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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Name: Tam Posla
Homeworld: Milvayne
Died: 3 ABY, Accresker Jail, above Tiferep Major (later resurrected) , 3 ABY, Milvayne
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Skin color: Light
Cybernetics: Majority of body
Move: 10

           Blaster: 7D
           Brawling Parry: 5D
           Dodge: 6D+2
           Melee Combat: 5D
           Melee Parry: 5D
           Vehicle Blasters: 4D+1
           Bargain: 4D
           Command: 4D
           Hide: 5D
           Investigation: 6D
           Persuasion: 4D+1
           Search: 6D
           Sneak: 5D
           Law Enforcement: 7D
           Planetary Systems: 5D
           Streetwise: 4D+2
           Survival: 6D
           Tactics: 5D+1
           Willpower: 4D
           Brawling: 6D+1
           Climbing/Jumping: 5D
           Space Transports: 5D
           Astrogation: 4D+1
           Repulsorlift Operation: 5D
           Sensors: 4D
           Communications: 4D
           Starship Gunnery: 4D+2
           Starship Shields: 4D+1
           Blaster Repair: 5D
           Demolitions: 4D
           First Aid: 3D+1
           Medicine; Cybernetic Repair: 4D+1
           Security: 5D+2


        Right Yellow Robotic Eye, Head Reconstruction (concealed Blaster Cannon (5D)), Knee Reconstruction (concealed Blaster Pistol (4D), Right Thigh Reconstruction (concealed Twin Blaster Cannon (6D)), Hand Replacements (concealed Blaster in each (4D), concealed Blades in each (Str+1D )), Body Reconstruction (resistant to damage, +1D to Strength to resist damage)

        Milvayne Authority uniform (+1D vs Energy Damage, +2D vs Physical Damage, -1D to Dexterity, Integrated Audio System: +2 to all Audio based skill tests, Rangefinder: +1D to Search and Tracking skill tests, Breathing Kit: Protection from gasses and vacuum), Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificate, Bounty Hunter Licence,  BlasTech Industries DL-17 Blaster Rifle with extended magazine (5D, 200 Ammo), BlasTech DH-17 blaster pistol with extended magazine (5D, ammo 100), Jetpack

Description: Tam Posla was a Milvaynian human male from the planet Milvayne. He became a respected lawman in the law enforcement known as the Milvayne Authority and eventually began investigating a rash of crimes by the criminal surgeon Cornelius Evazan and his partner Ponda Baba. Although he was taken off of the case, he went rogue to continue pursuing the pair, becoming a bounty hunter and vigilante when his superior officer had him discharged.

Although he was unable to apprehend Evazan and Baba on the moon Jedha, Posla found and fell in love with one of their cyborg prototypes, Caysin Bog, and the pair continued the hunt together. In order to gather funds for their hunt, they took a job in which they joined a crew of mercenaries led by the rogue archaeologist Chelli Aphra. The crew undertook a series of missions, going on to infiltrate the Imperial base Hivebase-1.

At Hivebase-1, Aphra catalysed the death of Bog at the hands of attackers in order to make Posla fight them. Once their mission was complete, she conspired with the Imperial Magna Tolvan, who stole the vigilante's attire and left him gagged while she stowed away with the rogue archaeologist. Posla suspected Aphra of being responsible for Bog's death, but put the matter aside and continued his hunt for Evazan, tracking the rogue surgeon's history up until a dead end.

Aphra then contacted Posla, asking him to help her escape the Imperial wreckage-prison Accresker Jail in exchange for a captive Evazan. The vigilante agreed to a trade and brought an escape shuttle to her at Accresker, taking away Evazan frozen in an ice chunk. However, when being freed from the ice, Evazan used a the shape-shifting creature pluripleq to pretend to be someone else, tricking Posla into thinking he had been lied to. The vigilante returned to Accresker Jail and confronted Aphra, only to be attacked and killed by the assassin droid 0-0-0.

After his death, Posla's corpse was found and merged into by some Force-sensitive Gundravian hookspores, reviving the vigilante and giving him Force powers. The undead Posla tracked down and pursued Aphra and 0-0-0 on Milvayne, losing them on multiple times. When the vigilante later joined and Imperial garrison that was attacking the pair, he was set on fire by 0-0-0. Before burning up, he fired a shot that triggered a series of events involving mass rioting on Milvayne.

Personality and traits
Justice complex
Tam Posla was a Milvaynian human male with light skin. He was devoted to law and justice, loving his job in the Milvayne Authority and proudly wearing the uniform of the law enforcement agency even after he had been discharged. The rule of law was the guiding force of the his moral code, and even after parting from law enforcement, he was obedient to the exact wording of contracts. Posla put much dedication into tracking his targets, something that Bini considered a characteristic of the praised lawman. The vigilante, though, also held a "pompous" view of himself, liking to take charge of his associates in certain situations.

Posla refused to kill those who he believed had not broken the law, allowing a running stormtrooper past him and refusing to fight the Chthonic worm god when he was ordered to do otherwise for his team's mission. He kept absolute self-control in that regard, choosing to keep a clean conscience even if it led to his death. He only broke his code when harm came to his partner, Bog, which would lead to him fighting Bog's attacker(s) in a fit of rage. After fighting the worm god in that situation, he apologized for his behaviour calmly.

Posla's personality was found favorible by the gundravian hookspores, which was seeking someone with a heroic personality like its former host, a long-dead Jedi. After the fungus merged with his corpse, the revived Posla's new hybrid personality considered the Force and justice to be synonymous, repeatedly citing them. When pursuing Aphra and 0-0-0 on Milvayne, the vigilante teamed with the Milvayne Authority again, believing that they both served justice alike. The undead bounty hunter, though, was quick to start killing them when they turned on him.

The Evazan vendetta
Deeply affected by Cornelius Evazan's crimes, Posla made a personal challenge to bring the culprit to justice, which ultimately drove him insane. He came to passionately hate the criminal surgeon more than anyone else in the galaxy, calling him a monster and a sadist. His vendetta resulted in his disobeying orders and travelling beyond his jurisdiction to pursued the criminal surgeon. He continued the hunt despite losing his job and home and made changes to his career to keep going, pursuing mercenary work just to fund his obsession.

Posla was insulted when Aphra complemented Evazan's cybernetic work on his partner, treating it as an additional reason to criticize her. When informants lied to him about Evazan, he chose to kill them, later reflecting that it was bad for his mental equilibrium. In maintaining his focus on the mission at hand, the vigilante harmed himself with a knife. Posla considered Evazan his top priority over bringing justice to others like Aphra, only agreeing to a deal with the rogue archaeologist when she offered Evazan himself as a trade.

A tragic love story
Posla fell in love with one of Evazan's victims, the cyborg humanoid male Caysin Bog. The pair shared the bearing of hunting Evazan, hoping that they could be at peace afterwards. Bog being attacked would also lead Posla to go against his code for his partner, leading Aphra to exploit his weakness and make the cyborg run to his death so that Posla would attack the Hivebase-1 prototypes. With Bog's death, Posla was left traumatized to fight after his fit of rage.

Although Bog was gone, Posla acted like his partner was still there, referring to the cyborg in his mission log as if his late lover was in his ship's cockpit alongside him. When he acquired a frozen Evazan, the vigilante spoke for Bog, wishing that the cyborg could be there to see the completion of their mission. After coming to believe Aphra had been responsible, he swore to the rogue archaeologist that he would pursue her punishment with complete dedication if his suspicions were true.

Hatred of Aphra
After beginning to serve Aphra, Posla found the rogue archaeologist to be a maniac and refused to go out of his way to help her as she was a criminal in his eyes. After she lied to him about their team's plan aboard the Lucrehulk Prime, Posla was enraged at her, claiming she had made him betray his honor. He even briefly attempted to quit from their job until rebel soldiers began firing at him. Posla continued to scorn Aphra for lying to him afterwards. On Hivebase-1, he told her that he would never take any of her orders when she pleaded for his assistance. The vigilante repeatedly called her "villain" or "malefactor."

After suspecting Aphra of killing Bog, Posla wished to inflict a slow death on the rogue archaeologist, making her his second from top priority. After being convinced she had given him a fake Evazan, the vigilante became determined to pursue Aphra, calling her heartless scum. After his revival, he continued to seek justice on the rogue archaeologist, confronting her multiple times on Milvayne until his fateful defeat at the hands of 0-0-0.

Power and abilities
Posla was a experienced in tracking, being able trace Evazan's activities to a number of locations, and also tracking down Aphra multiple times. His arsenal of cybernetic weapons gave him the power to take on groups of enemies at once, and face large enemies like the Chthonic worm god. However, Posla, both alive and undead, tended to allow the grip of his moral code cloud his awareness of his surroundings, allowing him to be attacked from behind on at least three occasions. After his destruction, Pitina Voor commented that the grip of his moral code made him lack good optics. Evazan also remarked after Posla's first death that if he had not been so angry that Aphra tried to trade a fake Evazan with him, he might have realized he had the real one all along.

After his corpse was merged with the Force-sensitive gundravian hookspores, Posla became gained Force-sensitivity, and was able to use telekinesis on multiple individuals. When the Force energies ran rampant within the vigilante, it could repair his humanoid form and also push back individuals within his vicinity.

Clothing and tools
Tam Posla wore Milvayne Authority uniform, which concealed many of his traits, including his height, gender and species, from the average observer. He covered his face with a black and white colored helmet marked with symbols of the letters "MA" in a script that denoted his status as an officer of the Milvayne Authority. The helmet was equipped with an two audio receivers on the lower sides which used an integrated audio system that was sensitive enough to pick up frequencies beyond the human hearing range and boost the sound around him to listen to conversations and detect approaching enemies. The helmet also had a rangefinder on an agriculated stalk which had a targeting package which allowed him to track individuals, as well as a breathing kit that could allow him to survive in different atmospheres like that of Skako Minor without needing extra equipment.

Posla wore a brown padded energy-dissipating blast tunic on his upper body with armor plates fitted on the shoulders and elbows. He also donned gray pants and brown gloves. Posla had webbing over his right shoulder with a utility belt. Both of these accessories carried survival gear and ammunition but he had a portable scanner in an electromagnetic radiation proof pouch on his belt. Posla kept his Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificate in a patch pocket on his pants, which he had with his at all times along with his bounty hunter credentials.

Weapons and cybernetics
While on Jedha he was armed with a black BlasTech Industries DL-17 blaster rifle modified with an extended magazine and equipped with a long strap. He also carried a BlasTech DH-17 blaster pistol which was also modified with an extended magazine, to counter a common problem with the weapon, and was set to full auto, meaning the pistol could burn through a standard clip in under twenty seconds. Following the infiltration of Hivebase-1, Posla eventually purchased a ship from the protocol droid, to assist him in his hunt for Evazan. When hunting Aphra and 0-0-0 on Milvayne, he utilized a large ordnance weapon and a jetpack.

Tam Posla had a vast array of cybernetics throughout his body, which he had added to him by his personal cyberneticist Rajam Nuss. His right eye had been replaced with a yellow robotic eye and the rear of his head was almost entirely robotic. The many features could be hidden under Posla's armor with his helmet being able to split to reveal a large gun out the top of his head and a laser on the side. Posla also had a gun in his other knee and could semi-detach his hands to show two more guns with blades coming out of his knuckles. Furthermore, Posla had several more guns embedded in his torso and a twin gun attached to his right thigh. Mobilizing his cybernetic weaponry ended up extensively damaging Posla's clothing during his time at Hivebase-1.

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Maybe you can label this As of Rogue One. When you've read the Aphra comics, you can make a post with updated stats and label it As of Aphra comics.

Also, according to the SW Roleplaying Game Sourcebook, (A) medicine requires a minimum first aid 5D as prerequisite. Since he didn't get his cybernetics until after Rogue One, maybe you can update his first aid to 5D in the stats for the Aphra comics and add the cybernetics skill at the same time.

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