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Section of Site: The Force D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Jedi PowersEra: High RepublicCanon: Yes

Shon-Ju Unarmed Combat (New power)
         Control Difficulty: Difficult
         Sense Difficulty: Moderate
                 This power may be kept "up."

         Effect: Jedi use this power to use their hands to deadly effect in combat while also sensing their opponents actions through the force.

         This power is can be called upon during a battle and remains "up" until the Jedi is stunned, wounded or worse; a Jedi who has been injured or stunned may attempt to bring the power back "up." The Jedi can activate either part of this power, or both as desired, each requires an action. So the Jedi can activate either part, and then activate the other later as she requires.

         If the Jedi is successful in using this power, she adds her sense dice to her Brawling skill roll when attacking and her Brawling Parry when parrying. Because touching a lightsaber or blaster bolt would burn the Jedi, they Jedi may add part or all of her control dice to their strength for resisting damage (from the parried weapon only); players must decide how many control dice they are adding when the power is activated. The Remainder of the Control Dice may be added to their damage as per Lightsaber Combat.

         When used for parrying against lightsabers or blaster bolts, the Jedi would take damage from the attack (as their hands are touching it), but they may resist the damage normally, adding the allocated Control Dice.

         A Jedi who fails when trying to activate Shon-Ju Unarmed Combat may only use the Brawling skill for the duration of the combat.

         Finally, the Jedi may also use Shon-Ju Unarmed Combat to parry blaster bolts as a "reaction skill."

Description: Shon-Ju was an ancient force ability used to fight without lightsabers. Grand Master Pra-Tre Veter was a user of this ability.

Comments made about this Article!

15/Jan/2024 19:51:34 Posted by

Is this the same martial art and power used by Shon-Ju in that Clone Wars Adventures comics The Hands of Shon-Ju?

15/Jan/2024 20:10:06 Posted by Freddy

Strangely enough given the matching name, I think not. As this power is used by Pra-Tre Veter, some 100 years before the Clone Wars and Shon-Ju's story puts him as a Padawan while Dooku is a Sith.
But it could be they just named it after Shon-Ju, and didn't want to rename it for the High Republic era!

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