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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Old RepublicSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: Old RepublicCanon: Yes

Name: Count Dooku
Homeworld: Serenno
Born: 102 BBY, Serenno
Species: Human (Serennian)
Gender: Male
Height: 1.93 meters
Mass: 86 kilograms
Hair color: Brown, later white
Eye color: Brown
Yellow and red (vision; dark side)
Skin color: Light

Dex: 3D
         Blaster: 6D
         Brawling Parry: 5D
         Dodge: 9D
         Lightsaber: 12D
         Melee Weapons: 8D
         Melee Parry: 7D
Know: 4D
         Alien Species: 6D
         Bureaucracy: 5D
         Cultures: 7D
         Languages: 8D
         Scholar; Jedi Lore: 12D
         Scholar; Sith Lore: 4D+2
         Planetary Systems: 7D
         Tactics: 6D
         Survival: 6D
         Intimidate: 5D
Perc: 4D
         Bargain: 7D+2
         Command: 9D
         Hide: 6D
         Persuasion: 8D
         Search: 7D+1
         Sneak: 5D
Str: 2D+2
         Climbing/Jumping: 10D
         Brawling: 5D
Mech: 2D
         Astrogation: 7D
         Space Transports: 5D
         RepulsorLift Operation: 6D
Tech: 2D
         Security: 6D
         Lightsaber Repair: 9D

Move: 10
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 9
Dark Side Points: 2
Character Points: 12

Special Abilities:
         Control: 11D
         Sense: 12D
         Alter: 11D
Force Powers: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Accelerate Healing, Concentration, Control Disease, Control Pain, Detoxify Poison, Enhance Attribute, Force Of Will, Hibernation Trance, Rage, Reduce Injury, Remain Conscious, Remove Fatigue, Resist Stun,  Combat Sense, Danger Sense, Life Detection, Life Sense, Receptive Telepathy, Sense Force, Force Jump, Injure/Kill, Telekinesis, Lightsaber Combat, Projective Telepathy, Inflict Pain, Affect Mind, Telekinetic Kill

Equipment: 10,000 Credits
         Curve Handled Lightsabers(5D Damage)
         Expensive Robes and Outfit

Description: Born in 102 BBY during the High Republic Era, Dooku was taken by the Jedi Order after being abandoned by his family and learned the Jedi arts as the Padawan of Yoda, the legendary Grand Master of the Jedi Order. A political idealist, the corruption in the Galactic Senate—as well as the traditions of the Jedi—disillusioned him, causing Dooku to leave the Order and return to his homeworld, where he reclaimed his title of Count and heritage as a nobleman after overthrowing his corrupt brother, Ramil. His former peers believed his decision was misguided but still held him in high esteem.

Early life
Dooku was born in 102 BBY during the High Republic Era, on the planet Serenno to the planet's ruler, Count Gora, and his wife, Countess Anya. Rapidly, the child's Force-sensitivity manifested, scaring his father, who hated and feared those he dismissed as "freaks." Gora contacted the Jedi Order and told them to take his son. However, instead of waiting for the Jedi seekers to arrive, Gora abandoned the infant outside his palace on the edges of the forest without clothes or any form of identification. A seeker rescued Dooku before he froze to death or was eaten by spine-wolves, and brought the child to the Jedi Grand Temple on Coruscant.

Life as a youngling
Dooku was integrated into Hawk-Bat Clan alongside fellow younglings Zang Arraira, Arath Tarrex, and Sifo-Dyas, under the direction of the Jedi Master Tera Sinube. During his time as a Jedi youngling, he continuously strove to excel, working himself hard to achieve better results than his peers and always striving to remain within the boundaries of the rules set by his teachers. Dooku therefore distanced himself from the other younglings rather than try to befriend them. His talents made him clash with fellow youngling Tarrex, largely due to the latter's jealousy over Dooku's superior abilities. Tarrex frequently insulted Dooku, calling him 'His Excellency' due to his imperious and somewhat aristocratic manner. Dooku and Sifo-Dyas were close friends during their time as younglings, and on one occasion in 90 BBY accompanied Grand Master Yoda and Masters Sinube and Yula Braylon to Serenno for the galactic festival being held there with other Jedi in tow.

As the Masters were demonstrating the proper lightsaber stances, a pair of children set off some thunderburst caps and ran off, Dooku thought he recognized one of them and followed them out to the fairgrounds. There he found the two being harassed by a trio of thugs that were threatening to kidnap them, Dooku used his Force powers and an electroblade to force the criminals to back off. Afterwards, the pair introduced themselves as Jenza and Ramil, though the latter was less than thankful for the Jedi's assistance. When she learned Dooku was from Serenno, Jenza offered to give Dooku a tour of the homeworld he never knew.

They explored the celebration together playing games and tasting the food, becoming fast friends as they got to know each other. Eventually, Jenza took Dooku to the Great Assembly, where she showed him the seals of the seven houses and told him the legend of how her ancestors liberated the planet from the Sith Empire. Though before they could leave Dooku felt drawn to an ancient carving of a beast, that was identified by Jenza as a Tirra'Taka. Ignoring her warning that it was bad luck, he moved to touch it, and as his finger brushed the stone, a groundquake caused the building around them to collapse.

Though Dooku attempted to lift the debris off of them himself, it took the intervention of Master Yoda to free the the two from the rubble. Once the other Masters helped the Grand Master remove the collapsed structure from the area, Count Gora of Serenno furiously confronted Yoda when he heard Dooku's name being voiced, yelling at the Jedi that he never wished to see his son again. It was here that the young Jedi learned that Gora was his Father and Jenza his sister.

Shocked and confused by his father's behavior, Dooku later questioned Yoda about how he was brought into the Jedi Order. The elder Jedi revealed that Gora had contacted the Jedi upon discovering his son's Force-sensitivity, and that he had left Dooku outside his castle walls without clothes or identification. Dooku would learn shortly after that being left on the edge of the forest put him at risk of being eaten alive by Spine-wolves had he not been found. Upon arriving back at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, his injuries were quickly healed and the young Jedi quickly threw himself back into his training. Dooku using this practice to vent his frustrations at Count Gora for abandoning him, and furthermore to think deeply about what he might have been if he had never become a Jedi. At this time an attendant arrived with a communications device that would allow him to speak to his sister, and they stayed in contact for many years.

Two years later, after a lesson in the Jedi Archives Sifo-Dyas revealed to Dooku he had come into possession of the journal of the expelled Jedi; Klias Teradine, which revealed to him the existence of the Bogan Collection inside the Jedi Archives. Sifo convinced Dooku that they should break in to see the dark side artifacts. Dooku later used sand levitation to get past the magnetic lock. There they witnessed many dark objects, weapons, and scrolls the Jedi had collected over their history. Dooku in particular was drawn to a piece of metal that seemed to connect him to the same Tirra'Taka he had first encountered on Serenno. This frightened the boy, who lashed out through the Force and accidentally threw Sifo-Dyas through a cabinet, alerting the Chief Librarian, Restelly Quist, to their actions.

The two initiates were brought to the infirmary where Sifo's injuries were treated, and they were confronted by Masters Yoda and Braylon, who each expressed a deep disappointment in how they had broken the rules and betrayed their trust. As the Masters were lecturing them, their discussion was interrupted by the arrival of Lene Kostana, who expressed great concern over the security of the Bogan Collection since two younglings had been able to break in. Dooku and Sifo-Dyas watched the Masters debate their conflicting views on how best to train the next generation to confront the Dark Side. Afterwards, they were assigned to decipher the Lothal Papyri, a collection of agricultural treatises, under the watchful eyes of Librarian Quist. As they served their penance, they had another encounter with Lene Kostana who was surprised that Yoda was still using the same treatises as punishment for misbehaved younglings, and playfully referred to the Grand Master as a goblin which offended Dooku. As she left, Sifo-Dyas discovered she slipped him a book: The Bestiary of Darth Caldoth. Dooku encouraged his friend to tell someone about the text, but Sifo refused.

This event greatly disturbed Dooku, who began to think Master Kostana might secretly be a Sith, one day he confronted her on the contemplation balcony demanding to know why she gave his friend the Sith script. She said the book was a test, though Dooku sensed a great deal of frustration and anger in her which he believed legitimized his theory. The two engaged in a short duel, during which Master Kostana played an act of goading him on, using the tale of Darth Sakia as a lesson by comparing Dooku's curved-hilt lightsaber to the fictional Sith's weapon, and revealing she was aware of Dooku's curious connection to the Tirra'Taka. Unfortunately Kostana quickly lost control of the situation as Dooku began a frenzy of attacks that began wearing down her defenses. Their fight was broken up by the timely intervention of Master Yoda who calmed the initiate down and convinced him that he had jumped to conclusions. The Grand Master then chided the Altiri on her constant need to test the initiates by exposing them to dark side artifacts. Following this event Dooku began to spend more time with Master Kostana, as he started to look to her as a mentor figure, since he took a great deal of interest in her work studying the dark side, her theories concerning the Sith, and even her pet convor Ferana. He visted her nearly every time she returned to the Temple following her missions.

The Grand Master's apprentice
In 86 BBY, Dooku later completed his Initiate Trials and hoped to be selected as the Padawan apprentice to Lene Kostana due to her mission in hunting down relics associated with the dark side. During the Padawan Tournament, Dooku fought and defeated Sifo-Dyas in a duel with one hand behind his back and blindfolded. However, Kostana selected Sifo-Dyas as her apprentice which upset Dooku, though this disappointment subsided when he learned that Yoda had decided to take him as his apprentice. On one occasion, Yoda took Dooku on a voyage to Lahsbane in the Mid Rim as part of his training. During a mission to Kashyyyk, Dooku watched as his master faced a giant Terentatek.

Sifo-Dyas's vision
Sometime during 85 BBY,Sifo-Dyas received a Force vision of a deadly solar storm hitting the planet Protobranch. After informing the Jedi Council, Dooku supported Sifo-Dyas and Kostana's suggestion that they warn the planet, but was forbidden to by Yoda and the Council, who pointed out that Force visions were not absolute and the future was always in motion.

Frustrated with the Council, Dooku, Kostana, and Sifo-Dyas went behind the Council's back to inform Tavetti, the senator who represented Protobranch, of the vision. During the conversation, Dooku was slightly unnerved by Tavetti only expressing concern for Protobranch's resources rather than its people. Afterwards, Dooku, Kostana, Sifo-Dyas and a reluctant Yoda went to the planet itself. Ultimately, Sifo-Dyas's vision came to pass; a powerful solar storm hit Protobranch, killing much of the population, with the Jedi themselves barely surviving.

The events with Protobranch shook Dooku's respect for the Republic and the Jedi Council, feeling the latter was somewhat responsible for the deaths that occurred by not taking Sifo-Dyas's vision seriously and refusing to act quicker. He was also disgusted by the fact that the Republic's primary concern was the loss of Protobranch's resources and not its inhabitants.

Funeral of Anya
In 82 BBY, a twenty year old Dooku attended the funeral of his mother, Anya, on Serenno. It was here that his father Gora physically and verbally assaulted him, referring to his son as a "freak." Shortly afterward, Dooku joined Sifo-Dyas and his master Kostana on a mission to track down a relic on Asusto. However, the pair were led into a trap by the Presagers of Hakotei who tricked them into following a supposed trail of Sith artifacts from Karazak. Dooku was briefly captured by the Presagers to be used as part of a dark side ritual. It was during his brief captivity that he experienced a series of visions of his future, and he used Force lightning for the first time in order to kill his captors. After which Master Kostana and Sifo-Dyas taught him a cleansing ritual involving arm wrappings that was designed to keep him centered in the force.

Jedi Master
He eventually attained the rank of Jedi Master and gained a seat on the Jedi High Council, rising to be one of the greatest Jedi of his generation. A veteran of many galactic conflicts, known for his exceptional skills as a lightsaber duelist. He would eventually take Rael Averross as his Padawan training him to Knighthood. Dooku had also set aside his first blade and created his own curved-hilt lightsaber, which produced a blue blade. Dooku used his lightsaber when he and Yoda demonstrated their lightsaber skills to a group of younglings, amongst them the Togorian Jak'zin. Furthermore, Dooku was the main lightsaber instructor for Thranta Clan.

Dooku also rendered aid to Mother Talzin of the Nightsisters, who were based on the world of Dathomir, giving her a lock of his hair. Averross eventually introduced Dooku to the Naboo senator Sheev Palpatine (secretly the Sith apprentice Darth Sidious) on Coruscant after Dooku delivered an address to the Galactic Senate.

Training Qui-Gon
In 68 BBY, Dooku would take a 12 year-old Qui-Gon Jinn as his second Padawan after Rael Averross. On the evening of Qui-Gon being assigned to him, Jinn presented himself to his new Master in Dooku's quarters, Dooku observed that Jinn was frightened. After a moment of silence, and pressing him, Jinn confessed that he was. He asked his apprentice why and after looking into himself through the fear, Jinn answered that he was not afraid of Dooku, but of not becoming a Jedi, that he was afraid of failing. Of not being worthy. Dooku then summarized it as Jinn being afraid of himself, of a future not being the one he wanted. Jinn confirmed it, fearing that Dooku will reject him for his apparent cowardice. Dooku instead said that it was very wise, surprising Jinn. Smiling, he would explain that most Padawans would deny their fear, and even if they admitted it, they would not have Jinn's self-knowledge. He then further praised Jinn for his honesty, insight, and intelligence.

To help Jinn understand the Jedi Temple more completely, Dooku decided to take him throughout most of the Temple, including the Padawans' sparring dojo, and the one for full Jedi Knights, and the Great Assembly Room. Their last stop was the Jedi Archives, where they examined holocrons of various eras, not to study them, but simply for Jinn to learn his way around. While doing so, a particularly old holocron, more ancient and of a different shape than the rest, caught Jinn's eye. When he questioned his Master about it, he was shocked by the expression on Dooku's face, almost as if he considered it an enemy. Dooku answered that it was a holocron of Jedi prophecies. Jinn asked if there were Jedi prophets, to which Dooku replied not any longer. He explained to Jinn that the mystics sought undue knowledge of the future which led them down dangerous paths. Those drawn too deeply into them were often tempted by the dark side. Dooku then finished by saying that is why the Jedi study prophecy no longer, then turned to leave, which meant Jinn had to follow. Jinn then asked Dooku if just wanting to know the future can lead to the dark side. Dooku simply replied that it takes more than that.

After training Qui-Gon for several months the Council sent him with his apprentice to Shurrupak to participate in a battle on its surface, which was Qui-Gon's very first. When they landed on the surface the encountered his first apprentice, Rael Averross, whom Dooku introduced to his new apprentice.

Eventually, a strike team including Dooku and Jinn, was assembled and sent to find notorious Falleen Bounty hunter Shenda Mol. They tracked her to the planet Numidian Prime where she had a stronghold and a handful of followers. After her followers were rounded up, it was left to Dooku and Jinn to bring Mol in. Whilst searching for her hideout, Jinn was captured by Mol, but before she could kill him, he was saved by Dooku who struck her with Force lightning. Jinn later told Rael Averross what Dooku had done, but he was unconcerned.

Years of training with Qui-Gon yielded a strong relationship between him and Dooku, with the Padawan following his Master's unique Jedi traits such idealism, individual instinct and being willing to act against the Jedi High Council, serving the people of the galaxy first and foremost, not the senate. Where their visions differed however, were that Dooku focused more on the future of the galaxy and feared the Jedi Order followed the policies of the Senate as actual law, rather than the principal of being the advocates of peace and justice which their institution were founded on. Qui-Gon also shared Dooku's skepticism for the Council's indoctrinated viewpoints and would also learn to follow his own ideas at times. However, Qui-Gon believed in concentrating on the will of the Force which he meant was the present, never the future.

Search for a senator's son
On a mission to rescue the abducted son of Senator Dagonet, one of the Republic's longest serving members, they traveled to the Senator's home planet. To the stoic Jedi master and young Padawan's surprise, the planet's surface was little more than a wasteland which had been completely stripped of its natural resources and ravaged by over-industrialization. The two Jedi headed for a barren village in the distance. As they walked through the village, not a single resident dared step outside of their homes nor answer Qui-Gon's questions, which prompted them to enter the local inn. Fearless and keeping his unperplexed Jedi manner, Dooku immediately asked for the abducted child of the Senator twice. One of the villagers questioned why she should tell them, to which Dooku responded by producing his lightsaber. Once the villagers realized that Dooku and Qui-Gon were Jedi, Dooku stated their intention to resolve the situation and Qui-Gon assured the villagers that they were not acting on behalf of the Senator, which prompted the villager to ask how much they knew of the Senator. She explained that the village's desolate surroundings were proof that the Senator, who might have had good intentions at the beginning, had begun to neglect his people. Qui-Gon asked the villager why the people did not simply elect a new Senator, to which she replied that things were not so easy. She then agreed to show the Jedi where the Senator's son was located. At this point, Qui-Gon and Dooku were surprised to discover that virtually every visitor present at the inn had been involved in the kidnapping.

Escorted to a barn, the Jedi found the Senator's son restrained and surrounded by a droid and armed villagers. Dooku asked if the boy had been harmed, and having been assured that he had not, asked what the boy knew of the villagers' living conditions. The boy did not blame them for kidnapping him as he sympathized with their circumstance. At that point a villager entered and informed the group that Senator Dagonet had arrived with dozens of armed soldiers. The villagers immediately accused the Jedi of leading them into a trap, but Dooku calmed them by stating that their investigation was unknown to the Senator. Outside, Jedi and kidnappers watched as the Senator handed bread to the villager who had given up his son's location. One of the kidnappers remarked that many in the village would have done the same. Senator Dagonet ordered Dooku and Qui-Gon to apprehend the villagers and release his son at once. Placing himself between the Senator and his people, Dooku tried to calm the escalating tension by stating that their investigation was incomplete. The prideful Senator demanded his son's release, to which Dooku responded that the young man was in no immediate danger and that further investigation was needed. Unwilling to delay any longer, the Senator ordered his men to prepare to attack the villagers, which caused the villagers to raise their own weapons. The Senator then gave the Jedi one more chance to step aside, but Dooku refused. Dagonet claimed that the Jedi were supposed to serve him, but Dooku corrected him and stated that the Jedi served the people of the Republic, not its leaders. His patience exhausted, the frustrated Senator commanded his soldiers to aim and be ready to open fire. In an effort to protect the villagers, the two Jedi ignited their lightsabers.

A firefight erupted, and the precise shots of the soldiers began to overwhelm the kidnappers while the Jedi could only defend themselves and watch the ensuing massacre. After finishing off most of the villagers, Senator Dagonet stopped his soldiers. Dooku, finding himself surrounded by citizens of the Republic who had been killed by their own leader, felt a sense of righteous anger which led him to tap into the Dark Side of the Force. As the Senator proclaimed that he would not be deterred by anyone, he was stopped mid-sentence as his throat began to constrict from Dooku's sudden Force choke. Alarmed, Qui-Gon tried to stop his master, but Dooku Force pushed him back into the door of the barn and continued to torture the arrogant Senator. The remaining soldiers were unable to resist the Jedi Master as he approached and stood in front of the struggling Senator, who had collapsed on the ground as he struggled to breath. Meanwhile, Qui-Gon, sensing only one opportunity to save the Senator's life, rushed back into the barn and freed his son. Dooku, who had given in completely to the Dark Side in his desire to eradicate corruption, would have killed the defenseless Senator, but the Senator's son rushed forward and begged the Jedi to stop. As Qui-Gon told Dooku it was over, Dooku finally regained his composure and let go of Senator Dagonet.

In the aftermath, the Senator left the planet with his son, who promised to make things right for his people. The villagers nodded in gratitude for the Jedi's efforts as they started to rebuild their village. Dooku proclaimed his doubts that anything would change as a result of this ordeal, which made his Padawan question if that was his master's motivation to take action. Dooku congratulated Qui-Gon's success in saving so many lives. His Padawan stated it was just a matter on focusing on the moment, which made Dooku warmly acknowledge him as a much wiser man than himself as they walked to their ship.

Conspiracy in the Council
Shortly before Qui-Gon's trials, the pair were invited by council member Jor Aerith to join her in representing the Jedi at the annual Coruscant Dragonfire Air Rally in hopes of making a good impression on the Candovant ambassador who had invited her. Dooku and Master Yula Braylon expressed frustration at the Council's obsession with politics, but Aerith pointed out Dooku's charisma made him a natural conversationalist, for which she was not.

Dooku agreed to attend and took the opportunity to teach his apprentice some Candovant customs, but while he was there, he ran into his brother Ramil who was participating in the race. Dooku questioned why he as the heir to the Serrenian throne was racing, but the older man dismissed him. While Ramil did very well in the race, it quickly became apparent his Airspeeder was sabotaged and it crashed. Dooku and his apprentice discreetly went to see what had happened, and while there they discovered the Investigator was trying to cover up the incident. Following the man, they found he was working for a Jenet crime boss named Cenevax. Ignoring a message from Aerith asking them to return to the races, they chose to confront and captured the criminal, and while questioning her they realized that she was privy to Council communications, as Cenevax made clear she knew they that had been recalled and were disobeying order by being there. With this information, Dooku deduced that she had a spy on the Council.

Calling the Temple Guard, Dooku escorted Cenevax to the Council Chamber where he made his accusation, the Council was disturbed by this but through the Force he sensed Yula Braylon's guilt. Igniting his lightsaber, he called her out, and in return she ignited hers and asked Dooku if he intended to kill her. Relenting, he stated he simply wanted justice and placed her under arrest. Further investigation revealed that Cenevax had been blackmailing her with the fact that Arath Tarrex was in fact her son: she was removed from the Council and Tarrex was taken into custody as well as he had sold out his mother's influence to criminals. When it was done, Dooku inquired into what would happen to Cenevax and Yoda informed him she would be taken to the Citadel on Lola Sayu. Dooku was dismayed at the prospect of the Jedi taking the law into their own hands, as well as Master Braylon's mistrust of the Jedi order which brought her into that situation in the first place. His faith in the order shaken once again, this event led him to express interest in joining the Jedi Council with the hope that he might better achieve reform from within.

Fighting his own way
Qui-Gon Jinn eventually graduated to Knighthood and became a Master himself and took a Padawan of his own: Obi-Wan Kenobi. Dooku maintained some contact with Jinn, who spoke very highly about his apprentice Kenobi to his former master. At some stage, Dooku took on another pupil. She later fell to the dark side and needed to be killed, having become considered an embarrassment. She created two red-bladed lightsabers that Dooku held on to after his death. Over time, Dooku became disillusioned with the Republic due to its corruption and believed that the Jedi Order had become too connected to the government.

Sometime later, Dooku and fellow Jedi Master Mace Windu were given instructions to return the body of Master Katri, who had been killed in an ambush on Raxus Secundus, to the Jedi temple so she could have a proper burial. Dooku was suspicious of the circumstances surrounding Katri's death, as no reason behind it, nor the identity of her murderers, was known. Furthermore, since the Raxus Senator, Larik had been present during the ambush, Dooku wondered how he had survived when Katri, a fully-trained Jedi Master, hadn't. Because of his suspicions, Dooku believed they needed to do more to honor Katri and investigate her death, but Windu was firm in his beliefs that the rules were there for a reason.

The pair eventually touched down on Raxus Secundus, where they met with Senator Larik, who said he was there with Katri at the time of her death. Dooku asked Larik to explain what happened, but the senator acted cagey and Dooku noticed elements of his story didn't line up. Windu shared this belief and concern and wanted to take the information to the Jedi Council. Dooku, however, wanted to follow the lead himself. They all headed off together to meet an informant at the place where Katri and Larik were supposedly ambushed, following Dooku's plan.. Examining the crime scene, the Dooku and Windu deduced there were more than one attacker, but also noticed that there were no blaster marks on the Senator's ship. Suspecting that the senator might've had something to do with Katri's death, Dooku ignited his lightsaber and scathingly demanded the truth. Terrified, Larik immediately turned and admitted that the guards killed Katri, but he was shot dead instantly for uttering the truth.

Dooku and Windu were also attacked by the guards, but they got the better of the men and their droids, defeated them. When they got the final man, Semage, down on his knees, he admitted that they killed Katri because the group he was operating within had learned Larik was using his Senate seat to become rich at the expense of their planet, industrializing it and selling it off piece by piece. Semage explained to Dooku and Windu that the reason they kept Larik alive was to make him enact their own rules at the next Senate hearing meeting to reverse the damage done. When Windu questioned why Semage didn't inform Katri of Larik's corruption, Semage insisted that though the Jedi claimed to bring peace, they were really only at the whim of the Senate. The pair eventually put Semage in lockup, but Dooku understood how he felt and decided to go to his cell to meet him, telling him that while he didn't condone his methods, he believed they had a right to protect their planet. Dooku also told him to make sure his people continued to evolve and did not lose heart, telling him that it was the only way to ensure victory.

Having solved Katri's murder, Dooku and Windu brought her body back to the Jedi temple, where she was honored and cremated in a ceremony. After the funeral, Dooku approached Windu to ask if he had been offered Master Katri's council seat, as rumors claimed that he had. When Windu confirmed that it was the case, a suspicious Dooku questioned if Windu was aware Katri's position was open before they left for Raxus. Insisting that he had no idea about it before taking the case, Windu explained that he believed he had been given the seat over Dooku because Dooku did not stick to the mission and acted in a way that led to a senator's death. Nevertheless, Windu told Dooku that he would speak to the Council on his behalf. Dooku was more resentful than grateful but thanked him nonetheless.

Leaving the Jedi Order
Dooku became a Jedi renunciate, leaving the Order despite his years as a Jedi and the bond he once shared with his former Master.

In 42 BBY, he returned to his ancestral home of Serenno with Master Kostana and Sifo-Dyas after his sister Jenza pleaded for his help. Dooku became embroiled in the invasion of Serenno, caused by his brother, Count Ramil, who had hired Abyssin mercenaries to attack the planet to turn its people against the Republic. In the ensuring battle, Dooku killed Ramil.

Reclaiming the title of Count of Serenno after killing his brother, Dooku also took possession of his family fortune, one of the largest in the galaxy. Believing his people needed him, Dooku decided he needed to leave the Jedi to lead Serenno, feeling it was his responsibility after all his brother had done. Furthermore, the people of the planet had found new resources, a deposit of sacanium, which they could produce themselves. The Republic offered to help with the resources despite having previously decided the Abyssin crisis was an internal affair. Dooku rejected the Republic's aid, deciding the recovery of Serenno would also be an internal matter as well. Contacting Yoda, Dooku explained his choices to his mentor and remained steadfast in his choice to leave.

Although it saddened them, Yoda promised Dooku that choice was respected by the Jedi Council. When Dooku stated he would turn over his lightsaber, Yoda told him to keep the blade; his mentor explained that being a Jedi was more than a title, so he was to keep the weapon. After saying goodbye to Yoda, the count said goodbye to his old friend Sifo-Dyas, promising that they would see each other again. Dooku then became one of the Lost Twenty.

Personality and traits
Dooku was an aging human male who had light skin, brown eyes, white hair, and a height of 1.96 meters. He was a connoisseur of wine, and favored technique over brute strength in lightsaber combat.

Dooku was once a respected Jedi and, during the Separatist Crisis, he was viewed as a "political idealist" by his former peers. During his time in the Order, Dooku chafed at the Jedi's disdain for technology. After meeting her, Dooku secretly kept in contact with his sister Jenza and grew close to her. His independent spirit helped push him away from the Jedi Order. By the time he was a Sith, Dooku had come to believe the Jedi had wasted their powers but that he had not squandered his own.

However, Dooku became increasingly disillusioned with the Galactic Senate's corruption and the arrogance and apparent complacency of the Jedi Order, eventually coming to desire the downfall of both institutions he'd once served.

Powers and abilities
Among the most skilled swordsmen the galaxy had ever seen, Dooku was a practitioner of the second form of lightsaber combat, Makashi. Makashi was designed specifically for lightsaber-to-lightsaber duels. As such, it was considered obsolete in a time when most Jedi were more likely to face blaster-wielding opponents. The style's rarity gave Dooku an advantage when engaging in lightsaber duels, as few of his enemies were trained to defend themselves against it. Makashi relied on precision, swiftness, and economy of movement, and Dooku's curved-hilt lightsaber was designed especially for that. Dooku mastered Makashi to such a degree that he was considered the finest practitioner of the form ever. He was also capable of effectively making up for its weaknesses.

In addition to his formidable lightsaber skills, Dooku was very knowledgeable and skilled in the use of the Force. He demonstrated great prowess and strength in the use of telekinesis. During his duels with Ventress and his escape from Hondo's pirates, he displayed great skill at using telekinesis in finer, more precise tasks, such as disarming Ventress while also levitating her against a wall during her failed attempt to kill him with Savage Oppress. He was even capable of telekinetically manipulating people's motor skills, such as when he Force choked while simultaneously forcing Turk Falso to take out his blaster and shoot his comrade, while he performed a similar feat when he made Padme Amidala aim at and shoot Bec Lawise.

Conscious of his aristocratic status, Dooku preferred to wear elegant garments—whether as a member of the Jedi Order, the Count of his homeworld Serenno, or as the Sith Lord Darth Tyranus—befitting his elevated station. His wardrobe included a hand-woven tunic made on Vjun and a Serennian cloak, that was an emblem of the Count of Serenno, held by a clasp of Serenno silver. In addition, his sleepwear consisted of exquisite pajamas that he purchased from one of the most exclusive tailors in the galaxy. Dooku's pajamas were stitched only from the finest silks, its elegant patterning rivaled only by the prominent monogram on his front pocket.

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