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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: PlanetsEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Name: Ferrix
Sector: Free Trade sector
System: Morlani system
Atmosphere: Breathable
Primary terrain: Rocky
Immigrated species: Aki-Aki, Scrapjaw Motito's species, Candovantan, Didynon, Abednedo, Granik's species, Human, Hoogenz's species, Kakala, Zuzabol, Dwuni
Demonym: Ferrixian
Major cities: Unidentified Ferrix town
Major imports: Decomissioned and destroyed starships
Major exports: Scrap, Salvaged Tech

Description: Ferrix was a inhabited reddish barren rocky planet with very little plant life located in the Free Trade sector of the galaxy.

Aftermath of the Clone Wars
During the Clone Wars, Ferrix was a part of the Galactic Republic. In the direct aftermath of the war, however, the Galactic Empire rose in its place and moved to establish control on Ferrix. In 18 BBY, clone stormtroopers were sent to enforce Imperial authority on the planet, but were instead met with an anti-Imperial protest dubbed the "Rix Road protest." In town, a large contingent of clone stormtroopers were pelted with stones as they marched through the main square, prompting their officer to order the troopers to raise their weapons against the populace. Cassian Jeron Andor's father, Clem Andor, was accused of having taken part in the throwing of stones and was subsequently hanged in the town's square. Later, Cassian would attempt to attack several clone stormtroopers with a baton in retaliation for his father's hanging, but was instead caught and arrested.

Under Preox-Morlana
At some point, the Empire left Ferrix under the control of Preox-Morlana, though it wasn't regularly patrolled, rather being left to its own devices.

In 5 BBY, Luthen Rael helped Cassian Jeron Andor escape arrest from Deputy Inspector Syril Karn on Ferrix after the murder of Verlo Skiff and Kravas Drezzer on Morlana One.

Return of the Empire
Following news of the incident, Lieutenant Supervisor Blevin was dispatched to the Corporate Security Headquarters on Morlana One where he met with the trio of officers responsible for the disaster, leading to Ferrix being placed under Imperial authority once more. During Maarva Andor's funeral a holographic message of her inspired the people of Ferrix to rise up against the Empire.

Society and Culture
With Ferrix's exports like Bracca being Scrap and Salvaged Tech mainly, many humans on Ferrix worked to salvage materials and tech from decommissioned ships such as the Venator-class Star Destroyer. Each Worker was given a different set of gloves with the gloves being hanged on a wall before and after work.

The daily routine on Ferrix was to go to work when the Time Grappler hit the Beskar Anvil using his hammers and finish work when the Time Grappler hits the Beskar Anvil again. After this, the people of Ferrix would drink in cantinas/ go back to their homes.

In terms of culture, there was a huge emphasis on individuality as seen with each worker having gloves painted in a different colour when working to salvage scrap/ tech.

Places of Interest
Andor household
The Andor household was a residence where the Andor family on the planet Ferrix. By 18 BBY, it was home to Clem Andor, Maarva Andor, and their adoptive son Cassian Andor. It continued to house Maarva, Cassian, and their droid B2EMO by 5 BBY. After Cassian became a target of the Preox-Morlana, several officers led by Syril Karn invaded the home, ransacking Cassian's room and holding Maarva and B2EMO prisoner for some time.

Caleen Salyard
The Caleen Salyard was a salvage yard run by the family of Bix Caleen on the planet Ferrix. Following the death of her parents, the salvage yard was run by Caleen. Her lover, Timm Karlo, worked alongside her as a floor manager. The Aurebesh lettering on the main building read "SALYARD. ION CONVERSION NODES AND COMPONENTS OF ALL VARIETY." Another building said "CALEEN." Cassian Andor came there to sell an untraceable Imperial N-S9 Starpath Unit to Caleen, who was also a black market dealer.

Carl's was a currency exchange business on the planet Ferrix. The business was located next to Xanwan's freight kiosk. A sign written in Bazeese script was used to attract potential customers and spelled out the name of the business in vertical letters, although the letter C was upside down. Next to that, "We trade in all currencies" was written horizontally. Another sign by the entrance featured a red symbol against a dark red background.

Cavo's was an establishment on the planet Ferrix where drinks were served.

Ferrix bell tower
The Ferrix bell tower was a bell tower located on the one end of Rix Road in the Ferrix business center, opposite to the Fountain Square. On its top there was a large beskar anvil used by the Time Grappler to sign the start and end of each day, as well as important events such as upstanding citizens' public funerals.

Ferrix Depot
Ferrix Depot was a business located on the planet Ferrix. An Aurebesh sign on the building stated the business' name, with the words "SPEEDERS AVAILABLE HERE" written in smaller letters underneath. The top of a wall on the outside of the building was painted with text written in Bazeese script, but it only produced gibberish when translated. The depot was located on Rix Road, next to the Ferrix bell tower and Brasso's workplace; near the hotel, Gavalox Communications and a store selling chairs.

Gavalox Communications
Gavalox Communications was a subspace comm center on Rix Road on the planet Ferrix, that offered public comlink stations where people could insert credits to use comlink booths. The comm center offered "multi-network access" and "pay as you go" services that were available 24/7. The sign on comm center stated the business' name in Aurebesh at the top and Bazeese script at the bottom. The comm center was located close to Ferrix Depot, a hotel and a store selling chairs.

In 5 BBY, Timm Karlo went there to make an anonymous tip call about Cassian Andor, who was wanted by the Pre-Mor Security Inspection team for questioning. Each booth contained a large comlink with various buttons and green monitor saying "INSERT CREDIT" in Aurebesh, with the credit symbol underneath. After Karlo pressed a series of buttons, the message "COM LINK D[obscured]T" appeared.

Greyble Service
Greyble Service was a business located on the planet Ferrix. It was located at North Stairs Lane, across the street from a store selling droid parts. A red and yellow Aurebesh sign stating the business' name, was hanging over the entrance. Another sign said "PARTS SOLD HERE" in Bazeese script.

Gyo (business)
Gyo was a business located on the planet Ferrix on North Stairs Lane, close to a store selling droid parts. Aurebesh lettering over the entrance stated the name of the business, with smaller letters in the upper left hand corner that appeared to read "[faded]OIDAPD SHIP", and the word "BINABIAN" written in smaller letters in the bottom right hand corner. The name "Gyo" was also printed on a tall building in the industrial area of Ferrix, the same area where the Preox-Morlana personnel carrier landed while on a mission to apprehend Cassian Andor.

Hotel Bridge
The Hotel Bridge was a hotel on Ferrix. After Cassian Andor killed two Corpos on Morlana One, he went to his friend Brasso to create an alibi for the situation. Part of the fake cover story was that Basso saw him at the Hotel Bridge, and they decided that they were thirsty and Brasso wanted to go to Cavo's, but they ended up going home to the latter to share a bottle of nog instead.

North Stairs Lane
North Stairs Lane was a narrow pedestrian street on the planet Ferrix. The business Gyo, a store selling droid parts, Greyble Service and a droid store was located there.

Rix Road
Rix Road was a main street on the Ferrix business center. It began in the junction of two smaller streets right below the Ferrix bell tower, passed by a large hotel and culminated on the Fountain Square, where the funeral service of upstanding citizens would be conducted and their final message broadcasted during the "Stone to the Sky" ceremony. During the early Imperial Era, an anti-Imperial protest occurred on the street while clone troopers marched through the town. Following the protest, it was also where executions by hanging would be performed by the Galactic Empire, such as the execution of Clem Andor in 18 BBY. In 5 BBY the practice remained in effect, and and Captain Vanis Tigo ordered for Salman Paak to be publicly executed that way. Three days later, during Maarva Carassi Andor's funeral service, Tigo would interrupt her final message due to anti-Imperial speech, prompting a violent response from attending Daughters of Ferrix and kickstarting a massive riot.

Repaak Salyard
The Repaak Salyard was a salvage business run by Salman Paak with his son Wilmon on the planet Ferrix. The shop included a salvage yard. Aurebesh lettering over the entrance said "REPA[obscured]," presumably "repair" or "Repaak". The mechanic and black market dealer Bix Caleen came there and asked for a "Bendine Mesh-Tech filter." Hesitantly, Paak replied that they were located on a rack in the back, adding she may have to dig to find them, and wished her good luck. In truth, she had spoken a code-phrase to Paak, and found her way to a junction box where she contacted a buyer for Cassian Andor's stolen Imperial N-S9 Starpath Unit.

Administration building
An administrative building was located on the planet Ferrix, next to Brasso's workplace and the Ferrix Depot. A sign above the entrance read "ADMINISTRATION" in Bazeese script. When Cassian Andor was waiting for Brasso in order to concoct an alibi for himself, he waited outside the building until he saw Brasso. Later, during Maarva Andor's funeral, the procession walked past the same building.

Chair store
A store selling chairs was located on the planet Ferrix. An Aurebesh sign by the entrance was used to attract potential customers and read "CHAIRS", with an illustration of a chair. Various chairs were also exhibited by the entrance. The business was located on Rix Road, across the street from a hotel; near Ferrix Depot, Gavalox Communications and the Ferrix bell tower.

Droid store
A store selling droids was located on the planet Ferrix, at North Stairs Lane. A large green sign with grey and white lettering was used to attract customers. The top of the sign was written in Protobesh and read "DROID".

Droid parts store
A store selling parts for droids was located on the planet Ferrix, at North Stairs Lane, across the street from Greyble Service, and near Gyo. Aurebesh lettering over the entrance read "DROID PARTS," although the O in "droids" was upside-down. The sign was held up by a couple of unidentical protocol droid arms.

Hotel (Ferrix)
A hotel was located on the planet Ferrix, at Fountain Square, on Rix Road. It was located across the street from a store selling chairs, and near the Ferrix Depot, the Ferrix bell tower and Gavalox Communications. During the mission to apprehend Cassian Andor, North-1 took cover by this building after the North Team split up and took position. When the Galactic Empire took control over the planet, they took over the hotel and made it their new headquarters. Tenek worked as a chef there.

Screen store
A store selling video monitors was located on the planet Ferrix. Aurebesh lettering over the entrance read "SCREENS." Hand painted signs written in Futhork were displayed outside the shop, with a pink sign saying "MADE TO [obscured]" and a blue one saying "WHILE YOU WAIT".

Zorby's Western Shiplot
Zorby's Western Shiplot was a starship lot on the planet Ferrix. The business was run by an individual named Zorby, who had hired a human named Pegla to patrol the area with Corellian hounds. In 5 BBY, Pegla went behind his boss' back and allowed his friend, Cassian Andor, to secretly borrow a Breon Dayvan for an undisclosed purpose. When Andor returned the next day, Pegla insisted that he leave and not return.

In addition to the Dayvan, Zorby's Western Shiplot housed a number of other starships. Among them were vessels such as a BTL-A4 Y-wing assault starfighter/bomber, a D-85 freighter, a WTK-85A interstellar transport, a Lancer-class pursuit craft, a KGZ-54 Starcrane, and a VCX-100 light freighter.

Unidentified Ferrix town
A town located on the Free Trade sector planet Ferrix was home to Maarva Carassi Andor, her husband Clem Andor and their adopted son Cassian Jeron Andor. Highly rebellious, it was the site of a protest against the Galactic Republic in 18 BBY, an attack against a Pre-Mor security Inspection team in 5 BBY as well as a massive riot against the Galactic Empire later that year.

Imperial Occupation
Located in the Free Trade sector planet Ferrix of the Morlani system, this unidentified town was aligned with the Galactic Republic during the time of the Clone Wars. After the war's end, it came under Imperial occupation sometime after the Proclamation of the New Order, with the first Imperial clone trooper units arriving to the city accompanied by Imperial officers in 18 BBY. The townspeople reacted with concern in the sight of the new administration and a radical faction of Ferrixians sprung into a spontaneous protest, pelting the clone units with stones as they marched through the main street, Rix Road. Their commanding officer ordered the parading units to turn and point their weapons at the protestors, who were all swiftly arrested. Some, including Clem Andor were publicly executed, their bodies left hanging in Fountain Square for days after the protest. Although the Empire left the planet soon after, distrust and hate for the new authority remained among the locals who hadn't forgotten their neighbors' terrible fate.

Return of the Empire
Ferrix, along with the rest of the Morlani system, was passed over to the Preox-Morlana corporation sometime before 5 BBY. The corporation and its security forces, the Pre-Mor Enforcement, preferred to leave the planet alone, as they thought that "locals had their own way of doing things". The last census was performed in 11 BBY and the locals were rarely visited by any corpos, whom they referred to as "the blues". The calm was interrupted, however, when local citizen Cassian Jeron Andor visited the system capital Morlana One searching for his sister Kerri, along the way having a fight with two local corpos, Verlo Skiff and Kravas Drezzer, whom he ended up killing. Pre-Mor Deputy Inspector Syril Karn took over the case and was quickly able to identify Andor and track him down to his hometown in Ferrix, organizing a Pre-Mor Security Inspection team led by Sergeant Linus Mosk to arrest him. Arriving in the city in three Mobile Tac-Pods, the corpos of the team quickly encountered resistance from the locals when they attempted to interrogate Andor's beloved mother and ex-President of the local Daughters of Ferrix, Maarva Carassi Andor; a crowd quickly gathered outside her house and harassed the officers by banging on metallic fixtures along their path and removing street signs to confuse and intimidate them. The disoriented officers were quickly ambushed by Andor who, along with rebel spymaster Luthen Rael had planted explosive charges on the doors of the warehouse they were hiding in, killing the corpos who attempted the surround them and surprising the rest with a trapped speeder. Leaving many officers dead or severely injured, Andor and Rael escaped aboard the latter's Fondor Haulcraft.

Xanwan's freight kiosk
Xanwan's freight kiosk was a transport business run by Xanwan and his assistant Granik. It was located on the planet Ferrix. A vertical Aurebesh sign by the entrance read "XANWANS." Cassian Andor came there to book transport to Tassar. Later, when a group of Corpos came to the planet looking for Andor, Xanwan was among the many business people who took precautions by immediately locking the doors.

Nicola's was a small beverage shop located outside Maarva Andor’s family residence. The name of the business was written in Bazeese script and was printed in blue letters at the top of the building, with red lettering going around the window saying "NICOLA'S TEAROOMS REFRESHMENTS HERE CAFF SERVED".

When searching for Maarva's son Cassian, Vel Sartha observed the home and two of Andor's friends, Bix Caleen and Brasso, from Nicola’s across the street; while waiting for her lover, Cinta Kaz, to join her. Sartha's drink went cold in the meantime. Kaz remained on Ferrix afterward and blended in among the locals, taking a job at Nicola’s in the week before Maarva Andor died. An attendant for the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB), Corv, also pretended to be a civilian, which Kaz noticed. Aware that he was ISB, she kept a close eye on him when he visited Nicola's, which they both used to observe the Andor home.

Ferrix shuttle station
Shuttle stations were facilities scattered around the Free Trade sector planet Ferrix. They were used by the Ferrix Entry Ferry Service to transport passengers to and from the Ferrix Terminal station on the town via the company's shuttle ferries and equipped with large antennae. One of these stations was located 2.3 kilometers away from the town and was used by Luthen Rael in 5 BBY.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
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