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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Galactic EmpireSubtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: Yes

Name: Doctor Scalder
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 1.76 meters
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: Light
Affiliation(s): Galactic Empire, Advanced Science Division
Move: 10

        Blaster: 4D
        Brawling Parry: 3D+1
        Dodge: 4D+2
        Alien Species 5D
        Scholar; Cloning: 6D+2
        Scholar; Medicine: 5D+2
        Bargain: 5D
        Command: 4D+2
        Hide: 5D
        Injury/Ailment Diagnosis 5D+2
        Investigation: 5D+1
        Search: 4D+2
        Brawling: 3D+2
        Bacta Tank Operation 4D+2
        Cloning Tank Operation: 5D+2
        Repulsorlift Operation: 3D+2
        Computer Programming/Repair: 4D+2
        First Aid: 6D
        Medicine: 5D
        Security: 4D+2

Force Sensitive: N
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 2
Character Points: 4

Equipment: White Uniform, Datapad, Goggles with built in Comlink

Background: Scalder was a female human doctor and scientist who served under the Galactic Empire during the early days of the Imperial Era.

Dr. Scalder was an administrator, technician, and scientist who served the Galactic Empire at the secret Tantiss Base at Mount Tantiss on the planet Weyland. As the Head Medical Officer, Dr. Scalder oversaw the Empire's cloning procedures. The officer personally welcomed Nala Se to Tantiss after the Kaminoan's own cloning laboratories were decommissioned and promised the alien scientist that the Empire had high hopes for her future.

When Nala Se was replaced by Dr. Emerie Karr as the chief scientist of the program in the Tantiss vault, Dr. Scalder observed the Force-sensitive children that were kept there. She questioned Dr. Karr's decision to give the children more interaction than planned but conceded when Dr. Karr asserted her authority on her. Later, while observing the children, she noticed Omega was missing and personally went into the observation room and then into Omega's cell to investigate, but did not discover anything, left oblivious to Omega's planning to escape.

When The Bad Batch arrived at Weyland, they were quickly intercepted by V-wings and cannons as they made their approach. In the vault's observation deck, Scalder and her colleagues learned of the intrusion. Karr ordered to implement lockdown procedures in the vault and instructed Scalder to safeguard the children. Scalder retorted and told Karr her concern for the "specimens" was unwarranted.

Later, as Omega snuck through the tube system, Scalder and a Tantiss medical droid arrived at the vault doors. The droid ordered the children to return to their rooms. As Scalder and the droid collected Sami's sample, Sami claimed she was hungry, but Scalder said it will pass. Scalder and the droid then went to Eva's cell. Eva told Scalder she did not feel good. Scalder ordered the droid to run a diagnostic on her and assessed Eva to be fine and left her cell. As Scalder approached Omega's cell, Jax requested to go next, but Scalder told him to wait his turn. Omega returned to her cell just in time for her blood test. Scalder finished her test and departed the vault, unaware of Omega's actions.

As Clone Force 99 continued their assault on Tantiss, Omega and the other children in the vault decided to reprogram a droid. Scalder noticed their activity and went down from the observation deck to investigate. She arrived and questioned Sami where the other inmates were. Sami replied they were with the medical droid. The other children arrived a moment late with the droid, raising Scalder's suspicion about the unscheduled scan. She demanded to know what they were up to. She scolded Doctor Karr saying she was too lenient, then ordered everyone back to their alcoves. However, she was incapacitated by the medical droid, who injected her with a sedative. The injured Scalder was later escorted from the vault by clone commandos and stormtroopers as Echo and Karr arrived at the scene. Hemlock intended to discipline Scalder for her misdemeanors.

Personality and traits
Scalder was a human female who possessed bangs of long dark brown hair which she kept in a bun, light skin, and brown eyes. She wore the white uniform of an Imperial scientist with a modified Kaminoan emblem on the sleeves as well as a pair of goggles fitted with a communication device.

Comments made about this Article!

18/May/2024 03:15:55 Posted by

You already made stats for this character. Should I consider this to be an updated version as of Season 3?

18/May/2024 03:33:42 Posted by

I'm comparing the two versions, and I came up with these discrepancies.

Dexterity: All skills in this version are 1D lower than in the previous version.
Knowledge: Knowledge is 4D here when it's 3D in the previous version. You had languages 4D in the previous version, and it's not here now.
Mechanical: Mechanical is 3D here when it's 2D+1 in the previous version. You had communications 3D in the previous version, and it's not here now. Repulsorlift operation is 1D lower here than in the previous version.
Perception: Perception is 3D here when it's 2D+2 in the previous version. You had command 4D+2 here when it's 5D in the previous version.

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