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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Rebel AllianceSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Name: Princess Leia Organa
Homeworld: Alderaan
Born: (2 days after Empire Day), 19 BBY, Polis Massa
Died: 35 ABY, Ajan Kloss
Species: Human (Alderaanian)
Gender: Female
Height: 1.55 meters (5ft 1in)
Mass: 51 kilograms
Hair color: Brown, later graying
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: Light

        Blaster 6D+1
        Brawling Parry: 4D
        Dodge 7D
        Vehicle Blasters 4D
        Alien Species 6D
        Bureaucracy 7D+1
        Cultures 6D
        Languages 5D+2
        Planetary Systems 7D
        Streetwise 4D
        Survival 5D+1
        Value 6D+1
        Willpower 6D+1
        Bargain 6D
        Command 8D
        Con 6D+1
        Gambling 4D
        Hide 6D
        Persuasion 5D
        (s)Persuasion: Debate 8D+2
        Search 4D+2
        Sneak 5D
        Brawling 4D+2
        Climbing/Jumping 4D
        Stamina 6D
        Swimming 5D
        Astrogation 3D+2
        Beast Riding 4D+1
        Repulsorlift Operations 4D+2
        Space Transports 5D
        Starfighter Piloting 5D
        Starship Gunnery 4D
        Starship Shields 5D
        Computer Programming/Repair 5D+2
        Droid Programming/Repair 5D
        First Aid 4D
        Security 6D

Force Sensitive: Y
Force Points: 6
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 15
Move: 10

Equipment: Defender Sporting Blaster Pistol (4D), Comlink, Expensive Clothing

Description: Leia Organa was a Force-sensitive human female political and military leader who served in the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Imperial Era. Adopted into the House of Organa, the Alderaanian royal family, she was Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan, a planet in the Core Worlds known for its dedication to pacifism. The princess was raised as the daughter of Senator Bail Prestor Organa and his wife, Queen Breha Organa, making her the heir to the Alderaanian monarchy. Instilled with the values of her adopted homeworld, Organa devoted her life to the restoration of democracy by opposing authoritarian regimes such as the Galactic Empire.

Born in 19 BBY as Leia Amidala Skywalker, she was the daughter of the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo. Her birth occurred in the aftermath of the Clone Wars, which saw the Jedi Order purged and the Galactic Republic reorganized into the Galactic Empire. With her mother's death in childbirth and her father's fall to the dark side of the Force, Leia and her twin brother Luke Skywalker were separated to keep them hidden from the Sith Lords Darth Sidious and Darth Vader. As the adopted daughter of a politician, Leia Organa eventually succeeded Bail by representing their homeworld in the Imperial Senate, though secretly she supported the Rebellion. During the Galactic Civil War, however, Alderaan was destroyed along with its inhabitants and the royal family by the Empire's DS-1 Death Star Mobile Battle Station, causing Organa to openly fight the New Order as a leader of the Rebel Alliance.

Towards the end of the Clone Wars, a galactic conflict fought between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems that was engineered by the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, Jedi Master Yoda set out on a journey to discover the secrets of immortality. His journey took him to Moraband, the ancient Sith homeworld, where he faced visions of the future. At the end of his journey, the Force Priestess, Serenity, who had guided his journey, told him that there was another Skywalker, and Yoda heard his voice from the future say so as well. These events not only alluded to the potential he would sense in Leia, but to what Yoda would tell her twin brother, Luke, about Leia in his last words, before his death.

Early life
Leia Amidala Skywalker was born on the asteroid of Polis Massa two days after the end of the Clone Wars and the newly established Galactic Empire's purge of the Jedi Order. She and her twin brother, Luke, who was born shortly before her, were the children of Republic Senator Padmé Amidala, who died shortly after the births, and Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, who had recently fallen to the dark side of the Force. She was left with a lasting impression of images and feelings of her mother that her brother did not: that their mother was "very beautiful, kind, but sad."

Of the two Skywalker children, Yoda felt that Leia was more suited to be a Jedi, owing to her natural strength, will, and clarity (as opposed to her brother, who was impetuous, headstrong, unruly, and inattentive), wanting very much to train her. However, to protect the children from the Empire, Darth Sidious, who ruled the Empire as Galactic Emperor Palpatine, and the now–Sith Lord Darth Vader, Senator Bail Prestor Organa agreed to adopt the infant Leia together with his wife, Queen Breha of Alderaan, while Obi-Wan Kenobi personally watched over Luke, who would live with their father's stepbrother Owen Lars and his wife Beru, on the planet Tatooine.

Princess of Alderaan
Through adoption, Leia Amidala Skywalker became Leia Organa, formally becoming heiress of the Royal Family of Alderaan through the Name Day ceremony. Although it was common knowledge that she was adopted, and everyone assumed that she was just another of the many, many children left orphaned by the Clone Wars, she remained unaware of her biological parents' fates. When Leia was an infant, she was mesmerized by the fish in an aquarium while her adoptive father read secret files concerning the former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano's presence on the agrarian moon of Raada. Bail later carried her after reading the files.

During her childhood, Leia was taught by her father to appreciate the effort of Alderaan's workers, but also the importance of her duties as the planet's eventual queen. She would often stand alongside her parents, waiting through Alderaan's endless royal ceremonies, knowing that she could let no emotion show on her face. She considered her adoption by the Organas to be a privilege accompanied by duty and sacrifice. Ruling Alderaan would require giving up her freedom, her dignity, and even her private self in the service of a larger whole, but she worked hard to fulfill her parents' dreams for her and to be worthy of someday ruling her planet.

Leia was also reared by a number of aunts, who gave her etiquette lessons to turn her into a proper patrician, and lectured her about maintaining her appearance and the company she kept. Although Leia genuinely loved them, she refused to let them mold her into a simpering princess whose only aim in life was to find a suitable husband. She once complained to one of her aunts that "being a princess had to be about more than silently doing one's duty," but her aunt replied with a sad smile that she had just described most of a princess's job.

At one point, Leia escaped from the care of her nanny droid and ran through the gardens of the royal palace before finding her adoptive mother, Breha, reading in front of a statue of Leia's biological mother, Padmé Amidala. Staring up at the statue, Breha began to explain Amidala's long history, mesmerizing Leia. Breha began by explaining her start as an Apprentice Legislator in the Royal House of Naboo and the beginning of her long and arduous political career from a very young age. She went on to explain the hardships she had faced while serving the government of Naboo, including her election as queen and the Invasion of Naboo in 32 BBY. Calmly passing through her time as queen, Breha continued on by explaining that Amidala may have been a capable fighter on the battlefield, but the most important battles she ever fought were in the Senate, using her words as her weapon as opposed to her blaster, and that she would continue to fight in the Senate until lasting peace was brought to the galaxy. Finally, Breha explained that Amidala had been a beacon of hope for the entire galaxy and that even though she had passed on, her symbol, her spark, remained. Ending her speech, Breha finally came to the point of what she had wished to say to Leia, explaining that the spark of hope that Amidala had left upon the galaxy continued to live inside Leia, a spark that would one day reignite hope within the galaxy.

In 10 BBY, the nine-year-old princess ran away from the royal palace for the first time. She hid in the woods for a week until her parents' guards finally tracked her down. She would later remember that incident as the "best week of her life."

Once warned to stay away from Wilhuff Tarkin by her father, the Grand Moff made an official visit to Alderaan when she was thirteen. Leia crept along the halls of the palace behind the two men, listening to their cold, tense conversation. During the occasion, she realized he was nothing more than a merciless murderer and slaver.

Learning skills
In Leia's teenage years, she learned to shoot with a Drearian Defense Conglomerate Defender sporting blaster pistol, one often used by aristocrats of her social standing. Once she turned sixteen, Leia was allowed to receive some martial training with a personal instructor—her family had deemed necessary for her to learn the basics of self-defense, given her royal status and risk of abduction. She thoroughly enjoyed that training, which not only made her feel physically strong, but also allowed her to be released from the tension of her etiquette lessons. Thanks to her instructor, Leia learned to keep her mind clear and focused on the moment. She was also taught how to ride, even becoming an Alderaanian junior champion in steeple-chase.

On one occasion, Leia was sparring against one of her family's servants outside the city, instead of being in language study, when her father picked her up. During their trip, she expressed her lack of enthusiasm in the politics her mother had to deal with, when the Viceroy explained to her what Alderaan meant, and what she would have to do one day as its queen—to carry on the legacy of Alderaan's harmonic culture with pride, even at the expense of what she wanted. Bail also told her tales of the Jedi, defenders of the old Republic; the young princess also overheard him talking of Darth Vader's powers.

In her late teens, Leia followed her adoptive father's footsteps into politics, becoming a junior legislator by the age of fourteen.

Day of Demand
On her sixteenth birthday, it was Leia's Day of Demand, which marked the day that the heir to the throne of House Organa would claim their right to it. Bail and Breha presented her with challenges to test her body, heart, and mind. Leia was to climb the Appenza Peak, represent Alderaan in the Apprentice Legislature for junior senators, and undertake charity missions to needy planets. Later, she met multiple senators, including Mon Mothma. Shortly after the ceremony, Leia undertook her first mission, where she traveled to Wobani to assist the population that was still suffering from the effects of the Commodities Enhancement Program. Captain Raymus Antilles accompanied her onboard the CR90 corvette Tantive IV. After distributing supplies to the starving population, Leia decided to take as many refugees as she could back to Alderaan with them. She and Lieutenant Ress Batten spoke with Imperial Major Tedam, who told her that she was not allowed to help the refugees. Undeterred, Leia hired around one hundred refugees and transported them back to Alderaan.

On their way back to Alderaan, the Tantive IV passed through the Bryx sector. Leia saw the damaged Calderos Station, but before she could figure out who attacked it, TIE fighters ordered them to leave the sector. Little did she know, rebel forces working for her father had attacked the outpost. When she returned to Alderaan, Breha welcomed the refugees, but when Leia asked her about Calderos, she was warned not to go near dangerous places.

Serving in the Apprentice Legislature
Leia joined the Chandrilan Pathfinding Corps class led by Chief Pangie to train for her ascent of Appenza Peak. Her classmates were other junior senators Chassellon Stevis, Harp Allor, Sssamm Ashsssen, Amilyn Holdo, and Kier Domadi, who also represented Alderaan. They practiced on the Rivoche Ranges on the planet Eriadu before traveling to Coruscant to participate in government matters. At one point, Tarkin came to meet the junior senators and was intrigued by Leia, noting her violation of Imperial rules on Wobani. Later, Leia learned her fellow Alderaanian junior senator Kier Domadi had taken place in Clone Wars reenactments, which was illegal under Imperial law. Later, during a debate over the location of a new Imperial Academy, Leia successfully argued for the planet Arreyel.

Discovering a rebellion
After making connections between hyperspace routes between Calderos Station and multiple nearby planets, and Arkanis, Leia attempted to discover the means of the attack on Calderos by investigating the mining world of Crait. She and Batten traveled to the planet in the royal yacht Polestar. Upon their arrival, Leia was immediately detained by a group of what appeared to be insurgents, but once they learned she was the Princess of Alderaan, they brought her to their campsite, where Leia discovered Bail was operating a rebel base. Leia was shocked to learn that her father was operating an underground rebel group and was responsible for the attack on Calderos Station. Bail was equally shocked that despite the erased data, his daughter was able to track him. Bail and his personal diplomatic cruiser Tantive III escorted the Polestar home, and Leia erased the data upon Bail's request. He and Breha, who also helped run their operation, forbid Leia to talk about or become involved with their anti-Imperial efforts.

Humanitarian missions
Continuing her humanitarian work, Leia and Batten traveled to Onoam, one of Naboo's moons. Leia met with Queen Dalné, who welcomed the opportunity for Leia to try to fix the massive strikes by the local workers who toiled in the Onoam mines. Leia met with Brel Ti Vorne, a representative for the miners, to whom Leia gifted five hundred sets of supplies, each consisting of safety belts, atmosphere masks, portable force fields that can purify air, and other safety gear. However, Ti Vorne told Leia that they could not accept the gifts because their Imperial overseers had been confiscating their equipment and selling it for profit. An outraged Leia arranged to meet with Moff Quarsh Panaka, who invited her and Queen Dalné to his chalet to discuss the issue over tea. Inside, Panaka noticed Leia looked like the late Queen Padmé Amidala, whom Panaka had been very close with.

Panaka vowed to find the Imperial officials responsible, and then began to question Leia about her mother and father. When Leia revealed that she was almost exactly sixteen and adopted, Panaka realized that she could be the Queen's daughter. However, Leia, who was embarrassed by Panaka's prying questions, opted to leave, but after a few steps outside the chalet a massive explosion destroyed the office, killing Panaka and throwing Leia and Dalné to the ground. Leia witnessed a miner in a breathing mask fleeing the scene. Stormtroopers secured the area and treated Leia and Dalné for minor injuries.

Soon after, Leia undertook another diplomatic mission to the sickened world of Chal Hudda. As diseases ravaged the swampy planet, Leia delivered vaccines to the ailing population. The Chalhuddan leader, Occo Quentto, at first refused the vaccines, but then agreed to take them by making a deal with Leia, wanting help not from 'saviors' but from equals. He agreed to do Leia a favor in the near future.

Leia would learn of the fate of Arreyel, the planet she lobbied to receive the next Imperial Academy. Imperial engineers had discovered a radiation source within the mantle of the planet, and Emperor Palpatine had given the population six weeks to evacuate without compensation so the energy could be used to power planet-wide Imperial factories. Compounding Leia's frustration, the Apprentice Legislatures received a special commendation for recommending Arreyel.

Then, Leia and the astromech droid R2-D2 brought relief to the planet Chasmeene, which was suffering after being punished for failing to meet Imperial quotas. They brought food, seeds, and agricultural equipment to help restart the economy. Leia went a step further by collecting evidence to prove the Empire had committed crimes against the people of Chasmeene.

First actions as a rebel
Leia would soon discover her parents were building a fleet over the planet Paucris Major. Bail forced Leia to swear an oath of secrecy before she accompanied him to Coruscant to serve as his senatorial aide. During her duties, she once again ran into Grand Moff Tarkin. Tarkin bragged to Leia about Imperial security forces, including noting the Empire was trying to achieve peace in the Paucris System. Realizing Tarkin was telling her that they had discovered rebel forces in the system, Leia raced to warn her father, but when she was unable to contact him, she contacted Breha and Mon Mothma. After telling them, Mothma told Leia to go to Paucris Major and warn them of an impending attack. However, the Polestar was on Alderaan, so Mothma gave Leia credits to hire a ship.

Leia ran into Stevis and Holdo at the spaceport trying to hire the Mighty Oak Apocalypse to take them to a speeder auction on Arkanis. Holdo, who was suspicious of Leia's rebel connections, convinced Stevis to stay behind and allowed Leia to hire the Mighty Oak Apocalypse to travel to the planet Pamarthe. Leia explained her mission to Holdo, who understood the importance of helping her friend and joined her. However, once they arrived on Pamarthe, they learned that a storm was preventing all ships from leaving the planet. Thinking fast, Leia found a Chalhuddan ship. She tells them to contact Occo Quentto, who told his men to bring them to Paucris Major to repay his debt to her.

They arrived in the Paucris System and Leia broadcast a message to the rebels, telling them that Tarkin had discovered them. The rebels began to evacuate their base and initiated self-destruct protocols on the orbital landers to destroy all evidence. As the ships began to jump away, until Leia and Holdo were the only ones left to witness a concerned Domadi arriving in the system in a starcutter civilian transport. Unfortunately, he landed at the platform, unaware that it was about to self-destruct. He was mortally wounded when the platforms exploded. Leia flew their ship over to save him but it was too late. He died as in Leia's arms. Then, an Imperial ship arrived, and Holdo pretended they were an astrological survey group, convincing the Imperials to let them go. Domadi was brought back to Alderaan, where his family was told that he died saving Leia from a small-craft accident in Alderaan's atmosphere. Leia swore to help her parents with their rebellion moving forward.

Relief mission to Lothal
In 2 BBY, Leia, whilst serving as her father's aide in the Imperial Senate, devised a plan to give the rebels three Sphyrna-class Hammerhead corvettes, ostensibly by going on a relief mission on Lothal, where the rebels would apparently steal the ships. She was greeted by Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger, who were respectively disguised as a stormtrooper and an Imperial cadet, as well as Lieutenant Yogar Lyste, who knew that Leia often had a large majority of her ships become "stolen" by rebel agents. Consequently, Lyste implemented stricter security measures against what he assumed was another "meddling delegation from Alderaan," ultimately complicating her plan to transfer the cruisers to the rebels by placing gravity locks on the ships, along with ordering two AT-ATs to guard them.

Leia then requested she use Lyste's shuttle, and she flew with Kanan and Ezra to former Governor Ryder Azadi's hideout. Upon arrival, they found stormtroopers had apprehended Ryder. The Ghost appeared and opened fire: Kanan, Ezra, and Leia feigned being taken hostage by Ryder and the crew. On board, Leia bonded with Ezra after learning he had recently lost his parents, assuaging his fears the rebellion might not be worth fighting. They then resolved to find a way to steal the corvettes.

Still disguised, Kanan and Ezra used the Phantom to escort Leia back to the depot, distracting a surprised Lyste while Ryder, Sabine Wren, and C1-10P disabled the gravity locks and commandeered the ships. During the ensuing firefight, she saw Kanan use his lightsaber to down an AT-AT, and Ezra use telekinesis to disarm a pair of stormtroopers, which gave her the opportunity to grab one of the rifles and use it against the troopers. When Ezra boarded the last corvette, she ordered him to make it appear they were struggling and stun her. When Lyste came to her aid, she berated him for his failure, and requested a shuttle home, taunting Lyste for having lost his own.

Bounty of trouble
Sometime after the mission on Lothal, Organa was escorted by two stormtroopers in Garel City on the planet Garel. As the group passed a doorway, the Mandalorian rebel Sabine Wren distracted the troopers with a yellow paint bomb and kidnapped the princess via a lasso. Before the stormtroopers realized what had happened, Wren shut the gate. Inside the gate, Sabine introduced herself to Leia and told her that she had been sent to "capture" her and collect a data tape valuable to the rebellion. Organa told Wren that she had hidden the data tape from the Empire to prevent the government from learning she was working with the rebellion.

Meanwhile, the stormtroopers were using an arc welder to cut through the door. With their time running out, Organa and Wren retrieved the data tape from an interface unit, with Leia telling Sabine that the tape would provide the rebellion with the locations of several Imperial bases. Before they were allowed to escape, the droid bounty hunter IG-88 cornered them with a blaster. Wren detonated a second paint bomb and confused the bounty hunter. The duo returned to the blaster, with Wren hiding in a corner away from the stormtroopers. When the troopers managed to get through the door, Organa told them to defend her from IG-88. While the troopers and the droid bounty hunter exchanged fire, Leia and Sabine snuck outside. Organa handed Wren the data tape. Sabine thanked Leia before the princess headed back to the building, hoping that one day they could fight together.

Imperial senator
Leia eventually took her father's place in the Imperial Senate, becoming the youngest senator elected. Her aunts protested and argued that she'd be better off finding a prince for husband, whereas the press claimed she was a "princess playing dress-up" and not a real diplomat and politician. Spending the days leading up to her election listing out her grievances, intent on addressing the Emperor directly and bluntly, Leia was presented by her father to Emperor Palpatine on Coruscant, with all the newly elected officials. However, when she met the Imperial ruler, she was frightened by his disturbing aura of evil that she was left speechless and dropped into a half-curtsy. At some point, Organa met the Emperor's apprentice and enforcer, Darth Vader (both unaware that they were biological father and daughter), and dealt with him. In her early days at the Senate, Organa discovered that betrayal always came from those who acted the friendliest.

Despite her sincere desire for real change and reform, Organa soon realized that no other senator seemed to share her ideals, as the Senate had become a mere ceremonial institution that sycophantically validated Palpatine's every decree, and no delegate ever dared test the Emperor's patience. Unable to understand how the other senators could ignore the Empire's crimes in the Outer Rim Territories, Organa devoted herself to aid the suffering all across the galaxy. On one occasion, she rescued an orphaned baby Wookiee from the ruins of a village destroyed by Imperial forces. Yet, to her annoyance, the media continued to reduce her to the label of princess, paying no attention to her humanitarian work.

Eventually, Leia's leadership and diplomatic skills made the public come to care about her, enough that any whisper of mistreatment would "set the HoloNet on fire." During her tenure as an Imperial senator, Organa had to deal with the Givin, a mathematically inclined species. At the time, she memorized a few equations that proved useful when she dealt with Givin and their custom of greeting maths.

Eventually, Leia would join the Alliance to Restore the Republic, seeing it as her chance to actually help the galaxy, shortly before her mission to Tatooine. Weeks before the mission, Organa attended a reception and ball at the Imperial Palace, like many other members of the Imperial Senate. This was just a few days after she delivered a speech in the Senate about increasing Alderaan's mercy missions to outlying systems the Empire had forgotten or neglected. Despite her popularity, her speech received mixed criticisms, as many in the Core Worlds believed that the Empire was already providing the necessary aid and that Alderaan's "meddling" was becoming too important. During the ball, Organa danced with Imperial cadet Thane Kyrell; he, however, noticed she was paying little attention to him, likely because she was distracted and had a lot on her mind.

Galactic Civil War
During the Galactic Civil War, after the transference of the Alliance's headquarters from Dantooine to Yavin 4, and a battle for the technical readout of the Death Star, Organa volunteered for the mission to transport the plans, against the wishes of her father. He reluctantly allowed her to go, but requested that she seek General Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tatooine after intercepting the plans.

Originally Admiral Raddus was intended to escort Organa to Tatooine to meet with Kenobi. Raddus's ship, the Profundity, however, was diverted to Scarif once the fighting began. A squadron of Rebels calling themselves "Rogue One" managed to obtain the plans and beam them to Raddus' ship. The plans were copied onto a datacard by a squadron of Rebel soldiers still on the Profundity, which had been disabled by the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Devastator. Darth Vader led a boarding party onto the ship and massacred the entire squadron, but not before a fleet trooper handed the disc off to another man, Toshma Jefkin. He barely escaped Vader and got aboard the Tantive IV, which promptly detached from the Profundity and fled from the battle, setting a course for Tatooine with the plans for the superweapon. Vader, however, had spotted the Rebel ship and began tracking it to Tatooine, later issuing an arrest-on-sight decree for the capture of Organa.

Before jumping to lightspeed, Captain Antilles personally handed Senator Organa the datacard carrying the plans and asked her what they had been sent by the Rogue One squad; smiling, she replied with a simple enigmatic word: "hope." Minutes later, Leia learned from the ship's senior officers that the Tantive IV's impaired hyperdrive was causing it to leave a residual energy signature which could allow the Empire to track the ship. To make matters worse, she also learned that the ship's weapons and shields were barely functional as a result of the attack on the Profundity, whose feedback had affected the Tantive IV. The bosun then informed Leia that the Empire had issued a priority red directive to stop all ships matching the description of a CR-90 corvette.

The crew of the Tantive looked to the princess for guidance, believing that she would be able to lead them out of the tangled net they found themselves in. After a brief exchange with Jefkin, a man visibly shaken by what he had seen aboard the Profundity, Organa and Captain Antilles shared a grim realization that Darth Vader himself was after them as well. At a quarter of a parsec from their destination, the motivator on the ship finally gave out, forcing them to rely on sublight speed for the rest of the journey to Tatooine. Before they could reach the planet, however, their ship was hit by a Star Destroyer.

Captured by the Empire
As Organa and her ship approached Tatooine, Captain Antilles ordered the crew to fire back at the Star Destroyer, but their efforts were of little use; the Devastator, the ship that had hunted them from Scarif, had caught them in a tractor beam right above the planet. As stormtroopers led by Darth Vader boarded the Tantive IV, Organa ran through the access hallways of the ship with the datacard in hand, desperate to find a way to deliver them to safety. Amid the shadowy corridors, she encountered R2-D2 and realized that the astromech could conceal the tapes.

Before she could instruct the droid of her plans, she was met by Antilles, who urgently requested that the senator flee in an escape pod. Organa, however, had other ideas and, after sharing a bittersweet goodbye with her old friend, ordered the captain to save as many members of the crew as he could. Alone with R2, she recorded a message for General Kenobi, begging him to return from exile to deliver the plans to her father on Alderaan. After finishing her message, the princess inserted the data card into the astromech and instructed him to take his own escape pod to Tatooine below. She then parted ways with R2 as his counterpart, the protocol droid C-3PO, approached. Watching the droids as they scampered away, Organa drew her blaster and prepared to find her own way off the captured vessel.

In another part of the ship, Antilles was captured and killed by Vader, who commanded his soldiers to hunt Organa down and bring her to him alive. Retreating further into the access hallways, the princess found herself cornered by a squad of stormtroopers led by TK-9091, who spotted the visage of Organa's pale white dress within the dark corridor. Hoping to buy time for R2 to escape, the senator blasted the trooper and attempted to run in the opposite direction, but she was rendered unconscious by a stun blast from TK-4601 and collapsed to the floor. While she lay on the ground, the trooper, whose birth name was Tarvyn Lareka, pondered how a beautiful individual like the princess could coldly kill his Imperial comrades. As Organa came to, she attempted to resist against the stormtroopers, but Lareka forced her into a pair of stun cuffs and threatened to blast her again. Before she was escorted to Vader, Lareka spontaneously removed his helmet and locked eyes with Organa, reminding her that the troopers she fought were flesh and blood. However, this act also reminded Lareka of this fact as well.

The other soldiers shoved her back through the main corridors and past the lifeless bodies of the rebels who had died defending the princess, including Antilles. She was brought before Vader, who had witnessed the Tantive's escape from Scarif. Even still, Organa defiantly feigned ignorance of the Sith Lord's accusations, refusing to acknowledge that she had any part in the theft of the plans. Growing angry with the fiery senator, Vader ordered her to be taken aboard the Devastator and commanded his subordinate Daine Jir to inform the Senate that Organa and the other passengers had mysteriously died.

Once aboard the Star Destroyer, Leia managed to incapacitate her stormtrooper escorts and make her way to a hangar, hoping to take a shuttle and flee to Tatooine. Vader, however, had anticipated Organa's moves and met her in the landing bay. After stunning the princess by informing her that the Imperial Senate had been dissolved, the Sith Lord brought her to the ship's command bridge. As the Destroyer exited hyperspace, Organa was able to see the Death Star in person for the first time as Vader promised that she would be its first "guest." Organa's presence aboard the Death Star was kept a secret to all except for those who needed to know.

Princess of dust
The captive princess was transported to the Death Star and escorted to Detention Block AA-23. Her presence as a prisoner aboard the station was questioned by the officers who recognized her as an Imperial Senator, a designation that should have granted her diplomatic immunity. Nevertheless, Organa was locked away in Cell 2187, a small room that she unsuccessfully attempted to find an escape from. Although he technically had no proof that the princess was affiliated with the Rebel Alliance, Vader was more than certain of her deception and returned to her cell with an IT-O Interrogation Unit, an interrogator droid equipped with a powerful mind probe. Organa was submitted to the droid's truth serum, a drug that painfully invaded her mind in an effort to root out the location of the Rebel base. Despite the persuasive hallucinations elicited by the serum, however, Leia resisted and refused to give up the information.

Following her interrogation, Organa's life was scheduled to be terminated by the man she had met years ago, Grand Moff Tarkin, though the governor had one more tool to make her talk: Alderaan. Within the overbridge of the Death Star, Tarkin gave Leia an ultimatum, threatening to use the station to destroy her homeworld unless she disclosed the base's location. Hoping to save both her people and her Alliance, the princess falsely confessed that the base was still on Dantooine. Both Tarkin and Vader believed her deception, though one of the Navy Troopers present on the bridge sensed that Organa was lying; this individual, however, chose not to speak up after sympathizing with the pain the princess had endured under the interrogator droid.

With the weapon already in position within the Alderaan system, Tarkin unveiled his own deception and fired upon the planet. Praying that the Death Star would somehow have a failure, Leia was forced by Vader to remain still and watch as her entire civilization was annihilated in one swift stroke, her father—whom she silently apologized to as the Death Star's ray hit Alderaan—and mother included. Bail and Breha died without knowing Leia was on the station above them, though they assured each other she was alive directly before the explosion reached their palace. Emotionally wrecked and utterly alone, the princess was taken back to her cell, where she was to await her imminent execution. Recalling her father's voice, Leia mustered what strength she could, her only hope of justice now resting within the memory banks of a droid on Tatooine.

Fateful meeting and daring escape
While Organa was detained by the Empire, the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO had come under the possession of her twin brother, Luke Skywalker, on Tatooine. Equally as unaware of his parentage as Leia, Skywalker discovered his sister's message and delivered the astromech to Obi-Wan Kenobi, now going by the name of "Ben." The group hired the smugglers Han Solo and Chewbacca for passage to Alderaan aboard the Millennium Falcon but were stunned to learn that the planet had been blown away. In the midst of this discovery, the Falcon was captured by the Empire and taken aboard the Death Star, forcing the fugitives to infiltrate the base, split up, and plan an escape. Upon learning that the princess was held within the station, however, Skywalker convinced the party to lead a rescue mission for her.

Disguising themselves as stormtroopers and pretending to take Chewbacca as their prisoner, Skywalker and Solo marched into the Detention Level and freed Organa, who was underwhelmed by the duo's efforts until she learned that Kenobi had accompanied them. Cut off from the cell bay's exit by Imperial soldiers, Leia took matters into her own hands; grabbing hold of Skywalker's blaster rifle, she shot out the cover of a trash chute she had noticed when she was first brought aboard and led her would-be rescuers down into a garbage pit. After surviving an encounter with a dianoga and narrowly avoiding being crushed by the trash compactor, Organa came at odds with Captain Solo's rough nature and informed the trio that they would do as she told them in the future. The rebels were nearly able to regroup aboard the Falcon—a ship that failed to impress the princess—when they were separated by stormtroopers, forcing Leia and Luke to continue on their own.

Pursued by Vader's troops, the twins found themselves at a dead end, coming to a stop over a chasm within the battle station. With stormtroopers firing upon them and no way to extend the bridge, Leia gave Luke a kiss on the cheek for luck as he used a grappling hook to swing themselves across the gap. The two met up again with Solo and Chewbacca and made their way to the Falcon. As the group boarded the freighter, Kenobi engaged Darth Vader in a lightsaber duel and gave his life to allow for the princess and the others to escape.

The old Jedi's death devastated Luke, prompting Leia—who had herself experienced terrible loss— to comfort him as Solo piloted the ship away from the Death Star. After fending off the station's sentry fighters, the ship made the jump to hyperspace mostly undamaged. Organa correctly assumed that the Empire had planted a homing beacon on the vessel in order to discover the rebel base. Nevertheless, the group continued to Yavin 4, finally delivering the Death Star plans within R2 to the Alliance.

Battle of Yavin
Arriving at the Yavin moon, Organa oversaw R2's transfer to General Vanden Willard at the Great Temple, the Alliance's base of operations. While Willard was quick to express his joy that the princess had escaped tragedy on Alderaan, Organa allowed no time for sorrow and quickly moved to have the data within the astromech droid analyzed. Utilizing the beacon attached to the Millennium Falcon, the Death Star entered the Yavin system and began preparations to fire on the moon. Rumors made their way through the Rebel flight crews that Organa had returned with vital intelligence on the station, but morale remained low; pilots like Dex Tiree felt that the Rebellion's meager troopers were greatly outmatched, even with the plans the princess had secured. Short on manpower, Organa commended Skywalker for his skills, prompting Willard to arrange a flight simulator test for the farmboy and allowing him to join the Alliance's Starfighter Corps.

After analyzing R2's schematics, the Alliance discovered a flaw in the Death Star's design deliberately created by the turncoat scientist Galen Erso. General Jan Dodonna briefed Organa and the rest of the Rebellion, explaining that a direct hit on one of the station's thermal exhaust ports would destroy the entire base. With this information, the rebel pilots prepared to attack the Death Star in X-wing starfighters, small snub-fighters that could evade the stations larger defenses. During the preparations, Organa arranged for Solo to be paid the reward he demanded for her rescue and allowed the smuggler to leave, despite Skywalker's protests. Organa remained in the Alliance's command center as Red, Gold, and Green Squadrons engaged the Death Star in the Battle of Yavin.

Organa watched as the Alliance pilots were picked off one by one, obliterated by TIE fighters. Darth Vader himself would have destroyed Skywalker had it not been for Solo, who returned to aid the Rebellion aboard the Falcon and blasted Vader's fighter away from the battle. With no obstacles in his way, Skywalker successfully destroyed the Death Star just as it began its firing sequence, sending the personnel on Yavin 4 into joyous celebration. In the moments after their victory, Alliance chief mechanic Nera Kase witnessed the princess mouth words up to the sky before rushing out to greet the returning pilots.

Aftermath of the Disaster
After the surviving Rebel pilots returned from successfully turning the Empire's greatest weapon into nothing but a layer of dust orbiting Yavin, the personnel of the Yavin 4 base honored the heroes by orchestrating an award ceremony for them. As Organa waited for them to enter the hall, she felt entirely alone, even with other Alderaanians present that shared her loss of their world. With Alderaan destroyed and her parents with it, she would never become the queen her parents had prepared her to be. However, she had already prepared herself for a long war; ruling a planet and running a rebellion had much in common. She would not let her grief stop her, and she would celebrate their victory. When she saw the Heroes of the Rebellion enter the hall, she did not feel so alone. Organa, wearing an Alderaanian gown, handed out the medals to newcomers Skywalker and Solo.

The time for celebration would soon be over. Painfully aware of the loss of Alderaan, she asked the Rebels to take a moment of silence to honor and remember all those who had died when her homeworld was destroyed. It was brief, for Dodonna announced their need to evacuate Yavin 4 since the Empire now knew of their location. Organa then shared a moment of banter with Solo, and a moment of rapport with Skywalker, before they parted ways. Left alone, Organa noticed a lone female pilot paying respects to the memorial statue of her parents, Bail and Breha.

Personality and traits
Of commanding presence and remarkable leadership, Leia Organa was a brave and sharp-witted diplomat who was unafraid to speak her mind, even when confronted by powerful figures like Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin. Organa was also able to keep her composure even in humiliating situations to perform daring feats, like diving into a garbage chute or strangling the infamous Jabba the Hutt. However, she was also capable of quieter acts. Growing up in the early days of the rebellion, she became skilled at keeping secrets, a trait beneficial to the greater good but detrimental to those around her. Her close friend Raymus Antilles recognized her as an ever enigmatic individual, never revealing more than was necessary to her allies in order to ensure their protection.

Smart, fierce, and headstrong, Organa would accomplish whatever task she imposed on herself, for she would put duty before her personal needs—likely as a result of her upbringing. She only "gave as good as she got," which was one of the reasons Han Solo had taken a liking to her. In spite of her self-discipline, Organa had a fiery temper she often struggled to control and was eager to prove herself, to be recognized for what she could do instead of for her title of nobility. Certain individuals of the Rebel Alliance gossiped about Organa's perceived coldness, with some even describing her as an "ice princess." Rebels such as Miara Larte, however, recognized the great burdens Leia faced in service to the Alliance and felt no need to judge how the princess carried herself.

Despite her commitment to Alderaan's values of pacifism, Organa believed in self-defense and in fiercely fighting for the galaxy's freedom. She never cared much for being royalty, for her priority was to help those who needed her, and not wealth nor recognition. A woman of action, eager to get things done and making positive differences in the galaxy, Leia was impatient, a trait she shared with her brother, Luke. He believed that Leia's strength of will, which allowed her to continue on despite events such as the destruction of Alderaan and the loss of her son, was a manifestation of her power in the Force. However, she also admitted to herself that some of her strength was fueled by desperation and even hatred at times.

Leia immensely regretted that her actions on the first Death Star indirectly led to the destruction of her homeworld. She was conscious of the fact that she alienated many people because of that. Constantly questioning whether or not she did the right thing, she came to the realization that she would willingly sacrifice those innocent lives again if it meant stopping the Empire. In her eyes, the cause was greater than any one person.

Powers and abilities
As the biological daughter of the Chosen One, Leia, like her twin brother, Luke Skywalker, was immensely strong in the Force.

Leia possessed a strong Force sense. Luke believed that her strong "gut feelings" were another manifestation of her abilities; after her birth, she was left with a lasting impression of images and feelings of her birth mother, that she was "very beautiful, kind, but sad."

Leia actively demonstrated the ability to sense her brother's presence through the Force.

Other abilities
Renowned for her leadership and diplomatic skills, Organa was a capable mediator and had training in public speaking. She felt very comfortable leading dangerous missions. Often, Organa used her strategic and quick thinking to carry out carefully laid plans of infiltration or trick enemies.

Thanks to her aunts' insistent lessons, Organa was proficient in self-defense as well, including how to resist interrogation. As competent with weaponry as she was with words, Organa had great accuracy when using blaster pistols, rarely missing her shots. She could use blasters of all shapes and sizes, shooting several stormtroopers during her escape from the Death Star and destroying a TIE fighter with an AT-AT's heavy laser cannon during the Attack on Cymoon 1.

Organa had years of flight training; indeed, she could pilot a Lambda-class shuttle, and the Millennium Falcon, even admirably by evading TIE/ln starfighters while Solo and Chewbacca hastily tried to repair its hyperdrive during their escape from Hoth. Much like seasoned Rebel pilot Shara Bey, Organa could manually pilot a Naboo N-1 starfighter through Naboo's planet-wide storms without an astromech droid and destroy several climate-disruption arrays before saving Bey from a TIE fighter. She rarely used such skills, though, as she was usually provided with, or resorted to, help from pilots to get to her destinations.

During her youth on Alderaan, Organa learned how to ride, becoming an Alderaanian junior champion in steeple-chase.

At the award ceremony on Yavin 4, Organa wore a simpler flowing white dress with hanging sleaves.

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