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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Name: Sylar Saris
Species: Sylar Saris' species
Gender: Male
Height: 2.04 meters
Eye color: Emerald
Skin color: Green
Move: 10

        Blaster: 7D
        Brawling Parry: 7D+2
        Dodge: 6D+1
        Melee Combat: 6D
        Melee Parry: 5D+2
        Bargain: 5D+2
        Command: 4D+1
        Hide: 5D
        Persuasion: 4D+2
        Search: 6D+2
        Sneak: 6D+1
        Alien Species: 3D+1
        Intimidation: 6D
        Languages: 3D+2
        Planetary Systems: 4D+2
        Streetwise: 6D
        Survival: 7D
        Tactics: 5D+2
        Value: 6D+1
        Willpower: 5D
        Brawling: 6D+2
        Climbing/Jumping: 6D+1
        Stamina: 5D
        Astrogation: 4D+1
        Repulsorlift Operation: 5D+1
        Space Transports: 4D+2
        Starship Gunnery: 5D
        Demolitions: 6D+2
        Security: 6D

         CREDITS - 10,000
                 Helmet (Str+2D vs Physical Damage, Str+1D vs Energy Damage), Blaster (5D), Vibro Knife (Str+2D), Bandoliers, Comlink, Datapad, Tools


Description: Sylar Saris, also known as "The Slayer of Ordo Eris," was an insectoid criminal that was active in the Imperial Era around 18 BBY. After taking out multiple top bosses on behalf of the Haxion Brood crime syndicate, Saris became highly wanted by powerful individuals in the galaxy, and fled to the planet Veelo. As a result, bounty hunter Fennec Shand began to pursue the bounty on him, eventually hiring the rogue clones Hunter and Wrecker to aid her in finding and capturing him.

A slippery mark
The insectoid Sylar Saris took out a pair of bosses who were members of the Haxion Brood, a criminal syndicate, and then swindled the group before escaping with a cache of credits to the planet Veelo, which he was familiar with, in order to hide. A large bounty was placed on Saris, who came to be known as "The Slayer of Ordo Eris" following his run-in with the syndicate, but he proved difficult to catch, setting up mines in the water around his hideout. Several bounty hunters had gone after Saris but failed to capture him and not returned from the hunt, with the insectoid also evading capture when he encountered the bounty hunter Fennec Shand.

Around 18 BBY, Shand possessed a bounty puck for Saris and received a tip on his location. Having been unsuccessful at capturing him previously, Shand regarded the insectoid as hard to capture without a crew. When the rogue clone troopers Hunter and Wrecker approached her at Tanda's Cantina on Suria space station asking for information, she made a deal with them—the two would help her capture Saris in exchange for what they wanted to know. Thus, the trio travelled to Veelo, and Hunter tracked the target until they encountered the mines that the insectoid had set up, unexpectedly disabling them rather then going around them as Saris would expect.

Hideout ambush
When Shand, Hunter, and Wrecker arrived at Saris' hideout, they pulled their hydroskiff to shore and then split up, with Shand remaining lookout at the boat and the two clones individually searching the base. Saris lay in wait for the hunters, hiding on the ceiling of one of the hideout's rooms until Hunter entered and began examining a wooden grate beneath the insectoid. Chittering and clacking his mandibles, Saris leapt down onto Hunter's back, causing the clone to begin firing off stun shots from his blaster into the air. Saris then bit Hunter's hand, causing him to drop the weapon, before the clone threw his attacker off.

Saris snarled as he landed with a roll and Hunter charged at the insectoid, with the pair exchanging blows until Saris scuttled around Hunter's legs and kicked the clone in the back, stunning him and knocking him to the floor. Chittering, Saris climbed atop the clone, but was knocked across the room by a charging Wrecker, who had seen Hunter's blaster shots. Eluding Wrecker's grasp, Saris screeched and slipped into the shadows then leapt from behind Wrecker and knocked the clone into a wall. With both clones on the ground, Saris opened the wooden grate on the room's floor and leapt down into a crude tunnel below.

Wrecker reported Saris's escape underground to Shand over comms, causing her to leave the group's boat and allowing their target to sneak from nearby onto the dock. Boarding his own boat, Saris attempted to fire up its thruster, but after it sputtered and died he looked back to find two of the wires had been cut. Levelling a blaster pistol at her target from behind, Shand taunted Saris, who turned and recognized her, causing him to laugh. Shand then hit Saris with a stun blast, causing him to flinch, but not stopping him from leaping at her. The bounty hunter missed several shots while Saris was in the air, allowing him to land on her and knock the weapon from her hand before punching her into the water.

Leaping onto a nearby rock face, Saris scanned the beach around him and spotted the hunters' vessel, jumping down and running toward it before Wrecker jumped from the shadows and tackled him. Spitting acid onto the clone's helmet and impairing his view, the insectoid pushed off his attacker and drew a vibroblade, slashing at the blinded clone. Clearing off the acid, Wrecker grappled with Saris and slammed him onto the ground, allowing Hunter to shoot Saris in the back with a stun blast. Dropping his weapon, Saris turned to Hunter only to be hit with a second blast, before staggering around into a third shot from Wrecker. Wobbling on his feet, Saris then tried to flee before a final shot from Shand incapacitated the insectoid.

Commenting that Shand had been right about needing a crew to capture Saris, Wrecker slung the bounty over his shoulder and the trio of hunters left the hideout. Shand then dropped off Wrecker and Hunter back at Suria space station in her starship, the Outcast, before taking Saris to her client.

Personality and traits
Saris was a lean, mantis-like alien with emerald eyes and green skin. He had the ability to spit green acid. He was able to breath the toxic air of Veelo. He stood 2.04 meters tall and earned a reputation as one of the slipperiest marks around.

Saris wore a brown and grey helmet and a brown bandolier, using a vibroblade in combat. The hologram on Shand's bounty puck showed him holding a blaster. His hideout was protected by dozens of underwater mines and he had a hydroskiff ready for escape.

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Stats by FreddyB, Descriptive Text from WookieePedia.
Image copyright LucasArts.
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