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Section of Site: Creatures D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: CreaturesEra: High RepublicCanon: Yes

Name: Flitterpod
Classification: Fish
Skin color: Pink and purple
Eye color: Black
Homeworld: Tenoo
Habitat: Rivers

Dexterity: 3D
Perception: 1D
Strength: 1D

Special Abilities
         Leaping: Flitterpods can leap out of the water to jump over obstacles, this allows them to pas through rocky areas of water with ease, but also aids them in being able to escape from nets with greater ease than many other fish.

Move: 9 (Swimming)
Orneriness: 2D

Description: Flitterpods were fish found in the river of the forest planet Tenoo. They had black eyes, purple skin with stripes, a large pink-purple fin on their backs, and a thrice-forked tail. In 232 BBY, the Jedi younglings Kai Brightstar and Lys Solay were traveling down the river on a speeder alongside a group of flitterpods. Solay, who had heard of the creatures but was not aware that they lived in the area, became distracted while observing them flit in and out of the water, and she narrowly avoided crashing into a tree root thanks to a warning from Brightstar.

Comments made about this Article!

27/Jul/2023 04:47:29 Posted by

I haven't seen the episode, but I have to ask - why are you giving these creatures orneriness die codes if they're too small to be ridden by Lys and the others. I know that a few of the creatures are large enough to be ridden, but I don't think these fishes can be ridden. Unless you're considering a tiny alien species like Babu Frik.

Also, shouldn't you be giving them the swimming skill? Or would that be redundant.

28/Jul/2023 08:52:05 Posted by Freddy

I give them Orneriness to use in animal handling / taming, rather than just riding. I've got used to adding it to every species I now create, even though it's not always applicable, but is useful for animals which could be used as guard dogs or the like.

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