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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Rebel AllianceSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Name: Corporal Bistan
Homeworld: Iakar
Born: 22 BBY
Died: 0 BBY, Scarif
Species: Iakaru
Gender: Male
Height: 1.73 meters
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Orange
Skin color: Light
Move: 10

         Blaster: 6D
         Brawling Parry: 4D+1
         Dodge: 4D+2
         Grenades: 4D+1
         Vehicle Blasters: 5D+2
         Command: 4D+1
         Hide: 4D
         Search: 5D
         Sneak: 4D+2
         Tactics: 5D
         Languages: 4D+2
         Streetwise: 4D+1
         Brawling: 4D+1
         Climbing/Jumping: 5D+1
         Communications: 4D+2
         Repulsorlift Operation: 4D+1
         Starship Weapons: 5D
         First Aid: 4D
         Security: 4D+1

Special Abilities:
         Exceptional Spatial Awareness: Swinging through the dense trees required keen eyesight, accurate depth perception, and quick reflexes. This gives them a bonus +2D to Climbing/Jumping and also to catch anything near to them (generally anything thrown to them, but also vines, ropes or cables they might be able to swing from).

Story Factors:
         Arboreal: The Iakaru live among the treetops of their home world, and are comfortable with operating high from the ground, suffering no vertigo or fear of height. They climb from a young age, and can climb as fast as they can run, moving through the trees with a nimbleness and speed beyond those of even other jungle creatures such as Wookiees.

         Rebel Uniform, Comlink, Blaster Rifle (5D), Grenades, Blaster Pistol (4D)


Description: Bistan was a male Iakaru soldier who served as a corporal in the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. He participated in the Battle of Scarif, as door-gunner for an Alliance U-wing.

Bistan joined the Rebel Alliance approximately six months prior to the Battle of Scarif. He aided a team of Rebel Alliance Special Forces who had infiltrated his homeworld of Iakar to steal medical supplies, by fending off their Imperial pursuers with accurately-thrown spears and rocks. Bistan proved to be such a skilled marksman under fire that he was invited by the SpecForce commandos to join the rebellion.

Bistan was present on Yavin 4 when Jyn Erso shared information about her father's sabotage to the Death Star, with the Rebel Alliance. Once Jyn's speech was over, Bistan was among the rebels who cheered. The Alliance feared extreme casualties, however, and did not support sending rebel forces on a mission to Scarif to help steal the Death Star plans. Despite his excitement, Bistan did not defy orders.

Nevertheless, Bistan and many others were later sent to Scarif as reinforcements, after Admiral Raddus had departed to join the unsanctioned operation begun by Rogue One. Bistan served as the gunner of a Blue Squadron U-wing piloted by Laren Joma, and opened fire on an All Terrain Armored Cargo Transport immediately upon arrival, using the ship's door-mounted "Roba" M-45 repeating ion blaster. His salvos eventually weakened and pierced one of the walker's legs, causing the entire walker to collapse. Later during the battle, however, one of the U-Wing's engines was struck by a laser, causing the ship to crash into the ground and explode, killing Bistan and the rest of the crew.

Personality and traits
Described as a fierce warrior, Bistan was a short, light skinned Iakaru, covered in black hair, with orange eyes. Like other Iakaru, Bistan possessed exceptional spatial awareness and quick reflexes, as well as keen eyesight and accurate depth perception. He served as a door gunner on a UT-60D U-wing starfighter/support craft. While manning his weapon, Bistan used minimal safety restraints, and relied more so upon his agility and innate sense of balance to stay aboard. Even though he wanted to ensure the freedom of fellow Iakaru, he really fought for the action and thrill of combat. Bistan was popular among fellow rebels, due to his unending gregarious energy, though his personnel file did list multiple incidents of insubordination.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
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