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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Name: Lieutenant Holmes
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 2 meters
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: Light
Affiliation(s): Galactic Empire, Imperial Army, Imperial Officer Corps
Move: 10

        Blaster: 5D+1
        Dodge: 5D
        Grenade: 4D+2
        Brawling Parry: 4D
        Vehicle Blasters: 4D+2
        Command: 4D+2
        Search: 5D+2
        Bureaucracy: 5D+1
        Intimidation: 4D
        Tactics: 3D+2
        Brawling: 4D
        Repulsorlift Operation: 4D+2
        Space Transports: 4D
        Space Transport Repair: 2D+2
        Security: 5D

        CREDITS - 150
                Blaster pistol (4D), Imperial Officer's Uniform, Comlink, Code Cylinder, credit chip


Description: Holmes was a human who held the rank of lieutenant in the army of the Galactic Empire and was placed in charge of Docking Bay 5-02 on board Imperial Station 003 above the planet Coruscant. Around 18 BBY, the Rho-class transport shuttle designated Alpha-44 was cleared to land in the docking bay but did not appear on Holmes' manifest, and so the lieutenant questioned the shuttle's crew—in fact a disguised group of rogue clones infiltrating the station—until the group's ally, former Imperial Vice Admiral Edmon Rampart, gave him a dressing down.

Holmes then left the hangar, but later returned with questions about its base of origin, which he directed to the clone Wrecker. Agreeing to verify the shuttle's signature key, Wrecker instead knocked Holmes out, dumping the Imperial officer's unconscious form back in the hangar when Alpha-44 departed the station.

Manifest malfunction
Holmes was a human that served in the officer corps and army of the Galactic Empire during its reign, holding the rank of lieutenant and working on board Imperial Station 003 in orbit of the planet Coruscant by around 18 BBY. Around that time, he oversaw Docking Bay 5-02 on board the station when the Rho-class transport shuttle designated Alpha-44 was cleared to land in the bay.

As the shuttle was not on his manifest, Holmes entered the hangar to question the crew and approached the officer and three clones that had disembarked. He did not recognize the officer as the disgraced former Imperial Vice Admiral Edmon Rampart or the clones as the rogue Clone Force 99, who had used the stolen shuttle to infiltrate the station and discover a route to the secret Mount Tantiss Imperial facility. After receiving no answer to who was responsible for the shuttle, Holmes cast his eyes over the clones and questioned what division they were with, noting that their armor was not regulation. When the clone Hunter still did not respond, Holmes pressed him before Rampart stepped forward and identified the clones as part of his division.

Rampart, who was disguised as a captain senior in rank to Holmes, then informed him that their mission was classified and told the officer to take it up with Governor Wilhuff Tarkin, head of the secretive Tarkin Initiative, if there was a problem with that. Standing to attention before apologizing and saluting, Holmes quickly claimed there was no issue and left the docking bay when prompted by Rampart.

Wrecker's ruse
After discovering an inconsistency with the shuttle's base of origin, Holmes later returned to Docking Bay 5-02 and climbed the ramp onto Alpha-44, finding the clone Wrecker seated inside. Ordering the clone to stand in front of him, Holmes asked for Rampart's location, but when Wrecker's answer proved unhelpful, he asked the clone to verify the shuttle's signature key instead. Wrecker then directed Holmes to a console, which he used to close the shuttle doors before punching the lieutenant in the head and knocking him out.

Wrecker took the Imperial's cap and reported having to subdue Holmes to Hunter, who had moved further into the station with the others. When they returned with a plan to reach Mount Tantiss, Wrecker carried Holmes out of the shuttle and dumped his still unconscious form in the docking bay, returning the hat to Holmes's head before the clones and Rampart departed Imperial Station 003 in the shuttle.

Personality and traits
Holmes was a prime example of the Empire's zest for order, swiftly interrogating any visitors not logged in his manifest. Although the lieutenant stammered and backed down when receiving a dressing down from Rampart, the mere appearance of the supposed captain's authority was not enough to quell Holmes's suspicions about the new arrivals. Holmes stood two meters tall and had light skin, brown hair, and blue eyes.

Holmes wore a gray Imperial officer's uniform with black boots, a black belt with an officer's disk on the buckle, and a second disk on his gray Imperial kepi. His rank insignia plaque showed two red pips and one blue, and he carried a datapad while working in Docking Bay 5-02.

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Intimidation is a Knowledge skill.

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