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Corellian Engineering Corporation VCX-350 Light Freighter

Corellian Engineering Corporation VCX-350 Light Freighter

Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: DROIDSEra: High RepublicCanon: Yes

Name: CAM
Class: Cam droid
Sensor color: Purple
Plating color: Yellow and white

          Brawling Parry 4D, Dodge 3D
          Scholar; Wildlife: 3D, Survival: 4D
          Beast Riding: 3D, Repulsorlift Operation:2D, Space Transports: 3D
          Search 4D
          Brawling 3D, Lifting 4D

Equipped with:
        - Hologram recorders
        - Transceiver with live output capability
        - Repulsorlift (Ground level - 100 meters)
        - Grappling Hook (100 Meter range)
        - Extendable Arm
        - Spotlights

Force Sensitive: N
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 2
Move: 14

Description: CAM was a cam droid affiliated with the Galactic Society of Creature Enthusiasts who traveled the galaxy with the Safari droid SF-R3. Together, the two droids catalogued an abundance of wildlife across many planets, with CAM broadcasting footage across the HoloNet and sending findings back to the Society.

During or after 34 ABY, the cam droid CAM was a member of the Galactic Society of Creature Enthusiasts alongside the Safari droid SF-R3. They traveled the galaxy in a starship to learn about several species of wildlife. CAM broadcasted footage of their interactions with creatures and sent their findings back to the Society.

The Society sent SF-R3 and CAM to the planet Hoth to find out how to tame tauntauns. When they arrived at Hoth in their starship, SF-R3 activated CAM. CAM recorded SF-R3 as he explained why they were on Hoth and that tauntauns were known to be sweet as jogan fruit pie. Later, CAM hovered near SF-R3 when he was using macrobinoculars to observe tauntauns eating lichen. SF-R3 then said that he had an idea on how to ride one of the creatures. After SF-R3 tried and failed to ride a tauntaun by luring it with a slice of jogan fruit pie, CAM watched the tauntaun eat the rest of the pie.

Later, SF-R3 and CAM traveled to a cave on Hoth that was occupied by a wampa, a speices of carnivorous mammals native to Hoth. CAM recorded SF-R3 as he said that the wampa was sick with the common cold, and that he would make it his mission to find the cure. CAM hovered near SF-R3 as he unsuccessfully tried to cure the wampa.  SF-R3 then started a fire, and the wampa let out a loud sneeze. This caused snow to fall on the wampa and the two droids. They emerged from the snow, and the snow cured the wampa of the common cold.

On the planet Dathomir, CAM recorded SF-R3 as he explained that the Society took a keen interest in the dental hygiene of rancors, so the Society sent SF-R3 there to figure out how to clean a rancor's teeth. While SF-R3 was talking, a rancor walked up behind him and he became trapped in its mouth. The rancor then spit him out and CAM hovered towards SF-R3. CAM then watched SF-R3 cleaned one of the rancor's teeth. After seeing several birds clean the rancor's teeth, SF-R3 fainted and CAM used a grappling hook to drag SF-R3 away from the rancor.

SF-R3 and CAM then traveled to the planet Tatooine. While on their ship, CAM recorded SF-R3 as he explained that they arrived on the desert world of Tatooine so that they could find a bantha to learn how the Tusken Raiders keep them clean. SF-R3 then found a bantha and he told CAM. While grooming a bantha, SF-R3 removed a scurrier from the bantha's hair, and SF-R3 and CAM looked at each other confusingly. After fully cleaning a bantha, CAM recorded a Tusken Raider walking away with a cleaned bantha. CAM then recorded SF-R3 as he said they were now experts in washing banthas.

On the Forest Moon of Endor, SF-R3 was piloting a speeder bike and CAM was hovering behind him. SF-R3 stopped the speeder very suddenly and was launched into a pen of blurrgs, setting the creatures free. CAM followed him, though CAM's eye fell out. SF-R3 then repaired CAM's eye. CAM recorded SF-R3 saying that they weren't doing their original mission, but they needed to herd the blurrgs back into a pen before the Ewoks found out. CAM hovered near SF-R3 as he rode a speeder bike and tried to lasso a blurrg, though he ended up tied to a tree. CAM then watched as SF-R3 tried to herd the blurrgs with lights. CAM followed SF-R3 as he used music to herd up the blurrgs. SF-R3 then explained to CAM, who was recording, that using music was the best way to herd blurrgs.

SF-R3 and CAM then traveled to the planet Cholganna. CAM recorded SF-R3 who said that they needed to be quiet because they were in a jungle on Cholganna to study a nexu in its natural habitat. SF-R3 also explained that they would need to be cautious and hidden to not be detected by any nexus. They found a nexu's nest of bones. A nexu snook up behind them and used its claws to slash at the droids. They later watched as a nexu was trapped in a net by poachers and then placed on a repulsorcraft attached to the poachers' speeder bikes. CAM tried to go towards the nexu, but SF-R3 grabbed CAM and said it was too dangerous. SF-R3 saw that the nexu was struggling against the net, so he decided that it needed his and CAM's help. SF-R3 had CAM fly their ship closely behind the poachers' speeder bikes. SF-R3 stood on the ship's landing platform at the back of the ship, and CAM flipped the ship around and flew it closer to the nexu. Aree managed to free the nexu, and it protected Aree and CAM from the poachers. While leaving Cholganna in their ship, CAM recorded Aree as he explained that making a ferocious friend could keep travelers safe.

Later, the Society sent SF-R3 and CAM to the planet Naboo to train a voorpak to be a guard. CAM recorded SF-R3 as he stood next to a sleeping voorpak in a cage and explained why the Society sent them to Naboo. CAM recorded SF-R3 unsuccessfully attempting to get a voorpak to march. While being recorded, SF-R3 shooed away a fly that was distracting the voorpak, but the creature then opened his cargo compartment. The voorpak played with a firework, but SF-R3 kicked it away, causing it to chase SF-R3. CAM then hovered in front of the voorpak and it stopped running. SF-R3 realized the voorpak wanted to play, and he used CAM to play catch with the voorpak. Later, CAM ordered the voorpak to sit. CAM recorded SF-R3 as he explained that voorpaks were great at guarding and goofing off. CAM then used an extendable arm to wipe its photoreceptor.

CAM and SF-R3 then traveled to the planet Lothal. CAM recorded SF-R3 as he said that he would foster a loth-cat until he can give it a permanent home. While on their ship, CAM recorded SF-R3 as he tried to give food to a loth-cat, though it refused to eat the food. SF-R3 then placed a plant on top of a bowl of food and presented it to the loth-cat. It then smacked the bowl at CAM. CAM hovered closely as SF-R3 prepared a much larger meal that the loth-cat then refused to eat. The loth-cat then jumped around in the cockpit and attacked SF-R3 and CAM. Later, SF-R3 and CAM watched the loth-cat press several buttons in the ship, causing the ship to launch missiles. CAM later recorded SF-R3 as he explained what was needed to be a foster parent. The loth-cat was then adopted by an individual, and SF-R3 was very sad over being separated from the loth-cat. CAM then comforted SF-R3.

The Society then sent SF-R3 and CAM to the planet Elphrona to learn if wild charhounds played fetch. SF-R3 explained this while being recorded by CAM. CAM then recorded SF-R3 when he found a charhound in a cave. SF-R3 was scared at first and grabbed CAM. SF-R3 let go of CAM after realizing that the charhound was playful. CAM recorded as SF-R3 threw a rod at the charhound, and it accidentally burned the rod in its mouth. CAM then gave SF-R3 several rods from their ship, and the charhound burned all of them. SF-R3 asked CAM where the rods came from, and CAM pointed to their ship, which collapsed from its weight. CAM recorded SF-R3 as he discovered that the cave had heat-resistant crystals. He threw a crystal at the charhound and it didn't burn in its mouth. SF-R3 then accidentally punched CAM in excitement. CAM then recorded SF-R3 as he explained that he became friends with the charhound, and they then played fetch.

Asteroid field
Later, SF-R3 and CAM landed their ship in an asteroid field. CAM recorded SF-R3 as he explained they trying to find a mynock, and that they were going to use batteries to lure a mynock out. They succeeded in luring a mynock out of a hole, and it then tried to suck SF-R3's energy. While being recorded, SF-R3 realized he and CAM were powered by energy, and he and CAM rushed to their ship. They got on their ship and then flew away from the asteroid field. SF-R3 and CAM quickly discovered that mynocks were on their ship and draining the ship' s power converter. A mynock then drained most of SF-R3's power. CAM used its extendable arm to fight off mynocks while SF-R3 opened the airlock. SF-R3 and mynocks were swept into space and CAM flew after him. CAM then grabbed SF-R3 with a grappling hook and used a rocket booster to quickly get back in their ship, and CAM then closed the airlock. Later, CAM charged SF-R3 with a large battery. CAM then recorded SF-R3 as he explained that droids piloting ships should avoid mynocks.

The Society later sent SF-R3 and CAM to the planet Kowak to learn if it was possible to become friends with Kowakian monkey-lizards. After arriving on Kowak in their ship, SF-R3 explained this while he was being recorded by CAM. Several kowakian monkey-lizards then stole several pieces of equipment from their ship, and SF-R3 decided that he and CAM would have to befriend the monkey-lizards. CAM hovered close-by as SF-R3 offered pieces of fruit to the monkey-lizards in exchange for his ship parts. The monkey-lizards then threw CAM around, and SF-R3 failed to get CAM back. CAM managed to escape from the monkey-lizards. Later, CAM recorded SF-R3 as he explained that the best way to befriend Kowakian monkey-lizards was through their sense of humor. After their ship was repaired by the monkey-lizards, SF-R3 and CAM flew away from Kowak.

While in the Batuu Wilds on the planet Batuu, CAM recorded SF-R3 as he explained that they were there to learn if it was possible to teach porgs new tricks. After SF-R3 walked away, CAM continued recording a nearby cave and was scared away by a Batuuan braga bear. CAM then hovered close-by as SF-R3 unsuccessfully attempted to train three porgs using his training clicker. While in a cave, SF-R3 managed to get a porg to wave, but the porg then flew out of control and flew into CAM. SF-R3, CAM, and the porgs then ran away from a braga bear. Later, CAM recorded SF-R3 as he explained that he learned to run away upon hearing the growl of a braga bear. While recording, a braga bear then chased after SF-R3 and CAM.

CAM had a large purple photoreceptor that he used for recording and a smaller purple photoreceptor on top of its body, and it also had an antennae and two wing flaps.

CAM was a model of cam droid that was adorned with the Society's logo. CAM could be manually activated. CAM often hovered closeby as SF-R3 interacted with creatures, and CAM could hover higher than banthas, which were on average 2.5 meters tall. CAM was able to function in thefrigid climate of Hoth and in the hot and arid climate of Tatooine.CAM was capable of piloting the starship used by it and SF-R3.

CAM cared about the safety of creatures and was willing to try to save a nexu from poachers. CAM enjoyed playing with creatures and even allowed SF-R3 to use it to play catch with a voorpak. CAM was also gravely concerned with the safety of SF-R3 and was willing to protect him from danger, though CAM could be scared away by large creatures and creatures that could drain its energy, such as mynocks.SF-R3 considered he and CAM to be a good team.

CAM was equipped with a grappling hook that he used to drag SF-R3. CAM was also equipped with an extendable arm that could be used for piloting ships,grabbing objects,and fighting small creatures.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.