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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: PlanetsEra: Post EmpireCanon: Yes

Name: Nevarro
Region: Outer Rim Territories
Sector: Nevarro's sector
System: Nevarro's system
Suns: 1
Grid square: J-19
Trade routes: Hydian Way
Class: Terrestrial
Atmosphere: Breathable
Primary terrain: Ashen, Rocky, Volcanic
Points of interest: Black lava canyons, Bulloch Canyon, Clan Mudhorn cabin, Geothermal springs, Hot springs, Imperial base, Lava fields, The Tribe's camp, Underground lava river, Unidentified flats
Fauna: Kowakian monkey-lizard, Lava meerkat, Nevarro reptavian, Sorgan frog, Unidentified Nevarro bat Unidentified Nevarro bird, Qartuum
Immigrated species: Anzellans, Britarro, Humans, Melbu, Jawas, Rodians, Suertons, Trandoshans, Twi'leks, Wickwar, Zabraks, Aqualish, Mon Calamari, Tarsunt
Primary language(s): Galactic Basic Standard, Jawaese, Aqualish, Anzellan
Government: High Magistrate
Major cities: Nevarro City

Description: Nevarro was a volcanic planet located in a sector of the Outer Rim Territories connected to the Hydian Way. It was covered with vast regions of lava fields as well as volcanic rivers, and had a capital city which became a port and a trading hub in the Outer Rim.

During the Imperial Era, the Galactic Empire controlled Nevarro, though they lost control of the planet after the end of the Galactic Civil War. In it aftermath, Nevarro became lawless and was a haven for bounty hunters working for Greef Karga, an agent of the the Bounty Hunters' Guild, and Guild Master of the Nevarro Hunters, which was headquartered inside a cantina. Nevarro saw brief conflict when the bounty hunter Din Djarin rescued Grogu, an infant that he had delivered to a member of an Imperial remnant in a previous job, betraying the Guild.

After Djarin's escape from Nevarro, the planet was taken over once more by Imperial forces who were led by Moff Gideon. Karga eventually tricked Djarin into returning to Nevarro with the Child, though later changed his mind about allowing the Child to be given to the Imperials, and worked alongside Djarin to defeat them. Despite the arrival of Gideon, Djarin and his associates managed to defeat the Imperial remnant, giving Karga and soon-to-be Marshal Carasynthia Dune the chance to turn the planet into one of respectable business.

Djarin continued on his journey with his small companion before returning to Nevarro for repairs. After reuniting with Karga and Dune, Karga set his mechanics on the repairs and the two showed him the city. Karga then requested that Djarin help them destroy an Imperial base on the planet. There, they discovered that Moff Gideon was alive and was trying to retrieve the Child to use his blood for experimental research. They eventually destroyed the base, and Nevarro became free from Imperials.

Later, Nevarro became an independent trade port of the Hydian way with the leadership of the Karga, who became High Magistrate and had declined to join the New Republic. After being attacked by Gorian Shard's pirate gang, Pirate King Gorian Shard took control of the planet. Karga asked captain Carson Teva for the help of the New Republic, but the Requisitions refused to help, as the planet was independent of the New Republic. Teva instead got the help of the Children of the Watch, who liberated the planet, and were granted land on it.

A terrestrial planet, Nevarro was situated within a sector of the Outer Rim Territories, in a system with a singular star and asteroid fields. In the era of the New Republic, Nevarro was an anchor point of the Hydian Way trade route. Its orbit caused its sun to set quickly. An ashen world of black sands, Nevarro had rocky and volcanic terrain that consisted of regions of rocky flats and hills along with vast fields of lava, which contained lava rivers both on the surface and underground. Its atmosphere was breathable to individuals of various species, though the atmosphere of Nevarro's lava rivers was burning and sulphuric.

Though Nevarro's lava plains were inhospitable to most species, the planet was home to a number of different creatures, including a reptavian that would attack unsuspecting beings under the cover of night, able to lift their prey into the air or incapacitate them with venom. Qartuums could be found on the planet's lava fields, while lava meerkats resided in the fiery terrain of the underground lava rivers.

Under the Empire
During the Imperial Era, Nevarro was under the control of the Galactic Empire, who were based in a city on the planet. During the Imperial expansion, the Empire established a military base on Nevarro. At some point during the Galactic Civil War, forces of the Rebel Alliance attacked the Imperial-controlled city. However, the lack of cover in the surrounding terrain caused the Rebellion to suffer heavy casualties, and the planet remained in Imperial control until the end of the war.

New Republic Era
Following the fall of the Empire, the Bounty Hunters' Guild resided on Nevarro, led by the agent Greef Karga, who operated from a cantina within Nevarro's city. At some point by the time of the New Republic, a tribe of Mandalorians came to reside in a covert in the sewers of the city.

Around 9 ABY, the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin worked for the Bounty Hunters' Guild, returning a number of bounties to Nevarro. After capturing several such bounties, including a Mythrol who had worked for Karga on Nevarro before fleeing with stolen money, Djarin landed his starship Razor Crest in a spaceport outside Nevarro's city. Djarin met with Karga in the Nevarro Hunters cantina, where, unsatisfied with the state of the Guild's regular jobs, he took a job that required directly meeting the client—a member of an Imperial remnant faction. The Mandalorian bounty hunter met his client in a facility elsewhere on Nevarro, learning of the client's target. Following the meeting, Djarin visited the Mandalorian enclave, using his down payment of beskar to have a pauldron forged by the tribe's armorer. Djarin left Nevarro for the planet Arvala-7, where his target was located.

After successfully acquiring the target, the Force-sensitive infant known as the Child, Djarin returned to Nevarro to deliver the bounty to his client, taking the beskar he had been given as a reward to his tribe's enclave in order to create more armor, where he was was confronted by fellow Mandalorian Paz Vizsla for taking a job from Imperials. Djarin met Karga in Nevarro's cantina for his next job, but before he could leave the planet, he felt remorseful for delivering the Child to the Imperials, and returned to the facility to rescue him.

The bounty hunter managed to eliminate many of the Client's stormtroopers and rescue the Child, but, upon attempting to leave, was confronted by Karga and the Guild hunters, who had been notified of his betrayal. When he refused to hand over the Child, Djarin was attacked by the other bounty hunters, but was saved by the intervention of the Mandalorians of his tribe, including Vizsla. Djarin escaped Nevarro, but not before being forced to shoot Karga, who survived.

Renewed Imperial control
Once Djarin left the system with the Child, the skirmish between the hunters and Mandalorians concluded, with many hunters leaving once they realized the Client's target had been taken. Following Djarin's escape from Nevarro, additional forces of the Imperial remnant led by the former Moff Gideon, who was thought to have been executed for war crimes, took control of the planet. The Imperial rule of Nevarro's city impeded the operation of the Bounty Hunters' Guild. The Imperials also attacked the Mandalorian covert for revealing themselves and assisting in Djarin's escape, which left many of the Mandalorians dead, though the Armorer speculated that some survived and escaped the planet.

Some time later, Karga attempted to trick Djarin into bringing the Child back to Nevarro, claiming he had a plan to kill the Client, though the Guild's true plan was to kill Djarin and return the Child. Djarin assembled a team of accomplices, consisting of the former rebel shock trooper Cara Dune, the moisture farmer Kuiil, and the reprogrammed assassin droid IG-11, and landed in a remote region of Nevarro to meet with Karga and several Guild hunters. Once night fell, the team set up camp, but were attacked by the planet's species of winged predators, who killed one of Karga's hunters and injured Karga himself. The Child healed Karga's wounds with the Force, and the team continued toward the city after sunrise.

Retaking Nevarro
Having had his life saved by the Child, Karga had a change of heart and instead killed the Guild hunters, revealing his previous plan to Djarin and offering to help defeat the Imperials. While Kuiil protected the Child, Karga and Dune brought Djarin into the city, pretending that they had captured him and had come to return the Child. They were met by the Client, but he was contacted by Gideon, who revealed Karga's ruse. Having surrounded the cantina with the forces of his Imperial remnant, Gideon had the Client and his stormtroopers shot and killed through the window of the cantina. While attempting to return the Child to the Razor Crest, Kuiil was shot down and killed, and the Child was taken by two Imperial scout troopers. However, before the troopers could return the Child to Moff Gideon, IG-11 killed them and rescued the Child.

Trapped in the cantina, Djarin suggested escaping through the sewers to the Mandalorian covert. Gideon threatened to raze the cantina with an E-Web heavy repeating blaster unless Karga and his associates surrendered. IG-11 entered the city, shooting down a number of Imperial stormtroopers, including many of Moff Gideon's forces. Djarin was injured in the ensuing skirmish, and his associates retreated into the cantina. Karga and Dune entered the sewers with the Child, while Djarin allowed IG-11 to heal him, and the two followed their accomplices to the Mandalorian covert, finding it deserted except for the Armorer, who explained what had happened to the Tribe. The Armorer provided the fugitives with an escape route and equipped Djarin with a jetpack and a supply of munitions.

Djarin and his accomplices escaped through the sewers to an underground lava river, while the Armorer was confronted by the Imperials, who she managed to defeat. As the fugitives attempted to travel down the lava river aboard a keelboat, Djarin detected a stormtrooper platoon at the exit of the tunnel. IG-11 sacrificed himself to kill the stormtroopers, allowing Djarin, Dune, and Karga to escape with the Child. When the team exited the tunnel, Gideon attacked in his TIE fighter. Djarin used his jetpack to grapple onto the starfighter and destroy it, causing Gideon to crash into the lava fields. With the Imperial remnant defeated, Karga mused that Nevarro could become a haven for bounty hunters once again, Dune decided to remain with the Guild on the planet, and Djarin left to search for the Child's home. However, Moff Gideon had survived the crash, and broke out of his TIE fighter using the Darksaber.

Gaining independence
Rather than allow the planet to become, as Djarin had called it, a "bounty hunter hive" again, Karga took over the operations of the city as Magistrate with Dune serving as the Marshal, mopping up criminals, including a group of Aqualish thieves. Karga turned the old cantina into a school and saw the city return to a respectable place for a variety of citizens. The city streets became teeming with vendors, gathering places, and potted plants. The Armorer, meanwhile, fled the planet and established a new covert with Paz Vizsla, the only other Mandalorian she knew who had survived the massacre, on the Glavis Ringworld.

At one point, Djarin returned to Nevarro for repairs and happily reunited with Karga and Dune outside the city. Karga told his two mechanics to work on Djarin's ship while he and Dune brought their former companion through the new-look city. Noting that Djarin had some time on his hands while repairs were done, Karga brought him to his office and proposed a mission to take out the Imperial base located close by. Djarin agreed to the mission and traveled to the base in a landspeeder with Karga, Dune, and the Mythrol he had captured earlier.

The group infiltrated the base to destabilize the coolant system that allowed the base to coexist with the landscape's lava features. However, as they exited, the group realized that it was a laboratory and noticed several individuals suspended in tubes as well as a hologram that involved Dr. Pershing communicating with Gideon. Realizing the transmission was from three days ago, they realized Gideon was still alive. Djarin used his jetpack to quickly return to the city, where he had left the Child, while Karga, Dune, and the Mythrol blasted their way out in a Trexler 906 Armored Marauder.

The New Republic pilot Carson Teva questioned Karga and Dune. Karga refused to cooperate, denying the involvement of the Razor Crest. Dune did not want to join the New Republic, but was given a badge and became Marshal and a ranger of the New Republic, and worked with the Nevarro authorities. She later left the planet and was recruited for the New Republic Special Forces.

Dealing with pirates
The planet later became an independent trade anchor and Outer Rim Hyperlane port of the Hydian Way under the leadership of Karga, who became High Magistrate. A construction boom was going on in the city, and money was made from belters that mined the asteroid fields at the edge of the system. Kowakian monkey-lizards resided peacefully on trees instead of being roasted.

Djarin returned to the planet, looking to repair IG-11, as he needed a droid to explore Mandalore. During his visit, Karga attempted to convince him to become the marshal of the planet, offering him a land, but Djarin refused. They later had a showdown with the pirate Vane and some members of Gorian Shard's pirate gang. They let Vane escape the planet.

Gorian Shard returned to the planet and bombed it with his Corsair, and briefly took control of it away from High Magistrate Karga. However, Shard and most of his gang were killed when Karga recieved aid from the Children of the Watch under Din Djarin and Lady Bo-Katan Kryze. Together, they were able to take back control of the city. As a reward Karga ceded all land stretching from the western lava flats to Bulloch Canyon to the Mandalorians. While they didn't have a home planet, he told them that they now have a home on Nevarro, to which the townsfolk cheered and celebrated.

A number of individuals of various species resided on Nevarro during the era of the New Republic, including many operatives of the Bounty Hunters' Guild. Members of the Imperial remnant led by Moff Gideon also operated on Nevarro, which was eventually taken over by the former Moff himself. After Djarin rescued the Child from Nevarro, a large number of Guild hunters left the planet. Species who had been present within Nevarro's city and the Bounty Hunters' Guild cantina included humans, Jawas, Melbu, Onodones, Rodians, Suertons, Trandoshans, Twi'leks, Wickwar, and Zabraks.

A Mandalorian tribe resided in hiding within the sewers of Nevarro's city, but they were eventually attacked by Moff Gideon's forces, resulting in the deaths of many and forcing any survivors to flee the planet, though the Armorer planned to stay behind until the work of forging beskar was finished. Din Djarin later questioned if the Mandalorians on the water moon of Trask the "Frog Man" knew of were survivors from Nevarro, but they were actually a group led by Lady Bo-Katan Kryze of Mandalore. Outside of the city, Nevarro's lava fields were inhabited by a number of Jawas who had adapted to their surroundings on Nevarro and would attempt to dismantle starships in the area.

The planet later became more respectable as a trade port of the Hydian Way, which attracted some of the best droidsmiths of the Outer Rim.

Sparse settlements were situated on Nevarro within vast stretches of cooled volcanic rock. The capital city cut into Nevarro's terrain hosted a cantina that was home to the Nevarro Bounty Hunters Guild, as well as the facility where forces of Moff Gideon's Imperial remnant were based. A bazaar was located near the city's entrance, hosting a number of the city's residents and merchants selling wares. Within a sewer beneath the city, the Mandalorian group known as the Tribe resided in a hidden enclave.

An area designated for starships to land was located outside of the archway that led into the city. The Twi'lek healing baths were also located elsewhere on Nevarro. A region of lava fields was located in the vicinity of the city, while one underground lava river led between the city's sewer and the fields. Upon Nevarro's lava rivers, ferry droids operated keelboats in order to provide safe passage for travelers.

Places of Interest
Nevarro City
Nevarro City was the capital city of the planet Nevarro. It contained a bazaar, a cantina, which was later converted to a school, an Imperial facility, and the Twi'lek healing baths. Underneath the city ran a sewer, where the Tribe's covert was located. A river of lava connected the city's sewers and the outside landscape.

In 9 ABY, a skirmish took place in the city between forces of Moff Gideon's Imperial remnant and a group of bounty hunters led by Din Djarin. After they liberated Nevarro from the Imperial control Karga and Dune rebuilt the city, with him operating as a Magistrate and Dune as the local Marshal. Afterwards, the city became a respectable place for a variety of citizens. The city streets became teeming with vendors, gathering places, and potted plants, and a statue honoring IG-11 was constructed.

The city continued to thrive, and the planet became an independent trade anchor and Outer Rim Hyperlane port of the Hydian Way. A construction boom was going on in the city, and money was made from belters that mined the asteroid fields at the edge of Nevarro's system. Kowakian monkey-lizards resided peacefully on trees instead of being roasted.

Captain Gorian Shard and his pirate gang laid siege to the city and briefly took control of it away from High Magistrate Karga. However, Shard and most of his gang were killed when Karga recieved aid from the Children of the Watch under Din Djarin and Lady Bo-Katan Kryze. Together, they were able to take back control of the city. As a reward Karga ceded all land stretching from the western lava flats to Bulloch Canyon to the Mandalorians. While they didn't have a home planet, he told them that they now have a home on Nevarro, to which the townsfolk cheered and celebrate.

Cara Dune's office
Cara Dune's office was an office in Nevarro City where New Republic Marshal Cara Dune was stationed. Inside, she utilized a desk and a computer that was linked with the New Republic's prisoner registry.

Droidsmith workshop
A droidsmith workshop was ran by the Anzellan Droidsmiths on the volcanic planet Nevarro. Around the time of the New Republic, Din Djarin visited the workshop and asked the Anzellans to help repair IG-11. One of the Anzellans told the Mandalorian that the assassin droid needed a new memory circuit, which was hard because the component was no longer being produced.

Imperial Remnant safe house
The Imperial Remnant safe house was located on Nevarro where the Imperial Remnant was stationed shortly after the fall of the Galactic Empire, under the leadership of "The Client." Several stormtroopers were stationed there, as was the scientist Dr. Penn Pershing. A bounty hunter known as "the Mandalorian" visited the facility in 9 ABY to meet with the Client about a bounty on an asset, "the Child." The Mandalorian retrieved the Child and turned it over to the Client, but later returned to the facility to rescue the Child.

Landing yard
A landing yard on Nevarro City was utilized as a port for visitors and residents to park their vehicles.

Nevarro bazaar
A bazaar was located in Nevarro's city, where merchants sold their wares. A Kowakian monkey-lizard was roasted on the grill in the bazaar.

Nevarro City cafe
A cafe was located in Nevarro City on the planet Nevarro. It had an Aurebesh menu with prices listed in alternative numerals. The dishes included meiloorun, haroun bread, kaadu ribs, roast nuna, gala stew, cushnip with fral, polystarch, veg-meat, Endorian Tip-Yip, shaak kebab, jorgan and topato, yobshrimp, and roasted sidi. When the city was plundered by Gorian Shard's pirate gang, three of the pirates harassed a waiter who was working there.

Nevarro school
The Nevarro school, formerly the Nevarro Common House and briefly the Client's office, was located in Nevarro City on the planet Nevarro. Originally a cantina, it was built from Greef Karga's cut of Gorian Shard's treasure. The cantina was used by the Bounty Hunters' Guild.

During the New Republic Era, the Nevarro Common House was a cantina that was the center of activity for the Bounty Hunters' Guild in Nevarro City. It was built from Greef Karga's cut of Gorian Shard's treasure. Greef Karga gave out bounties to members of the Bounty Hunters' Guild from the cantina. The location was frequently populated by a variety of patrons, including members of Gorian Shard's pirate gang, who were paid for murder and mayhem.

After the incident on Nevarro, the Client turned the common house into his office. The cantina was the site where the clash on Nevarro began, and it was heavily damaged, albeit not destroyed, by stormtrooper firing squads and an incinerator trooper—also resulting in the Client's death—before Din Djarin, Karga, and their accomplices escaped the building.

Educational purposes
At some point after Djarin left Nevarro, what remained of the cantina was converted into the Nevarro school for the children of the town as Karga and his new companion, ex-rebel shock trooper Carasynthia Dune, cleaned up the town in the aftermath of the Imperial presence. When Djarin returned to Nevarro to ask his friends Karga and Dune for their help, Djarin's companion Grogu was left at the school during a lesson on geography of the galaxy while they went on a mission.

Sometime later, pirates from Gorian Shard's gang arrived to the school. Vane demanded to enter the school and have a drink, threathing a droid. Karga refused to Vane's request, and Vane reminded him that the school was a saloon built from Shard's treasure. Karga shot Vane's blaster, and killed Vane's companions with the assistance of Djarin. They let Vane go. Gorian Shard later arrived to the planet and took control of the city and the school. Gorian Shard's gang turned the school back to a cantina.

Nevarro sewer
A sewer was located underneath Nevarro's city, where it connected the surface and a covert where the Tribe resided. A river of lava also ran through the sewer.

Mandalorian covert
A Mandalorian covert was hidden in the sewers of Nevarro by the time of the New Republic. The covert was operated by the Tribe. It was a place where Mandalorians could remain in secret, and preserve their creed and way of life. According to Paz Vizsla, the Tribe were only allowed out of the enclave one at a time.

The covert was the home of Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin after the fall of the Galactic Empire. He visited an armorer there, who made him a pauldron and later a full cuirass from beskar steel he provided. The covert was left abandoned following the massacre of the Tribe members. The Armorer and Vizsla, who survived the attack, later established a new covert on the space station Glavis Ringworld.

Office of the Magistrate of Nevarro
The office of the Magistrate of Nevarro was the personal office of Greef Karga, the person who held the role of High Magistrate of Nevarro. "The Mythrol" also worked out of the office.

Statue of IG-11
A statue of IG-11 was erected on the planet Nevarro after the reprogrammed assassin droid had sacrificed himself to save Grogu, Din Djarin, Carasynthia Dune, and Greef Karga during the clash on Nevarro. The droid's sacrifice had been a vital part in securing the liberation of the planet from Gideon's Imperial remnant.

It was located in the marketplace of Nevarro City, near the entrance to the school. Part of the statue has been composed from the actual scorched remains of the droid.

Around 9 ABY, the head and torso of the statue being the original surviving parts form the explosion was taken down by Din Djarin, in an effort to repair IG-11. Despite their failed attempt at repairing the assassin droid, Karga never put the components back on the statue; he instead ordered the Anzellans to repurpose IG-11 into a mech for Grogu to ride on and renaming it as IG-12.

Twi'lek healing baths
The Twi'lek healing baths were baths associated with members of the Twi'lek species that customers visited for healing and relaxation. When Greef Karga urged the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin to take some time off and relax around 9 ABY, he suggested they visit the Twi'lek healing baths.

Nevarro Imperial base
The Nevarro Imperial base was constructed during the Imperial expansion on the planet Nevarro. After the fall of the Galactic Empire, the base came under the control of Gideon's Imperial remnant. Built into the side of a cliff overlooking a canyon, the base had a landing pad as well as several vehicles, including four Outland TIE fighters, a Trexler 906 Armored Marauder, and multiple 74-Z speeder bikes. It was defended by multiple gun turrets located on top of the base and guarded by stormtroopers.

In 9 ABY, Din Djarin, Carasynthia Dune, Greef Karga and a Mythrol infiltrated the base, setting the reactor to explode. They later attempted to escape the base; during their attempt, they discovered cloning cylinders which contained remnants of Doctor Penn Pershing's failed experiments. Two scientists in the room were killed, as well as most of the base's personnel. A handful of scout troopers and TIE pilots pursued the insurgents, who fled in the Armored Marauder they had obtained from the base.

Lava fields
Lava fields, also known as lava flats or lava plains, were large fields of lava that were located on Nevarro.

The Tribe's camp
The Tribe's camp was a temporary settlement used by The Tribe on Nevarro. It was granted to them by High Magistrate Greef Karga after they successfully defeated the pirates occupying Nevarro City as well as killing their King, Gorian Shard.

While traveling to Mandalore, some of the Mandalorians were left behind at the Tribe's camp to protect the children and the people of Nevarro.

Underground lava river
A river of lava ran between the planet Nevarro's surface and its city's sewer.

The flats
The flats was a location on the planet Nevarro.

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