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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: PlanetsEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Name: Narkina 5
Planet: Unidentified gas giant
Atmosphere: Breathable
Primary terrain: Water and rocky islands
Point(s) of interest: Narkina 5 Imperial Prison Complexes
Fauna: Squigglies
Immigrated species: Human, Keredian

Description: Narkina 5 was a small water moon that orbited a gas giant. It had rocky islands, inlets, mesas, lakes, and beaches with massive canyons and dry trees. Cassian Andor was sent to the moon's Imperial Prison Complex after being arrested and sentenced on Niamos. Andor and Ruescott Melshi later fled across the moon's surface after the Uprising on Narkina 5. The lakes and rivers of the planet were rich with squigglies which fishermen from many species, including Keredians, visited the moon to fish, but by 5 BBY the Prison Complex had irreparably polluted the waters, diminishing the squigglie population and angering the fishermen communities.

Places of Interest
Narkina 5 Imperial Prison Complex
The Narkina 5 Imperial Prison Complex was an Imperial prison camp for convicts assessed as labor worthy. It was comprised of seven separate facilities situated on the middle of a lake located on the moon Narkina 5. Each prison cylinder had a capacity of 4,900 inmates and was staffed by no more than 84 guards.

Early rebel spy Cassian Andor was sentenced to six years of labor work in one of the facilities in 5 BBY following his false arrest for anti-Imperial activity on the planet Niamos while under the alias "Keef Girgo." At the time of Andor's incarcerations, the facility produced components for the Death Star's Mk I Superlaser dish which were shipped out to the Imperial Center of Military Research headquarters on the planet Scarif via Eta-class barges. One of its cylinders was the site of an extensive prisoner uprising and mass escape following the changes imposed on the prison by the Public Order Resentencing Directive, a set of new Imperial laws also known as the PORD. Said law was passed by the Imperial Senate in the wake of the Aldhani heist, an unprecedented rebel attack on the planet's Imperial headquarters which gave Emperor Palpatine a pretext to tighten security in all sectors. The directive saw prisoner incarceration time doubled, and had inmates from the prison being sent to another facility instead of released after the end of their sentence.

The complex, located on the moon Narkina 5 included seven prison cylinders, built as underwater heptahedron with three distinct sections: an inner core, an intermediate work ring and an outer cell ring. The command core, featuring turbolifts and service staircases connecting the levels with each other was located in the center of the cylinder. Immediately surrounding it was a work ring, comprised of seven work rooms per level; between the command spire and work ring were seven control rooms, one for each work room, which functioned as miniature command centers with a built-in communications center and armory. The outermost layer of the cylinder was the cell ring, connected with the rest of the facility via transparent skybridges. It featured fourteen dormitories, one for each level's shift, and was fully isolated from the rest of the complex. In each cylinder, the topmost level peeked out to a height of thirty meters from the surface of the water to service shuttle arrivals and departures.

The facility functioned both as a prison and as a factory, separating the 4,900 prisoners in groups of seven and tasking them with labor work on complex machinery, providing incentives for good behavior and productivity. The site had minimum security and most wardens were armed only with zap rods, as the facility's main enforcement technique were the tunqstoid steel lined floors which could cause major pain and convulsions when activated to those standing on them barefoot. Wardens and guards wore special protective boots and carried floor activator devices with them at all times. Meanwhile, the prisoners remained barefoot and as such susceptible to tunqstoid shocks, which had three intensity levels ranging from severely painful to lethal. The result of the minimum security and the constant threat of being shocked resulted in extreme obedience among the prisoners, who were trained to stand "on program" whenever instructed -hands on the head, eyes front, feet on the floor. This however also led to the prison being understaffed, with no more than 84 guards per cylinder and twelve guards per floor.

Power supply
Each prison cylinder was powered by hydroelectric energy generated from seven massive wells that formed around it, collecting water from the surrounding lake and using it to power the floors, lights, and doors; as noted by inmate Birnok, every fixed item on the prison was continuously powered and able to be electrified at a moment's notice. The HydroGen assembly would take months to start up when fully deactivated but could be turned off in seconds via large gates that sealed and waterproofed the shafts around the cylinders, although there was also a backup power supply that was turned on in the event of generator shutdown and kept the facility lights open. The massive buildings severely polluted the moon's waters and resulted in the decline of the native squigglies' populations, frustrating fishers who traveled to the world in hopes of catching them.

Command Center
The prison command center was located on the topmost level of the cylinder, Level 8, which lacked work and cell rings and instead featured multiple prison barge landing bays and intake facilities. It was staffed by the prison commander and two technicians, each of whom had access to specific functions of the prison which they could control from three white duty posts. The most critical functions of the prison, including the hydroelectric generator control panel and the PA system, were restricted to the commander's post and could only be accessed by him. Apart from the duty posts the command center also included a number of wall screens displaying critical information, including the location of prisoners within the complex superimposed on detailed blueprints of the facility, as well as active and unactive floor sections and level specific critical alarms. The sensors tracking the prisoners' locations were so precise that they could be used to de-electrify parts of the floor as the prisoners walked on them while keeping the rest fully active, thereby creating a narrow path they would have to follow to get to wherever prison staff needed them to.

Work rings
Each prison cylinder had a labor work ring area which was separated in seven levels comprised of seven rooms per level and seven tables per room. Each room was assigned to two floor managers —one for the day shift, one for the night shift—selected from among the prisoners, who was tasked with instructing newcomers on their responsibilities and keeping the order among the prisonmates. Every table was manned from a seven man crew who worked in the same twelve hour shifts and slept in the same areas, encouraging familiarity and teamwork among the tablemates and improving their productivity. Inmates used heavy equipment including riveting tools and laser solder guns suspended above an automated production hub to assemble complex  mechanical devices secretly part of the DS-1 Death Star Mobile Battle Station's superlaser array. While they figured it was important, prisoners were not informed what exactly it was they were building.

Evaluation was constant and at the end of each shift the least productive table in every room was punished with a low level tunqstoid shock delivered in the box at the center of the room for all the prisoners to see. The most productive table of the shift was rewarded with flavor on their food.

Each room was assigned to a specific dormitory, separated from the work ring by a transparent skybridge. At the beginning and end of each shift the shift's workers were arranged for inspection in the skybridge before being allowed to continue to the work and cell rings; to pass from the cell to the work rings, inmates would strip naked and enter a shared shower equipped with ceiling-mounted sprayers which would sterilize them before their entry to their workroom. After being cleaned, the inmates stepped into an antechamber where their clean uniforms were stored in square shelves to proceed to their daily shift.

The dormitories were comprised of 50 cells, with one for each prisoner. The cells were open, lacking a door or a lock; prisoners were forced to remain inside for fear of a lethal shock from the floor which remained active—indicated by red floor lights—for the duration of the prisoners' rest time. Each cell was equipped with a night light, fold-out toilet seat, a plate, a spoon and a shaver placed on the cell wall. There were also personal food and water tubes; prisoners were free to eat and drink as much as they wanted to stay strong and healthy enough for the day's work. There was also a screen next to the toilet seat indicating how many days remained in the prisoners' sentence and sensors on the floor ensuring there was only a single occupant present in each cell.

Narkina 5's secret
The prison was established sometime before 5 BBY, being active and at full capacity by that time. It was mostly unknown to the galaxy at large and delivered its completed widgets to the top secret Project Stardust on the planet Scarif via Eta-class supply barges to assemble the DS-1 "Death Star" Mobile Battle Station. Following the implementation of the Public Order Resentencing Directive, a set of new laws focused on strengthening the Empire's security services to better respond on attacks such as the one on the Aldhani dam, the headquarters of the Imperial presence on the planet, prison conditions worsened dramatically; some, including Veemoss killed themselves to escape their torment, a behavior which barely caused any concern among the prisoners other than the corpse's smell. By the time early rebel thief Cassian Andor was incarcerated following his arrest on the planet Niamos while under the alias "Keef Girgo," nobody was actually allowed to leave the prison following the end of their term as inmates were simply sent to another facility to continue working there. Thirty days after Andor was first incarcerated, word of the fake releases got out in one of the cylinders when an inmate from Level four revealed his resentencing to his fellow inmates of Level 2, Room 5. A riot broke out and prison staff activated the Tunqstoid floors in the skybridge between Unit Two-Five's work ring and cell ring during a shift change, killing all 100 men there.

Although the uprising was suppressed, word got out to the other levels of the cylinder through floor managers, including Level 5 shift managers Kino Loy and Zinska and resulted in fear and distrust among the prison population. The incident inspired Andor and fellow inmate Ruescott Melshi to accelerate the escape they were already planning along with fellow inmate Birnok by cutting the water pipes on a panel next to their work room toilet, as they suspected that something was changing in the prison. The stress of the incident, combined with age and exhaustion caused prisoner Ulaf to suffer a massive stroke; the doctor that was called, Rhasiv, was unable to help and instead euthanized him. Following this, he confirmed the prisoners' suspicions to Andor and his floor manager Kino Loy, prompting Loy to reveal the number of guards in their floor to the latter to facilitate his escape attempt. Following their return to the shift room, Loy shared what the doctor had revealed to everyone, prompting shocked reactions and plans of retaliation. By the very next day, the plan Andor and Melshi had been preparing had been shared with everyone in the room and all prisoners were ready to enact their escape.

Prisoner uprising
During their passage from the bridge, prisoners were instructed to remain completely silent, preventing day shift prisoners from informing the night shift about their plan. During the morning work, inmates stashed away various small parts and tools in preparation for their escape attempt, to be used as weapons and projectiles against the guards. Meanwhile, Andor continued cutting the water supply tube to the work area with his makeshift knife, with the tolerance of Loy. By the time a replacement for last day's casualty, Ulaf, had arrived, the cable was completely severed and dislodged and water had started pouring out into the work area. This however went undetected by the guards who began the inmate introduction routine as usual, placing him in the work ring with two armed flanking sentries.

The prisoners' plan was kickstarted when two inmates—Xaul and Ham—staged a "brawl" with each other while the lift was descending, distracting the armed sentries into pointing their weapons to them and allowing Andor to lodge his tool in between the lift and the wall, blocking its movement. Panicking, one guard zapped the new inmate with his zaprod, but Birnok immediately climbed the lift and knocked him out allowing the new inmate to zap his escort and knock him down as well. One of the sentry guards reacted by shooting the new prisoner, and calling for immediate activation of the floors in the workroom. By that time, the water from the pipe had covered almost the entire floor, and the prisoners had started to collectively throw their gear and tools to the guards, hurting and disorienting them. The control room finally activated the floors but water from the burst pipe successfully short-circuited them and the prisoners remained unharmed. Realizing that the prison's main weapon was deactivated, the entirety of Day shift 5 stormed the lift with Andor stealing one sentry's weapon and killing the other, and captured their workroom's command center collecting weapons and zaprods from their armory.

At this point, inmates were split up into three groups. Some, led by "Jem" Jemboc and including Taga moved around the floor and liberated the day shifts of level 5 one by one by taking out the limited guards and knocking out others. Others made their way to Levels 4 and 3 and started engaging the guards there. Finally, Loy and Andor, using a service ladder, made their way to Level 8 where the Command Center was located, preventing the activation of a level-wide floor activation and killing one of the three control technicians. They ordered the prison commander to deactivate the power into the entire prison to which he reluctantly complied, and Loy made a site-wide announcement through the PA system instructing the prisoners to fight back against their captors and revealing the façade of the "release system."

By this point, the riot had turned into a full-blown uprising, as prisoners from all levels took advantage of the deactivated floors and unlocked doors and upon listening to Loy's announcement began fighting back against Imperial guards, one by one making their way to level 8 where they joined Loy and Andor. The guards left alive, including the intake warden had long since locked themselves in a maintenance closet, keeping quiet and avoiding to engage the prisoners, who were leaving the cylinder by jumping to the water from the prison barge landing bay. By night, several prisoners had reached the shore, from where they escaped on foot as the first Imperial aerial reinforcements started to arrive. Although patrols including TIE reaper attack landers started searching the area surrounding the facility, at least two inmates, Andor and Melshi, escaped aboard squigglie fishers Dewi and Freedi Pamular's quadjumper. The two escapees managed to reach the planet Niamos, where they parted ways to maximize their chance to tell anyone they could of the prison conditions, with Melshi noting that they might well be the only people in the galaxy aware of its secret.

Imperial personnel
The prison was manned by wardens, most of whom were equipped with zap-rods, though a few were armed with normal DH-17 blaster pistols and led by a prison commander and two command techs stationed at the top of the facility in Level 8. Another high ranking officer was the intake warden, who welcomed newcomers and demonstrated the tunqstoid floors to intimidate them. The staff were separated from the prisoners as they remained outside the work and cell rings, only going in to collect the dead and to bring in new prisoners. As such they were rarely seen and their sudden appearance was thought to be a bad sign for prisoners.

For their uniforms, prison guards wore black boilersuits with white striping down the left side and along the left arm. The suits featured a small metal panel with several buttons on the right wrist, and a variant of the Imperial crest on the right shoulder. The uniform was worn with a black kepi cap and specialized orange boots that insulated the guards from the tunqstoid steel floors. Technicians working in the command center of the complex, including the prison commander, wore gray boilersuits with the same striping and gray caps.

Apart from Imperial security personnel, select prisoners were selected among the lot and promoted to floor managers. They were responsible for each shift of a specific room and were rewarded if their room's productivity surpassed that of the others in the floor. The combination of managers' and prisoners' incentives was thought to increase productivity and decrease the threat of insurgency. Another specialized role assigned to inmates was that of a medical technician; those were given a different blue-colored suit and a suitcase of medical equipment. They were housed with the rest of the prisoners and were still considered a lower rank than the guards, being also subject to "on program" treatment. Despite that, they were allowed to visit different shifts and levels than theirs, acting as messengers among the inmates who had otherwise little contact with each other.

Inmates wore paper-thin white scrubs with orange striping down the left side and along the left arm, in the same patterns as on the guard's boilersuits. The scrubs of room managers had the striping continue onto the right shoulder. To denote their role as doctors, medical technicians wore scrubs with light blue striping.

Level 2 (Narkina 5)
Level 2, also known as Level Two, was one of the eight levels in the prison cylinders of the Narkina 5 Imperial Prison Complex. In 5 BBY a prisoner supposedly released from Level 4 was accidentally re-admitted to unit two-five on this level instead of being sent to another facility. When word got out of the incident, Level 2 inmates realized that they would not be released after the end of their sentence either, but the prison commander had them all electrocuted to death by activating the level's Tunqstoid steel floors before they could notify the other prisoners. Word still ultimately got out and led to the other prisoners rising up and taking over the prison before escaping.

Table Five
Table Five was a group of prisoners assigned to prison labor in the Imperial Prison Complex on Narkina 5. Its operation was overseen by the manager of Unit Five-Two-D, the inmate Kino Loy. In 5 BBY, the members of Table Five were Cassian Jeron Andor—who was outwardly identifying as "Keef Girgo"—Ruescott Melshi, Jemboc, Xaul, Taga, Ulaf, and Ham.

Dormitory five-two
Dormitory five-two was a standard 50-cell dormitory in the cell ring on Level 5 of the Narkina 5 Imperial Prison Complex. It housed work room five-two's day and night shift workers. Table five prisoners Cassian Jeron Andor, Xaul, Jemboc, Ham, Taga, and Ruescott Melshi as well as floor manager Kino Loy planned the Uprising on Narkina 5 in this dormitory following Ulaf's death.

Narkina 5 Imperial Prison Complex command center
The Narkina 5 Imperial Prison Complex command center was the command center and prison-wide control room for the Narkina 5 Prison Complex.

The command center was staffed by the commander in charge of the particular prison cylinder and two Imperial technicians and was equipped with three white colored duty posts which controlled key prison-wide functions such as the activation or deactivation of the Tunqstoid steel floors and the isolation of specific levels. The commander's duty post was accessible only to him and controlled the most sensitive prison functions, including the hydroelectric generator floodgates which provided power to the entire cylinder and the prison-wide PA system. The duty posts were surrounded by large screens which displayed the prisoners' location within the complex as yellow dots superimposed on detailed black and white blueprints of the facility.

In 5 BBY, a command center was attacked and saw one of its command techs killed during the prisoner uprising in one of the cylinders. Kino Loy and Cassian Jeron Andor, two of the prisoners incarcerated in the facility used the controls located in the room to deactivate the floors and open all seals and doors in the prison to liberate their fellow inmates.

Level 4 (Narkina 5)
Level 4 was one of the seven prisoner floors in the prison cylinders of the Narkina 5 Imperial Prison Complex. In 5 BBY, a prisoner supposedly released from this level was accidentally re-admitted to Level 2 instead of being sent to another facility, resulting in a riot among Level 2 inmates when they realized that they wouldn't be released after the end of their sentence either.

Level 5 (Narkina 5)
Level 5 was a standard level in the Narkina 5 Imperial Prison Complex. Like every level in the prison it was comprised of a work ring, made up of seven work rooms of seven tables each and a cell ring with fourteen dormitories, one for each room's shift. Cassian Jeron Andor was sent to this level following his incarceration in the facility in 5 BBY. The level was manned by a team of twelve guards, including the Room five-two security team, and was the starting point of a massive riot which escalated to the Uprising on Narkina 5.

Level 5 was one of the seven identical prison levels in one of the Narkina 5 prison complex's cylinders. It was comprised of a central command area which included elevators and service staircases connecting the level with the rest of the facility as well as monitoring and control stations for every work room, and two surrounding rings prisoners were confined in: an inner work ring and an outer cell ring. Work and cell rings were connected with each other via transparent skybridges, which were the only location where prisoners could contact others from different shifts. All floors were built with tunqstoid steel which could be electrified by control stations or mobile activators carried by prison guards and used to punish the least productive shift of the day or suppress prisoner uprisings.

In 5 BBY Cassian Andor, going by the alias "Keef Girgo," was sent to this level following his incarceration in the facility. He was assigned to Table five of Unit five two D, a work room five-two work unit under floor manager Kino Loy. His table mates, Ulaf, Ruescott Melshi, Jemboc, Xaul and Ham were the least productive table during the past shifts, but were able to excel in productivity by the end of Andor's first month of imprisonment. However, increased pressure for productivity by prison staff following the Public Order Resentencing Directive and rumors of the termination of an entire shift of prisoners in Level 4 proved to be too much for Ulaf, and combined with his old age caused him to suffer a massive stroke. Doctor Rhasiv was called in to assist him but was unable to save him, and instead euthanized him to end his suffering. Already fed up with prisoner treatment, Doctor Rhasiv confessed to Loy and Andor the prison's secret inmate recycling process, through which prisoners who had completed their sentence were sent to another facility to continue working there indefinitely instead of being released.

Narkina 5 prison uprising
Following the reveal news spread up to Unit five-two-D and the unit's inmates decided to make an escape attempt the following day. Gathering supplies from their assembly inventories and damaging a water pipe powering their work room's floor, they managed to take out the sentry guards escorting a new prisoner in the ring and deactivate the Tunqstoid. Having suffered heavy casualties but with all opposition eliminated, the five-two-D prisoners stormed their work room's control room and collected weapons and zap rods from the armory. They then proceeded to the rest of the rooms in their level, liberating it in its entirety, while Loy and Andor reached the prison command center and prevented the prison commander from executing their fellow inmates by emergency floor activation. With no imperials left to stop them, Level 5 inmates climbed to the top of the cylinder where they were joined by others from all around the cylinder and jumped to the water surrounding the facility from the prison barge landing bays.

Level 8
Level 8 was the top floor on the Narkina 5 prison cylinders. It included the cylinder's administration and logistics facilities and lacked any work or cell rings, instead featuring the command center and prison barge landing bays. Upon arriving at the prison, prisoners were transported from level 8 to the facility's lower levels and put to work. During the Uprising on Narkina 5, prisoners from one cylinder escaped the facility by jumping from the landing bays on level 8 into the lake surrounding the cylinders.

Narkina 5 prison barge landing bay
The prison barge landing bays were three docking ports where prison barges would connect to in order to deploy prisoners in Narkina 5 Imperial Prison Complex cylinders. They were located on Level 8, close to the cylinder command center. During the uprising on Narkina 5, escaping prisoners jumped from the landing bays into the water below.

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