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R2-N3 (R2 series astromech droid)

R2-N3 (R2 series astromech droid)
Prince Za (Defel Imperial Ruling Council Member)

Prince Za (Defel Imperial Ruling Council Member)


Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: PlanetsEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Name: Eriadu
Region: Outer Rim Territories, Greater Seswenna
Sector: Seswenna sector
System: Eriadu system
Suns: At least 1
Moons: At least 1
Grid square: M-18
Trade routes: Hydian Way, Rimma Trade Route
Class: Terrestrial
Atmosphere: Breathable
Climate: Temperate
Primary terrain: Jungles, Mountains
Points of interest: Carrion Plateau, Carrion Spike, Mount Veermok, Jova Tarkin's cabin, Orrineswa River, Raven's Peak, Rivoche Ranges, Tarkin family compound, Safe House
Flora: Grass, Tree
Fauna: Birds, Rodents, Unidentified feline creature, Veermok, Eriadu veermok
Immigrated species: Human, Rodian
Primary language(s): Galactic Basic Standard
Demonym: Eriaduan
Major cities: Eriadu City (capital), Phelar
Major exports: Lommite

Description: Eriadu was a terrestrial planet in the Eriadu system of the Seswenna sector in the Outer Rim. The planet featured mountains as well as jungles and had a black pall. Eriadu's chief industry and export revolved around lommite ore which was abundant on the planet. Eriadu was also the homeworld of the Tarkin family including Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin.

Early Republic Era
In the early days of the Galactic Republic, after the Dark Age ended with the Sith being defeated, the demilitarisation of the Republic and the creation of a new pan-galactic Senate, Eriadu was settled by pioneers under the permission of Coruscant as the burgeoning government expanded and sought more resources. Eriadu's rich deposits of lommite ore, which served as a main component in transparisteel, made the planet a prime target for expansion. Lommite extraction and shipping was an expensive undertaking which required the settlers to take out high interest loans from the Intergalactic Banking Clan. Due to hyperspace travel requiring guidance from hyperware beacons with lots of reversions to realspace to ensure safe travel, shipments of lommite ore were frequently delayed or lost because of several catastrophes. As the economic situation worsened and Eriadu's debt increased, the banking clan prepared to take over Eriadu as a client world until entrepreneurs from the Core Worlds planet Corulag intervened.

Under the direction of Corulag, lommite extraction increased significantly, transforming large sections of the once lush planet into polluted industrial zones and poverty stricken cities leading to the standard of living to fall dramatically. Although amplified operations did lead to rampant growth, it also caused an influx of impoverished workers from neighbouring worlds. The main ways few Eriaduans gained credits quickly and easily at the time was by working in ore- processing, local, and deep- space transport and lending credits at high interest rates. Corulag was also integral in lobbying the Republic Senate to route the Hydian Way through Eriadu space placing the planet on the galactic map and making the planet the focal point of the Greater Seswenna Sector. During Eriadu's period of growth, the Tarkin clan, the earliest pioneers to Eriadu, primarily focused on providing security rather than gaining credits as a form of wealth. The Tarkin clan managed to become the most influential families on the planet by functioning as their own police force, countering attacks from Eriadu's native fauna and criminals alike who attacked struggling settlements with exposed populations. Tarkin leadership eventually caused the evolution of local militias into a sector military and were also known for pioneering innovation on Eriadu in the form on colossal machines, swift starships and potent weapons. The Tarkin clan made several attempts to model their mansions to the architectural fashions of the Core however many in the Core favoured life on Coruscant than the "barbaric" life on Eriadu where many of the cities at the time lacked weather control and opera houses with several residents continually battling against pirates.

High Republic Era
Sometime during the early High Republic era, the "golden age" of the Republic, the Eriaduan human male Smuggler Radicaz Dobbs known as "Sunshine" to his friends, left his parents whom he described as drunken and simpering. He was later known as a treasure hunter who specialised in Force artifacts and operated out of the pleasure yacht Scupper.

After they were contacted to help the Outer Rim Hetzal system during the Great Hyperspace Disaster, Eriadu itself experienced tragedy during the crisis. The disaster began when the cargo freighter Legacy Run was destroyed while traveling through hyperspace and its debris began dropping into realspace in star systems further down the lane at extreme speeds, transforming the pieces of the freighter into weapons of mass destruction; the galactic community named these events Emergences. Eriadu was one of the planets included in a massive hyperspace blockade of the outer rim ordered by Republic Chancellor Lina Soh in order to prevent another hyperspace disaster from occurring while investigations proceeded into the destruction of the Legacy Run. At a time when none in that galaxy could predict where and when the Emergences would occur, the vicious marauder gang the Nihil under the direction of Eye of the Nihil Marchion Ro had managed to map the exact location and timing of the Emergences, planning to use their foreknowledge for profit.

Nihil Tempest Kassav Milliko and his crew aboard the New Elite traveled to Eriadu where three Emergences were set to occur. Kassav's crew sliced into Eriadu's communications and contacted Planetary Governor Mural Veen, whom Kassav attempted to extort for 50 million credits, promising to stop the debris about to hurtle into the space around Eriadu. Kassav directed the New Elite's gunners to obliterate the first Emergence in order to prove his seriousness. The governor, hesitant to pay the exorbitant sum missed Kassav's window to stop the second Emergence which entered the system and obliterated a cargo transport hauling lommite. The cargo transport's explosion destroyed four other nearby vessels all of which had been parked in space waiting for the end of the blockade. Kassav warned the governor that a third and final Emergence would soon hit Eriadu's inhabited moon. Dismayed, Governor Veen deposited the credits in the account Kassav provided as she warned him that she had identified both him and his ship and was transmitting a copy of their conversation to the Republic.

The New Elite flew to the location where the Emergence would exit hyperspace and prepared to destroy it. However, Dellex, a "Storm" in Kassav's crew, miscalculated the ship's jump due to the effects of the drug "smash," which the Nihil crew had all taken together before the mission. The New Elite was nowhere near the Emergence as it entered the system unabated and collided with Eriadu's moon killing 1.2 billion inhabitants. Governor Mural Veen vowed that Kassav and his crew would face vengeance. She warned him the people of Eriadu were hunters and the Nihil were now their collective prey, as Kassav cut the transmission and fled the system.

Twilight of the Republic
Eriadu was a frequent target for pirates, marauders, and privateers. For refusing to comply with the Core Worlds arbitrary deals, the Judicial Forces were kept back from intervening in disputes in the Seswenna Sector which included Eriadu. This led to the planet and the sector to form the Outland Regions Security Force to respond to pirates and privateers. Second rate ships armed with laser and ion cannons were built on Eriadu and the Outer Rim planet Sluis Van to equip the newly created planetary defense force. Lommite shipments leaving the planet on their way to the Core were of particular interest to pirate gangs looking for easy credits. The Outland Regions Security Force attempted to handle the pirate situation but were stretched too thin to deal with the problem permanently. The pirate threat became far worse when multiple pirate gangs formed an alliance under the leadership of the pirate queen Q'anah. The Outland Security force and Eriadu Mining and Shipping were consistently outsmarted by Q'anah's Marauders, who brought the mining company to the verge of bankruptcy. The raids ended when Wilhuff Tarkin, a lieutenant in the Outland's anti-piracy task force, managed to crack the sequence Q'anah used to decide which specific lommite containers in a shipment she would target. Knowing which containers Q'anah would hit, Outland commander Ranulph Tarkin infected the lommite containers' hyperdrive motivators with a virus that would spread to the pirate vessels, forcing their navicomputers to override the locations entered and instead deliver the ships to the waiting Outland Security Forces. Ranulph presented the captured pirate queen to the man who had outsmarted her, his younger cousin Wilhuff. Q'anah's reign ended when Wilhuff Tarkin ordered her, and her crew placed into an empty shipping container which was programmed to slowly pilot itself into the sector's sun. Video and audio feeds from within the container were broadcast as the pirates were slowly roasted to death, in order to strike fear into any who dared to follow in Q'anah's footsteps.

Seeds of Chaos
Years later, Tarkin returned to his home planet and was elected governor of Eriadu with the support of his friend and political mentor Sheev Palpatine. During Tarkin's tenure as governor Eriadu was the location of the "Eriadu Conference," a summit meant to ease tensions between the Trade Federation and the Republic. The conference was a political disaster, and assassins killed the leadership of the Trade Federation and attempted but failed to kill Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum. Governor Tarkin blocked the Supreme Chancellor's attempts to mount an investigation, weakening Valorum's position considerably. Nute Gunray took lead of the Trade Federation and instigated the Invasion of Naboo which led to a resulting Vote of No Confidence which removed Valorum from office.

In the aftermath of the Naboo Crisis and Palpatine’s ascension to Supreme Chancellor, Palpatine was unable to stop the Separatist movement from growing leading to countless star systems seceding from the Republic. Though many Republic member worlds started to join the Separatists, Eriadu still remained loyal to the Republic and enthusiastically supported the Military Creation Act proposed by the Galactic Senate alongside the Colonies planet Carida while other worlds such as the Core Worlds planet Alderaan and the Mid Rim Territories planet Naboo were openly against the act. Due to the Naboo Crisis leading to the Trade Federation’s monopoly on the Outer Rim to break and Valorum Shipping losing its reputation after numerous scandals, Eriadu Mining and Shipping prospered. Eriadu became a major trade center on the Hydian Way and Eriadu Mining and Shipping formed various trade relations that allowed the shipment of lommite through the Mid Rim planet Malastare and circling around the Inner Rim planet Bestine to reach the Colonies planet Fondor and the Core Worlds. However, Eriadu’s strategic location on the Hydian Way and its geopolitical alliances caused Eriadu to find itself in a difficult situation with the Republic and the Separatists pressuring Eriadu to declare its loyalties to which side. During the Separatist Crisis, Count Dooku of the Outer Rim planet Serenno met Tarkin several times to create a southern Separatist sphere by bringing not only Eriadu but also Inner Rim planet Yag’Dhul and Outer Rim planet Sluis Van into the Confederacy of Independent Systems. In the course of these meetings, Dooku emphasized how Eriadu had always been neglected by the Core Worlds throughout its history. However, the real truth behind the meetings was not to bring Eriadu on the side of the Confederacy. Palpatine under the alias of Darth Sidious arranged Dooku to meet with Tarkin to test Tarkin's dedication and loyalty.

By 22 BBY, in the weeks prior to the Battle of Geonosis which marked the beginning of the Clone Wars, Tarkin nearly completed his second term as planetary governor and was urged by many of his friends/ colleagues to run for Senator in the Republic Senate representing his homeworld. During this time, Dooku met Tarkin for a final time at Tarkin’s residence on Eriadu. While Tarkin and Dooku ate food prepared by Tarkin family chefs and drank rare wine provided by Dooku, Dooku was restless and eventually bluntly told Tarkin that he needed to know where Eriadu’s allegiances would lie. Tarkin later joined Dooku at the balcony in the residence and questioned the urgency of the Count to know which side Eriadu would ally with. Though Dooku did not reveal much, Dooku later told Tarkin how Eriadu would survive if Eriadu’s business partners such as Fondor join the Confederacy. Dooku said to Tarkin how if Eriadu joins the Confederacy, Eriadu can continue business with Confederate worlds such as Falleen, Ruusan and even the Tion Sectors. However, with Tarkin adamantly loyal to the Republic Dooku promised Tarkin that should a war between the Confederacy and the Republic ever occur, he would ensure that no lasting harm ever comes to Eriadu which Tarkin thought hinted at a deeper conspiracy.

Tarkin later warned the planetary leadership of Eriadu of how Eriadu will suffer a cataclysm if the planet joined Dooku and the Confederacy. Although not every member of the ruling body agreed, Tarkin managed to make sure that Eriadu continued to be loyal to the Republic. After forming a consensus with Eriadu’s ruling body, Dooku’s words caused Tarkin to not seek re-election for a third term leading to his father summoning him at the Tarkin residence. Tarkin’s father,who by then was ill, asked Tarkin why he did not seek re-election and Tarkin told his father how Dooku said that a galactic war was happening and how he needed to be ready for the war. Tarkin later remarked how Eriadu has finally been considered as a Core World in the Outer Rim and how much of Eriadu’s internal problems and economy had already been solved. Although Tarkin’s father disagreed with Tarkin’s decision, after some convincing, he eventually respected Tarkin’s wishes and warned him of how every world will suffer from the supposedly coming war.

Dooku's prophetic words became reality in 22 BBY with Battle of Geonosis marking the beginning of a galactic war that would be known as the Clone Wars. Tarkin immediately joined the newly established Republic military and remained loyal throughout the war in which he participated in the battle of Murkhana, the battle of Kamino before being temporarily captured by the Separatists at the Citadel on the Outer Rim Lola Sayu. After his rescue by a Jedi-clone strike team, Tarkin was drafted into the Strategic Advisory Cell's Special Weapons Group overseeing the construction of what would become the Death Star. During the Clone Wars, the fervant loyalist Eriaduan native Byno Doubton, who with the support of Tarkin founded the Commission for the Protection of the Republic, COMPOR. Doubton produced two propaganda pieces for the Republic's unity communications campaign where one featuring the Jedi never saw distribution to the Republic at the behest of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and the other with the collaboration of the Republic War Office, featuring clone troopers instead of Jedi, saw widespread distribution to Loyalist worlds in the Republic.

Reign of the Empire
After the declaration of the Galactic Empire and the end of the Clone Wars, Eriadu became an Imperial stronghold because it was the location of a heavily fortified military compound known as Raven's Peak which was controlled by Governor Tarkin. Doubton, after the Republic's transformation into the Empire, became an instructor in the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order's Sub-Adult Group and eventually retired to his family estate on Eriadu.

In 18 BBY, Governor Tarkin contacted Chief Scientist Royce Hemlock regarding the growing number of clone troopers questioning the order with Hemlock voicing his concerns that decommissioning clones wouldn't solve the problem leading to Tarkin asking Hemlock to brief him his plan at the summit in Raven's Peak on Eriadu. Echo, a member of Clone Force 99, managed to obtain intel from one of his contacts in a resistance network run by Rex that Hemlock was going to attend the summit, causing Echo and the rest of the Bad Batch to go to Eriadu in the hopes of placing a homing beacon on Hemlock's ship, thereby being able to track the ship to where CT-9904 and other clone prisoners are being held at.

While the Bad Batch travelled to Eriadu, a Venator-class Star Destroyer dropped out of hyperspace near Eriadu and sent a Nu-class transport shuttle housing Dr. Hemlock to Raven's peak. Hemlock's shuttle successfully reached Raven's peak and landed at Docking lane 4 where he was greeted by two TK Shocktroopers who escorted him to the command center of the facility where the Imperial summit was held. Upon arriving near Eriadu, members of the Bad Batch were greeted by various Venator-class Star Destroyers. With this, Echo transmitted a clearance code obtained from another one of his contacts which allowed the Marauder under the designation, "Vessel 1143" to enter Eriadu airspace. The Bad Batch landed at a mountain close to Raven's peak and a nearby sky rail which connected Raven's peak to the Raven's Peak starfighter depot. Due to nearby sensors attached to the sky rail which could only be deactivated for thirty seconds, Tech rappelled to one of the sensors, Sensor 38-11 and deactivated it which allowed the rest of the Bad Batch to "hitch a ride" under one of several railcars, traveling to Raven's peak without Lieutenant Maylur, who was in charge of security, realizing what had occurred.

The Bad Batch managed to reach the outer defenses of Raven's peak and killed several stormtroopers without alerting Maylur and his security team. While the Bad Batch were infiltrating the compound, at the summit, several key Imperials present at the meeting which included Governor Tarkin, Commander Orson Krennic, Chief Scientist Royce Hemlock, General Hurst Romodi, and Admiral Barton Coburn discussed various projects and plans they were in charge of and how much progress had been made. The summit also addressed the growing number of clone troopers questioning the order with Hemlock suggesting that they be used as test subjects given that they were Imperial property. During the summit, members of the Bad Batch managed to reach the hangar where Hemlock's shuttle was parked at. Due to the rest of the shuttles looking the same as Hemlock's shuttle, Hunter, Tech, and Echo were forced to go to the Hangar control room to access the main frame while Wrecker and Omega stayed put. Tech, Echo, and Hunter managed to quietly take over the Hangar control room with Echo looking at the ship manifest. Tech later contacted Omega and Wrecker that Hemlock's shuttle was in Docking lane four. With this Omega sneaked to the ship however was about to be discovered by the Imperial TK Stormtroopers present at the Hangar causing Echo to create a diversion with a crane which allowed Omega to place a homing beacon on Hemlock's shuttle.

Due to Echo realizing that several security systems in the compound had cycled deactivations, Tech and Hunter went to investigate. After finding another quadrant disabled and a thermal explosive, they met Saw Gerrera and a fellow Partisan. Disagreeing over differing goals caused both rebel groups to be discovered by a squad of stormtroopers after Maylur sent them because of the discovery of cycled deactivations in the compounds security systems. Members of the Bad Batch left to steal a rail car and leave the compound before it blew up. In the duration, Maylur informed Tarkin of what had just transpired and Tarkin ordered all communications to be switched to encoded channels. The compound entered full lockdown leading to the command center being sealed and guarded by a squad of Imperial shock troopers. Gerrera's partisans managed to escape the facility and detonate the thermal detonators placed at the compound resulting in much of the compound being destroyed apart from the Command center. Although the Bad Batch escaped through hijacking a car and using the sky rail, the explosion resulted in power to the sky rail being cut leaving the Bad Batch stranded.

The Bad Batch came under fire from Imperial TK stormtroopers in the opposite car. As the Bad Batch were pinned down, Hunter tasked Tech to restore power to the rail line by connecting to one of the terminals located on the sky rail. Tech managed to reach the control panel on the sky rail and began working to restore power. Just then, Tarkin at the command center on Raven's Peak ordered Maylur to send a squad of Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing starfighters to destroy the rail line connecting Raven's Peak to another station. Maylur hesitantly obeyed and a V-wing squadron was sent. Hunter and the rest of the Bad Batch fired on the V-wing squadron to buy Tech some time to restore power. Hunter destroyed two V-wings and Tech by then restored power to the sky rail. However, before Tech could reach the Bad Batch, a V-wing damaged the rear half of the rail car causing Tech to use his grappling cable to hold onto the dangling car. Due to another squadron of V-wings coming to blast the Bad Batch out of the sky, Tech enacted Plan 99 and sacrificed himself by disconnecting the hinge that connected the two halves of the rail car, allowing the front half of the rail car that housed the rest of the Bad Batch to move before the squadron of V-wings closed in. The remaining members of the Bad Batch couldn't reduce the speed of their rail car causing the rail car to crash into a station. The remaining injured members of the Bad Batch escaped in the Marauder and left Eriadu.

In 14 BBY, a group of rebels attempted to steal several air scrubbers in an airscrubber farm near the city of Phelar by hooking tow cables from the rebel’s starships to two of the scrubbers. Infuriated, TK-462's father attempted to stop the robbery using a blaster however one of the air scrubbers that was being taken by the rebels was still held to a power conduit. Eventually the cable holding the scrubber snapped and the scrubber landed at the family’s house resulting in the death of Xea, TK-462’s sister.

Tarkin's promotion, stricter laws and increased recruitment
In the same year, after Tarkin managed to defeat Berch Teller's rebel cell, Tarkin was promoted as Grand Moff and visited Eriadu via an Imperial shuttle from the Executrix, an Imperial-class Star Destroyer under the command of Tarkin. Arriving at the Phelar Spaceport, Tarkin was greeted by many cheering crowds, various media representatives and a military marching band. He went to Eriadu City where he visited family and old friends. He then allowed various reporters to interview him. After the interviews, the local governor, who was a relative of Tarkin, awarded him a key to the city and organized a parade. While at the Tarkin Family Compound, he waited for a sculptor who was commissioned to create a statue which would stay at the principal public space of Eriadu City. Following this, Tarkin managed to persuade his platoon of personal guards that he wanted to go to the Carrion Plateau alone as part of an effort to bait Berch Teller. This worked and Teller attempted to sneak up on Tarkin, however, instead fell into a pit trap leading to him having a broken ankle. Jova, Tarkin's uncle, alerted Tarkin to what had happened and both of them went to the pit trap. Tarkin then mocked Teller for not seizing earlier opportunities to kill him and also for not realizing that he had baited him. Tarkin offered to let him escape however Teller rejected the offer. Tarkin and Jova consequently left the pit trap, confident that Teller wouldn't get out of the pit alive by nightfall.

Later in the year, Tarkin introduced even more stricter laws on the planet which led to Eriaduans such as TK-462’s father being able to travel to the city of Phelar alone. In that same year, Tarkin visited the airscrubber farm where the rebel attack occurred. He met with TK-462’s father and while doing so, TK-462 was fascinated with the Imperial Stormtroopers accompanying Tarkin. TK-462 later asked his father if he could enlist into the Empire but his father denied the request. TK-462 did not listen to his father though and instead snuck, leaving behind a note for his father.

TK-462 enlisted in the Junior Academy in Phelar and after a year, him and the rest of his class managed to graduate easily due to the local authority wanting to provide to the Empire as many local recruits as possible. TK-462 was later transferred to the Imperial Academy of Eriadu in Eriadu City, the capital of the planet. While at the academy, TK- 462 was continually beaten by other recruits under the orders of the academy’s instructor, Commander Lassar due to the boy’s short height. Before TK-462’s graduation, Lassar gave to a toast to all his students. Just then, he crushed his wine glass and ordered TK- 462 to put all the glass shards in his boots and run five kilometers in full gear which included his boots. Although TK- 462 managed to reach the finish line, he later passed out. The boy managed to recover after two weeks with his feet being reconstructed. He then managed to successfully make it to the rank of stormtrooper. As stormtrooper, TK- 462 was assigned to patrol District five in Eriadu City where he and his fellow squadmates arrested shoplifters and other petty criminals. TK-462 later requested a transfer to the Outer Rim planet Lothal to help avenge his sister. He boarded a transport offworld and left Eriadu's atmosphere.

Sometime after 10 BBY, Nautolan female bounty hunter Nakano Lash was present at a cantina in Phelar Port, a location on the planet, alongside her companions T'ongor, T'onga, and black market tech dealer Jhorstek. While the group were talking, a young thief was caught by a bartender after stealing ration packs from an Imperial speeder. When stormtroopers arrived at the bar and ordered that the thief be given to them, the Imperials were attacked by the cyborg Beilert Valance who managed to overpower the stormtroopers initially. Lash then went to assist Valance who by then was overwhelmed by Imperial reinforcements. Lash managed to kill the remaining stormtroopers and rescue Valance. After she asked Jhortesk to repair Valance which she paid herself, she later mentored Valance who became a bounty hunter.

By the Imperial Era, the Tarkin family owned the Outer Rim planet Eadu however it was later ceded to the Tarkin Initiative as part of Project Stardust.

Visits to the planet and Galactic Civil War
By 5 BBY, the sports team, "Eriadu Patriots" was founded and based on Eriadu. It was later reported in the HoloNet News that the Galactic League comissioner was reviewing a large proposed trade between the Patriots and the Shad Furies sports team who were based on Shad during the Imperial Era. By 4 BBY,, the Lothalite native Holshef had a daughter who by then lived on Eriadu. By that time, the Corulag native Merei Spanjaf arranged for Holshef's daughter to meet her on the Outer Rim planet Garel if it was no longer feasible for Holshef to live on Lothal.

In 3 BBY, Alderaanian princess Leia Organa conducted research on the terrain of Eriadu for her upcoming pathfinding class trip to the planet. While she attended an Apprentice Legislature reception on the planet Coruscant, Organa met Tarkin and asked him about the mountain ranges on Eriadu in the hopes of flattering Tarkin. Tarkin told Organa about the Rivoche Ranges and later remarked that she did her homework. Organa later attended a pathfinding class to the planet.

In the years before the Galactic Civil War, Eris Harro, HoloNet News Bureau Chief held office in the city of Phelar, on Eriadu. After reporting the progress of the industrial and mining sectors of the planet Lothal to the Imperial capital Coruscant, the planet's Governor Arihnda Pryce extended an invitation to meet with government officials on Eriadu.

At some point prior to the Battle of Yavin, Tarkin selected Ellian Zahra, Beldin, and Hannevik as possible protege's for him. Eventually, Tarkin brought the three Imperial officers to the Carrion Spike on the planet where he ordered them to hunt an albino veermok in twelve hours or else he would leave them behind. After some time, Zahra managed to kill the albino veermok and showed its head to Tarkin. Impressed, Tarkin took Zahra to his ship and left.

During the Galactic Civil War, the human male Eriaduan native pilot Harb Binli joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic and served as Red Seven. He participated in the Battle of Scarif where he lost his wingman and friend Pedrin Gaul and later participated in the Battle of Yavin in which he was killed in action.

Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, in 0 ABY, the Devaronian smuggler Kurjak, who captained the starship Fast Friend, was hired by Del Meeko and Gideon Hask, members of Inferno Squad posing as brothers, to smuggle them and a container to Eriadu as part of their mission to infiltrate the Partisan remnant cell known as the Dreamers. While en route to their destination, the Fast Friend was attacked and boarded by the Opportunity, a pirate ship under the control of the Blood Bone Order and captained by their leader Lassa Rhayme. After Rhayme and her pirates successfully managed to take Meeko and Hask hostage, the pirates left Kurjak tied to his command chair.

In 3 ABY, during the Galactic Civil War, the re-emergence of Beilert Valance's old mentor Nakano Lash, caused Valance to try and track her where he followed her trail to a Safe House outside Phelar Port on the planet. After Valance discovered dead bodies, among them Jhorstek's corpse, he had a drink and reminisced about the time when he first met Lash. The droid Nine-Four-El later informed him that the cameras outside the building were destroyed. Subsequently, Valance connected a wire from a panel to his cybernetic arm where he learnt that Bounty hunter Boba Fett was responsible for the killings. While viewing the security footage, Valance managed to lip read from Jhorstek that Lash went to the graveyard planet Galmerah. Valance consequently left the world aboard the Broken Wing and traveled to Galmerah.

Places of Interest
Eriadu City
Eriadu City was the capital city of Eriadu, a planet located in the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy. The luxurious compound of the Tarkin family was located there, and so was the local branch of the Imperial Academy. The fifth district of the city was devoted to the sartorial trade.

District five
District five was the fashion district of Eriadu City, the capital of the Outer Rim planet Eriadu. Shortly after his graduation from the Imperial Academy of Eriadu, the stormtrooper TK-462 was assigned to patrol district five, which was plagued with shoplifters.

Imperial Academy of Eriadu
The Imperial Academy of Eriadu was an Imperial service academy located in Eriadu City, on the planet of Eriadu. The man who became the stormtrooper TK-462 was trained there under Commander Lassar after graduating from the Junior Academy in the city of Phelar, also on Eriadu.

Tarkin family compound
The Tarkin family of Eriadu lived in a elegant and luxurious family compound. Like other mansions inhabited by wealthy Eriaduans, it clumsily emulated the architectural style of the Core Worlds. When Wilhuff Tarkin was still a boy, he lived in the family compound with his father and mother.

Phelar was a city located on the Outer Rim world of Eriadu. During the reign of the Galactic Empire, Eris Harro, Bureau Chief of the HoloNet News Outer Rim Node, held office in Phelar. The city also housed an Imperial Junior Academy.

Junior Academy
A Junior Academy for recruits of the Galactic Empire was located in the city of Phelar on the planet Eriadu during the early years of the Empire's reign. The academy was suppose to weed out weaker individuals before they were sent to the Imperial Academy of Eriadu located in the capital, Eriadu City; however, due to the small size of Phelar the academy only received a small number of recruits each year and so the local authorities were more concerned with supplying enough troops to the capital then with the quality of those troops. As such, the human male who would go on to be designated TK-462 found his time at the academy incredibly easy, as the instructors ensured that he and all six other members of his class successfully graduated at the end of a year.

Phelar Spaceport
Phelar Spaceport was a spaceport located in the city Phelar on Eriadu.

Carrion Plateau
The Carrion Plateau, known simply as the Carrion, was an area of wilderness on the planet Eriadu. It was owned by the Tarkin family and was used as a site for male Tarkins to prove themselves against the wilderness.

The Carrion Plateau was an area of Eriadu that acted as a preserve for the planet's original ecosystem. The plateau was harsh and unforgiving and contained many species of dangerous native fauna such as the vicious felines and a species of veermok. The plateau was made up of grasslands and seasonal lakes as well as flat- topped mesas and more forested areas that had skinny deciduous trees, including some that were thousands of years old. Monolithic ruins and cliffside petroglyphs were also located in the area. The Tarkin family owned the plateau and used it to initiate family members. Initiates were required to survive for a period of time in the deadly environment, learning the merciless values of the Tarkin family.

At some point in the Imperial Era, before the Battle of Yavin, Tarkin took Imperial officers Ellian Zahra, Beldin and Hannevik to the Carrion Plateau to find a protégé. When Tarkin's ship, carrying the 3 young officers, arrived to the area, Tarkin gave the 3 officers a lecture about the Carrion Plateau and how they were the first non- Tarkins in many generations. He later ordered them to hunt an albino veermok in twelve hours and show him its head or else he would leave the area without them. Before long, Zahra showed Tarkin its head and remarked how the other officers sent to hunt the creature were "unworthy." Impressed, Tarkin took Zahra to his ship and left the area.

Carrion Spike
The Carrion Spike was a location on the Carrion Plateau on the planet Eriadu. It was owned by the Tarkin family. It sat atop a hill and was made out of black volcanic glass.

Mount Veermok
Mount Veermok was a mountain on the planet Eriadu located to the north of the Orrineswa River. It was part of the Carrion Spike and was owned by the Tarkin family. According to Jova Tarkin, the family once offered developers all of the land between the river and Mount Veermok, but the offer was rejected.

Jova Tarkin's cabin
Jova Tarkin owned a cabin located in the Carrion Plateau on the planet Eriadu. Wilhuff Tarkin once pictured the head of Mas Amedda mounted on the wall of his great-uncle's cabin during an encounter with him.

Orrineswa River
The Orrineswa River was a river that lay near the Carrion Plateau and Mount Veermok, which was one of the holdings of the Tarkin family. Long before the birth of Jova Tarkin and his nephew Wilhuff Tarkin, a group of developers coveted the Tarkin family's holdings in the plateau and the surrounding territory. The Tarkin family attempted to resolve the matter peacefully and placate them with credits. They even offered to give the developers all the lands north of the Orrineswa River up to Mount Veermok but were rebuffed. In response, the Tarkin family lured the conglomerate to the bargaining table and assassinated them.

Raven's Peak
The Raven's Peak, also known as Tarkin's compound was a heavily fortified compound used by Governor Wilhuff Tarkin on his home planet Eriadu. In around 18 BBY it was the site of a high-level Imperial summit between the Empire's chief scientists and strategists to discuss the galaxy's future. However, the complex was attacked by Clone Force 99 and Saw Gerrera's Partisans; the latter planted thermal detonators in the complex and detonated them, destroying all but the command spire of the facility.

The Raven's Peak was an Imperial fortress located on a mountain in the Seswenna sector capital planet Eriadu, Governor Wilhuff Tarkin's homeworld. It consisted of several facilities built inside the mountain's rock as well as a tower rising on top of it. The facility, informally known as Tarkin's compound, was heavily defended and accessible only through the air or a dedicated a dedicated sky rail system that connected the Raven's Peak starfighter depot with the main complex. A well guarded hangar on the lowest level of the facility, directly connected to the rail line terminal was the only access point of the complex.

Landing bay
The compound's landing bay was a sprawling cave-like chamber guarded by TK stormtroopers who were also tasked with servicing stationed ships, checking them for homing beacons and loading supplies and weapons. A control room overlooked the landing bay and was manned by an officer and two Imperial weapons technicians who oversaw the landing and departure of starships, checked their clearance codes and checked the zone's security systems. Overall, the landing bay could accommodate at least five Nu-class attack/transport shuttles and a Alpha-3 V-wing starfighter in a landing configuration.

Sky rail line
Blue Glass Arrow.svg Main article: Raven's Peak Sky Rail
Apart from the landing bay, the only other access point to the facility was a sky rail line which sprawled all the way from a base station that doubled as a starfighter depot to a terminal next to the Raven's Peak hangars. The line could be traversed by special rail cars that dangled from the rails and used powered cogs to move from the base station to the terminal and back. Two parallel lines were used and each could function independently from the other in case of mechanical failure; interface with the line controls was possible through a number of control stations scattered in the support pylons of the line. A number of perimeter sensors were placed in the spots were the line came close to land to deter hijacking from intruders.

Command tower
The command tower was the main focus of the facility and included a heavily fortified conference room located directly on top of the mountain peak, the peak itself being used as the centerpiece of the conference table and supporting a holoprojector. Around the table were six chairs, one of which had a higher back than the others and was reserved for Governor Tarkin himself. The room featured a large window overlooking the valley below; both the window and the chamber's entrance could be sealed with double blast door that could withstand a bomb attack. The tower's isolation from the rest of the complex was designed so its occupants would be protected even in the case of the Raven's Peak being completely destroyed.

Control station
Inside the main complex was a control station which monitored all aspects of the site security, including the corridor security cameras and perimeter sensors. It was manned by weapons technicians who could reroute the power as needed or raise alarms to on site security in case of a perimeter breach.

Rivoche Ranges
The Rivoche Ranges were a mountain range on the Outer Rim planet Eriadu. At some point, the planet's native Imperial Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin learned about the range.

In 3 BBY, the Alderaanian Princess Leia Organa conducted research on Eriadu's terrain in preparation for her upcoming pathfinding class trip to the planet. While attending an Apprentice Legislature reception on the Core Worlds planet Coruscant, Organa met Tarkin and asked him about the mountain ranges on his homeworld, hoping to flatter the Eriadu native by letting him expound on a topic with which he was familiar. Tarkin told the princess about the Rivoche Ranges, remarking that she had done her research.

Tarkin family compound
The Tarkin family of Eriadu lived in a elegant and luxurious family compound. Like other mansions inhabited by wealthy Eriaduans, it clumsily emulated the architectural style of the Core Worlds. When Wilhuff Tarkin was still a boy, he lived in the family compound with his father and mother.

Safe House
The Safe House was location outside of Phelar Port on Eriadu.

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