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Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: ARMOUREra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Model: Tauntaza's Armor
Type: Imperial Powered Battle Suit
Cost: Unavailable for Sale
Game effects:
         Armoured Powered Suit:
                 +3D vs Physical Damage (All)
                 +2D vs Energy Damage (All)
                 -1D dex penalty to Dexterity and related skills
                 +2D Strength for Melee Combat

         Command Systems:
                  Encrypted Comlink
                  Datapad Network to Imperial Systems:  Can be used to control power flow to the armour.

         Jet Pack:
                 Move: 90/260
                 Fuel: 60 Minutes
                 Skill: Jet Pack Operation

         Heavy Charged Blaster Cannon:
                 Scale: Character
                 Range: 4-40/150/400
                 Damage: 7D

         Energy System:
                 Using power from an external source, the armour may distribute this to enhance it's operation. Depending on the power available it may enhance it's Protection ratings, Strength, or the Damage of it's weapon by 2D each.

Description: Between 3 ABY and 4 ABY, the Sith Lord Darth Vader and his allies launched an effort to destroy a mobile fortress created by Governor Tauntaza. Tauntaza had retreated within into the fortress to begin sapping all life from the planet Gabredor III, using the gathered energy to power a suit of power armor designed to stand against Vader.

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