he wanted to avoid physical confrontations. He was also able to use the Force to tame, control, and lead a group of angry gutkurrs on Ryloth. As befitted a Jedi, Kenobi was adept at concealing his feelings in the Force when he chose to. Kenobi was adept at Force healing, improving his physical capabilities, leaping around with the Force, knowing the future, and could, with great effort, make himself and his use of the Force go unnoticed by all.

He was also capable of using telekinesis to push or levitate objects, or to crush them, as seen when he destroyed two commando droids to recover his lightsaber after a difficult hand-to-hand fight with Darts D'Nar. He would also use the Force to augment his natural leaping ability. His ability to use the Force push technique was exceptional, as he was able to use it to blast back General Grievous dozens of meters with a single push during their duel. A short time later, he was even able to hold off a Force blast from Anakin Skywalker during their duel, though after a short time the resulting telekinetic struggle launched both of them across a room.

Prior to his exile on Tatooine, Yoda instructed him on how to communicate his late master, Qui-Gon Jinn, who was unable to visibly manifest as a spirit due to his incomplete training under the Force Priestesses. Through Jinn, Kenobi eventually learned the ability to manifest his consciousness after death, a skill he would later put to good use to guide and counsel his apprentice, Luke Skywalker, during the Galactic Civil War.

Other abilities
Obi-Wan Kenobi proved himself to be a great military strategist and a highly studious man, demonstrating good knowledge on galactic history and conventions of war, like the Yavin Code. General Kenobi personally led his troops to many famous victories during the Clone Wars, and his persuasive demeanour earned him the moniker of "The Negotiator."

Despite his dislike of flying, Kenobi was an excellent pilot. During the Clone Wars, he led many attacks from the cockpit of his Jedi starfighter or his Jedi interceptor, proving to be an outstanding pilot when navigating through an asteroid field in pursuit of Jango Fett's ship and evading his seismic charges unscathed. In fact, Kenobi had once rather enjoyed flying, prior to an incident during and his Qui-Gon Jinn's mission to Pijal.

Kenobi was also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, having developed enough level of skill in unarmed combat so as to compete with Pre Vizsla, leader of the Death Watch, in unarmed techniques, though he outclassed the Mandalorian in lightsaber technique. During his duel with Jango Fett on Kamino, Kenobi was briefly deprived of his lightsaber, and fought the bounty hunter in unarmed combat. Furthermore, while he preferred lightsabers, Kenobi was an excellent marksman, as demonstrated during his time as "Rako Hardeen" in Moralo Eval's Box and by his defeat of Grievous with his own blaster.

Though he admitted his skills were "rusty," Kenobi could read hand signals accurately enough to understand Eeth Koth's message to his location at the Saleucami system.

He understood many languages, including Galactic Basic Standard, Twi'leki, the Amani language, Felucia's tribal language, Old Alderaanian, and Shyriiwook.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.