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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: High RepublicCanon: Yes

Name: K1-T
Homeworld: Tenoo
Sensor color: Blue
Plating color: Silver and green
Affiliation: Ku-Bops

        Dodge: 3D
        Scholar; Music: 5D
        Bargain 4D, Performance; Music Mixing Deck: 6D, Search 3D
       Musical Instrument Repair: 5D

Equipped With:
        Repulsorlift Motion System
        Holoprojector that could record, send, receive, and/or display holograms.
        2 x Small Manipulator Arms
        2 x Visual Sensors (Human Range)
        2 x Auditory Sensors (Extended Range)

        Music Mixing Decks

Move: 12

Description: K1-T,also known as Kit, was a droid DJ of the band Ku-Bops.

The Ku-Bops was a band popular amongst the residents of the planet Tenoo. The young human pilot Nash Durango was a massive fan of the band. The RJ unit RJ-83 was a massive fan of the droid DJ K1-T "Kit".[1]

Missing member
During the High Republic Era, the Ku-Bops were invited by Nash Durango to play a concert at the Tenoo Jedi Temple. During the setup for the concert, a frantic Metz and Kit arrived at the concert venue. Metz told Durango that Bruff was missing and they might have to cancel their show. When Durango suggested that Bruff might just be late, Metz informed her that Bruff was never late. At the prompting of Jedi Initiate Lys Solay, Metz remembered that he last saw Bruff at their rehearsal the previous night. Solay suggested that she, Metz, and Durango look for Bruff. Kit stayed behind with Jedi younglings Kai Brightstar and Nubs to further prepare the venue.

Metz, Durango, and Solay visited Bruff's home, where they spoke with Bruff's younger brother Sep. The young Twi'lek told them that Bruff returned home the previous night very upset, and subsequently left. He was unsure why his brother was upset. In thinking of places Bruff liked going when upset, the team went to Hap's Sap Tap, where Hap told them Bruff was there earlier, and left his rumble bass behind. Hap then gave Bruff's rumble bass to Metz. Later, Metz heard a song written by the band sung a capella while walking near the river. He, Durango, and Solay followed the singing to the dock, where they found Bruff. He was unwilling to perform that evening because he resented Metz for not letting him sing in their band. Bruff argued that he had asked Metz many times to sing, but Bruff always pushed it off. Metz still insisted on singing, claiming that being lead singer was his job in the band. Bruff retorted that he wrote their new song so that he could sing it himself, and gave Metz an ultimatum that if he would not be singing, he would not be performing. Frustrated at Metz's focus on the concert, rather than his feelings, Bruff began backing up, accidentally falling into a speeder, pulling Metz along with him. As Metz fell, his legs landed on the speeder’s controls, breaking them, and dropping the speeder into the river.

Lost control
The bandmates drifted down the river towards the rapids. Metz tried fixing the controls, but Bruff remained focused on trying to get Metz to listen to him. Solay and Durango jumped into the Crimson Bolt to rescue the duo. As Metz and Bruff approached the waterfall, Solay used the Force to lodge a log between two rocks, preventing the boys from going over the waterfall's edge. Saved from the fall, Durango and Solay towed the broken speeder back to port.

Despite surviving, Bruff and Metz still blamed one another for their near-death experience. Solay and Durango encouraged Bruff and Metz to forgive each other and reach a compromise in letting Bruff sing some of the time. This prompted Metz to apologize to Bruff, who reciprocated. Finally focused on each other's feelings, Metz and Bruff hugged one another and rode on speeder bikes back to the Temple for the concert.

The concert
Upon arriving at the concert, Metz and Bruff hugged Kit, and the three took the stage to perform a song about friendship and teamwork, Bruff as the lead singer. In their gratitude, the Ku-Bops invited Durango to the stage, where she played a tambourine and rejoiced at being in the band.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
Any complaints, writs for copyright abuse, etc should be addressed to the Webmaster FreddyB.