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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Name: Maarva Carassi Andor
Homeworld: Ferrix
Born: 82 BBY
Died: 5 BBY, Ferrix
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair color: Red, later gray
Skin color: Light

        Blaster 4D+2
        Brawling Parry 4D+1
        Dodge 4D
        Melee Combat 4D+2
        Melee Parry 5D+1
        Alien species 5D
        Bureaucracy 4D
        Business 4D+1
        Cultures 4D+2
        Languages 5D
        Planetary Systems 5D+2
        Streetwise 6D+1
        Survival 5D+2
        Tactics: 4D+2
        Value 5D+2
        Bargain 5D
        Command 4D+2
        Con 5D
        Forgery 5D+1
        Hide 5D
        Persuasion 6D+1
        Sneak 4D
        Brawling 4D+1
        Climbing/Jumping 4D
        Lifting 4D+2
        Astrogation 5D+1,
        Communications 4D
        Ground Vehicle Operation 3D+2
        Repulsorlift Operation 4D
        Sensors 4D+2
        Space Transports 5D
        Starship Gunnery 5D
        Starship Shields 4D
        Computer Programming/Repair 4D
        Droid Programming 3D
        Ground Vehicle Repair 4D+2
        Repulsorlift Repair 4D
        Security 4D+1
        Space transports Repair 5D
        Starship Weapon Repair 4D

Force Sensitive: N
Force Points: 3
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 8
Move: 10
Equipment: Blaster Pistol (5D), Comlink, Credits (1000), Street Clothes, Toolkit

Description: Maarva Carassi Andor was a human female who lived during the final decades of the Galactic Republic and into the era of the Galactic Empire. On her homeworld, Maarva was a member of the Daughters of Ferrix and was revered by the members of her community. Alongside her husband, Clem, Maarva became the adoptive mother of Cassian Andor, whom they rescued while smuggling on the planet Kenari. After Clem was hanged by the Empire, she became scared and disapproved of Cassian's rebellious streak despite her contempt for the Empire.

Unbeknownst to her, her son became involved with Luthen Rael's network and participated in the Aldhani heist. The event and the Imperial occupation of Ferrix rekindled her spirit. Refusing Cassian's invitation to start over somewhere else, Maarva remained in her home with her droid, B2EMO, and pledged the waning months of her life to fighting the fascist government. Before she died of an illness while her son was incarcerated on Narkina 5, she recorded a speech for her funeral that inspired her fellow residents of Ferrix to fight the Empire. Cassian Andor subsequently committed himself to the rebel cause and aided in the theft of the Death Star plans.

Early life
Maarva Carassi Andor was a human female who was born in 82 BBY and hailed from the planet Ferrix which was located in the Free Trade sector. Around 76 BBY, when Maarva was six, she attended her first funeral alongside her sister, in which they held hands as they walked Fountain Square. During the service, she also felt the musical customs and history of Ferrix, as well as touching her first funerary stone. At some point, Maarva married Clem, and the two worked as scavengers, making salvage runs to scattered worlds and bring back unclaimed tech to their homeworld.

Smuggling trip to Kenari
Prior to the Clone Wars, and by 24 BBY, Maarva and Clem, alongside their droid, B2EMO, were salvaging around the Mid Rim planet Kenari when a starship crashed onto the planet's surface. Hoping to get their hands on a console unit, the three landed their ship on Kenari and entered the fallen starship with masks, as toxic air was fuming from outside, which had killed the officers onboard the ship, all of whom carried the emblem of the future Confederacy of Independent Systems.

As they walked through the ship, BEE informed the couple that the air inside the ship was breathable, so Maarva, satisfied, took off her mask and asserted that she and Clem get the console unit. Clem, however, stated that they should back off, but Maarva rebuked him, saying that the ship was safe, and urged him to take off his mask. As Clem continued to express concern, the two heard a sound from deeper inside the ship. Though Clem was against investigating, Maarva reasoned that they should, as there would be at least six brand-new fuel nodules. Clem insisted that they already had plenty of them, and Maarva asked BEE what the price for the fuel nodules was. As BEE responded, they began to hear crashing from the distance, and Clem asserted again that they needed to leave. Maarva, however, decided to keep exploring. Despite Clem's reluctance, he followed his wife deeper into the ship.

What they saw, however, was a local Kenari boy named Kassa destroying parts of the ship. Clem began to joke with the boy, who raised a staff in defense. Maarva pointed out that Kassa did not understand her husband, and BEE appeared and informed the couple that a Republic ship was approaching. As Clem worried about the Republic ship, he suggested that they leave young Kassa behind, something that Maarva admonished him for. As Maarva tried to talk with the boy, Maarva asserted to her husband that the Republic authorities would kill Kassa, though Clem refuted that they would kill them. Maarva then called for BEE to get her the Drowzer, to Clem's shock. Clem reasoned that Kassa had family in the area, but Maarva retorted that they were people who had just killed a Republic officer. Kassa then attacked Maarva, who grabbed the young boy and administered a sedative to him. Clem asked Maarva to think about her decision, but she asserted that she would leave the young boy to die.

With Kassa unconscious, Maarva, Clem, and BEE returned to their ship. After laying the boy down on a mattress, Maarva hopped into the pilot's seat and flew the ship as it left Kenari. Before long, the young boy awoke and starred off into the sun, during which Maarva turned and smiled at him. The Andor family would soon return to Ferrix, rename Kassa Cassian Jeron Andor, and forged a lie that Cassian was born on Fest.

Early Imperial rule
A former president of the Daughters of Ferrix, Maarva was revered by the community, even after she retired from hard labor. However, in the early years of the Galactic Empire, Clem was hanged by the fascist order, which left Maarva scared for the following thirteen years.

Mother and son rebel
By 5 BBY, her health had started to fail, and Maarva began to disapprove of Cassian's rebellious streak. Her concerns were proven right when Maarva discovered that Cassian was being hunted by Preox-Morlana after he killed two Corpos on Morlana One. Horrified, she scolded her son for also having revealed that his homeworld was Kenari, something the Andor family had lied about for years. In the ensuing hunt for Cassian led by Deputy Inspector Syril Karn, he and his team searched Maarva's house and confronted her, hoping that she would reveal the location of her adoptive son. However, Cassian, accompanied by Luthen Rael, evaded capture and left Ferrix, while Maarva and B2 were left behind.

Maarva was unaware of her son's participation in the heist on Aldhani, but upon his return, Cassian informed his mother that they would be leaving. She refused to leave her homeworld, as she had decided to rebel against the tyrannical regime that had killed her husband. Cassian persisted that Maarva accompany him elsewhere, but she persisted in her desire to join the Rebellion. In this new role, Maarva injured herself while trying to open a floodgate underneath the Ferrix hotel. Bix Caleen and Brasso, concerned for her wellbeing, made visits to her home.

Death and legacy
Maarva Andor's health continued to decline during the months that Cassian was incarcerated on Narkina 5, and she stopped taking her medicine. Sometime before her impending death, she recorded a speech to be broadcast during her funeral. She passed away from her illness afterward, and the Daughters of Ferrix tended to her body and her home with Brasso's assistance.

After Cassian Andor escaped from the Narkina 5 Imperial Prison Complex and learned of Maarva's death, he returned home. He received condolences from Pegla and Brasso relayed a final message of love from mother to son. Cassian freed Caleen from her imprisonment during Maarva's funeral, which became the site of a massive riot when her anti-Imperial post-mortem speech inspired the attendees to respond when Captain Vanis Tigo overturned B2EMO for broadcasting said speech. Ferrix's citizens fought back against the stormtrooper and Imperial Army trooper security detail standing by. Brasso wielded Maarva's funerary stone as a weapon to knock down an Imperial trooper, and then carried it with him to safety as he and several others escaped Ferrix aboard a battered ship.

Maarva's son subsequently made a commitment to the rebel cause. As part of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, he aided in the theft of the Death Star plans.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.