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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: New RepublicCanon: No

Roga D'anar

Roga is a native of Alderaan. He grew up in a kind home that was part of a
minor house of royals. The high and proper language of his youth has faded
and is now intercut strangely with street talk. His parents were not cold,
but often didn't have the time or energy to spend with him sharing experiences
that many other families do.  He was somewhat materially spoiled, and when
there was nothing else to do he would go out around the city or into the
forests and mountains in the nature preserves, looking for (often finding)

He was an athletic boy, bold and independent. His strength of emotion, sharp
sarcasm, and lack of restraint led to slips or outbursts that occasionally
got him in unexpected trouble, both with people who were his friends and who
weren't. Roga knew lots of people, but he only had a few really good friends;
the kind that he wouldn't have had any problem trusting his life to (he
believes that's what all friendship should be like). He was never comfortable
with girls in a romantic capacity; he had a handful of relationships of a year
or less, and several "flings," but only once did he have any illusions that
something would last.

His best friend was Gabrielle Mirabete, a sweet but sharp and independent
girl of his age from a more influential family, who he knew by the time he
could walk. Her parents always wanted her to be "ladylike" because they expected
her to ascend into the family's power and assume their role and duties in society.
They disapproved of Roga's playful, maverick personality and indifference to
social circles.  They tried to discourage her from seeing him and joining him
on his searches for excitement, but to little effect. They would voyage together
and come home very late, sneaking into one home or the other and sinking exhausted
into bed, spending the remaining hours of night cradled platonically in each
other's arms.

[ Some of their interesting moments and details:

They were rock climbing. She got stuck and he fell while working his way over
to help her, then climbed back up and helped her despite a broken leg and
scratches all over from the rocks.

In their treks into the mountains, they often met one fearless eagle who
sometimes perched nearby, seemingly watching them. They named her Sera, or
princess, because she appeared as a ruler of the area. Eventually, she stopped
showing up and they saw her instead in the zoo because she'd been shot sloppily
by a hunter. After that, Roga would sometimes pityingly call Gabrielle "Sera"
as a nickname, referring to her high regal status, controlling parents trying
to keep her caged up, and how she always watched out for him (for Sera can also
mean "fiery angel").

The only time Roga really thought he was in love back on Alderaan was with
Katrina Matraca, a commoner but a lovely social butterfly. She, however, was
just using him for sex, money, and social status. She could guess at Gabi's true
feelings, but never said anything to him, instead flaunting their relationship
to her with displays of affection and smug little comments. After 5 months of
seeing and sleeping with Roga, she cast him aside, and he was totally devastated
for weeks, hardly leaving his house. Gabi convinced another male friend to date
Katie for a little while before taking her to the Grand Alderaanian Gathering,
but then he dumped her in not a little scene on the dance floor, accusing her
of cheating on him and taking advantage of him to improve her social standing.
Katie's dreams of fitting into the high-class world of nobility were shattered
with a single blow as she was disgraced in front of every noble house on the
planet. She fled the royal pavilion in tears. Roga had been convinced with great
difficulty to come as Gabi's date. She was the only girl he would possibly have
gone with at such a bad time. He had to be held back by her from going to comfort
Katie, who still held his heart even after she'd broken it. Only much later did
he realize that he'd been saved from restoring Katrina's reputation and eventually
being screwed over by her again. ]

He was attending a sword tournament on Corellia when his planet (and as far as he
knew, everyone important in his life) was destroyed by the first Death Star.
Refusing to believe propaganda and suspecting that only the power of the Empire
could be behind the crime, he cut the throat of a lone stormtrooper and hid the
corpse in a trash bin. Leaving the planet, he began to wander from world to world,
practicing his swordsmanship and offering his services as a mercenary or protector
to causes that didn't seem too dishonorable. He takes every opportunity to stab
the Empire in the back if he thinks he can get away with it.

What he didnt know was that his twin sister Tianna had left Alderaan right before
its destruction to come cheer him on in the finals. And Gabrielle had fought her
parents for permission to go, finally running away to join him. But by the time
they arrived (separately) he was already gone on his rogue's journey through the
galaxy. Tianna tracked him tirelessly until finally he stayed on Kashan long enough
for her to catch up. It had been three endless years, and his relief at meeting
her was almost beyond words. Later, Gabrielle heard of him from a great distance
through the smuggling contacts she'd acquired - her best friend Roga was the most
wanted man on a harsh out of the way planet called Kashan. So she went after him too.

Character Name: Roga D`anar
Gender/Species: Male human
Type: Mercenary
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150 pounds
Age: 28

Physical Description:
Roga is a man of 5 feet 8 inches tall, 150 pounds. His short black hair is
neatly combed back out of his face. His green eyes are quick and piercing.  
There's a slightly curved scar running down his left cheek. He sports a small
black beard, growing just around his mouth, giving him a dashing, cute, and
distinguished look all at once. His build looks powerful without being slow
& lumbering.

He wears a black leather trenchcoat over a sleeved white shirt, grey pants,
and lightweight dark grey boots, most of which shows a hint of the bulk of
light combat armor beneath it.  He wears a simple gold ring on his left hand.
His coat is open and two swords can be seen swinging at his left side.

Alternate clothing... he wears a blue denim jacket, a light blue button-up
shirt, khaki pants, and lightweight dark grey boots, most of which shows a
hint of the bulk of light combat armor beneath it.  He wears a simple gold
ring on his left hand.

He is thoughtful and intelligent, though not in the book-learner sense.  
Loves adventure and defending people from evil. Sarcastic; often can't resist
making witty but provocative remarks, even when they don't help the situation.  
Resents the Empire. Very uncomfortable with heights. Intense dislike of strong
cyborgs and military-type droids sparked by death and destruction they have
caused in his life. Fiercely loyal to his friends, especially his love Gabrielle.
Deep down, still misses his soulmate Mona.

Connection With Other Characters:
First married to Mona Lioncourt. Tianna D`anar's twin brother. Gabrielle
Mirabete's best childhood friend, and now fiance. Adoptive father of Tessie

and Sarah freckles>. Friends with Fihr Rhain, Destra Myeis, Daphne Avena, Rose Foxthrope,
and Rakhim. Dislikes Sansuke Oni's aggressive, erratic ways.

Protect his friends. Become a fearsome and respected swordsman, and settle
down with a family.

(stats as of the beginning of the Kaplan/Cabrin conflict)

        Blaster 3D
        Blaster: blaster pistols 4D
        Firearms 3D
        Firearms: pistols 4D
        Dodge 5D
        Melee combat 5D
        Thrown weapons 3D
        Thrown weapons: knife 4D
        Intimidation 5D
Move: 10
Force Sensitive: No  
Force Points: 0  
Dark Side Points: 0  
Character Points: 6

Credits: 946,700, plus college funds for his adopted daughters.

Among the weapons Roga has been known to use frequently are HattMark Gunblades,
an Alderaanian Blademaster Sword, and the VerdanTech VT-5 precision pistol.  
He usually wears standard light combat armor, although he owns heavier suits.

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