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Ragez DAsta (Human Imperial Politician)

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Ta’von Manary (Droid Jedi)

Ta’von Manary (Droid Jedi)

Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Name: Darth Vader (Formerly Anakin Skywalker)
Homeworld: Tatooine
Born: 41.9 BBY
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 2.03 meters (6 ft, 8 in) in armor
Mass: 120 kilograms in armor
Hair color: Burned away
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: Pale
Cybernetics: Cybernetic right arm; later prosthetic arms and legs, and a life-support system
Move: 10

Dexterity: 3D
        Blaster: 5D
        Blaster Artillery: 4D+1
        Brawling Parry: 7D+1
        Dodge: 7D
        Lightsaber 11D+2
        Melee Combat: 7D
        Melee Parry: 9D
        Vehicle Blasters: 6D
Knowledge: 3D+2
        Alien Species: 7D+1
        Bureaucracy: 9D+1
        Cultures: 7D
        Intimidation: 11D
        Languages: 6D+1
        Planetary Systems: 8D
        Scholar (Jedi Lore): 4D
        Scholar (Sith Lore): 6D
        Streetwise: 7D
        Survival: 6D
        Tactics: 5D
        Value: 6D
        Willpower: 8D+1
Mechanical: 4D
        Astrogation: 7D+1
        Capital Ship Gunnery: 8D
        Capital Ship Piloting: 8D
        Capital Ship Shields: 5D
        Repulsorlift Operation 6D+2
        Sensors: 5D+1
        Space Transports 7D
        Starfighter Piloting: 10D
        Starship Gunnery: 8D
        Starship Shields: 5D
        Walker Operation: 5D
Perception: 3D+1
        Bargain: 6D
        Command: 11D+2
        Con: 4D
        Gambling: 4D+1
        Hide: 5D+2
        Investigation: 6D
        Persuasion: 8D+1
        Search: 8D
        Sneak: 5D+2
Strength: 4D
        Brawling: 9D
        Climbing/Jumping: 7D+1
        Lifting: 8D+1
        Stamina: 8D+1
        Swimming: 4D+2
Technical: 3D
        Armour Repair: 6D+1
        Capital Ship Repair: 5D+1
        Computer Programming/Repair: 4D+2
        Droid Programming/Repair: 6D
        Lightsaber Repair: 7D+2
        Repulsorlift Repair: 6D
        Security: 6D+2
        Space Transports Repair: 6D
        Starfighter Repair: 5D

        Control: 11D+1
        Sense: 12D+1
        Alter: 11D
Force Powers: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Accelerate Healing, Concentration, Control Pain, Detoxify Poison, Enhance Attribute, Hibernation Trance, Reduce Injury, Remain Conscious, Resist Stun, Combat Sense, Danger Sense, Instinctive Astrogation, Life Detection, Life Sense, Magnify Senses, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Force, Injure Kill, Telekinesis, Farseeing, Lightsaber Combat, Projective Telepathy, Feed on Dark Side, Inflict Pain, Affect Mind, Telekinetic Kill,

Force Sensitive: Y
Force Points: 22
Dark Side Points: 25
Character Points: 43

Equipment: Red Lightsaber (5D), Body Armour (+1D vs all Attacks), Personal Starfighter, Vast Personal Riches and Influence

Description: Anakin Skywalker was a legendary Force-sensitive human male who was a Jedi Knight of the Galactic Republic and the prophesied Chosen One of the Jedi Order, destined to bring balance to the Force. Also known as "Ani" during his childhood, Skywalker earned the moniker "Hero With No Fear" from his accomplishments in the Clone Wars. His alter ego, Darth Vader, the Dark Lord of the Sith, was created when Skywalker turned to the dark side of the Force, pledging his allegiance to the Sith Lord Darth Sidious at the end of the Republic Era.

A vergence in the Force, Skywalker was believed to have been born on the desert planet of Tatooine in the Outer Rim Territories in 41 BBY. He was the son of Shmi Skywalker, a slave who conceived a child without a father. His blood contained over twenty-thousand midi-chlorians, surpassing that of Grand Master Yoda and all other Jedi in the galaxy. Qui-Gon Jinn, the Jedi Master who discovered Skywalker during the Invasion of Naboo in 32 BBY, theorized that Skywalker was conceived by the midi-chlorians. Following the Battle of Naboo, the Jedi High Council admitted Skywalker into the Order as the Padawan of Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi despite feeling that he was too old and emotional to adhere to the Jedi Code. During the early days of the Clone Wars, Skywalker served as a Jedi General in the Grand Army of the Republic, commanding the clone troopers of the elite 501st Legion against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. He also oversaw the Jedi training of his own apprentice, Ahsoka Tano, after receiving his knighthood. Although Jedi doctrine prohibited personal relationships, Skywalker had a secret wife, Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo.

After Skywalker's faith in the Jedi High Council was shaken when Tano left the Jedi Order in 19 BBY, Skywalker learned that Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine was Darth Sidious, the elusive Dark Lord of the Sith who orchestrated the war in order to take over the galaxy. Manipulated into believing that the Jedi had failed him and coupled with his fear of losing Amidala in childbirth, Skywalker betrayed and turned against the Jedi Order, believing Sidious had the knowledge to cheat death. Consumed by the persona of Darth Vader, the fallen Jedi Knight marched his legion on the Jedi Temple of Coruscant where they executed its inhabitants, including Jedi younglings, as part of Order 66 and the Great Jedi Purge. Vader was then sent to Mustafar to exterminate the Separatist Council at the behest of his Sith Master, who became the self-proclaimed Galactic Emperor. Vader subsequently sustained severe injuries in his duel with Kenobi, and was rebuilt as an armored cyborg while his wife died of a broken heart, though not before giving birth to the twins Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa who were hidden from their father and the Emperor as the Galactic Empire rose to power.

As the Emperor's Fist and acting Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Military despite not holding a military rank, Vader enforced the rule of the New Order as the Emperor's Sith apprentice throughout most of the Imperial Era. In the aftermath of the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY, he discovered the existence of his son and was determined to turn Luke to the dark side. Luke sought to become a Jedi, like his father before him, and believed that Vader had the potential to turn back to the light side of the Force. Vader was defeated by Luke during the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, but the young Jedi refused to strike down his father in anger, causing the Emperor to torture Luke with Force lightning. The pain inflicted on his son awakened the part of Vader that was still Anakin, resulting in a redeemed Skywalker killing Sidious at the cost of his own life. Having destroyed the Sith and fulfilled his destiny as the Chosen One, Skywalker made peace with his son and became one with the Force.

Personality and traits
Upon his conversion to the dark side, Skywalker's arrogant streak became even more prominent, and for a short time, he believed himself to be even more powerful than Darth Sidious. During his early days as a Sith, Vader believed in justice and would fight to bring it to the Empire at any cost. His impulsiveness and tendency to act in anger were both magnified as well; for instance, when he discovered that Kenobi had stowed away on his wife's ship when she came to Mustafar, he immediately assumed that she was conspiring with his former master and strangled her with the Force. Despite this, Vader did experience a significant level of regret for the decisions that he had made to save Amidala.

However, all that changed following his defeat at Kenobi's hands. Having lost all that he had turned to the dark side to preserve, and having no other path, he fully embraced the dark side and became, in Sidious's words, a "true Sith." Consequently, devoted himself fully to furthering the development of his relationship to the Force, and the expansion of his power. Both due to what Sidious taught him about the relationship between Sith master and apprentice and his own personal tendencies, Vader in his early apprenticeship was completely devoted to the Emperor. However, as his power grew, and particularly after learning of his son's existence, this devotion dwindled considerably.

Over the years Vader developed a new, more hardened and disciplined persona. He became utterly ruthless, virtually devoid of mercy, and was known to occasionally kill his own officers for their failures. Eventually, the identity of Vader in the Empire had arisen tales of a dark armored humanoid who served as the Emperor's most trusted enforcer and was considered to be the most feared individual in the Empire. Rumors circulated that he lived in a castle in a world of lava and that he wielded a red lightsaber, suggesting a connection to the Sith. The few who had interacted with him stated that they were unsure whether the individual behind the armor was a living person, a droid or a clone trooper. Many feared that if Vader were ever defeated, a number of duplicates would be activated in his place. The Sith Lord also had absolutely no qualms about using torture to accomplish his goals.

Considered to be the Empire's first terror weapon and noted to employ antiquated diction, he was tenacious and unstoppable, and made most Imperial naval officers uncomfortable. Contrary to the rocky relationships he had with most Imperial officers, his rapport with his stormtroopers mirrored in many ways his former persona's relationship to the Republic's clone troopers. In fact, his standing with the rank and file was such that it was known as far as Ryloth that the stormtrooper corps "almost worshiped him." Additionally, Vader commanded the absolute loyalty of his servant, Vaneé, who remained stationed at his castle on Mustafar and believed Vader viewed himself as a monster. Part of his reputation was that he would normally be quiet (and thus his presence made for a good implied threat to others) whereas shows of passivity were not. Indeed, it was well known that he usually preferred to oversee operations personally, using action to block out any intruding feelings. He was frequently at odds with those who lacked faith in the Force, finding it "disturbing" or even blasphemous. His self-hatred led him to think of self-destructive tendencies, such as blaming his former Master Obi-Wan Kenobi for his conversion into what he was now and not killing him on Mustafar when he had the chance to end his suffering. Even his hatred of Kenobi for what happened on Mustafar led him to have the desire to burn his former mentor's body to the same level he burned his own.

Darth Vader continued to harbor his xenophobic hatred of the Tusken Raiders race for the murder of his mother during the end of the Separatist Crisis, which gave him the motive giving him the motive after a negotiation with the crimelord Jabba the Hutt to attack an Tusken Raider camp located on the same planet where he saw his mother died.

Vader although he knew it deep down, did not admit to being evil and believed that his actions were justified. He believed that the Sith were on the right side, while the Jedi to be the real evil, as he told Kenobi during the Duel of Mustafar. He still believed in justice, becoming a devout believer in Imperial propaganda to bring order to the galaxy, being averse to the disorder that existed in the galaxy. He even wanted to make politics come true based on that wish, which he later revealed to Luke.

As a Sith Lord, Vader drew power from his anger and pain, raging at the loss of his wife and unborn child, his betrayal by the Jedi, and Kenobi for his injuries. He often used pressurized meditation chambers that allowed him to remain without his helm—the neural connection to his armor—during which he felt the perpetual pain that Kenobi had inflicted on his flesh. During such sessions, he would meditate to use this pain to feed his hate, which in turn fed his strength, and he never laughed. Claiming not to feel regret, and yet haunted by his past, and the screams of his wife, he was determined to never talk about his old life, and detested all that reminded him of his past self (whom he deemed to be weak). He dared not remember such a period of his life, which he hated; indeed, through the use of the dark side, he kept his memories as Anakin Skywalker buried, although it took great effort even after twenty years of practice. Although he retained access to Skywalker's memories and experience, this burial was such that he refused to even think of Skywalker as himself, referring to internally to Skywalker's memories as those of "The Jedi." However, his rapport with the stormtroopers who supported him, and the technique he displayed in wielding his crimson lightsaber, made Wilhuff Tarkin suspect the truth.

Upon his fateful reunion with Ahsoka Tano, Vader expressed no desire to rekindle the bond he once shared with her, boasting that he had "killed" Anakin Skywalker. Though he claimed he'd spare her if she helped the Empire find the remaining hiding Jedi, he cruelly resolved to kill her when she refused his offer.

Much like before, Vader remained an impatient man, although he tempered his impulses with the faithful obedience he gave to his Sith master, Sidious. He nevertheless remained a pained man, so he would try to hurt himself and others to relieve himself. As sensed by Yoda, Vader's presence in the Force was hard and strong, fiercely pulsing when he sensed him. However, Vader's presence also carried a great, crushing loneliness, which only increased after he killed Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Powers and abilities
Lightsaber abilities
Despite being naturally extremely talented, Anakin Skywalker was initially lax with his lightsaber training, though he believed that he could rival the Jedi Masters. Despite his relative laziness, Skywalker was the best duelist in his class, even though he started later than his classmates. In his training he preferred lightsaber combat over Force mastery, and he spent more time on the physical aspects of becoming a Jedi. By the time he was nineteen, Skywalker was so gifted and skilled in dueling that he believed he already rivaled Master Yoda. When the Clone Wars began Skywalker was a skilled enough duelist to contend against Count Dooku, who was one of the most skilled swordsmen in the galaxy. During the war, his frequent engagements in duels with individuals such as the informal Sith apprentice Asajj Ventress, Savage Opress, Count Dooku, and fallen Jedi Barriss Offee allowed him to greatly improve his capabilities with a lightsaber. By the end of the war, Skywalker had the skill to single-handedly defeat Dooku in combat, despite the fact that the Count was one of very few duelists who could hold his own against Yoda.

Dooku's taunts angered Skywalker, which unintentionally resulted in him tapping into the power of the dark side, also contributing to his victory. During his duel with Kenobi after his fall to the dark side, Skywalker proved to be equally matched with his former master, and was only defeated when Kenobi exploited his hubris and blinding rage to dismember him. Skywalker was considered by some amongst the Jedi, such as Kanan Jarrus, to have been the greatest warrior in the Order had during the Clone Wars, with the only possible exceptions being Yoda and Mace Windu. His former Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, once acknowledged Skywalker as someone powerful who rarely lost his battles.

Skywalker was particularly skilled in Form V—both the Shien and Djem So variants. He was able to deflect not only blaster fire with ease, but also shots from freighters. He made good use of Djem So's strength-based strikes and counterattacks to overpower or overwhelm his opponent. Skywalker also used Jar'Kai on some occasions: He used Kenobi's lightsaber during his first duel with Count Dooku on Geonosis, he wielded Barriss Offee's own lightsaber against her along with his own, and he wielded Dooku's lightsaber in addition to his own to execute him after defeating him on the Invisible Hand.

Skywalker was also adept in the use of Form IV, often incorporating its techniques (primarily acrobatics) into his dueling style. He was well aware that the key to deflecting the fire of multiple adversaries was fluidity of motion, which he mastered enough to having adjusted the classic techniques of Form IV to better defend against ranged attackers. He demonstrated this in a holographic recording, later found in Kanan Jarrus' holocron.

After Darth Vader received his cybernetic enhancements and armor, his dueling style became visually more direct than it had been, presumably due to his armor and cybernetics affecting his physical abilities; however, Vader's style was still similar enough to how he fought as a Jedi that Admiral Tarkin was able to puzzle out Vader's former identity largely by observing him fight. Vader continued to use Jar'Kai on various occasions. On Mustafar, he Force pulled a smuggler's lightsaber and wielded it with his own to finish off the last remaining droid in Lady Corvax's sanctum. Another time, Vader used his weapon with one of Darth Atrius's lightsabers against a group of thugs whom Sana Starros had hired to keep the Imperials off her back.

A pragmatic combatant both as Skywalker and later as Darth Vader, he had the skill to throw an activated lightsaber to attack, guiding it with the Force, or he would resort to lethally activating unsuspecting opponents' lightsabers. He once impressed Kenobi by telekinetically activating lightsabers (both in the arms dealer Chong's possession) and cutting him apart before pulling the lightsabers to his hands.

Force powers
Blessed with impressive reflexes that were typical of a Jedi, Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn saw enormous potential in the 9-year-old Skywalker and believed him to have been conceived by the Force itself. Indeed, when his blood was tested, Skywalker's midi-chlorian count was off the scale—above 20,000, reportedly even greater than Yoda's. When he was nine, Anakin was already skilled in having quick reflexes and precognition. This was something he used to an advantage when he participated in pod racing. He was also able to sense what things were without looking at them.

In his teen years, Skywalker's Force training progressed to the point where he was able to manifest various abilities, and Kenobi thought of him as being "advanced for his age." He was very skilled at using the Force to scan his surroundings, such as when he sensed poisonous kouhuns infiltrating Senator Padmé Amidala's bedroom from standing outside. He was also skilled at sensing other people's feelings and disturbances in the Force. Skywalker also showed aptitude for precognitive dreams, as when he foresaw the deaths of both his mother and his wife in dreams, but also of himself becoming a Jedi, back when he lived with his mother on Tatooine. However, Skywalker struggled in using the Force to control and befriend animals, noting that Kenobi was much better at it than he was.

Skywalker was skilled in telekinesis. Even as a late beginner, by his own admission, he was very good at it, better than any of his peers and most of the older Padawans as well. He could lift lightsabers in the air and ignite them with ease, as he did once to scare a pair of Padawans who had called him a "slave to his emotions." Despite having an exceptionally strong connection to the Force, Skywalker tended not to use it very often during lightsaber duels and focused instead on the physical aspects of combat. This tendency held even when facing opponents who made liberal use of the Force during duels, such as Count Dooku. He also could make use of animal control.

During the Clone Wars, Anakin's power and skill continued to increase. He became capable of utilizing telekinesis to accomplish such esoteric tasks as creating air bubbles around another person's head to enable breathing underwater, as shown when he saved Padmé's life at Mon Cala. During his mission to Utapau, Anakin was able to feel brain waves on a dead body, and when he first met Grand Admiral Thrawn, he was able to feel his thoughts by reaching out to him through the Force. At one point during the war, Skywalker was able to telekinetically subdue both the Son and the Daughter simultaneously. However, this empowerment was lost when the Dark side grew too powerful and disrupted the balance in the Force.

After his cybernetic reconstruction, Vader's connection to the Force strengthened considerably, to the point where his master Darth Sidious once complimented his powers as being "unparalleled." Though his injuries had physically crippled him, Vader believed that the suffering that he had experienced had both perfected his spirit and freed him from the needs of the flesh, allowing him to concentrate solely on his relationship to the Force. He demonstrated enough telekinetic power to stop an AT-AT from stepping on him and had been in the process of tearing it apart before he was interrupted in doing so. On another occasion he telekinetically lifted two AT-DP walkers off of himself without any apparent strain. He also demonstrated the ability to grab hold of an engine-damaged Twi'lek freighter and bring it to the ground, and crush a Lambda-class shuttle's engines in midflight to take it down. He was able to utilize a Force push in a wave-like manner that was powerful enough to blow apart numerous lyleks simultaneously, despite the fact that the creatures' carapaces were impervious to even heavy blaster fire.

Vader could also project Force barriers to protect himself and others. These barriers were powerful enough to protect him while submerged in the lava of Mustafar, though only for a short time. On at least one occasion, he demonstrated that he was able to telekinetically manipulate targets without the need to gesture at them as virtually all other Force adepts did. This granted him the ability to throw objects with the Force whilst actively engaged in swordplay. He was also capable of using the Force Stasis ability and was skilled enough in its execution that on one occasion he used it to freeze two Inquisitors simultaneously.

Vader was also capable of using his telekinetic abilities to perform extremely delicate, complex, and precise tasks. On one occasion, he returned his badly damaged cybernetic limbs to perfect working order by dismantling a broken droid and telekinetically repairing himself with its components. He also demonstrated the ability to crush internal organs with the Force. At one point during an interrogation he used the Force to inflict torturous amounts of pain on several insurgent prisoners, to the point of causing heart failure in one of them.

Skywalker developed a tendency to use Force choke over the course of his time as a Jedi, especially when angered or using it as a means of interrogation when an individual was uncooperative. Skywalker would go on to use this power to deadly effect when he assumed the name Vader, generally using the choke to kill those who insulted him or failed to meet his expectations as well to instill fear. He also used the technique to twist, crush or snap his victim's neck, notably executing Commander Fox this way as well as other clone troopers and later stormtroopers.

Like most Force adepts, Vader also had the ability to vastly augment both his strength and speed with the Force. He was also very skilled at using the Force to leap great distances. During the mission to investigate Geonosis, Captain Rex remarked that Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus had yet to demonstrate Skywalker's skill with Force jumps, despite having just jumped across a chasm more than 40 meters wide.

Vader demonstrated on numerous occasions the ability to probe the thoughts of others, including those of Force adepts of similar power to himself. Due to his strong connection with his son, Luke, he was able to sense his presence through the Force quite easily—as opposed to his master, who was skeptical about this ability, and quickly became able to mentally communicate with him upon Luke learning he was Vader's son.

Other skills
Even at a young age, Skywalker demonstrated a great aptitude for piloting, mechanics, and engineering. He rebuilt the protocol droid C-3PO, an advanced droid fluent in over six million forms of communication, as well as a functional podracer. Although during his adulthood he would rarely use his talent as a mechanic, he kept the skill of repairing technology.

As a pilot, Skywalker showed an amazing ability that few were able to surpass, and Kenobi would later describe him to his son Luke as "the best star pilot in the galaxy." Anakin was able to pilot a pod racer and was the first and only human thus far to compete in a pod race. He was also able to survive the Battle of Naboo, and he went on to improve his skills in flying and aerial combat. Throughout the Clone Wars, Anakin was known for being the best pilot in the Republic and was known for leading the charge in battles and coming out alive. He was very skilled in chasing down targets, shaking off-target locks, and outmaneuvering opponents. His strength in the Force also gave him quick reflexes, an ability that would help in dodging fire and focusing in on enemy targets. He also displayed incredible precognition, as he was capable of predicting his targets' movements during dogfights with pinpoint precision. He once managed to land the Invisible Hand when it was half-destroyed and breaking up in the atmosphere.

After becoming Vader, he remained an exceptionally skilled pilot, as shown when he single-handedly almost destroyed Phoenix Squadron in a lone TIE Advanced x1, easily out-flying their entire fleet and forcing their command to abandon ship. He also obliterated several Alliance squadrons during the Battle of Vrogas Vas. Despite this, Skywalker would occasionally be shot down during his combat piloting career, with Ahsoka Tano once proclaiming they always crashed when he flew, although Skywalker had a habit of blaming whatever ship it was he was flying. Although he mainly used lightsabers, Skywalker was extremely proficient at the use of blaster pistols. He also had some training on the use of staves, a skill he once taught to a Felucian village so that they could defend themselves. Skywalker spoke Galactic Basic Standard and Huttese, and understood the Bith language. As Vader, he learned the ancient Sith tongue, and he spoke it along with his master, Sidious.

After burning on Mustafar, he was given his black life support armor that was also equipped with a black cape. After killing Kirak Infil'a and stealing his lightsaber, Vader bled the kyber crystal to make his own lightsaber, which he further modified after a failed assassination attempt. As a Sith, Vader flew a personal starship during the early days of the Empire, black Eta-2 fighters, and the TIE Advanced x1. Palpatine also gave Vader the old Royal Starship of Padmé Amidala.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
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