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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: New RepublicCanon: No

Doctor Robert Lemelisk

Robert Xavier Lemelisk. Child of Bevel Lemelisk. Born with a brilliant but
corrupt and evil mind the same as his father. Xavier is notorious for
delusions of granduer and those delusions have resulted in several run-ins
with the Emperor. Xavier hates the Emperor and after the last few experiences
with him has taken it upon himself to plot the Emperor's untimely death.

Xavier's accomplishments are limited due to his extravagant ideas that seem
to make things EXTREMELY expensive. His first project was a biological
weapon of devastating magnitude. Firing several missiles containing spores
that attacked and destroyed the respiratory system of those it infected.
With a 100% mortality rate in under 4 days, Xavier himself was astonished
at the phenomenol results of his first weapon of mass destruction. He
continued to do small scale weapons for the Imperials and was soon given
control of the entirety of the Imperial R and D. In assuming this title he
also gained control of the Maw installation in which all of his work was
done. It was here that Xavier utilized the Death Star Prototype for a
diabolical purpose.

The third Death Star to be constructed was one of immense power, rivaling
even the previous two. Equipped with full shields and an additional 100
superlasers placed around the edge of the focusing lens, this Death Star
was kept secret for many months upon completion. It was truly, Xavier's
masterpiece. To Xavier's suprise the Emperor stated that it was a not really
a Death Star but a Death Trap. Given the amount of credits that were spent
in building the new Death Star and the pure enjoyment Xavier received from
controlling it he was determined to prove to the Emperor that the Death Star
was more than capable of making a permanent mark on the galaxy.

The first target was Briggia. Xavier was to destroy the academies on the
planet and get a unconditional surrender. In the process of trying to get
the planetary shield down, Xavier miscalculated on the power of one single
death star superlaser and it resulted in the death of 6 billion.

While at Briggia, Xavier began experimenting with completely new technology.
For some time he had been toying with the concept of increasing the efficiency
of hyperspace travel. Xavier stumbled onto a form of instantaneous travel.
He called it Wormhole Technology. He managed to bend time and space to his
will and create a very effective means of traveling from one point in space
to another nearly instantaneously. For reasons unknown, his funding for this
project were cut and it was never fine-tuned and implemented.

Xavier then was sent to completely erradicate the Bothan Planet. This task
was done with ease. Xavier found out the when a planet blew up it created a
small shockwave that could destroy mechanical devices up to the size of a
Golan. Pondering this, Xavier moved on to his greatest task yet. The Rebel

It was discovered that the entire Rebel Fleet was being assembled around the
system Pulag. Xavier was sent to destroy what he could of the fleet. He took
them by storm. The capital ships did not even have the chance to realize
what was happening before half of them were gone. The remainder of them
launched there fighters. Xavier then realized his shields were dropping and
went completely berserk. He discovered that it was a jedi that had infiltrated
his BattleStation and was responsible for the shield malfunction. It was
dealt with in an orderly fashion. Several bombers managed to get within
range of firing on the battle station but merely scratched a powerful
surface. Xavier ordered a the superlaser be charged to maximum and the
system Pulag to be destroyed. As Pulag was blown from the galaxy, the
shockwave destroyed the remaining Rebel fighters. The Death Star moved out
of the ex-system as though it had never been there.
Shaken by the jedi incident and by the new hyperwave missiles, Xavier began
developing a new kind of shield. He called it the Tractor Shield, as it
utilized the tractor beam. It was capable of stopping most anything from
advancing through. More importantly, it prevented the hyperwave missiles
from hitting an inviting target such as the Death Star. This would be one
of the last of Xavier's creations. He soon turned far too corrupt for his
talents to be fully utilized.

Xavier's corruption lead to a great many things. One such incident was with
a fellow collegue named Akura. Akura was asked to be cloned and Xavier was
the man to do it. The two individuals had never been on good terms but
Xavier persuaded Akura to trust him. Xavier in implanted Akura with a half
biological half mechanical implant that secreted a neurotoxin when disturbed
in any way. Xavier now had an upperhand with his collegue who was most
displeased by this action. The cloning, by the way, was a success.

While some good things did come of his corruption, they also led to difficulties
with the Emperor. Xavier has been raped, mauled, humiliated, and has had his
leg torn off by order of the Emperor. This has only fostered a deep hatred
for Ynehtam.

Xavier was also Commanding officer of the fourth fleet for some time. His
skills as a naval officer proved to be useless and he became depressed and

Xavier recently has been recruited onto an Adjustments team with whom he is
working with some of his sworn enemies - although they are not exactly aware
of it - He has made assassination attempts on many of there lives with
little success. He now is concerned that his life will most likely end on
the Adjustments Team.

Xavier was also Commanding officer of the fourth fleet for some time. His
skills as a naval officer proved to be useless and he became depressed and
discouraged. However, he came back to hone this skill a year after resigning
as the fourth fleets CO and began dabbling in fleet and capital ship tactics.
He has managed to become a very talented tactician in his own right in a very
short period of time. He currently serves as the executive officer of the
Emperors fleet.

In the years that Lemelisk spent working on his fleet tactics skills he also
began working on a project that few if any knew about. Many restless nights
were spent in his Maw Lab working something that was of the most secret nature.
Rumours began to fly about what the Good Doctor was working on. A few weeks after
these restless nights ceased Lemelisk began to change physically. His scars began
to disappear as did his limp. A full year later Lemelisk looked as though he were
only 35.  What grey hair he had acquired from stress or age disappeared. His
twitch disappeared as well which struck many of his collegues as strange since his
twitch was his trademark. Now one couldn't rightfully say how old he was. Only that
he is more likely much older than he appears and acts.

* Robert Lemelisk as of the Imperial Civil War (Endor + 6)

Character Name: Robert Xavier Lemelisk
Type: Maw Scientist
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 1.74 meters
Weight: 74 kilograms
Age: 39

Physical Description:
Lemelisk has a VERY slight limp in his walk. He has several scars across his
face and across the entirety of his body. He also has a slight twitch in his
eye. His eyes are a cold ice blue and his hair is a coal black. In formal
situations, he wears a black Imperial uniform with Rear Admiral Insignias.
He also carries with him to help with the limp a cane said to have been
developed by himself. The cane has a black crystal top and is fashioned out
of a rare wood which as many curious engravings across it. The very bottom
of the cane is fitted with a silver tip. Lemelisk himself has a rather
relaxed face for the majority of the time. He has a twisted grin that has a
tendancy to give others chills. Lemelisk is most often seen in his common
doctor's clothing comprised of civilian clothing and a white lab coat.

Generally very cheery. He does, however, treat superior officers with a
great deal of distain and does what he can to torment them. He has an evil
and twisted side that is only reflected in his work. Lemelisk has a huge
liking in organic weapons. He has not, however, had the chance to even
dabble in that field.

A Quote: "Emperor...I think you delude yourself well enough so that you can
no longer see the 'big picture.'"

Connection With Other Characters:
Most all the high-ranking officers know Lemelisk well enough to think he
isn't a threat, but he will get them...

        Blaster: 2D
        Brawling parry: 2D
        Dodge: 4D
        Melee combat: 3D
        Running: 3D
        Hide: 4D
        Investigation: 4D
        Investigation: interrogation: 5D
        Sneak: 4D
        Stamina: 3D
        Battle station engineering: (A) 4D
        Battle station repair: (A) 4D
        Battle station weapon engineering: (A) 4D
        Battle station weapon repair: (A) 4D
        Computer programming/repair: 6D
Move: 10
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 26
Character Points: 1

comlink, various datapads, a small box carrying two manicles, hold-out
blaster (3D)

* Robert Lemelisk as of the Second New Republic War (Endor + 12)

Type: Scientist and Naval Admiral
Age: Unknown

A Quote: " be young again...wait a minute...I am young again."

        *Blaster 3D
        *Brawling parry 2D+2
        *Dodge 4D
        *Melee combat 4D
        *Running 2D+2
        Alien Species 5D
        Bureaucreacy: Empire 10D
        Langauges 6D
        Tactics: Fleets 6D
        Tactics: Capital Ships 7D
        Tactics: Starfighters 4D
        Command: Imperial Forces 6D
        Command: Maw Scientists 11D
        Hide 4D
        Investigation 4D
        Investigation: interrogation 5D
        Sneak 4D
        Search 4D
        Stamina 3D
        Battle station engineering (A) 12D
        Battle station repair (A) 12D
        Battle station weapon engineering (A) 12D
        Battle station weapon repair (A) 12D
        Computer programming/repair 8D
        Organic warefare 6D

Move: 10
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 26
Character Points: 1

comlink, various datapads, a small box carrying two manicles, hold-out
blaster (3D)

Note: Character is based off of the DLOS Sim and not the exact Star Wars
      timeline of events.

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