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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: VisionsCanon: Visions

Name: Korban
Designation: Sentient
Skin color: Blue
Hair color: Green
Eye color: Pink
Homeworld: Korba
Attribute Dice: 12D

Dex: 2D/4D
Know: 2D/4D
Mech: 1D/3D+2
Perc: 2D/4D
Str: 4D/5D
Tech: 1D/3D+1

Special Abilities:
          Hardy: The Korbans are a hardy race and can resist the cold due to their warm and fuzzy skin, this gives them a bonus +2D to resist the cold and elements.

Story Factors:
         Homebodies: Korbans while knowledgeable about the galaxy and technology do not normally leave their homeworld, being extremely happy to stay where they are.

Move: 10/11

Description: The Korbans were a species of blue-skinned sentients that hailed from the planet Korba. Korbans possessed a head with green hair, two pink cheeks, and two large, pink eyes. Several of them worked as miners on Korba, mining kyber crystals in Korba's spires for the Jedi Order, which was deeply grateful for their work. By 19 BBY, no member of the species had left their world. The young girl Aau and her father, Abat, were two Korbans who lived at their dwelling on Korba. The former was able to purify kyber crystals by singing, which her father deemed dangerous.

After the Jedi Kratu visited their home, the pair traveled to a Korban settlement, where Abat walked to a new mine shaft in Spire 17 and Aau groomed purple beasts that the Korbans rode. However, Aau abandoned her work and followed her father to a mine, where she entered a cavern filled with kyber crystals.

She sang and purified the crystals, causing the spire that contained the cavern and other nearby spires to collapse; as a result, she, Abat, and the miner Attu tried to escape. Attu successfully escaped, but the other two fell from a bridge, being saved from the fall by Kratu, who generated a Force shield to protect them from the rocks that were falling from the spires. Aau then sang and purified the nearby kyber crystals and stopped the spires' collapse, saving herself, her father, and Kratu, who invited her to leave Korba with her so that the Jedi could nurture the girl's singing abilities. Aau accepted and became the first member of the alien species to leave her world.

Biology and appearance
The Korbans were a species of alien sentients that hailed from the planet Korba. The species' blue-skinned body featured four limbs: two arms, adorned with white hair, and two legs; a head with two pink cheeks, a white mouthā€”whose top was blackā€”adorned with white whiskers, and two round, pink eyes.

Society and culture
The Korbans mined their homeworld's spires to extract kyber crystals, which the Jedi Order used to construct its weapons, the lightsabers. They rode large, purple beasts, which they groomed and outfitted with saddles and harnesses. The species lived in round dwellings on the sides of their worlds' cliffs and a large settlement. Although no member of the species had left their world for the stars by 19 BBY, Korba featured a port, operated by port security, where starships could land. The species had access to speeder technology and technological mining equipment and played a board game that featured colored figures.

By 19 BBY, two Korbans, the young girl Aau, and her father, the miner Abat, lived at their dwelling on one of Korba's cliffsides. At some point, the pair learned that Aau could purify Korba's kyber crystals by singing, which her father deemed dangerous. The girl worked at Korba's large settlement, grooming purple beasts; Abat worked at a mine located near the settlement, in Spire 17. As Aau climbed a cliff, the Jedi Kratu arrived at Korba, landing her starship near the girl's home.

Rushing to her home, Aau ate a soup with her father before Krotu arrived, leaving under her father's directive. However, once Abat and Krotu began discussing a new mine shaft's unstable dark red kyber crystals, she listened in on the conversation through a window, singing. That alerted her father and Kratu to her presence, and the Jedi walked outside and greeted her before leaving. Abat and his daughter did likewise, leaving for the settlement.

An insect and a rogue Korban
There, the miner left for a mine, and the girl brushed a beast, prying a shelled insect off the creature. She then retrieved a mining helmet from a wall next to two Korbans playing a board game and followed her father to a mine, where Aau found another mine entrance, which she entered. Inside the mine, the child encountered a cavern containing a number of kyber crystals and singed to purify them, causing the cave to collapse.

Her father noted that the spire was shaking and collapsing, sliding down toward her child with a rope and leaving the cave with her and the Korban miner Attu; however, the spire's collapse had also affected the nearby spires, detaching one of the sides of the bridge they were using to escape. Aau and Attu reached the other side, but Abat did not, and his daughter tried to save him. She failed, and both Korbans fell.

Aau's departure
However, Kratu managed to use the Force to hold them, stopping their fall and creating a Force shield to protect them from the spires' collapse, which had resulted in a number of stones falling toward them. Aau sang again, purifying the spires' kyber crystals and ending the spires' fall.

Having saved her father, she buried her face in Abat's shoulder while Kratu invited her to leave Korba with her so that the Jedi could nurture the girl's singing ablities. Afterward, Aau and her father sat on a cliff's edge while they ate a pod of yellow flowers before the former boarded Kratu's vessel and left Korba.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.