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Galactic Terran Alliance Centaur Class Support Ship

Mandallian Giant

Mandallian Giant

Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: PlanetsEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Name: Aldhani
Moons: At least 2
Atmosphere: Breathable
Climate: Temperate
Primary terrain: Grassy highlands, Mountains, Valleys
Points of interest: Highlands, Aldhani rebel infiltration team's camp, Comfort Units, Lowlands, Enterprise Zone, Nasma Brani, Nasma Klain, Stone Canyon, Stone Valley, Akti Amaugh, Aldhani dam, Alkenzi Air Base
Special Events: Eye of Aldhani
Flora: Grass, Trees
Fauna: Dray
Primary language(s): Aldhani
Demonym: Dhanis

Description: Aldhani was a planet located in the galaxy. During the Imperial Era, Cassian Andor joined the Aldhani rebel infiltration team for a mission to rob the Imperial base there.

Aldhani was a grassy planet with alps, rolling hills, tall mountains, and sparkling rivers. Centuries prior to Imperial takeover, the hills were covered by hundreds of settlements that housed at least 40,000 Dhanis across the highlands. However, after about a decade of the Empire's presence, the Dhanis were spoeadically cleared out and relocated to an Enterprise Zone in the Lowlands in the southern region of the planet. The Enterprise Zone was comprised of factories and new Imperial housing. By then, the only people who remained living in the hills were a few shepherds, nature lovers, mystics, and dead-enders.

Despite the Dhanis valuing certain areas for sacred rituals, the Empire turned the territory that they took over into tactically advantageous positions for their base and prohibited the Dhanis from settling there. However, on the night of the Eye, dozens of pilgrims from all around Aldhani marched to the restricted valley of the Nasma Klain river, right next to the Imperial dam, and gathered on the remains of the once great temple that was once located there to perform a ritual celebrating the Eye. Although the Empire didn't outright prevent those gatherings, they indirectly sabotaged them by setting up Comfort Units, taverns and shelters along the pilgrimage route so that pilgrims would stop there instead of completing the journey. There was also an official viewing festival in the Enterprise zone. By utilizing these tactics, the number of pilgrims completing the journey to the valley was limited from 15,000 to a mere 60 by 5 BBY.

By 5 BBY, the Galactic Empire had occupied Aldhani for over a decade, using the world as a distribution hub. The Alkenzi airbase was occupied and used as a military airfield, while the Nasma Klain river was dammed to house a new Imperial fortress, where the quarterly payroll of the entire surrounding Imperial sector was housed at. The highland clearances forced the native Dhanis from their homes and prevented them from attending their sacred rituals, with TIE fighter patrols being conducted daily along the valleys.

During the Imperial Era, rebel leader Vel Sartha and her team led a successful operation on Aldhani to rob the Aldhani dam. The team invaded on the night of a Dhani celebration of The Eye, a natural phenomenon that lit the sky once every three years.

Society and Culture
Aldhani was inhabited by the Dhanis- primitive, prideful humans that lived a simple life. As said by Commandant Jayhold Beehaz, the Dhanis were unable to hold multiple ideas simultaneously leading to them being vulnerable to manipulation. However, they had a deep sense of tradition with them doing a 10-day trek from the lowlands to the Akti Amaugh to see the Mak- ani bray Dhani also known as the Eye of Aldhani, a celestial event that occurs once every 3 years. The Mission on Aldhani however would see them be further repressed by the Galactic Empire.

Places of Interest:
Highlands (Aldhani)
The Highlands was a region on the planet Aldhani. Before the Galactic Empire annexed Aldhani, it was said that 40,000 Dhani's used to live all across the Highlands. After a decade by 5 BBY, the Empire cleared out all the Dhanis living there and relocated them to the Enterprise Zone in the Lowlands. There were a few shepherds in the Highlands with Nature Lovers, mystics and dead- enders still living there.

Aldhani rebel infiltration team's camp
The Aldhani rebel infiltration team's camp was a temporary settlement used by a rebel team led by Vel Sartha during the preparations for their mission to rob the Imperial base on Aldhani.

Comfort Unit
A Comfort Unit was a shelter and tavern stocked with cheap local beverages established by the Imperial garrison on the planet Aldhani. By 5 BBY, multiple Comfort Units had been arranged in the path of the native Dhani pilgrims as they traveled out of the planet's Lowlands to witness the celestial event the Eye of Aldhani. The Comfort Units were designed to waylay the Dhani and reduce the attendance of the Eye, their celebrations of which stood as an obstacle to the Empire's expansion efforts.

Lowlands (Aldhani)
The Lowlands was a region on the planet Aldhani. The Enterprise Zone was located in the Lowlands, along with most of the world's native population. The rebel spy Lieutenant Gorn wanted to refocus the Aldhani Garrison's attention to the Lowlands as a distraction.

Enterprise Zone (Aldhani)
The Enterprise Zone was a location in the Lowlands region of the planet Aldhani. This was where displaced Aldhani's from the Highlands were forced to live in the Enterprise Zone by the Galactic Empire with factories, new towns and Imperial Housing being built there.

The rebel spy Lieutenant Gorn wanted to refocus the Aldhani Garrison's attention to the Lowlands as a distraction.

Nasma Brani
Nasma Brani was a temple that was located in a valley on Aldhani and considered sacred by the Dhani people. Every three years, Dhani pilgrims gathered at the temple to witness and celebrate the Eye of Aldhani, a celestial event. After the Galactic Empire established an outpost near Nasma Brani, Imperials deterred pilgrims from visiting it.

Nasma Klain
Nasma Klain was a sacred river in the Akti Amaugh on the planet Aldhani. The Imperial air base at Alkenzi was located 50 clicks from it.

During around 18 BBY, the Empire the Empire dammed up the river to use as depot for most notably an Imperial payroll which was stolen in 5 BBY during the mission on Aldhani, by Vel Sartha and her rebel group.

Akti Amaugh
The Akti Amaugh, also known as the Valley of Caves or the Sacred Valley, was a region in the Lowlands on Aldhani. The Nasma Klain—a river sacred to the Dhani people—used to flow through there and a temple called the Nasma Brani sat on its banks. When the Galactic Empire came to Aldhani by 18 BBY, they seized the Alkenzi Air Base and claimed the land for Emperor Palpatine after discovering the unique storage possibilities in the caverns. The Empire later built a dam to block the Nasma Klain and stationed the Aldhani Garrison there. The newly constructed dam was used as a distribution hub to store weapons and supplies, including the Imperial quarterly payroll of the entire sector.

Once every three years, the Dhanis gathered at the Nasma Brani for the Mak-ani bray Dhani, a celestial event also known as the Eye of Aldhani.

Aldhani dam
The Aldhani dam, also known as the Aldhani's outpost, was an Imperial base on the planet Aldhani which housed the planetary garrison as well as the vault where the entire sector's quarterly payroll was stored.

The Aldhani dam was the headquarters of the Galactic Empire's military presence on the planet Aldhani. The site was built as a dam holding back the waters of the Nasma Klain river, and featured an elevated command tower, an independent communications facility on top of the dam, and a small underground hangar bay where a Max-7 Rono freighter was stored. The freighter was mounted on an overhead rail and could be launched via a launch tunnel leading to the base of the dam structure. Turret emplacements were positioned next to the dam wall to defend against air attacks.

Apart from the military facilities, the base also housed a vault where the quarterly payroll for the sector was stored. The vault was located underground right behind the Rono hangar and was protected by a steel gate which could be opened with the commandant's handprint. Up to eighty million credits were stored in large decagonal cylinder crates secured to the walls with remotely controlled fasteners.

The base was commanded by Commandant Jayhold Beehaz. The base included his personal quarters, including a living room and personal suites. The area was suitable for housing the commandant and his wife and son.

The site was located on top of a hill overlooking a sacred Aldhani valley with a temple where the gathering for the phenomenon known as the Eye of Aldhani took place every year. Anti-air and anti-personnel weapons were mounted on strategic locations around the base, while guarded roadblocks were positioned along the treks leading to it. The Alkenzi Air Base was a short distance away and could be contacted directly from the communications tower. The air base was supplied with several TIE fighters that were on active standby to deter intruders.

The Aldhani base was established sometime before 15 BBY following the Imperial occupation of the planet. The local Dhanis were driven away from the sacred valley by Imperial forces and the temple located there was demolished, leaving behind only a small ring structure. The Nasma Klain river, sacred to the locals, was dammed up to make space for the new Imperial fortress.

The Aldhani heist
Around 5 BBY, a rebel team led by Vel Sartha, working under Luthen Rael and with assistance from disgruntled Imperial Lieutenant Gorn, performed a heist on the complex in order to steal the sector quarterly payroll stored in its vault. Following months of preparations, former stormtrooper Taramyn Barcona and fellow rebels Arvel Skeen, Karis Nemik, and Cassian Jeron Andor infiltrated the complex under the guise of an escort squad for Commandant Jayhold Beehaz and proceeded to capture his wife and child as hostages, killing Colonel Petigar in the process. Sartha and fellow rebel Cinta Kaz joined the main force after jamming the communications array and occupied the command tower leaving the hostages inside. They then proceeded to the hangar and after forcing commandant Beehaz to open the vault they had the imperial troopers stationed in the hangar load 8 million credits to the Rono. Despite being discovered by the base security force led by Corporal Kimzi and an ensuing firefight which cost the lives of Barcona and Gorn, the team was eventually able to board the freighter and escape via the tunnel, leaving the vault half empty and the base in disarray.

Heist followup
The heist had a tremendous political and social impact on the Galactic Empire, being the first time an imperial military installation was directly targeted in an attack, and directly caused the voting of emergency legislation from the Imperial Senate. Following the incident, an Imperial-class Star Destroyer was dispatched to Aldhani to bolster security and all personnel present on site in the night of the Eye were interrogated by the ISB and replaced.

Alkenzi Air Base
The Alkenzi Air Base was an air base on the planet Aldhani used by the Aldhani Garrison of the Galactic Empire.

The Aldhani Air Base was built inside a ridge between two mountains a short distance away from the Nasma Klain river where the Aldhani dam fortress was located. Among its features was a large hangar bay capable of housing at least one Lambda-class shuttle as well as four TIE/ln fighters in suspended racks. The hangar opened to a tunnel which led outside of the mountains to the ridge.

Following the Imperial occupation of Aldhani in 18 BBY, the Empire took over the pre-existing airbase in Alkenzi and modified it to house TIE fighters and Imperial ships.

Aldhani dam heist
In 5 BBY a rebel team led by Vel Sartha, working under Luthen Rael and with assistance from disgruntled Imperial Lieutenant Gorn, performed a heist on the Aldhani dam complex in order to steal the sector quarterly payroll stored in its vault. During the heist, the dam's communication array was disabled as part of the rebel team's plan, and the command tower was captured resulting in the base personnel failing to respond to the airbase's status checks. As per standard protocol, three TIE fighters were immediately dispatched to the dam where they encountered the Rono freighter stored there escaping through the dam launch tunnel. The fighters pursued it through the Eye of Aldhani which was passing over the area at the time, resulting in all three fighters being destroyed by the Eye's nanoparticles.

Special Events
Eye of Aldhani
The Eye of Aldhani, known as Mak-ani bray Dhani in the language spoken by the native Dhani, was a celestial event that occurred once every three years on the planet Aldhani. The event occurred at the same time every cycle and could be predicted to the minute. Although the Dhanis revered it as a supernatural event, the Eye was the planet moving through a crystal belt that allowed meteors to harmlessly pass through and burn up in the planet's atmosphere.

Dhanis would travel great distances to witness the Eye and celebrate. In the years after the start of the Galactic Empire's occupation of Aldhani, the Dhanis were relocated. Over time, the number of them that arrived in the sacred valley, an area taken over by the Imperials, to witness the event dwindled. Imperial personnel at the Aldhani dam base were fascinated by the event as well, with most of the Imperials hoping to catch a glimpse of the event when it occurred.

The Eye was used as cover during a rebel infiltration team's Mission on Aldhani, as during the event the Max-7 Rono freighter the group would be escaping in would have a better chance of escaping from Imperial TIE fighters in the chaos of the meteors.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
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