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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: TransportEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Name Max-7 Rono freighter
Class: Box freighter
Scale: Starfighter
Length: 25m
Skill: Space Transports - Max-7 Rono
Crew: 1
Crew Skill: varies
Passengers: 3 (in cockpit) can be converted to passenger variant (60 seats)
Consumables: 1 Week
Cargo Capacity: 80 Tonnes
Hyperdrive Multiplier: X2
Hyperdrive Backup: NA
Nav Computer: Yes
Space: 4
Atmosphere: 250;750kmh
Maneuverability: 0D
Hull: 3D
Shields: 1D
         Passive: 20/0D
         Scan: 40/1D
         Search: 60/2D
         Focus: 2/3D

Game Notes: With a launch assist system (a track which boosted the ship up to launch speeds) the vessel could be overloaded to carry double or treble the normal carrying capacity.

Description: The Max-7 Rono freighter, sometimes referred to as simply a Rono, was a class of box freighter used during the Imperial Era.

The Max-7 Rono was a simple box freighter model that could be used to transport cargo over long distances. It featured an elevated cockpit -accessible through a ladder- in the front of the ship with room for a single pilot, and a large open cargo space in the back. The sides of the cargo space opened outward and could be used as loading ramps. In the rear of the ship were its six engines -three on each side- which included both sublight and hyperdrive units.

Custom model
A custom-made Max-7 Rono could be launched from a ramp that had a track and overhead rail. The weight had to be calibrated before launch so the adjusted thrust ratio could be calculated and allow takeoff. The weight could be determined via a load clutch handle that was next to the booster throttle, which would display the weight on a gauge.

One Max-7 Rono was located at the Imperial base on Aldhani in a hangar bay behind the dam's payroll vault. Cassian Andor learned that he would be piloting it during a rebel mission on Aldhani as it would be their escape craft. During the heist, the infiltrator team indeed reached the hangar as planned but they were attacked by base personnel under Lieutenant Kimzi mid-loading and suffered a casualty which forced them to retreat inside the freighter. Cassian then proceeded to launch the Rono through the tunnel and fly it directly into the Eye of Aldhani as instructed by Karis Nemik, successfully evading three pursuing TIE fighters and escaping to hyperspace. The rebel team used the freighter to reach their doctor on Frezno, where they split ways with the team leader Vel getting to keep the Rono.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
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