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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: High RepublicCanon: Yes

Name: Cyrus Vuundir
Homeworld: Vuundalla
Species: Humanoid
Gender: Male
Hair color: Purple
Eye color: Magenta
Skin color: Pink
Parent(s): Dafne Vuundir, Pychor Vuundir
Affiliation(s): Taborr's gang
Move: 8

        Blaster: 3D+2
        Brawling Parry: 4D+2
        Dodge: 4D+1
        Melee Combat: 5D+2
        Melee Parry: 5D+1
        Running: 5D+2
        Command: 4D+2
        Con: 6D
        Disguise: 5D
        Search: 4D
        Sneak: 5D
        Persuasion 5D+1
        Intimidation: 5D
        Languages: 3D+2
        Streetwise: 3D+2
        Survival: 3D
        Tactics: 4D
        Willpower: 5D
        Brawling: 4D
        Climbing/Jumping: 3D+2
        Astrogation: 4D
        Repulsorlift Operations: 3D+2
        Space Transports: 4D+2
        Starship Gunnery: 4D+1
        Droid Programming/Repair: 4D+2
        Repulsorlift Repair: 4D
        Space Transports Repair: 4D

        Credits: 2500
                Princes Wardrobe, Street Clothes, Electrostaff (Str+1D (physical)/5D (energy)), Helmet (+1D vs Physical Damage +2 vs Energy Damage), Starship, Comlink, Tools,


Description: Cyrus Vuundir was a prince of the planet Vuundalla. Unbeknownst to his parents, he also operated as a pirate under the alias Taborr Val Dorn. The pirate once stole the lightsaber of Jedi youngling Kai Brightstar, and often came into conflict with Brightstar and the other Jedi younglings of the planet Tenoo, including Lys Solay and Nubs. However, as Cyrus Vuundir, the prince befriended the three younglings when they visited Vuundalla.

Raiding Hap's Sap Tap
As a pirate, Taborr Val Dorn primarily worked on Tenoo; he and his gang, Pord and EB-3, frequently raided the Latero chef Hap's business, Hap's Sap Tap.

On one occasion, after intimidating Hap and pillaging his store, Val Dorn was confronted by a trio of Jedi Initiates—Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs, whose assistance Hap had requested. Brightstar demanded Val Dorn return Hap's belongings, which the pirate refused. Val Dorn then ordered his allies back to their transport, produced his electrostaff, and engaged Brightstar.

Val Dorn dueled Brightstar atop Hap's bar, while Lys and Nubs battled the others. Upon seeing that Pord and EB-3 were beaten, Val Dorn used a repulsor blast to dislodge several tree branches, threatening Hap's cafe and distracting his opponent. Val Dorn and his associates then ran away.

Making for his ship, Val Dorn ordered Pord and EB-3 to get the supplies on board. However, the Jedi defeated Val Dorn's gang. After retrieving Hap's things, Brightstar insisted that Val Dorn leave. The frustrated pirate complied, but swore revenge against the Jedi before departing.

Plotting against the Jedi
Val Dorn later monitored Brightstar and his companions, and conspired with Pord and EB-3 to sabotage the Jedi's next mission in an effort to remove them from Tenoo. Faking a distress signal, Val Dorn lured the Jedi outside of and away from their ship, the Crimson Firehawk, and stole it. Val Dorn attempted to sell seeds taken from the Firehawk to a Chagrian bartender, who dismissed him.

Brightstar, Solay, and Nubs later arrived at the pirates' starship to retrieve the seeds, where Val Dorn awaited them. Val Dorn engaged Brightstar in a brief rematch before utilizing a whipcord launcher to steal his opponent's lightsaber. Brightstar disengaged to rescue Nubs, who was in peril, and the Jedi departed in the Firehawk, leaving Val Dorn behind.

Junk theft
Val Dorn and his crew were later caught by the Tenoo Jedi younglings stealing materials from the junkyard of Marlaa Jinara. Taborr intended to use the junk to create a junk giant, with which he could impress older pirates at Yarrum Tower by stealing larger objects. In particular, he set his eyes on the statue of Kaliah Kublop in the heart of Kublop Springs. When the Jedi demanded he turn over the stolen materials, Val Dorn sent his junk giant to attack his enemies. Taborr and his crew escaped, and the junk giant trapped the Jedi within the warehouse using pieces of scrap.

With the Jedi subdued, Taborr sent his junk giant to steal the statue of Kaliah Kublop. Without the Jedi to stand in his way, the theft began quite smoothly, much to the young pirate's delight. To his dismay, however, the Jedi soon caught up and again demanded his acquiescence. Val Dorn once again sent his junk giant to fight off the Jedi, but the hunkering droid damaged a fountain and lost a hand in the process. As more locals were drawn to the commotion and the junk giant failing to subdue the Jedi, Taborr counted his losses and called for his gang to retreat. He considered the junk giant to be useless, and told the droid to continue fighting the Jedi as he fled. The Jedi were able to leverage the junk giant's programming to call off the attack, and eventually the droid came to work for Jinara in her junkyard.

Jellyfruit Theft
In another scheme aimed to impress the pirates at Yarrum Tower, Taborr and his gang used iron clamps attached to the Iron Talon to steal crates of jellyfruit from a Rodian family of horticulturalists on Tenoo the day of the Jellyfruit Festival. Mocking his victims as he fled, he inadvertently gave enough information that the young Jedi were able to predict his intent to sell the jellyfruit at Yarrum Tower.

Taborr and his crew headed to the market area of Yarrum Tower and began selling the jellyfruit out of one of the stolen crates. He advertised the product as natural and fresh produce from Tenoo. One of his customers, an Abednedo pirate named Chigg, soon helped up a young pirate girl he had bumped into, whose young companions asked the Abednedo about where he got his fruit. Chigg pointed them towards Taborr.

The young girl and her companions were Nash Durango and the young Jedi in disguise, having snuck into Yarrum Tower in pursuit of Taborr and his stolen fruit. As a masked Brightstar approached the jellyfruit stand, he convinced Taborr to throw him a sample. Though Taborr did not recognize his enemy through the disguise, a clumsy catch from Brightstar resulted in the boy falling and losing his helmet. Now exposed, Durango demanded Taborr give back the stolen fruit. Defiantly, Taborr sent Pord and EB-3 to push the hover-cart of fruit back to the Iron Talon. As Taborr and his gang fled through the marketplace, they did everything they could to slow the pursuing Jedi. In their haste, however, EB-3 accidentally bumped into a couple of canisters, which caused the cart to spin out of control before sliding down a ramp towards a docking ring. Val Dorn and Pord managed to leap of the cart before it toppled over, sending the crate of jellyfruit down the docking ring. The young Jedi were able to catch the crate with the Force and rescue the jellyfruit.

Val Dorn was deeply upset that the Jedi had thwarted yet another of his schemes. Worse for him, Solay informed the older pirates that Taborr had stolen the fruit from an old farmer and her grandkid, which brought the young pirate mockery from the others. He shouted that he was still an impressive pirate before storming off with his gang. Taking pity, Durango invited Val Dorn and his gang to share the jellyfruit with her and her friends. He accepted the offer, but Taborr did not share the jellyfruit with his friends.

Subsequently, as a result of their several encounters, Kai Brightstar began to fixate on Taborr in his Jedi training, going so far as dressing up a training droid as Val Dorn. This prompted Jedi Master Zia Zaldorr Zanna to teach the young Jedi about her complicated relationship with Ace Kallisto, a thief who played a similar role in her life to the role Taborr played in Kai's. As a result of this lesson, Brightstar reevaluated his fixation on beating Taborr, focusing instead on hoping that Taborr could do good things in the future.

The Princess's Gift
When Princess Inaya's ship broke down on Tenoo, she booked Durango Shuttle Service to deliver a gift to her father for his royal celebration. Secretly watching, Taborr and his gang stalked the Crimson Firehawk in the Iron Talon, intercepting the ship before it could jump to hyperspace. The pirate announced his desire to take the princess's gift, and pursued the Crimson Firehawk. He successfully shot and disabled the Firehawk's shields and lateral controls.

As Durango and the young Jedi, who helped escort the princess, were fixated on repairs, Val Dorn sent EB-3 and Pord to breach the Firehawk and steal the gift. Though successful in stealing the gift, the pirates were overheard by Inaya, who snuck aboard the Iron Talon before the ship took off, trapping her inside. Inaya managed to override the Iron Talon's controls, causing Val Dorn to lose control of his ship and crash near the Firehawk. She subsequently opened the gangplank, allowing the young Jedi to board the Iron Talon. The younglings breached the cockpit, and Brightstar began using the Force to steal back the gift.

Taborr and his crew caught the young Jedi in the act, and they quickly mobilized to fight off the Jedi incursion. As Taborr dueled with Brightstar, EB-3 and Pord fought to recover the gift. Eventually, Inaya recovered her present and hit the controls to close the gangplank. The Jedi and Inaya managed to escape the ship with the gift, but Taborr and his crew remained trapped inside their ship.

Train Heist
A later scheme intended to impress the Yarrum pirates involved stealing a shipment of wood of Tenoo tree roots from a train. As the train headed towards a forest village to be used as construction material, Taborr and his gang landed a speeder atop the automated vehicle. To his dismay, Val Dorn soon found the young Jedi alerted to his presence. The pirate sent EB-3 into the engineering car to take control of the automated train while he and Pord fought off the Jedi.

Taborr managed to push Brightstar into the back car of the train, separating him from his allies. In the ferocity of their fight, Taborr’s vambrace and comms unit were damaged by Brightstar's lightsaber. As they fought in the front of the car, Taborr seized an opportunity to strike Brightstar with his electrostaff. When the Jedi initiate jumped out of the way, Taborr accidentally struck the coupling connecting the cars, severing it. Despite the efforts of Pord, Solay, and Nubs, Val Dorn's car came to a stop as the rest of the train continued towards its destination.

With his comms down and trapped with his enemy, Val Dorn scoffed at Brightstar's decision to meditate. He resented that the Jedi garnered respect by virtue of their status, whereas he had to earn respect through prowess in piracy. Before long, Brightstar discovered a floor panel that provided access to a lever. By pumping the lever, the two could manually advance the train car. Despite their rivalry, the boys decided to collaborate in manually operating the car.

Dismayed by the tedious, slow progress of pumping the lever, Val Dorn quickly grew fatigued and frustrated. He began searching for a method to provide external power to the vehicle. He soon found a small power station that had potential to charge the car. Brightstar denounced Taborr for trying to steal logs that were intended to build homes for needy villagers. Surprised by their true purpose, Taborr helped secure the logs with a cable as a sudden jolt of power destabilized the hovering car. One log, however, fell to the forest floor. In spite of his indifference to one log, Taborr was convinced by Brightstar's altruism to rappel to the forest floor and collect the fallen log.

After eventually restoring an appropriate level of power to the disconnected train car, Val Dorn dialed up its speed to quickly approach the rest of the train. Though they came in too fast, the other Jedi were able to slow the train as EB-3 and Pord reconnected the train cars. The pirates quickly resumed fighting the Jedi, but Brightstar convinced Taborr to do the right thing in letting the logs help the villagers in need. Coming up with an excuse of the logs being too burdensome, Taborr and his gang let the logs be and fled the scene.

Captured by Ganguls
While burglarizing an unoccupied farm on Tenoo, Val Dorn and his crew found themselves distracted. Their lack of focus paved an opening for the Ganguls, another group of ne'er-do-wells based on Tenoo to throw a smoke bomb, capture EB-3 and Pord in an energy net, and board the Iron Talon while Taborr was occupied gathering more items to steal. Emerging from within the compound as the Iron Talon took off, Taborr quickly released his crewmates, ignoring their offers to help him, and grappled up to the rear hanger, sliding inside before the rear hatch closed.

A stowaway on his own ship, Taborr used his holoprojector to contact EB-3 and Pord back on the ground as he advanced towards the cockpit of the Talon. Nearing the thieves, he overheard that they were taking the ship to Dedoon to raid an abandoned outpost for rare droid parts to sell. Taborr relayed the information to his gang before being caught by Gangul members Sellaccc Orryak, Jooro Jarrot and Toda-Joh. Although he tried to fight off the thieves, the Ganguls confiscated Taborr's electrostaff and holoprojector before chucking him into the brig. When EB-3 and Pord reestablished the holo call, the Ganguls threatened not to pursue lest they be captured too.

With their leader captured, EB-3 and Pord ventured to Kublop Springs in search of support. After denials from locals previously scorned by the gang, the duo stumbled upon the young Jedi. Desperate for help and aware of the younglings' reputation as do-gooders, they asked Brightstar, Solay, and Nubs if they would help supply a ship to rescue Taborr. In spite of their suspicions of a potential trap, the Jedi agreed to help EB-3 and Pord and prepared the Firehawk. Meanwhile, Taborr attempted to break out of his brig, to no avail. Orryak soon approached, and Taborr was keen to ask her what plans she had with his ship. The Trandoshan informed Val Dorn that their plans to outgrow Tenoo required a ship like the Talon to make them the greatest pirates in the sector.

On the surface of Dedoon, the young Jedi, EB-3 and Pord soon hatched their plans to rescue Taborr and the Talon. While the Jedi distracted Jarrot and Toda-Joh, EB-3 and Pord snuck onto the Talon. Taborr was shocked to find his friends, but more upset than anything that his crew brought the Jedi along, believing they would make things worse. Unfortunately, Orryak overheard their conversation, and she intercepted the gang wielding Taborr's electrostaff. As the Trandoshan hunted EB-3 and Pord, they used their Jedi allies and various droids to confuse and distract Orryak. Pord then pulled the lever to seal the rear hatch, causing the many crates of cargo to fall on Orryak, trapping her under the rubble. The plan didn't hold, though, as Orryak escaped. Approaching Taborr to gloat, she tripped over a small droid, giving EB-3 and Pord an opening to release Taborr from the brig. Working together, the gang fought off the Trandoshan pirate and recovered their ship. Prompted by the Jedi, Taborr then gave a rare thank you to his friends and to the Jedi.

The Opal Cave
On Ootoo Prime, Val Dorn hatched a scheme to clear portions of the Ootoo gem mines of workers by leveraging a folktale of the huge shadow monster that supposedly haunted the Opal Cave. He set up a speaker system, fog machines, and shadow puppets deep within the Opal Cave to scare off the miners. Soon, he, EB-3 and Pord began harvesting the valuable Ootooan Opal gems unencumbered by the local population.

Eventually, a visit from the young Jedi to the mine led to local Ayva Ackler and the Jedi discovering Taborr's ruse. After dismantling the fake shadow monster apparatus, they heard voices deeper in the cave, and found Taborr's gang stealing the valuable opals. The Jedi soon overheard Taborr and EB-3 arguing over who came up with the plan, but decided to call for local reinforcements. Solay and Brighstar stayed behind to spy on the pirates as Nubs traveled back to the occupied portions of the mine.

Taborr and his gang disrupted the Jedi's plan by loading their stolen opals before Nubs could return with any locals. Improvising, Brightstar and Solay revealed themselves to stall Taborr, blocking his exit. In the ensuing fight, Val Dorn accidentally struck a load-bearing column with his electrostaff, triggering a cave-in. As the rubble cleared, Brightstar pleaded with Taborr to not steal the opals, as the gems were the Ootoo's livelihood. Taborr, however, believed that the Ootoo were too fearful, unlike himself. Interrupting his boast, several looming and ominous shadows began encroaching on Taborr's position. As the wails and moans persisted, and Taborr confirmed it was not the Jedi nor his friends that were creating the paranormal encounter. EB-3 and Taborr concluded that the legends of the shadow monster were actually true, and they fled towards their ship, leaving the Jedi to deal with the horrifying cave. Unbeknownst to Taborr, the scary shadows were illusions created by the Ootoo reinforcements called in by Nubs.

Groundquake on Vuundalla
That same year, a significant groundquake caused damage to Vuundir's home planet Vuundalla. As part of the relief effort, a contingent of Jedi from the Tenoo Jedi Temple, including Jedi Master Zia Zaldorr Zanna, Brightstar, Solay and Nubs, were dispatched to Vuundalla. They learned from villagers that there was an overt lack of support from the Vuundir royal family, who stashed an abundance of supplies in their palace. As the Jedi arrived at the castle gates, Prince Cyrus Vuundir arrived on a landspeeder. He was shocked to see his sworn enemies, but kept his cool as Master Zia explained their need to speak with his parents. The Jedi did not recognize that the prince was in fact their nemesis Taborr Val Dorn.

In the throne room, King Pychor and Queen Dafne were annoyed by Cyrus interrupting their snacking, and were more concerned about the minor damage to their fathier stable than the needs of the villagers. When Master Zia emphasized the desperation of their people, the king and queen decided to send Cyrus to assist the Jedi while Master Zia stayed behind to discuss Starlight Beacon with them. Cyrus discussed with the young Jedi how the villagers always took care of themselves and that he had never even met them.

In the decimated village, Cyrus was shocked to see the extent of the damage. A young girl, Mina, approached the group and profusely thanked Cyrus for his support along with a hug. Moved by the gesture, Cyrus devoted himself to helping the village despite the lack of support from his parents. He consulted the Jedi and planned to take supplies from the royal fathier stables for use in the village, claiming that his position as prince entitled him to do whatever he wanted. Brightstar then decided to join Cyrus on his mission.

At the fathier stables, Cyrus demanded the droids to hand over supplies, but they refused as the orders of king and queen superseded any orders of the prince. Cyrus defiantly ran to the hovercart and began to fight the droids, shutting them off one by one with a broom as Brightstar watched in horror. The ferocity of his attack, though, caused further damage to the stables. In the aftermath, Cyrus admitted to Brightstar that he was getting very tired of everyone telling him what to do, especially the young Jedi, who always seemed to make everything worse for him. Brightstar gave the prince a pep talk about how one can help people despite their age, so long as they choose to do so.

The boys rode the speeder, the supplies in tow, towards the village, but were stopped by a royal security droid demanding the return of the supplies and Cyrus to the palace. Cyrus found himself bested in combat by the droid, but Brightstar stepped in to support his new friend. Behind the boys, the king and queen announced their presence and demanded an explanation for his behavior. He shared with them the true need the village faced, and his parents admitted their pride towards his gumption, and committed to sharing some supplies. Their attention was soon diverted once more to political matters of the Outer Rim, leaving Cyrus to again feel ignored by his parents.

Back in the village, the Jedi finished reconstructing Mina's home, and Cyrus was warmed by Mina's appreciation of the difference he made. Cyrus and Brightstar shared a moment of banter before Brightstar realized he never properly introduced himself to the prince. The Jedi reached out his hand, and Cyrus hesitantly shook it, accepting the introduction. The boys, now friends, then continued their work to repair the village.

Facing the Comet Runners
Back on Tenoo, Taborr Val Dorn and his gang shoot down and raid the Jedi ship Star Seeker, stealing a crate full of valuable artifacts from across the galaxy. The droid pilot OG-LC called for support from his friends, the young Jedi, who quickly arrived at the scene. The droid showed the younglings the scan of the Iron Talon, and the Jedi recognized it immediately. They also correctly predicted that Taborr would be heading to Yarrum Tower in hopes of selling the valuable items.

In the marketplace of Yarrum Tower, Taborr caught the attention of Corr Taldaan and the Comet Runners, a group of ruthless pirates that he venerated. The older pirates nonchalantly confiscated the crate with the intention of selling it on Crescent Island. As the Comet Runners strode away, mocking Taborr, a surge of anger propelled the young pirate, and he charged at the Comet Runners with his electrostaff. Unfazed, Taldaan deployed ropes that easily tied up all three members of Taborr's gang before leaving with the Jedi artifacts.

Before long, Taborr and his gang were found by the young Jedi, who offer to untie the pirates if they gave information as to the whereabouts of the artifacts. Taborr reluctantly divulged his story of the Comet Runners. The Jedi and the young pirates decided to team up so that the Jedi could recover the artifacts and Taborr could prove his worth through defeating the Comet Runners. The combined group then boarded the Iron Talon and made their way towards Crescent Island.

On the small, sandy island, Taborr and the others infiltrated the Comet Runners' ship, noticing the pirates were nowhere to be seen. Unfortunately, they fell into a trap when Taldaan locked them in a cell behind an energy gate. The Comet Runners again belittled Taborr as an incompetent child before leaving to meet with a buyer. Defeated, Taborr felt that since he was a kid, he would never achieve his goal of being an amazing pirate. With support from the Jedi, he began to hatch a plan that would use their position as underestimated kids as an advantage.

When the Comet Runners' droid next approached the cell, Nubs pretended to desperately need the refresher. The group played up the harmlessness of a youngling to the droid, and it acquiesced, lowering the shield. The Jedi sprang on the opportunity, using the Force to throw the droid into crates across the cargo bay of the ship before the whole group ran to intercept the Comet Runners. They engaged in a fight with the Comet Runners, members of Taborr's gang supporting the Jedi and vice versa. The kids were able to defeat the Comet Runners. This impressed Taldaan, who asked the young pirate leader of his name, which he was happy to supply. The kids recovered the stolen artifacts and returned them to OG-LC. Taborr even willingly gave up the goods, as he successfully achieved his goal to make a name for himself in the pirate community.

The Dedication of Starlight Beacon
As the Dedication of the Starlight Beacon approached, Taborr foresaw an opportunity to steal the dedication plaque of the massive space station. Given the importance of Starlight to the Jedi, he figured that stealing the plaque would give him notoriety as the greatest pirate in the sector. He had EB-3 and Pord wait within the Iron Talon in case he needed to distract the Jedi.

On Vuundalla, Taborr removed his helmet and gear just in time to show the princely face of Cyrus Vuundir to his parents as they surprised him at his workshop, where they believed he simply played with toys. Cyrus and his parents soon made their way to Starlight Beacon. As the royal family entered a large atrium within the station, the king and queen left Cyrus to his own devices. Before he had the chance to initiate his heist, however, Brightstar, Solay, and Nubs came running up, happy to see their friend. Playing it cool, he saw the location in which the dedication plaque would eventually be mounted, on a collection of tall rocks between two curved staircases. The prince received confirmation of the plaque's intended destination from Jedi Master Estala Maru, head of Jedi operations on Starlight. He revealed that because the plaque was an important piece of the dedication, it would be safely kept in a storage room until the ceremonies began.

Seeing a way to still pull off his heist, Cyrus convinced the young Jedi to give him a tour of the space station. While touring an art museum filled with pieces donated by Republic member worlds, Cyrus's cover was nearly blown by persistent comms messages from EB-3 back on the Talon. Fortunately, he successfully played off the comms chatter as being his parents. Deciding to speed up the time scale, he asked the Jedi if he could see the dedication plaque up close. The trusting Jedi younglings were happy to take him to the storage room.

The vast, crowded storage room did not immediately reveal to the younglings the location of the plaque, so Cyrus seized the opportunity to convince the group to split up. This gave him the opportunity to contact the Iron Talon, asking his gang to create a distraction. He was nearly caught by Brightstar, but the two searched together to finally find the plaque sealed within a glass container. Before they could approach, the Jedi received an urgent comm from Nash Durango, alerting them that Taborr was flying his ship chaotically near the station. Cyrus could not help but insinuate that even he had heard of Taborr Val Dorn, that the pirate must be good and daring. The young Jedi set out to meet with Master Maru, leaving Cyrus alone with the dedication plaque.

Cyrus reached into his bag once the Jedi left and pulled out his pirate helmet, becoming Taborr Val Dorn once more. EB-3 and Pord were only able to hold out momentarily before two Jedi vectors shooed the Iron Talon away. As the young Jedi ran back to the storage room to meet up with Prince Cyrus, what they found was Taborr Val Dorn cutting a hole into the plaque's case. They realized Cyrus was missing, and Taborr had his bag. They assumed Taborr had done something to Cyrus, and told the pirate he had finally gone too far in stealing the dedication plaque. They drew their lightsabers, and Taborr used his vambrace to knock over a stack of crates onto the Jedi. He spotted a grate in the ceiling, and used an ascension cable to access it.

The Jedi gave chase as Taborr sprinted towards his parents' ship. Somewhat lost in the hallways of the station, however, the Jedi were able to catch up. They used the Force to try to steal his bag, but they lost their grip on it, sending it launching into a trash shoot. Taborr wasted no time in leaping after it, Brightstar, Solay, and Nubs in tow. The four landed in a smelly trash compactor, but Taborr couldn’t find the bag containing the plaque. The Jedi demanded to know where Cyrus was. Taborr was surprised they seemed to care more about the prince than the plaque. They told him they of course cared more about their friend than an object. After considering that they might actually accept him for who he is, Cyrus prepared to take his helmet off and reveal his identity to the Jedi when the trash compactor began to close in.

As the walls drew nearer, Taborr frantically searched for the plaque while Solay searched for an escape. She spotted a platform far above the compactor walls, and used Force jumps to ascend before lowering a rope for the others. Taborr finally found the plaque in the murky waters, but got his ankle caught in scrap. He begged for help from the Jedi, and Brightstar came to his rescue, reaching out his hand. After thanking the Jedi, Taborr grappled up to the platform alone and began running again while the Jedi were still occupied with escaping the trash compactor.

In the hallways, they followed the mechanical buzzing of busted door controls to find Taborr in a large reactor room on the station. Brightstar intercepted the pirate on a bridge, asking Taborr why he would go through all this effort for a simple plaque. Knowing the Jedi would not give up, Taborr charged at Brightstar with his electrostaff, the two dueling atop the bridge. He asked Brightstar why they cared about the weak little Prince Cyrus, and Brightstar shared that Cyrus had a good heart and was strong. Taborr bested the Jedi youngling in combat, and grumbled that Cyrus was not strong; his parents ruled over the planet caring for no one but themselves, so Cyrus was weak because he could not do anything to help others. Without revealing his identity, he admitted that he did things like steal the plaque because it was something he actually could do, which was real power.

Distracted by his monologue, Solay and Nubs were able to sneak up behind Taborr and Force pull the plaque from him, reclaiming it. Surrounded by lightsabers, Taborr promised to tell them where Cyrus was on the condition that they let him leave. As a show of good faith, he called the Iron Talon and asked them to release Prince Cyrus immediately, even though he was never actually captured. EB-3 and Pord played along, ameliorating the Jedi. He ensured they did not follow by threatening that they would never see Cyrus again.

At the dedication plaque ceremony, the young Jedi were reunited with Prince Cyrus, and he lied to them that he was in the pirates' captivity and was only set free because of his friends, friends the likes of which he had never had before. Cyrus watched as Grand Master Yoda gave a dedication speech for the plaque and the station it represented. As the room cleared, the others making their way to a speech from Chancellor Lina Soh, Cyrus contemplated the plaque. He was approached by Yoda, who sensed much conflict in the prince, but also greatness if he would make the right choices going forwards, as the future was up to him. Considering that, Cyrus joined the young Jedi in an assembly room for another dedication ceremony.

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