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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: TransportEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Name: Imperial Research Transport
Scale: Capital
Length: 120 meters
Skill: Space Transports - Imperial research transport
Crew: 12 + gunners 2, skeleton 1/+15
Passengers: 24
Crew Skill: Space Transports 5D, Starship Gunnery 4D+2, Starship Shields 4D
Consumables: 6 Months
Cargo Capacity: 6000 Tons
Hyperdrive Multiplier: X2
Hyperdrive Backup: X12
Nav Computer: Yes
Space: 4
Atmosphere: 300;900kmh
Maneuverability: 1D
Hull: 3D
Shields: 1D
         Passive: 20/0D
         Scan: 40/1D
         Search: 80/2D
         Focus: 4/2D+2
           Ventral-mounted NNJ-40 "Thunderbolt" long-range ion cannon
                      Fire Arc: Turret
                      Crew: 2
                      Fire Control: 2D
                      Space Range: 1-5/12/25
                      Planetary Range: 1-10/25/50km
                      Damage: 4D (ion or stun damage)

Description: The Imperial research transport was a type of Imperial transport utilized for the capture, containment and transport of Zillo Beast clones created by the Imperial cloning program. It was manned by Imperial commandos led by Imperial royal guards. One such transport, transport 904, saw its Zillo Beast escape while traveling in hyperspace; the escaped beast rampaged through the ship consuming the crew and damaging its systems, forcing it to drop out of hyperspace before reaching its destination and crash-landing on Silla. The reinforced walls kept the beast contained inside, until Clone Force 99 arrived to salvage any valuables still inside and encountered the beast, which gave chase to them and eventually escaped when they accidentally blew a hole through a wall.

The Imperial research vessel was a class of massive transport utilized by the Galactic Empire's cloning program to transport cloned Zillo Beasts from their facilities scattered around the galaxy to the Weyland facility containment zone on Mount Tantiss. They were manned by Imperial commandos led by an Imperial royal guard and carried at least one medical droid for the Beast. To ensure maximum operational security, their destination was undeclared and not logged on the ship's computer to prevent enemies from finding out about Weyland; the vessels were also unmarked to prevent identification in case they crashed.

To contain the creatures in-trip they were carried in a juvenile state inside a massive glass tube-like cell filled with a clear liquid that put it to stasis. The laboratory's walls were reinforced and designed to withstand the Beast's attacks and keep it contained inside in case it escaped its tube, while the troopers carried high-volt electroprods that could severely damage the creature. Because the ships were also used to recapture Zillo Beasts in case they escaped altogether, they were armed with a single ventral NNJ-40 "Thunderbolt" long-range ion cannon that fired a powerful stun beam which could put them to sleep with as little as three repeated hits. Special intervention teams comprised of at least two Venator-class Star Destroyers carrying multiple Low Altitude Assault Transports and Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing starfighters were on standby to suppress the creature until it could be stunned.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.