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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: New RepublicCanon: No

Charlotte de Gurre

Charlotte is a fairly well known sword fighter in the galaxy. She's primarily a fencer, where there is little danger of
any serious injuy, but events like the Napanese Shogun Budokai are not unknown to her. She will be competing in it for the
first time and is slightly intimidated by the high class opposition she will face. She is well known for being stylish
wearing clothes resembling old noble dress and an armour mantle with servomotors to facilitiate movememnt to protect her
from injury. Many of the other Budokai contenders hold her in contempt.

Character Name: Charlotte de Gurre
Type: Sword Fighter
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 26

As of Shadows of the empire:

Physical Description: Charlotte is a human female of slightly above average stature. She has chin length blonde hair and
blue eyes. She wears royal blue tunic, trousers, and slippers. Across her shoulders is an armour mantle with arm greaves
and gauntlets to protect her during duels.

        Dodge 7D+1
        Melee Combat 8D+1
        Stamina 6D+1


Move: 10
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 27
Wounded Status:

Vibro-Rapier (STR+3D)
Armour Mantle (+1D physical,+2 energy; shoulders and arms)

Sword Moves:

Name: Un-Even Fighting

Description: One opponent moves to a higher ground, and defends from it, while another remains lower (i.e. dueling on stairs.)
Difficulty: A Moderate check of Dexterity is made. Failing it, you fall to the ground, after losing balance (for two rounds, all skills are -2 and no bonus awarded for those two rounds.) Must be made by both combatants.
Effect: Whichever combatant is on the higher ground receives a +1D to strike rolls and the lower combatant will receive a +1D to parry.

Name: Feint/Attack

Description: One opponent "fakes" an attack to throw off the other's balance. He returns his saber to "home" position.
Difficulty: A Moderate Melee Combat roll is needed. Modified by opponent's Perception/Sense roll.
Effect: This maneuver is considered a multiple action, because the attacker will make two strikes: The fake one, and the real one. If the attempt was succsseful (The melee roll was higher then the opponent's roll), the attacker gets to add that difference to his strike, because the defender was knocked off balance, and unable to properly defend himself (-2D: 1D is because of multiple actions: Defending Twice). However, if it is the reverse (the defender's roll was higher) the defender saw the feint, knew not to defend it, and will be able to see the real strike, and defend it with no modifiers.

Name: Feint/Dodge

Description: One opponent "fakes" an attack in the direction he wishes the defender to go and then moves around him. Excellent for removing oneself from combat.
Difficulty: A Moderate Dodge roll is needed. Modified by opponent's Perception/Sense roll.
Effect: If successful, opponent moves around defender, while defender steps into direction attacker wanted. The attacker can flip, slide or move however it is necessary to end up behind defender.
Learning Time: 12 days for basic teaching; 30 days to be taught effectively (is taught side by side to Feint/Attack)

Name: Flip/Kick

Description: An unarmed defender grabs the attacker, falls to the ground, flipping himself backward, while kicking the attacker behind him.
Difficulty: The defender's brawling parry roll verses the attacker's weapon skill. If successful, the defender must make a Moderate Dexterity check to make sure he does not come in contact with the saber (no penalty - Reflex action).
Effect: If this maneuver is successful, it is considered a multiple action, so -1D. If it is successful, the defender rolls a brawling with an Easy difficulty for being point-blank. The attacker must now roll Strength vs. the defender's Strength for damage. The attacker must also roll a Moderate stamina check to make sure he's not disarmed.

Name: Double Slash

Description: A double slash starting at the upper right or left of the torso, and striking diagnally downward, then turning back towards the side, and again, cutting downward diagnally. There is no action penalty for this attack.
Difficulty: The difficulty is Very Difficult. Should the total be missed by more then 5, the attack missed completely, and the attacker is off balance for 1D rounds. If the total is missed by 10 or more, then the attacker inflicts damage upon himself.
Effect: Should the attack be successful, two damage rolls are made instead of one.

Name: Disarm

Description: This is to force the opponant to release his/her melee weapon.
Difficulty: This is a Very Difficult manuver to execute, because there is a +5 bonus to the defender.
Effect: The opponent's weapon is knocked from their grip. It will take an action to retrieve it.

Design Notes: Based loosely off the charachter from 'Samurai Showdown'

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