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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: TransportEra: Old RepublicCanon: EU


"Wow, this awesome ship was a bargain!"
-A happy customer

"Wait, you want HOW MUCH for this piece of space junk!?"
-A not-so-happy customer

Pictured: An example of an old and heavily modified YG series starship

* See below for more information.

NOTE: This ship's traits are decided by random dice rolls, for better or...well...

Craft: Corellian Engineering Corporation YG-4210
Type: Heavily modified transport
Scale: Starfighter
-Length: 15+2D meters
Skill: Space Transport Piloting
Crew: Roll 1D
-Gunners: 0+ (Roll Weapons Below)
-Skeleton: 1/+10
Crew Skill: Per Player Character Skills
Passengers: 6+1D
Cargo Capacity: 5+1D metric tons (each 1 = 5 metric tons)
Consumables: 2+1D (each 1 = 2 months)
Cost: 10,000+ credits (used) (Roll 1D, each 1 = +10,000 credits)
Hyperdrive: 1D (1 = x1, 6 = x6) (Backup: x10+1D)
Nav Computer: Roll 1D (evens = Yes, odds = No)
Maneuverability: 1D+ (Roll 1D, each 1 = +1 pip)
-Space: 2+1D (each 1 = +1)
-Atmosphere: Depends on Space roll
Hull: 1D+ (Roll 1D, each 1 = +1D)
-Shields: 0D+ (Roll 1D, each 1 = +1D)
-Passive: 10/0D
-Scan: 20/1D
-Search: 40/2D
-Focus: 2/3D


Number Of Weapons, Roll 1D:
   1= 1 weapon.
   2= 2 weapons.
   3= 3 weapons.
   4= 4 weapons.
   5= 5 weapons.
   6= 0 weapons

Type Of Weapon, Roll 1D per weapon:
   1 = Triple Blaster
   2 = Laser Cannon
   3 = Ion Cannon
   4 = Proton Torpedo Launcher
   5 = Concussion Missile Launcher
   6 = Tractor Beam

Fire Arc, Roll 1D per weapon:
   1 = Front
   2 = Right
   3 = Left
   4 = Back
   5 = Partial Turret (Pick or Roll for 3 Arcs)
   6 = Turret

Scale, Roll 1D per weapon:
   1-5 = Starfighter Scale
   6    = Capital Scale

Fire Control, Roll 1D per weapon:
   1 = 0D
   2 = 1D
   3 = 2D
   4 = 2D
   5 = 3D
   6 = 4D

Range (As Weapon Type), Roll 1D per weapon:
   1.    = Half Range
   2-5 = Normal Range
   6    = x2 Range

Damage, Roll 1D per weapon (Missile Weapons will be stock Damage, modified
   1 = Light 2D-3D (Missile weapons -1D)
   2 = Medium 4D (Missile weapons normal)
   3 = Medium 5D (Missile Weapons normal)
   4 = Heavy 6D (Missile weapons +1D)
   5 = Double/Twin +1D (Roll Again)
   6 = Super Heavy, +1D, Fires 1/3 rounds (Roll Again) (Missile weapons +2D!)

Rate Of Fire, Roll 1D per weapon:
   1 = 1/3
   2 = 1/2
   3 = 1
   4 = 1
   5 = 1
   6 = Roll 1D (each 1 = +1 Rate Of Fire)

Ammo (For Missile Weapons), Roll 1D per weapon:
   1 = 1 Shot
   2 = 1/2 Ammo
   3 = Full Standard Ammo
   4 = Full Standard Ammo
   5 = Full +1/2 Ammo
   6 = x2 Ammo

Mishaps, Roll 1D per weapon; Evens = Yes, Odds = No; if yes roll on appropriate tables in Galaxy Guide 6 Tramp Freighters and apply results to the weapon.  (NOTE: GMs may make players roll on Mishap tables for the ship's other traits as well)



   The YG series dates back to the early centuries of galactic exploration.  Most were built-to-order specialty ships, constructed for specific purposes.  Many were transports and freighters, but some were exploration craft.  The modular design that marks all later Corellian ships began with the YG series.  Each ship was designed to be endlessly refitted and modified by a long string of owners.  Although the last YGs came off the production lines centuries ago, a very few are still functional, having been rebuilt and refurbished dozens of times.  None of these ships match their original specifications anymore, but they are still identifiable as stout Corellian vessels....for the most part.


Inspiration And Purpose

   After converting the Aeon Ranger and moving on to the other ships from A Legacy of Starships, I kept wondering about what was said in the Ranger's Description, about the ships being old and how none of them fit their original specs anymore.  Made me thing about, well, this, a ship entry where when buying it, you wouldn't know what you were going to get.  Like buying a used car.  It could go really well, or go really bad, or result in something in between.  After converting more ships from Legacy, I had the urge to give this a try, and voila.  I like the result, it's simple, potentially a lot of fun, and it also doubles as a way to drop ships into a game without having to look up stats for a specific ship when someone can't remember what book it's in.

   The picture shows the Aeon Ranger, but that ship's Description states that its rear engine section is that of a different ship entirely (a YG-5000).  This write-up is intended to represent YG-4210 ships, however it can represent the entire YG series of ships, and even go beyond this.  With a few changes, it could even be used to produce capital ships.

   GMs, players, i hope you enjoy using this in your games.

Missile Speed

   If you are using traditional Star Wars D6 rules, just ignore this, it's no big deal.  However, if you want your missile weapons to work more like other sci-fi franchises, and/or a little IRL, then use this optional rule: When fired, the missile does not stop at space range 7.  Instead, it keeps traveling, using this range as the missile's Space Speed (and relevant Atmosphere Speed).  In this case, since the missile is fired behind the ship to deter chasers from following, the chasing craft moves forward at its speed, while the missile moves back towards the chaser at its speed.  If another combat round follows, the missile keeps traveling in that direction at this speed (if it did not hit anything last round, like if the chaser was just out of range).  While this means missiles can be more useful, it also means moving targets like ships will have more time to figure out what to do against the incoming missile(s).

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09/Oct/2023 13:24:17 Posted by Hellstormer1


When rolling for “Number Of Weapons”, follow this chart:
1= 1 weapon.
2= 2 weapons.
3= 3 weapons.
4= 4 weapons.
5= 5 weapons.
6= 0 weapons

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