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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Name: Attendant Corv
Died: 5 BBY, Ferrix
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: Light

        Blaster: 6D+1
        Brawling Parry: 4D+2
        Dodge: 5D+2
        Vehicle Weapons: 4D
        Alien species: 3D+1
        Bureaucracy: 5D+2
        Tactics: 4D
        Intimidation: 5D+2
        Bargain: 3D+1
        Command: 4D+1
        Disguise: 4D
        Investigation: 4D+2
        Persuasion: 3D+2
        Search: 4D
        Brawling 5D
        Communications: 4D+2
        Repulsorlift Operation: 3D+2
        Computer Programming: 4D
        First Aid: 4D
        Security: 4D+2

Move: 10
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 1
Character Points: 2

        Imperial uniform, Blaster Pistol (4D), DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol (5D), Commlink, Imperial Code Cylinders, Civilian Clothes

Description: Corv was a human male who served as an attendant for Lieutenant Supervisor Dedra Meero staff within Galactic Empire's Imperial Security Bureau (ISB). He and fellow Attendant Heert picked up the disgraced lawman Syril Karn to be interviewed by Meero regarding an individual he encountered that the supervisor dubbed "Axis." Corv himself watched the interview from outside the interrogation room and was instructed to hand Karn a report on an incident he was involved in. He was further present in one of Meero's meetings with the ISB board and looked into the use of an Imperial masking unit by a captured rebel pilot.

Corv went undercover on the planet Ferrix to spy on the former residence of the fugitive thief Cassian Andor, whose mother, Maarva Andor, still lived there. He observed a doctor being brought there as Maarva grew weaker and watched as her body was taken out of the household after her death, asking the waiter Cinta Kaz, who was in reality an operative for Axis, about the passing. The attendant reported Maarva's death to Meero, telling her about the Ferrixian funeral customs to come. He further kept watch of the Andor household, observing the grappler Brasso enter the place.

On another occasion, Corv questioned the traumatized prisoner Bix Caleen on whether the rebel leader Anto Kreegyr was Axis, failing to confirm that the two individuals were the same person. After Meero arrived on Ferrix, intent on capturing Cassian Andor at his mother's funeral she had the attendant accompany her around the Ferrix town. They later had a meeting with Captain Vanis Tigo and Lieutenant Keysax about the upcoming funeral. A short while later, Corv watched over the Andor residence again, finding himself tricked when a grappler that was not Brasso left the place.

As Maarva's funeral began earlier than Tigo had permitted, Corv joined the procession forming for it. His informant Nurchi approached him with information on Andor's present whereabouts, which he relayed to Meero and Tigo after faking Nurchi's arrest. The attendant helped check where Andor apparently was, but found nothing. He then scanned around the funeral crowd until the people began rioting against Tigo's forces on Ferrix. With the rioting escalating, Corv made his way down an alleyway, discovering that Kaz was following him. He confronted the supposed waiter, who stabbed and killed him in response.

Gathering information
During the time of the Galactic Empire, the human male Corv served in the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) as an attendant for Lieutenant Supervisor Dedra Meero. Like his superiors, he operated from the ISB Central Office on the capital planet of Coruscant. In 5 BBY, Meero had Corv and fellow Attendant Heert go to the Imperial Bureau of Standards to retrieve disgraced Corporate Authority Deputy Inspector Syril Karn. The supervisor wanted to interview the former lawman about an incident he was involved in on the planet Ferrix in the Morlani system, in which he encountered the thief Cassian Andor and an unknown male buyer of stolen Imperial equipment, nicknamed "Axis," who she believed was at the center of an organized rebel network. At the Bureau of Standards' Coruscant office, the resident staff supervisor Flob directed Corv and Heert to Karn. The pair took their subject back to the ISB Central Office.

Karn was put in an interrogation room, where Meero interviewed him with Corv and Heert watching from outside. When Karn revealed during interrogation that he was unable to read the report on the Ferrix incident before being dismissed from his job in the Morlani system, the supervisor and Heert had to leave to attend another meeting elsewhere in the building. As the pair left, Meero ordered Corv to give Karn a copy of the report to read. After Corv's colleagues returned, the attendant watched as Meero further questioned Karn about Axis before dismissing him. Corv and Heert made their way towards the door when Karn begun pleading to help the supervisor find Andor and Axis, only to be told to stay out of the ISB's way. Meero left Corv to see her subject out.

On Ferrix, Meero interrogated Bix Caleen, a suspect who had kept communications with Axis and connected him with Andor, with the help of the interrogator Doctor Gorst. After a tortured Caleen gave up what she knew on the two individuals of interest, the supervisor, accompanied by Heert and Corv, attended an ISB board meeting and gave her findings to Major Partagaz and her fellow supervisors. Sometime later, a rebel pilot was captured by the Empire, having been caught using a stolen Imperial masking unit. While Heert sent Gorst to get the pilot talking, Corv checked whether the masking unit was stolen from Meero's jurisdiction and found that the device had been stolen from a naval yard in Lozash, information which was passed on to the ISB board by Heert.

Undercover Ferrixian
Afterwards, Corv was sent to go undercover in Ferrix's town to spy on Maarva Andor, the mother of Cassian, who was growing weaker. Dressed in civilian clothing, he was pointed towards the Andor household by a local and watched as Maarva's friend Jezzi brought Doctor Mullmoy to the residence to help the elderly woman. Corv also used the junk dealer Nurchi as an inside man, Nurchi being familiar with Cassian and some of those acquainted with him.

Maarva soon passed away, and was taken out of the Andor household and past some civilians paying their respects in the street. Corv watched the late Maarva be taken out of her residence from a cafe across the street. As the waiter Cinta Kaz came in with dirty cups, the undercover attendant acknowledged the apparent death that had occurred, asking her if she knew the person who had passed. Kaz replied that she had only started the week before. She was in fact also undercover, working for Axis's rebel network and tasked with killing Cassian.

After learning about the Ferrixian funeral traditions, Corv reported to the Imperial headquarters on Ferrix, a former hotel. Along with Captain Vanis Tigo—the Imperial prefect on the world—and Lieutenant Keysax, the attendant contacted Meero, informing her of Maarva's passing. Tigo added that her status among the locals meant the town would want to hold a public funeral for her. Meero ordered that they allow the funeral to happen with reduced numbers and timings, intent on it being an opportunity to lure out Cassian. On Meero's end, Heert asked how long it would be until the funeral, and Corv replied that two days was the custom on Ferrix. The latter attendant further explained that, per tradition, Maarva's ashes would be used in the making of an engraved brick that would be added to a wall in her memory.

Later, Corv sat at the cafe again, watching as the grappler Brasso entered the Andor household. Knowing Brasso as "the big man," the attendent gave orders over his comlink for his spotters to be in the front and back of the residence giving full coverage and reporting any comings and goings to the building. That night, he had Bix Caleen brought in for another interrogation, the prisoner still traumatized from previously being tortured by Doctor Gorst. At a holotable, Corv showed her an image of the rebel leader Anto Kreegyr, questioning whether the rebel was Axis and threatening to bring Gorst back if he believed she was lying. Caleen broke down, and Corv was unable to connect Kreegyr as Axis.

Preparing a trap
Meero arrived at the Ferrixian town in preparation for her plan to intercept Cassian at the funeral. At the Imperial headquarters, Corv met with the supervisor, who planned to be walked around the town in civilian clothing with her attendant. After filling in Tigo on her plans, she begun walking the busy streets with Corv. Unbeknownst to them, Kaz was following the pair, having established that they were affiliated with the Imperial Security Bureau. The next day, Corv, Meero, Tigo, and Keysax convened around a holotable which displayed the layout of the Ferrix town. They discussed the plans they'd set out for the funeral, and moved to a balcony to give the supervisor an in-person view of Rix Road, a major street where the funeral was to be held.

When Tigo mentioned the involvement of the Daughters of Ferrix, a social club which Maarva was a past president of in the upcoming funeral, Meero questioned what it was, Corv filling her in about the group's role. Later, Corv was positioned at a balcony near the Andor household with a cup of caf. Watching the house door open, he spotted the grappler Rashi come out with Maarva's droid B2EMO and realized that it was not Brasso. The attendant immediately took to his comm and informed the guard on the other side that they had been played, rhetorically questioning where the "big guy" was.

Unpredicted changes
Contrary to the timings the Empire had permitted, the town's "Time Grappler" sounded the start of Maarva's funeral at midday. A marching band began to walk down the streets playing their instruments. As civilians followed the band, Corv joined the growing procession as they walked down the street, sweeping his gaze around. Kaz once again tailed the undercover attendant, keeping further back in the group. As he moved swiftly through the crowd, Nurchi joined Corv, demanding his reward be doubled and a ride out of town be arranged for him. The attendant asked if the junk dealer had found Cassian, his informant asking to be arrested as a bluff. Corv did so, manhandling Nurchi into a trooper checkpoint and taking him to the Imperial headquarters.

Inside the headquarters, Nurchi informed the Imperials that Cassian was in a building across the street to the former hotel with Corv pointing it out to Tigo and Meero. The attendant then accompanied the supervisor to an entrance to the building in question, where two of Meero's death troopers moved inside first, securing the bottom of a ladder. Corv then climbed the ladder, drawing a DL-44 heavy blaster pistol, and found the top room empty. Meanwhile, the marching band formed in a circle in Rix Road's Fountain Square, hundreds of Ferrixian civilians gathering around them and Imperial security troopers forming a blockade of the road before it reached the Imperial headquarters.

Plan gone awry
After parting with Meero, Corv continued searching for Andor scanning his eyes up at the buildings for any sign of Cassian while he pushed through the funeral crowd. B2EMO showed a hologram in the middle of the circle of Maarva's final message to the Ferrixians, which condemned the Empire's occupation of Ferrix and called on the residents to start fighting back. Tigo intervened and pushed the droid over, leading to a riot breaking out. While the aggravated crowd initially failed to break the blockade of security troopers, Wilmon Paak threw a pipe bomb at the Imperials, which exploded behind the blockade and set off a box of C-25 fragmentation grenades which lined Rix Road with explosions.

With both sides shaken by the bombing, Tigo ordered his stormtroopers to open fire on the Ferrixians as the riot resumed. Corv went down an alleyway, Kaz once again following him. This time, the undercover attendant noticed his stalker and questioned what she was doing there. He moved to corner the woman in an alcove doorway when she drove a knife into his chest. Looking down in shock, Corv collapsed against the wall, and Kaz thrusted the knife into his rib cage before removing it. The attendant dropped dead on the floor, and the rival spy closed the door on his body as she fled the scene. Kaz returned to her apartment preparing to leave with her partner and accomplice Vel Sartha. Upon returning to the room, Sartha noticed Corv's blood on Kaz's hands, believing her partner was bleeding until Kaz clarified it was not hers.

Personality and traits
A human male, Corv had light skin, black hair, and brown eyes. While in his Imperial uniform, he frequently stood neutrally at ease while awaiting direction from his superiors. Undercover on Ferrix, he maintained full surveillance on the Andor household and its regular visitors, giving reports over his comlink on visits from Brasso and locking his eyes briefly on unknowing passersby. When a different grappler to Brasso appeared from the residance at one point, he sternly ordered for the "big guy" to be located.

Corv was also sure to keep up with the Ferrixian traditions and social spheres, which he relayed to his cohorts as context when needed. In interviewing the traumatized Bix Caleen, Corv made clear his expectations of her and threatened further torture from Doctor Gorst if he did not believe he was getting an honest answer. He also crouched by the prisoner when he asked her questions, tightening his jaw when the captive broke down instead. In noticing that Kaz was following him during the Rix Road riot, Corv confronted her with a calm but threatening tone, only to look in shock when she fatally stabbed him.

Corv wore a gray Imperial officer's uniform with black breeches, two code cylinders and a rank insignia plaque with two blue tiles, as was standard of ISB attendants. He sometimes wore a black Imperial kepi with an officer's disk. While undercover as a civilian on Ferrix, the attendant donned gray clothing with a maroon scarf and a gray and green coat on top. He also wore a green hat and gray trousers and boots and used a comlink and a DL-44 heavy blaster pistol.

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Image copyright LucasArts.
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