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SN-1F4 miniature sifter droid
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Tigran Jamiros assistant (Human Rebel Aide)

Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: New RepublicCanon: No

Kaplan Ddar-Montis

Vampires are commonly thought of as nothing more than a mythical creature dating
back to the earliest human civilizations, long before the dawn of the Republic.
As such, rumors of vampires are shrugged off as just that. However, vampires do
exist and have existed since the dawn of time.

Vampires naturally feed on the blood and flesh of other sapient species. They do
so with sharp fangs and nails which perfectly puncture and cut through almost any
skin with little to no difficulty. Vampires are also incredibly fast, able to
outrun almost anyone (man or droid). This speed combined with an uncanny ability
to fly without the aid of wings or technology allows them to strike without
warning and vanish just as quickly. They are naturally immortal, making them
nearly impossible to kill by conventional methods. The only known ways to kill
a vampire include prolonged exposure to intense sunlight, decapitation and

The legend of Lord Kaplan Ddar-Montis is perhaps the best known throughout the
galaxy (by most humans). It was originally told as a spacer's tale when the first
explorers were first mapping many hyperspace routes across the galaxy. The story
tells of a dark, menacing man towering above all others and feasting upon the
blood of flesh of humans and other sapients. Many claimed to have sighted this man,
Kaplan Ddar-Montis, on throughout the Core and Colonies but no proof ever existed
to substantiate these reports.

The stories of Kaplan Ddar-Montis originated from fact. Kaplan aimlessly roamed
the galaxy for thousands of years, feeding upon the populace of a planet and then
moving on.

After the first of the Sith Wars, the rumors of Kaplan grew stronger and the Jedi
Council took notice and began to investigate the validity of them. Several years
later a Jedi by the name of Gela Iztchari came face-to-face with the so-called
legend and barely escaped with her life. The Jedi Council decided to organize a
small team of Jedi Knights and Masters to slay Kaplan and rid the galaxy of his
reign of terror.

The slayer team, made up of four Jedi Knights and two Jedi Masters tracked Kaplan's
movement across the Mid Rim for nearly five years with no luck, until Kaplan began
hunting them on the colony world of Kashan. Kaplan ambushed two of the Jedi in the
middle of a crowded night market in Palsheen City. The attack was brutal and swift.
In the end both Jedi Knights, Kep Fadet and Gela Iztchari, were dead and Kaplan
vanished back into the shadows of the night. The Jedi didn't even have time to
draw their lightsabers. The entire event was recorded on a bystanders holocam and
later turned over to Republic authorities.

Kaplan departed Kashan and set off for the Colonies. The remaining Jedi, who had
picked up the name of Vampire Slayers, followed Kaplan to the farming world of Iwia
where the final confrontation would be held. The four remaining Jedi confronted
Kaplan within the dark forests covering much of Iwia. Kaplan was no match. Jedi
Master Bre Carnel delivered a catastrophic blow, slashing a massive gash in Kaplan's
chest. Kaplan staggered through the forest, still managing to move faster than
the pursuing Jedi but found only a rugged cliff high above a volcanic vent. With
a simple force push, Kaplan was thrown over the edge. His remains were never
recovered and he was officially classified as deceased.

However, Kaplan did not die on Iwia. He had managed to fly into a small crevice
after being pushed over the edge where he hid until the following night when he
was free to depart Iwia quietly and continue without the nagging pursuit of the

After realizing their mistake the Jedi Council quickly reinstated the slayer
team and sent them back out in search of Kaplan, this time to bring his remains
back to Coruscant for confirmation. However, the team was never able to catch up
with Kaplan again.

The Empire's extermination of the Jedi nearly a thousand years later allowed Kaplan
to move about without having to elude the once numerous Jedi. This was his prime,
there would be no stopping him. And even with the return of the Jedi, he still faced
no opposition as the original Jedi records had long been destroyed by the emperor,
thus making him nothing more than a legend once again.

Character Name: Kaplan Ddar-Montis
Type: Creature of the night
Species: Vampire
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: 2.03 meters
Weight: 81 kilograms

Physical Description:
Kaplan is extremely tall with a medium build. His eyes are a dull grey, accenting
his light grey colored skin. His black hair is kept long and usually is not tied
back. He always wears black suits which typically consist of synth-leather boots,
pants, belt and long overcoats.

Kaplan is cold, calculating, ruthless and utterly evil. Those who are not of use
to him (or are no longer useful) either become his food or entertainment - being
either always results in a rather brutal death.

A Quote: "I do not exist. I am merely a lethal figment of your imagination."

        Blaster 5D
        Brawling parry 9D
        Dodge 8D
        Melee combat: 8D+2
        Melee parry 8D
        Thrown weapons 5D
        Alien species 4D+2
        Intimidation 8D
        Languages 3D
        Survival 6D
        Streetwise 6D
        Willpower 9D
        Space transports 5D+1
        Hide 7D
        Search 8D
        Search: tracking 9D
        Sneak 10D
        Brawling 8D
        Climbing/jumping 5D+1
        Lifting 4D
        Stamina 9D
        Security 3D+2

Special Abilities:
      - Claws and fangs: STR+1D damage
      - Immortality: Vampires have a special connection to the force that feeds
        him life force in times of need. Vampires may be killed through normal
        means but will awaken in 1D rounds with all wounds healed. Methods of
        permantly killing a vampire include distentigration, decapitation and
      - Force sense: Vampires can naturally sense when another is nearby (usually
        within 20 meters). Jedi Knights and immortals often give off this same
        signal, giving away their presence as well.
      - Night vision: Vampires, being nocturnal, have evolved improved vision
        and thus receive a +2D bonus to Perception checks and all sight-related
        skills in the dark.

Story Factors:
      - Intolerance to sunlight: Vampires are extremely intolerant of exposure to
        sunlight. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight inflicts 1D of damage on a
        Vampire every hour which increases by +1D for every additional hour of
        exposure. Example: A Vampire is in direct sunlight for 3 hours and suffers
        1D damage for the first hour, 2D damage for the second hour and 3D damage
        for the third hour.
      - Blood thirst: Vampires feed on the blood of sapient species and are often
        times irresistably drawn to blood by either sight or smell.

Move: 12 (walking), 18 (flying)
Character Points: 76
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 3
Dark Side Points: 45

Black clothing, sacrificial dagger (STR+1D), assorted jewelry

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