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Savage Opress (Dathomirian Zabrak Sith Lord)

Savage Opress (Dathomirian Zabrak Sith Lord)
Lan (Alien Drummer)

Lan (Alien Drummer)

Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: PlanetsEra: High RepublicCanon: Yes

Name: Batuu
Region: Outer Rim Territories, Galactic Frontier, Western Reaches
Sector: Trilon sector
System: Batuu system
Suns: 3:, Ubaat I, Ubaat II, Ubaat III
Moons: 2:, Destra, Valara
Grid square: G-15
XYZ coordinates: -401.72, -561.84, 004.32
Rotation period: 24 hours
Orbital period: 365 days
Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 12,750 kilometers
Atmosphere: Breathable
Climate: Temperate
Terrain: Cenotes, Forests, Mountains, Surface water, Rivers
Points of interest: Batuu Wilds, Black Spire Ruins, Surabat River Valley
Flora: Batuu tree, Surabat grain
Fauna: Acid-spitter, Batlizard, Batuuan braga bear, Batuuan Rat, Can-cell, Catfish, Demlin, Dugar dugar, Flintwing, Gruffin, Lahiroo, Ollopom, Naklor, Nightsnake, Pipa bird, Porg, Scalemonk, Skindle, Snarlok, Spiran Firefly, Starmark, Terra tree toad, Therii, Tooka, Tooke, Kowakian monkey-lizard
Other lifeforms: Golden Lichen
Native species: Ancients
Other species: Amani, Artiodac, Bith, Blutopian, Darshi, Devaronian, Grysk, Human, Ithorian, Jablogian, Karkarodon, Lurmen, Shistavanen, Toydarian, Twi'lek, Ugnaught, Weequay, Wookiee
Primary language(s): Galactic Basic Standard, Huttese, Rhodese, Twi'leki
Population: 200,000
Demonym: Batuuan
Major cities: Black Spire Outpost, Galma, Peka, Surabat
Major imports: Green milk, Blue milk, Soda
Affiliation: Jedi Order, First Order

Description: Batuu was a remote terrestrial planet on the edge of the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories, in the Batuu system of the Trilon sector. Batuu's surface was covered in jungles, oceans, and the petrified remains of ancient trees, referred to by the local Batuuans as "spires," which towered over the planet's landscapes. Millennia before the rise of the Galactic Empire and prior to the invention of hyperspace travel, Batuu was a popular stopping point for those traveling to Wild Space and the Unknown Regions. However, the opening of hyperspace routes caused the planet to be bypassed, resulting in the deterioration of the planet's reputation into that of a forgotten backwater world.

The largest settlement on the planet was the ancient trading post Black Spire Outpost. By the time of the war between the Resistance and the First Order, the outpost had devolved into a seedy smuggler's haven run by the intimidating Blutopian Oga Garra. The world was also home to farming communities, such as Peka and Surabat, and the town of Galma, known for its mechanics.

Batuu was a temperate planet that was located on the edge of the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories, within the Trilon sector's Batuu system. The planet orbited three suns—Ubaat I, Ubaat II, and Ubaat III. The world was the location of Black Spire Outpost, a haven for those looking to avoid attracting too much attention to themselves. Batuu's market stalls were known to have all sorts of items from all parts of the galaxy.

Batuu was once host to massive trees, though the giants were destroyed during a cataclysm that devastated the planet's surface. The remains of the trees became petrified gray and brown stone that towered over their surroundings and were referred to by local Batuuans as "spires." Those spires became landmarks for settlers. A smaller species of dark green conifers called Batuu trees grew in stony soil or clung to rocky surfaces across the planet.

Golden Lichen was a native form of lichen that grew on many of the planet's towering spires and buildings. Nicknamed "gold dust," it was harvested for use as a cooking spice and a clothing dye.

Batuu was host to a variety of different creatures, including the Batlizard, Batuuan braga bear, dugar dugar, lahiroo, pipa bird, Snarlok, nightsnake, terra tree toad, Batuuan Rat, and Spiran Firefly. Catfish also lived in the sinkholes.

In 34 ABY, creatures such as demlins, acid-spitters and Kowakian monkey-lizards could be found in regions of the Batuu Wilds such as around the Three Suns Overlook, Dead Root Refuge and Hissiq Springs. At that time, porgs could also be seen at Seezelslak's cantina.

Early history
Millennia before the first settlers landed on Batuu, the planet was covered in giant trees. These trees supposedly held advanced forms of sentience, allowing the trees to consciously communicate and influence their surroundings. Over the years, the trees fostered different forms of life including a race called the fae. Using the fae, the trees were able to spread across the land. Eventually, the trees decided to create more diverse forms of life, suited to survive in different parts of the planet. This inevitably created an offshoot colony of fae who laid demands for resources from their original progenitors. Unable to heed the demands of this colony, war broke out between the two factions. At some point, a third faction, the newest colony of the trees, entered the war in an attempt to force peace. As a result of the war, the factions of the fae kept finding newer and better ways of extracting energy and creating weapons. This led many of the fae to extract the energy of the trees themselves, resulting in a cataclysm.

That cataclysm resulted in the trees being destroyed, and they eventually became petrified. The world was first settled by Ariana Surabat and the crew of her ship, the Ravenstar. Batuu was a prominent trade post in the time before advancements in hyperspace technology. It was used as a popular stop-off along older routes for those who headed into Wild Space. However, after new well-charted hyperspace routes were established, the planet was bypassed by most travelers. It became a port for smugglers, gamblers, and explorers who traveled from the galactic frontier further into Wild Space and a haven for those who prefer life in the shadows.

During the High Republic Era, the Jedi Order maintained a Jedi temple on Batuu. A model of security droid helped the Jedi there. In the temple, the Jedi took to studying an ancient Sith Runestone, which began an incident. Sylvestri Yarrow and her crew came to owe a debt, which was hard for them to pay off, on Batuu.

Clone Wars
During the Clone Wars, a galactic-wide conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Separatist Alliance, a cantina owned by the bartender Janott at Black Spire Outpost on Batuu, was used as a transfer point by Separatists working for the Serennian Duke Solha. The Separatists transported equipment and materials via the cantina to Solha's droid factory on the planet Mokivj, the freighter Larkrer being among this operation. However, Janott additionally conspired with a smuggler gang to steal some of the Separatist's supplies, with the Separatist cargo inspector Oenti in on the scheme.

In 19 BBY, Duja, a handmaiden working for the Republic Senator Padmé Amidala, discovered the Separatist operations on Batuu but was in turn found out by the Separatists, who killed her. This, however, was not before the handmaiden sent a message out to Amidala. The senator subsequently traveled to Batuu herself to investigate what had happened to Duja after she failed to reach her handmaiden. Meanwhile, the Separatists, believing Duja was a thief, began investigating for more potential thieves.

A senator's investigations
Amidala arrived at a landing area near Black Spire, where her H-type Nubian yacht quickly brought the attention of two individuals at a nearby freighter. When one of them, a human, asked questions, Amidala provided a cover story that she was delivering the starship to a man named Kuseph Jovi, and the human pointed her in the direction of Janott's Cantina to find the fictitious individual. The senator made her way to the cantina, where she found that Duja's body had been laid in a funeral pyre outside the cantina. Entering Janott's cantina, Amidala spoke with Janott, detailing her made-up transaction with Jovi and inquiring about Duja's fate.

Returning to her ship, Amidala traveled to where she had originally intended to meet Duja in hopes of finding the handmaiden's vessel, the Possibility. After locating Duja's starship, the senator investigated the vessel and discovered that Duja had uncovered a Separatist factory on Mokivj, the one owned by Solha. Thus, Amidala decided to go to Mokivj. During her departure, the Batuu police, suspecting she was a smuggler, went after her. The police attempted to intercept the Possibility but failed to take down the vessel, which was too fast for law enforcement.

More unwanted visitors
With Amidala having seemingly disappeared, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, the senator's secret husband, made his way to Batuu in search of the senator. Arriving above the planet, the Jedi encountered another starship piloted by the Chiss Ascendancy Commander Thrawn. The Chiss conversed with Skywalker and decided to join the Jedi on his mission. The pair traveled down to Batuu, finding Amidala's ship. The vessel was being investigated by Janott's smuggler comrades, who had intended to escape Batuu at that landing spot in fear of the Separatists' investigations into the thefts. Skywalker engaged with the smugglers, but Thrawn intervened, and the chief of the smugglers explained how the landing spot was normally reserved for them.

After searching aboard Amidala's ship, Skywalker and Thrawn decided to go to Black Spire and find information regarding the senator. The pair found Janott's cantina, meeting Janott himself, showing the bartender holograms of Duja and Padmé, and offering him money for information. After Janott denied that he had seen either, the mugs on the bar exploded as a trap for Skywalker and Thrawn, releasing gas. Four armed Separatists, who had followed the pair to the cantina, then attacked them but were defeated in the skirmish. Janott had fallen unconscious in the fight. Knowing that another gunman was waiting outside the cantina, Skywalker carried one of the dead Separatists dressed in Thrawn's attire to his Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor while Thrawn followed the fifth gunman.

Uncovered operations
Wedging the decoy body onto the interceptor, Skywalker flew his starfighter above Black Spire but was interrupted when a small explosion occurred on the portside repulsorlift. Having lost the decoy body, the Jedi emergency landed on a landing field near the outpost, defeating a droid that attacked him. Thrawn had followed the fifth gunman to the landing field and defeated him when the Separatist arrived at the Larkrer. After reuniting, the Chiss and Skywalker boarded the freighter and defeated two more droids that guarded the vessel. The pair then discovered the Larkrer's destinations, including Mokivj, and that some of the materials were being stolen, linking this to Janott and the smugglers.

At this time, the unconscious Janott had been taken by some smugglers into a shop, with Oenti and four Separatist thugs gathered outside the building, which had a locked door. Thrawn had learned of this and informed Skywalker, the pair traveling towards the shop. As Oenti and his men got ready to enter the building, Skywalker and Thrawn attacked them, defeating the Separatists swiftly. The pair then took Oenti inside the shop and confronted Janott and the smugglers. Thrawn exposed their operations, as well as the thefts by the smugglers. The Chiss further deduced that Mokivj was the location of the factory that the Separatists were supplying.

In reaction to Thrawn's exposé, Oenti attacked Skywalker, and a shootout began, with only Janott surviving as the Jedi and Thrawn came out victorious. The pair then questioned the bartender on what had happened to Amidala, with Janott explaining the senator's eventual departure. After advising the bartender to leave Batuu, Thrawn and Skywalker left the shop and took control of the Larkrer. The pair traveled to Mokivj to investigate Solha's droid factory, which they eventually destroyed.

Imperial era
The Republic eventually transitioned into the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY. Sometime between 2 BBY and 0 BBY, groups of Darshi, a species that traveled both Wild Space and the Unknown Regions, migrated to Batuu, claiming that they were going on a pilgrimage to the planet for some time. The Darshi built houses at Black Spire, forming a communications triad to communicate far into the Unknown Regions, and took up landing spots, discouraging many traders. At the houses, the Darshi used hibernation chambers to imprison Force-sensitive Chiss children for the Grysk Hegemony, an enemy faction of the Chiss Ascendancy who had enslaved the Darshi as a “client species.” The Grysks sought to use the children and their powers to navigate the treacherous spaces of the Unknown Regions, much like the Chiss themselves did.

The Force-sensitive Chiss caused a disturbance in the Force, which Sheev Palpatine, the Galactic Emperor, sensed and located to Batuu. In response, the Emperor sent his Sith apprentice, Darth Vader, who was secretly Skywalker, and Thrawn, now a Grand Admiral in the Empire's navy, to deal with the disturbance. The reunited pair traveled to Batuu aboard Thrawn's flagship, the modified Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Chimaera, traveling down to Black Spire aboard a small freighter that also belonged to Thrawn. Studying the area from above, the Grand Admiral deduced the presence of the communications triad, also becoming suspicious of the number of starships at the landing area.

Imperial intervention
Above Batuu, the officers aboard the Chimaera, including Commodore Karyn Faro, became aware of four Grysk transports and a pair of Grysk heavy freighters arriving. At this time, Vader and Thrawn traveled into Black Spire, discussing the presence of the Darshi and whether they were a threat. The pair entered the Janott's old cantina, approaching the bartender Nodlia, who explained how the Darshi had changed things at Black Spire. At this time, the Darshi at the cantina, under orders from the Grysks, passed around weapons in preparation for a distraction. Thrawn then received word from Faro about the transports and heavy freighters. The Darshi attacked Vader and Grand Admiral shortly after but were ultimately defeated.

One of the Grysk freighters came down to Batuu, destroying two Darshi houses of the communications triad to land and collect the Force-sensitive Chiss children. Vader had members of his personal legion approach the Grysk freighter in orbit above Batuu aboard their freighter, named the Darkhawk. The Grysk vessel noticed the Darkhawk and broke its orbit in an attempt to escape. However, Defender Squadron One, a squadron of Imperial TIE/d "Defender" Multi-Role Starfighters led by Commander Vult Skerris, disabled the Grysk freighter, scattering the four Grysk transports. The Darkhawk then clamped onto the freighter, with the legion troops, led by Stormtrooper Commander Kimmund, boarding the Grysk vessel.

While the crew of the Grysk freighter destroyed its cargo before their vessel was completely taken over, the other Grysk freighter fled Batuu and escaped into hyperspace. At the surface of Batuu, Thrawn and Vader investigated the remaining Darshi communications triad, finding ten hibernation chambers. They then went to investigate the Darshi bodies at the cantina, finding that more of their species had recovered their bodies already. After the pair learned that the Grysk had been controlling the Darshi all along, they returned to the Chimaera above Batuu. The Chimaera subsequently departed the system shortly after.

Valance versus the Devaronians
In 3 ABY, the cyborg bounty hunter Beilert Valance traveled to Batuu for a job involving the capture of members of a Devaronian clan within Black Spire Outpost. Engaging in a firefight with the clanmates, Valance eliminated the majority of the Devaronians before the remaining member hijacked a landspeeder. The Devaronian then drove at Valance to avenge his fallen clanmates, but the cyborg knocked him off of the speeder with a moisture vaporator pipe, leaving the clanmate unconscious. Valance departed after when he was informed by his droid companion Nine-Four-El of a new bounty.

Guavian Death Gang raid
In 34 ABY, a freighter owned by Droid Depot's Mubo was attacked by the Guavian Death Gang, led by Quarren pirate Tara Rashin. A droid repair technician managed to escape by crash-landing on Batuu. The technician, running errands for cantina owner Seezelslak, defeated the Guavian Death Gang members who landed on the planet and retrieved some of Mubo's lost cargo.

The First Order and the Resistance
Their search led them to Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities, where they questioned the shopkeeper Dok-Ondar. The Ithorian interpreted the First Order sergeant's questions as veiled threats and claimed he was nothing but a humble proprietor. The sergeant, however, had heard of Dok-Ondar's reputation as a talent in selling and acquiring valuable artifacts and thus suspected the Resistance could have reached out to him in an attempt to gain access to the lightsaber of the Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi, who had died during the Clone Wars. After enduring a lecture from Dok-Ondar on the historical account of how he acquired the lightsaber and how the First Order would need the cooperation of Black Spire Outpost denizens if they wished for a successful mission on Batuu, the sergeant and his troops left the shop, having gotten reports of Resistance activity in the nearby market.

Four months after the Battle of Crait in 34 ABY, General Leia Organa sent the spy Vi Moradi and the former First Order stormtrooper Captain Archex to build a new base on Batuu. When the two journeyed to the planet, though were caught in a skirmish between two smugglers upon arrival that forced them to crash land. Their ship was ransacked by the crew of the local crime boss, Oga Garra, who controlled the outpost. Moradi took a job at Savi & Son Salvage to earn enough to buy back her stolen supplies. She met Garra, who said that if Moradi brought back a certain artifact from the ruins, Moradi could have her property back. Moradi also negotiated for Garra to allow the Resistance to use the ruins as a base. Meanwhile, the First Order was alerted to the Resistance presence on Batuu, and Lieutenant Wulfgar Kath and twenty stormtroopers were dispatched to investigate.

Moradi successfully retrieved the artifact, but was pursued by the First Order and became poisoned by traps in the ruins. She was rescued by Dolin and his truffleboar Waba and brought to his grandmother Grana for healing. Moradi persuaded Dolin to join the Resistance, although it left him estranged from his grandmother. Moradi regained most of her property from Garra except her long-range comm array, which was what she needed to update General Organa on her situation. When Moradi went to town to buy one, she met and defended a Chadra-Fan named Kriki whose employer was mistreating her. Kriki also chose to join the Resistance and helped Moradi with running her errands and technological expertise in fixing up the new base in the ruins. Later on, Moradi recruited the drunken but charismatic Zade Kalliday, who helped manage the recruitment of Resistance personnel. Soon after, Moradi was picking up lunch when she witnessed stormtroopers harassing two old women for information on Moradi. When she intervened, she was taken prisoner.

After undergoing interrogation by Kath, Moradi was rescued by her recruits. They tapped into the First Order's network and sent out a message to the Resistance, but Organa was unable to send support. By then, multiple stormtroopers had been killed, leaving only twelve, but still enough to outnumber the Resistance. The group made a plan to get the First Order to leave Batuu. Moradi pretended to get captured to keep Kath distracted while Kriki programmed the First Order ship to send a message that the Resistance was no longer a concern on Batuu, and then self-destruct. Young people from Dolin's homestead joined the cause due to the First Order killing two villagers, but they were untrained and took casualties. Archex got Kath to take him prisoner, knowing that Kath would not leave without a victory such as capturing Archex. Kriki's reprogramming was a success; when the ship blasted off, it sent the message and exploded with Kath and Archex on board. After Moradi recovered from her injuries, she met with Garra who returned her long-range comms array as a thank-you for getting rid of the First Order. Moradi notified Organa that the base was established and ready for use as a Resistance fleet waypoint.

About two months after the establishment of the Resistance base, the First Order's 709th Legion landed on Docking Bay 9 in Black Spire Outpost. Under the command of Lieutenant Agnon, the forces of the 709th, commonly referred to as the "Red Fury," searched the outpost for Resistance spies.

Soon the notorious Kendoh Gang arrived in Black Spire Outpost with the intent of stealing the hilt of the Sword of Khashyun from Dok-Ondar. The group already possessed the blade and was intent on cashing in with their anonymous benefactor by assembling the completed sword. During their time there, the First Order put out an arrest warrant for Remex Io, the crew's Clawdite member. Dok-Ondar's fixer, Varg, had notified the First Order of Io's presence, and Io was confronted by stormtroopers. He fled into the market and was pursued by the troopers, resulting in the death of a nearby civilian. After losing sight of Io, the stormtroopers were informed by a local, who was actually Io using his natural shape-shifting abilities, that their target was running toward the spaceport. Varg then caught Io himself, incapacitating him and then using his own shapeshifting powers to impersonate him and join up with Kendoh Voss and Wooro at Oga's Cantina. Voss spoke with Hondo Ohnaka, a former pirate captain who ran Ohnaka Transport Solutions, about their heist, unaware Ohnaka was in league with Dok-Ondar.

Ohnaka eventually reported back to Dok-Ondar but was spied on by a cam droid operated by the Kendoh Gang. When Voss and Wooro moved to steal the hilt, a group of stormtroopers surrounded the would-be thieves as well as Dok-Ondar, all of whom the First Order thought had possible ties to the rise in Resistance activity in the area. When the First Order inquired about Voss' activities, the gangster knocked over a kyber statue, which deflected the blaster fire aimed at her. Voss escalated the chaos by unleashing a baby sarlacc and using the opportunity to pass Wooro the hilt. However, Wooro would give the hilt to Io, who was actually Varg. The group escaped the First Order but soon realized that they had been tricked. Wooro found Io back at the ship and realized the hilt had been stolen back. Dok-Ondar then contacted Voss via hologram, saying that he had been the anonymous benefactor and told them that their payment was a favor he did for them, which was to trick the First Order into pursuing an anonymous lead that would give them time to escape.

During the First Order's occupation, stormtroopers frequently patrolled the outpost as they stayed alert to signs of the Resistance.

The people native to Batuu were known as Batuuans. Batuuans greeted each other by saying "bright suns" during the day, and "rising moons" at night. "'Til the spire" and "may the spires keep you" were common farewells. The planet's locals spoke Galactic Basic Standard, Huttese, Rhodese, and Twi'leki.

Black Spire Outpost
Blue Glass Arrow Main article: Black Spire Outpost
The planet's largest population center, Black Spire Outpost, was neighbored by rural settlements. In 34 ABY, the outpost had a spaceport for starship arrivals. Locals arrived by foot or by landspeeder, with some utilizing Savi's Path.

Black Spire Outpost Market housed several local merchants, including Black Spire Outfitters, Creature Stall, Jewels of Bith, Toydarian Toymaker, and The Wooden Wookiee. Eateries such as Ronto Roasters and Kat Saka's Kettle were also found in the market.

Outside of the market, Docking Bay 7 at the end of Merchant Row was the location of Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, containing many converted cargo pods used by local vendors who sold wares such as meat and fresh crops. Another pod had a full kitchen within that was used by weekly guest chefs who docked their food freighters on the roof above the hangar. Local Batuuans worked at the pod where customers placed orders. Merchant Row continued to Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities, Oga's Cantina, the Milk Stand, and First Order Cargo within Docking Bay 9.

The industrial Land Port contained Black Spire Station, Droid Depot, and Savi's Workshop.

Other settlements
Peka and Surabat were also Batuaan communities. Galma was known for its illegal podracing.

Places of Interest
Batuu Jedi temple
Established along the Galactic Frontier in the Trilon sector, the Batuu Jedi temple was set up as a research facility for the Jedi Order, not far from Black Spire Outpost. Located within a forest punctuated by the petrified trunks of enormous trees, the Temple itself was a large facility with several large towers of white stone. The main body of the Temple was a large, blocky building with two short wings protruding on either side of the building. One end of the main structure was surrounded by several small towers buttressing its walls. On either side of the Temple were two tall towers that were capped by a domed roof that bulged out just below the peak. A larger central spire erupted from the center of the Temple, the pinnacle of which resembled the three-finned crown of the Grand Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

The interior of the Temple was austere and sparse, with large open rooms connected by pillared halls. The Temple's main hall, constructed of white stone, contained a large statue of a Jedi surrounded by doors that opened onto exterior balconies. Just off the hall was a chamber which housed several artifacts, including an ancient Sith Runestone which was permeated by the dark side of the Force. An Archives, located in a small rotunda, contained a wealth of journals and holobooks just off of a large main hall. Down a winding set of stairs was a specialized containment room equipped with electrical nodes and a scaleable control floor and observation portal. A large, circular lecture hall with a circular speaker's pit ringed by benches was the crosspoint of a number of corridors near the artifact containment rooms. A metal dome over the speaker's pit denoted astronomical bodies, with a replica of the planet Batuu sitting at the center of the hall.

In 382 BBY, After the Mission to Gloam, Rooper Nitani travelled to Batuu and spent time in the archives reading journals and holobooks to better prepare for her future missions on the Galactic Frontier. Merak was a Gran Jedi Master who served as the archivist of the Batuu Jedi temple archive.

During the High Republic Era, Jedi Master Sylwin worked within the Temple with several other Jedi, including her Padawan Ady Sun'Zee. During the Jedi's study of an ancient Sith Runestone delivered to the Temple by Jedi Master Cohmac Vitus, the dark side energies that inhabited the crystal were unleashed and corrupted the Temple and Sylwin and the other Jedi succumbed to the whispers in their minds. Before succumbing to unconsciousness, Sun'Zee was able to activate the Temple's distress beacon and signal the Jedi High Council that the Temple was in trouble. When Sun'Zee awoke three days later, she was attacked by demlins, native creatures that had been corrupted and made feral by the runestone's influence from deep in the Temple. Unable to remember what happened, Sun'Zee was relieved when Grand Master Yoda arrived in response to the signal. Entering the Temple, the Jedi found it filled with ominous dark vines emanating from the runestone. Fighting through the corruption and the Temple's security systems, together Sun'Zee and Master Yoda were able to contain the darkness back inside the rhinestone's casing. While Sun'Zee had been convinced that she had killed the other Jedi at the Temple, Master Yoda assured her that it was an illusion create by the artifact, and that Sun'Zee's ability to resist it made her worthy of knighthood. Sealing the Temple with the Force, Yoda declared the Temple lost, and he and Sun'Zee returned to Coruscant.

A Relic in the Ruins
In 34 ABY, a Jedi artifact, known as the Mural of the Light was located by Deek in an archaeological site in the ruins of Sardeevem Chasm. While Deek believed it to hold historic value, antique dealer Dok-Ondar knew that the mural actually was a key to locating the treasure vaults in the lost Jedi Temple and hired a treasure hunter to retrieve the key for him. While Deek believed they were in danger, the Listehol Baron Yasto Attsmun, a band of pirates trailing behind him, and an independent hunter Lens Kamo all competed to find the cipher and the vault. Searching the Chasm for Deek and the cipher, it was soon revealed that Deek had indeed been killed after hiding the relic to prevent it from being sold on the black market. Searching further through the Chasm's excavation site, Dok-Ondar's hunter found where the Mural of the Light had been located before Deek had carved it from the wall. Continuing on, the hunter located a band of pirates trying to load the relic for transport and sale. Defeating the pirates and scanning the cipher, the hunter returned to Dok-Ondar's only to discover that the mural was only part of the cipher. Setting out to search the Cavern of the Moons for the rest of the cipher, the hunter located a stone altar dedicated to the Convergence of the Moons, which hid an ancient and secret vault more recently used by Deek to hide his treasures. Deep within the cavern's subterranean chambers, the hunter located a site that was adorned with Jedi murals depicting a mysterious ritual. Scanning the cipher embedded int he mural, the hunter was able to transmit their findings to Dok-Ondar for analysis.

Once deciphered, the key revealed the locations of the Temple ruins, and Dok-Ondar was able to surmise the existence of the ancient Sith Runestone left there by Master Yoda and Padawan Sun'Zee. Entering the Temple's lower levels, the hunter found it set with booby-traps laid by Lens Kamo. Evading the traps, the hunter eventually joined Kamo in infiltrating the vault, taking the runestone, and evading the defense droids sent out by Baron Attsmun. Eventually the pair were detained by the Baron's droids in one of the Temple's halls and Attsmun unleashed Kamo's former partner Ayuu, who had been cybernetically altered into a raging brute, against them. Ayuu smashed through the Temple's ancient foundations, sending the group tumbling into the caverns below. After Ayuu turned on the Baron and smashed his head in, the three treasure hunters escaped the ruins of the ancient Jedi Temple alive.

Batuu Wilds
The Batuu Wilds was an undeveloped region of the planet Batuu. It was composed of giant spires and rugged, rocky canyons. Some points of interest included the Three Suns Overlook, the Dead Root Refuge and the Hissiq Springs.

Black Spire Ruins
The Black Spire Ruins, called the old post by locals, or simply referred to as the ancient ruins, were located at the edge of Black Spire Outpost on the planet Batuu. Belonging to an ancient settlement and formerly the original outpost, the ruins were at one time the site of a temporary Resistance encampment, which the Resistance picked largely because it had been ideal for their needs. The encampment included a DF.12 Com Turret at an entrance that led directly into the ruins and into caves which included ancient artifacts and worship sites. The Resistance built their control center inside, in some cases cutting through rock to widen the caves.
Several Resistance recruits were once scrambled there alongside BB-8 to their fighters. Prior to a space battle with the First Order, a group of recruits departed from the ruins on a mission in a transport before the vessel's capture and eventual escape from a Star Destroyer.

Surabat River Valley
Surabat River Valley was a location on the planet Batuu that was named after the settler of the planet, Ariana Surabat, who laid down her flag in the valley upon her first arrival on the planet. The deep, curved valley was full of tall, pointed spires of rock that proved difficult for pilots to navigate through, many of which required very treacherous turns. The Surabat vicinity was located in the valley.

At some point after the Battle of Crait during the war between the First Order and the Resistance, the Ewok Peekpa hoped to explore the river valley while on Batuu. She posted a job listing in Black Spire Outpost requesting that someone help her find a new hang glider to explore the valley with. A visitor to the outpost responded, and successfully located the glider at Outer Rim Expedition and Supply, which Peekpa claimed she would pick up and use later on.

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