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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: High RepublicCanon: Yes

Name: Tey Sirrek
Species: Sephi
Gender: Male
Height: 1.85 meters
Hair color: White
Eye color: Purple
Skin color: Purple
Affiliation(s): Guardians of the Whills, Convocation of the Force
Move: 10

        Blaster: 4D+2
        Brawling Parry: 5D
        Dodge 7D
        Melee Parry 5D+1
        Melee Weapons 4D+1
        Pickpocket: 5D+2
        Bargain: 4D+2
        Con 6D+1
        Hide 5D
        Investigation 5D+2
        Persuasion 5D+2
        Search 5D+2
        Sneak 6D+1
        Bureaucracy: 4D+2
        Languages 5D
        Scholar; Jedi Lore: 4D
        Streetwise 6D+1
        Survival 5D+1
        Willpower 6D
        Brawling 4D+2
        Climbing/Jumping: 6D
        Repulsorlift Operation: 4D
        Security: 5D+2

Special Abilities:
         Pheromone Blast: Sephi are capable of emitting a pheromone that was capable of knocking other beings unconscious with the sensation of being close to death, an ability developed by their ancestors as protection against predators. They target a being within 5 meters, and perform a stun attack doing Perception+2D damage. This is a chemical based attack, so is protected from with respirators or other chemical protection gear.

Story Factors:
         Tapered Ears: Sephi have long tapered ears that can twitch, swivel and flatten in accordance with the emotional state of the subject. This lets anyone detect the mood of the Sephi with an Alien Races Moderate skill test.

Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 4
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 12

Equipment: Concealed Blaster Pistol (4D), Street Clothes, Comlink, Hand of Siberus

Description: Tey Sirrek was a Sephi male thief who lived during the High Republic Era. A former Guardian of the Whills, Sirrek instead became a vigilante thief in the hopes of helping people. In 382 BBY, he had ultimately uncovered a conspiracy in which many artifacts went missing throughout the Holy City of the moon Jedha, but his investigation lead him to be implicated in the bombing at the Temple of the Kyber, and was thus imprisoned by the Guardians. After freeing himself from the temple while it was being raided, Sirrek fought alongside Jedi Matthea Cathley and Vildar Mac in the Battle of Jedha, which was sparked by the anti-Jedi Path of the Open Hand cult. Near the end of the battle, Sirrek and Mac confronted Werth Plouth, the Path's Herald and the Children of the Open Hand, a subgroup of the Path, successfully defeating them despite their use of the living weapon known as the Leveler and getting Plouth arrested. Sirrek formed a strong kinship with Mac due to the experience, and the two shared their beliefs that the Path had been behind the bombing and the artifacts going missing. In the aftermath of the battle, Sirrek was given a seat on the Convocation of the Force, a council of religious groups, where he independently represented those without an affiliation to said groups.

Guardian of the Whills
Tey Sirrek was a Sephi male who lived during the High Republic Era. He was a member of the Guardians of the Whills, but an incident in 387 BBY involving the death of street children, including the Cragmoloid Flim, led him to assassinate the murderer Anst Wozo, forcing him to distance himself from the organization.

Life as a thief
Later he considered himself a defender of the oppressed and was a skilled thief. In 382 BBY, Sirrek discovered that there had been robberies of artifacts all over the Holy City of the Pilgrim Moon Jedha. He arranged a meeting in the Wayfarer Quarter of the Shrine of Sarrav with a Sarravi woman named V'Kara who had information about the robberies, but was not listened to by the groups she went to with her information.

Before the planned time of the meeting, Sirrek went to the Jedha marketplace where Ran Yaltan, who claimed to be the last of the Truthsayers of Bpfassh was putting on a show. A member of the crowd claimed that Yaltan was a fraud, but Sirrek went to calm them, telling them that they shouldn't be unpleasant right before the Festival of Balance. When asked, Sirrek told them that the Convocation of the Force announced it, but the individual said that the Convocation didn't have a right to force their celebration upon them. Then Jedi Padawan Matthea Cathley inserted herself into the conversation, giving Sirrek the opportunity to steal an object from the annoyed individual. However, Jedi Master Vildar Mac, who was with Cathley, spotted Serrik steal and chased after him, but Sirrek managed to elude the Jedi.

Conflict with the Jedi
Sirrek then went to the Shrine of Sarrav to meet with V'Kara, but discovered her dead on the shrine's floor. Master Mac spotted Serrik in the shrine and recognized him as the thief from earlier, immediately jumping to the conclusion that Sirrek had killed her and swung his lightsaber at him. Sirrek dodged all of Mac's strikes easily to the Jedi's bewilderment, Sirrek claiming that he could do so because he had mastered many Force powers, including Vitali, Cry of the Broken King, and Morichro. Mac claimed that Morichro was a myth, but Sirrek placed his hand on Mac's chest and stopped his heart, claiming that he had used the technique. In reality, Sirrek had just used a pheromone his ancestor's had developed that temporarily knocked people down.

After Mac came to, the Jedi used a unique Force ability to track Sirrek to Enlightenment, a bar in the city. Mac spotted Sirrek going to leave and threw a knife into his cloak that halted his movement. Mac claimed to the bar's owner, Kradon Minst, that Sirrek was a dark side user who had used Morichro, but after Mac described the ability, Minst turned to Sirrek and asked if he should tell the Jedi or allow him to. After ripping his cloak to get free, Sirrek introduced himself to Mac, claiming he was a righter of wrongs, with Minst adding that he was a Sephi. When Mac claimed Sirrek was a murderer, Sirrek showed him a hologram recording that his droid projected and explained that he had discovered her dead and was really going to meet with her about missing artifacts. He also explained that he had used no magic against Mac and explained the special pheromone. He then gave Minst extra credits for his trouble and left, ignoring Padawan Cathley's suggestions at working together.

Sirrek then met with a Condluran named Briff, knowing that Briff bought special items. Sirrek then offered Vildar Mac's lightsaber, which he had stolen from the Jedi in Enlightenment, though the Condluran turned it down. Sirrek then spotted a statue of a starbird made out of kyber crystal in one of Briff's crates and picked it up. Briff held a blaster to him, but then Master Mac jumped down from above and disarmed Briff, but they had another blaster in their other sleeve and shot at the Jedi. Sirrek jumped in the way of the bolt, though was not hurt due to his body armor. After Briff took off in a speeder, Mac noticed that Sirrek had saved him, but Sirrek thought it was ironic considering Mac was meant to be aligned with the Force. Mac also said that stealing from a Jedi took audacity, and that he was almost impressed by Sirrek. Cathley commented that they had lost their only lead, and Sirrek confirmed that he had been trying to find out who was in the market for stolen artifacts. He told them that he knew where the statue of the starbird was from, saying that if they had thought stealing lightsabers was hard, it was a much bigger deal entirely.

Tey Sirrek utilized a flying spherical droid that could record its surroundings and play them back with a hologram.

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