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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Name: Lieutenant Blevin
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: Dark

        Blaster: 4D
        Brawling Parry: 4D+1
        Dodge: 6D
        Grenade: 4D
        Bureaucracy: 7D+1
        Intimidation: 5D+2
        Planetary systems: 5D
        Tactics: 6D+1
        Willpower: 5D
        Bargain: 4D+1
        Command: 6D+1
        Investigation: 5D+2
        Persuasion: 4D+2
        Search: 5D+2
        Sneak: 4D+2
        Brawling: 5D+1
        Communications: 5D+2
        Repulsorlift Operation: 4D+2
        Computer Programming: 4D+2
        First Aid: 3D+2
        Security: 5D+2

Move: 10
Force Sensitive: N
Force Points: 4
Dark Side Points: 3
Character Points: 8

        Imperial Security Bureau Uniform, Blaster Pistol (Damage: 4D), Comlink, Imperial Code Cylinders

Description: Blevin was a human male who held the rank of lieutenant and served as a supervisor in the Imperial Security Bureau. Following the Ferrix incident, Blevin participated in a meeting of ISB supervisors led by Major Partagaz, and reported on the incident and was tasked with revoking Preox-Morlana corporative independence.

Blevin was trusted with the supervision of six different sectors as well as the supervision of Imperial senator Mon Mothma, acting as the handler of deep undercover agent Kloris who was posing as her personal driver. Partagaz viewed him as a capable member of the ISB.

Meeting agenda
During the time of the Galactic Empire, the human male Blevin served the Empire's Imperial Security Bureau (ISB), rising to the rank of lieutenant. He was the ISB Supervisor of six different sectors, including the Morlana sector. In 5 BBY, there was an incident on the planet Ferrix, part of the Morlana sector, where the local Corporate Security had sustained multiple deaths and killed a civilian in a failed attempt to serve a warrant on the suspected murderer Cassian Andor. Being informed of the incident, Blevin gathered various details on what happened on Ferrix and put it among the items for an upcoming summit with the other ISB supervisors and their superior, Major Partagaz.

At the meeting Partagaz went through items with the supervisors before asking Blevin about the Ferrix incident. The lieutenant supervisor summarized what he knew on the matter, mentioning the deaths and damage as well as a stolen Imperial N-S9 Starpath Unit that was recovered by an ensign at the scene. Partagaz asked who was responsible, to which Blevin denied that he know and informed the major that he would be leaving to investigate more after the meeting. Blevin's superior then told him they would speak before he left.

Imperial takeover
After speaking with Partagaz, Blevin made his way to the planet Morlana One, where the Corporate Security Headquarters was located. There the Empire had taken over jurisdiction and was clearing out the headquarters and redirecting its personnel. The supervisor pulled aside Chief Inspector Hyne at the latter's office as well as Deputy Inspector Syril Karn, who had begun the mission to Ferrix against Hyne's orders, and Sergeant Linus Mosk, who co-led the team of corpos that was deployed to arrest Andor. Blevin gave orders to the three officers to relinquish all of their comlinks, weapons scandocs and be escorted to a transfer centre to be issued with any inventoried personal items.

Continuing, the supervisor told the trio to holo-certify receipt of items as well as confirmation of the ISB After Action Report which detailed their involvement and culpability in the Ferrix incident. Hyne attempted to raise a question, only for the supervisor to shut him down, adding that three officers would not waste Imperial time by reading the reports. The chief inspector argued that he was not involved in the Ferrix incident, only for Blevin to sarcastically agree. Going up to the officers, the supervisor berated their idiocy around the incident, responding with disdain when Mosk raised his hand. Turning to Karn, he sardonically congratulated the deputy inspector on causing the end of Corporate independence.

Conflict of interest
Meanwhile, Lieutenant Supervisor Dedra Meero, a newer addition to her role, had taken interest in the Starpath Unit that had been recovered on Ferrix, linking it to one stolen from the Steergard Naval Yard, which was under her jurisdiction. She sent her aide, ISB Attendant Heert to request for all information on Ferrix from Blevin's office. Upon receiving the request, though, Blevin denied it. As a result, Meero went to his office to address the matter with him herself. Blevin responded that he had work to do and suggested she made an appointment. After Blevin argued that Ferrix was in his sector and not Meero's, his colleague asserted that she had jurisdictional access as a Starpath Unit stolen from one of her sectors was part of the case. Blevin accused Meero of trying to insert herself into his case to further her career. After he confirmed that he was denying her request, she told him that she would take the matter to Partagaz.

Blevin and Meero met with Partagaz in the meeting chamber, where the latter continued to argue that she had jurisdictional access while her colleague brushed it off as her wanting to increase her portfolio, suggesting she spent more time on the security at her own bases. Meero believed the theft from the Steergard Naval Yard was linked to rebel activity referencing other cases that she believed were linked by the similarity in the methods and what was stolen. Partagaz, though, did not think the information was definite enough to call the incidents rebel activity, advising her that she stayed to her sector. The major thus dismissed Blevin.

Blevin made his way to Ferrix, where the Empire was establishing its presence at the resident city and tending to the damages from the incident with the local workers. While he watched repair work on the city's Rix Road, the Imperial Captain Vanis Tigo was rushing residents out of a hotel. The supervisor called his associate over, asking if the hotel would do as a headquarters. The captain, though, decided to ask for a promotion to Prefect, brushing off the fact it had no pay rise. Blevin sarcastically told Tigo that the latter could wear a ball gown if he would like to and told his colleague to get the headquarters up and running before the supervisor's next staff meeting. He thus parted with the captain, walking down Rix Road. After returning to the ISB headquarters, Blevin asked a group of his attendants for weekly reports on the situation of Ferrix and a budget adjustment. When he asked about the news in his absence, an attendant mentioned the Finkly Conference and how they had agreed to move up Blevin's speech.

Shortly afterwards, an infiltration team conducted a successful heist at an Imperial installation on the planet Aldhani where they stole around eighty million credits from a vault containing the entire sector's payroll. As a result of the theft, Partagaz hailed the supervisors and other staff to the meeting chamber. Blevin stood with the other assembled staff as the major ordered for every Star Sector and Planetary Emergency Retaliation plan in the building to be ready for presentation by midnight.

Dispute with Meero
Following the incident on Aldhani, Emperor Palpatine personally granted additional powers to the ISB to more effectively reinforce the Empire's security. Dedra Meero used these emergency powers to request a Multi-Sector Data Blend from the ISB's datatape vault, which effectively provided her with data from sectors outside of her jurisdiction, including Blevin's. Blevin brought this up during a supervisors' forum session, remarking that Meero's actions were against Imperial regulations. Partagaz allowed Meero a chance to explain herself to which she responded by revealing that she had used the blend to collect tangible material evidence of a pattern between thefts of Imperial equipment across multiple sectors. Partagaz accepted her explanation and chose to remove the Morlana sector from Blevin's jurisdiction and reassign it to Meero, as he deemed it a "distraction" to Blevin.

Personality and traits
Blevin was competitive with Supervisor Dedra Meero, and tried to prevent her from interfering in his investigation on the incident at Ferrix.

Blevin wore a white Imperial officer's uniform with two code cylinders and a rank insignia plaque with three blue squares.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
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