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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Old RepublicSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: High RepublicCanon: Yes

Name: Nubs
Species: Pooba
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blue
Eye color: Blue
Move: 8

        Brawling Parry: 4D
        Dodge: 3D+2
        Lightsaber: 4D+1
        Hide: 3D+1
        Sneak: 4D
        Scholar (Jedi Lore): 2D+2
        Survival: 3D+1
        Brawling: 4D+2
        Climbing/Jumping: 5D
        Starship Gunnery: 4D
        Lightsaber Repair: 2D+2

Special Abilities:
        Hearing: Pooba have large ears and a highly developed sense of hearing, getting a + 2D to any sound related skill tests.
Force Skills:
        Control: 2D+1
        Sense: 2D+2
        Alter: 2D
Force Powers: Accelerate Healing, Danger Sense, Magnify Senses, Sense Force, Telekinesis, Lightsaber Combat

        Lightsaber (5D), Jedi robes, Credits: 20


Description: Nubs was a Pooba male who trained as a Jedi Initiate during the High Republic Era. Inseparable from fellow younglings Kai Brightstar and Lys Solay, Nubs studied the ways of the Force under the watchful eye of Grand Master Yoda on the planet Tenoo. There he learned how to master his abilities as well as his voracious appetite, never failing to enjoy a good meal when the opportunity presented itself. Gifted with a natural physical strength, the young Pooba defended friends and strangers alike from those who would seek to do them harm. Nubs and his fellow young Jedi went on numerous adventures throughout the Galactic Frontier, traveling alongside pilot Nash Durango to explore, learn, and help others across their vast galaxy.

Bound for Tenoo
The Force-sensitive Pooba Nubs was taken in by the Jedi Order at a young age during the High Republic Era to study the ways of the Force on the planet Coruscant. He became acquainted with fellow Jedi Initiates Lys Solay and Kai Brightstar, forming a trio of friends that worked together to face their problems. After training on Coruscant for some time, the younglings were assigned to further their studies on the Outer Rim planet Tenoo. The day they were scheduled to depart for their new home, the young Jedi absconded away for one last attempt at beating their record at one of the Jedi Temple's training courses. Under fire from Marksman-H training remotes, Nubs used his strength to boost Brightstar across the room, drawing the remotes' attention and allowing the three younglings to complete the course together in record time.

After receiving an urgent holomessage from Jedi Master Zia Zanna, Nubs and the others boarded the last transport for Tenoo, the Crimson Firehawk, and met its pilots, the young Nash Durango and her droid RJ-83. Aboard the Firehawk, Nubs was startled by a burst of steam from the old ship's pipes but recovered himself, later finding and promptly consuming a bowl of fruits and vegetables. The group made their way to Tenoo, but before they could set down at the planet's Jedi Temple, Durango received a distress signal from Hap, the proprietor of a cafe in the town of Kublop Springs, asking for assistance in a pirate raid. Nubs and his friends agreed to help, springing into action once the Firehawk had landed.

Arriving at Hap's, the Jedi were greeted by Taborr Val Dorn and his gang of pirates, the droid EB-3 and the Gamorrean Pord. Nubs faced off against the latter, who pelted the Pooba with various foods, including a plate of noodles that Nubs quickly sucked up after falling on his back. Gathering himself, Nubs cornered Pord but a blast from Val Dorn sent branches from a large tree toppling down towards the cafe; the younglings allowed the pirates to escape with the stolen goods and used their combined strength to hold back the debris. Durango and RJ-83 were able to stall the pirates from fleeing aboard their ship long enough for the Jedi to catch up and retake the townsfolks' possessions. Finally arriving at the Temple, Master Zanna congratulated the younglings on a job well done and welcomed them to their new home, with Nubs inquiring on the presence of food.

Yoda's mission
During a session at the Temple's training grounds, the three younglings were tasked with reaching a platform while being attacked by a lightsaber training droid. Nubs' attempt to complete the challenge ended with him hanging precariously from a rope and in need of assistance. Brightstar, having dropped his lightsaber, attempted to recover both his weapon and his friend at the same time through the Force, but his divided attention saw him lose hold of the Pooba boy, dropping him to the ground and failing the challenge. Brightstar apologized to his friend, which Nubs accepted in the form of a hug. After the session, Grand Master Yoda himself arrived and gave the younglings an important task: the acquisiton of sparkle-fire seeds in preparation of the Kublop Springs festival later that day. Nubs broke out into dance before joining his friends aboard the Crimson Firehawk.

The group quickly procured the seeds—which Nubs attempted to eat—from a vendor named Kumpa in a settlement on the planet Yarrum. Before they could return to Tenoo, however, they received a distress signal on Yarrum and left to investigate, leaving the seeds on the Firehawk. In reality, the signal had been a ruse by Val Dorn, who used the opportunity to ransack the younglings' ship and steal their seeds. Nubs, Brightstar, and Solay tracked the pirates down to Yarrum Tower, where the Pooba led his friends aboard Val Dorn's ship but inadvertently gave the group away after knocking over cargo. Nubs and Solay escaped with the seeds as Brightstar held the pirates back, but a mistimed jump saw the Pooba barely grasping onto a cable hanging from the Firehawk. Disarmed by Val Dorn, Brightstar found himself in a mirror of his experience at the training grounds, but this time chose to focus solely on saving his friend, using the Force to lift Nubs onto the ship and escaping without his lightsaber.

Back at Tenoo, the younglings delivered the seeds to Yoda just in time for the festival; Nubs watched as the old Jedi Master planted the seeds, which immediately grew into large flowers that shot bursts of light into the air. As the festival continued in full swing, Nubs danced alongside Solay, Durango, and RJ-83 while Brightstar shared a private moment with Master Yoda.

The Kublop Classic
Nubs, Brightstar, and Solay later entered alongside Durango into the Kublop Classic, an annual competition for young residents of Kublop Springs that saw them race watercraft through the rivers of Tenoo. The initiates assisted Durango in constructing the Crimson Bolt, a racing skiff of her own design. Nubs specifically was tasked with assembling the vessel's sail. He demonstrated his handiwork for Master Zanna at the Kublop docks, but the contraption became loose and fell into the waters. Working together with Brightstar, Nubs used the Force to reattach the sail, earning the praise of their Jedi instructor. Durango expected Nubs and the others to use these powers during the race in order to beat her rival Raena Zess, but as that would be cheating, the team agreed to compete fairly against their opponents.

As the Kublop Classic began, Nubs was assigned to the Bolt's sail, using his great strength to help the skiff on sharp turns. Nubs' skills were put to the test early in the race, narrowly avoiding a large Tenoo tree root that crippled another team's skiff. As Team Crimson Bolt approached a waterfall, Durango commanded Nash to turn the sail in conjunction with Brightstar applying speed and RJ-83 opening the skiff's flaps, propelling the craft closer towards Zess but still trailing. In a desperate move, Durango had Nubs grab hold of the sail to apply lift as the Bolt fell down the waterfall, but the maneuver ended with the skiff grounded in thick mud.

Zess, whose racer was also stuck, mockingly inquired why the younglings refused to use their abilities to free their skiff, but Nubs, translated into Basic by Brightstar, declared that Jedi did not cheat. Realizing that a fair race was better than no race, Zess and her pit droids worked with Nubs and the rest of Team Crimson Bolt to free both racers and complete the competition. Thanks to Durango's shrewd command, the younglings narrowly pulled ahead of Zess in the race's final moments, winning the Kublop Classic. Hap presented the team with a trophy for their achievement, prompting Nubs to raise Durango onto his shoulders as celebrations began.

Star Seekers and sniffles
While exploring the Temple Library on Tenoo, the younglings came across a forgotten antechamber hidden behind shelves of holobooks. Inside, Nubs became interested in a holographic display depicting various plant life until Brightstar uncovered an ancient starship tracker; with Master Zanna's help the trio discovered that the tracker held the location of the Star Seeker, a renowned Jedi exploratory ship that had disappeared centuries ago. The three friends followed the directions to a nearby planet with Durango, who subjected them to her "Jedi-friend-adventure song" along the way. An asteroid field surrounding their destination caused Nubs to experience fear, but that fear quickly changed into excitement when Durango gave the Pooba permission to man the Firehawk's cannons. Nubs' marksmanship decimated a particularly large asteroid in the ship's path and allowed the crew to reach the planet safely.

The foggy surface of the deserted world unnerved Nubs, who found solace in his friends' presence. Using the Force to clear away the fog, the younglings discovered the Star Seeker as well as its pilot, a droid known as 0G-LC. After having crash-landed on the planet, the brave adventurer was overcome by the fear of failing again and resigned himself to remain on the lonely world. Encouragement from the Jedi, however, inspired the old droid to complete his mission and return to Tenoo. Back at the Jedi Temple, Nubs and his friends helped 0G-LC unload his cargo before wishing him well on his continued adventures.

Nubs later contracted an illness known as the sniffles, a sickness that left him bed-ridden on the day of the annual eruption of the Kublop Geyser. Brightstar and Solay discovered the Pooba was ill after he failed to attend breakfast, an absence that was much unlike him. The two were dismayed that their friend would not be able to witness the geyser's eruption until Nubs informed them of a remedy he had researched: a tea made from the Yara plant that was said to relieve the symptoms of the sniffles within minutes. Nubs' friends traveled to the only known location of the Yara plant, a giant Tenoo tree, where they encountered a large gangul and succsessfully obtained the Yara leaves. Nubs made a full recovery and witnessed the eruption of Kublop Geyser with his good friends.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.