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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: EQUIPMENTEra: Canon:


-Convert Cargo Capacity: 1,500 credits per state room
-Convert Existing Quarters: 1,000 credits per state room
-Convert Cargo Capacity: 30 metric tons per state room
-Convert Existing Quarters: +20 metric tons per state room


   Most starships, especially space transports, have crew quarters that amount to little more than a bunk, one of two or more in the same room, and a storage locker or foot locker for personal affects (if they're lucky).  Persons often have to share these rooms with other crew and passengers.  Over short trips this is rarely a concern.  But over longer trips, this can be claustrophobic, and lead to agitation among the crew.

   However, some ships offer their crew, and even passengers, individualized rooms with more space and comfort with their own beds and, most importantly, privacy.  Most ships may have this already available to a ship's captain, perhaps even their second-in-command/co-pilot, bridge officers, and other higher-ranking personnel (though lower ranks may still use the standard bunks).

   If state rooms are not present on a ship, cargo space can be converted to create, or modify existing quarters, to be state rooms.  Each state room requires 30 metric tons to be converted (or +20 metric tons to expand existing quarters), and 1,500 credits for all the alterations inside the ship and tools and materials needed to make these changes (1,000 credits for modifying existing quarters).  The result is a larger set of quarters with said space and privacy.

   If modifying existing quarters with two or more bunks, the extra crew/passengers quarters will have to be relocated elsewhere.


   Various ships I've looked at since A Legacy of Starships in Star Wars Gamer magazine issue #2 have stated having "state rooms" for the crew, and sometimes even passengers.  After looking into this, they seemed to require 30 metric tons of cargo space, which matched my early guessing when making rules for this back then.

   Galaxy Guide 6 Tramp Freighters has rules for converting cargo space into crew/passengers quarters (1 crew/passenger = 10 metric tons, costs 400 credits per quarters).  This was my guide to figuring out the rules presented here.

   The price is higher than x3 due to making such larger quarters probably requiring more than just removing/replacing walls/bulkheads and adding a door.  It would also require rerouting of wires and cables, moving circuits, terminals and panels, perhaps even readjusting power conduits and other important ship systems and components.

Comments made about this Article!

30/Oct/2023 21:15:41 Posted by CanRay

Now, how about crew quarters that incorporate tight packing (3+ crew per quarters) or even hot bunking (which would cause, at minimum, a morale penalty)?

30/Oct/2023 23:29:13 Posted by Hellstormer1

I would say that's just an alternate use of a state room after it is installed/converted. I like where you're going with the morale thing. BUT, you could also have a species or culture where this is not only normal, but they may receive morale penalties if they do not hot bunk (The Expanse series comes to mind, where Belters seemed leaning more that direction as a way of life from having to conserve their re4sources).

Another factor that could be worked in is, does the ship's life support systems have enough capacity to handle the extra people, if pushing past the ship's normal crew/passenger limits? If not, something to roleplay, like having to emergency evacuate x4 or more people than the ship was built to carry, but it's life support systems can only handle this for a few hours, maybe push to a day max, before the oxygen stagnates and the crew/passengers are breathing more CO2 than O2. They could leap from world to world instead of going straight to a safe harbor, because the ship simply can't get them there without everyone dying. So they stop at worlds along the way to refresh the oxygen supply before heading to the next nearby world. You could even have the life support systems start to get shot/damaged, needing repairs, or need to locate some material, element, compound to use to refresh the ship's oxygen scrubbers (plot from an episode of Stargate Universe, but been used in other series/movies/etc too). Meanwhile, enemies who caused the disaster that required the evac are still hot on their heals for some reason.....all the while, this morale issue starts and increases in severity during the trip, becoming quite severe during the last leg of the journey, or these stop-overs could be their way of decreasing the morale issue's severity before people snap.

This might make an interesting adventure!

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