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Section of Site: Creatures D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: CreaturesEra: Old RepublicCanon: EU

Name: Orbalisk
Type: Dxunian Predator

Dexterity: 2D+1
Perception: 1D
Strength: 3D+1 (+3D defense)

Move: 10
Size: 0.01 meters - 0.3 meters (dependant upon age)

Special Abilities:
       Leeching Attachment: Orbalisks lie dormant in caves and dark places. They feed and travel in packs ranging from dozens to several hundred. They feed by latching onto a suitable host creature and feeding upon it until it dies. Roll 2D; The roll equals the number of hours that will pass before the orbalisk's poison kills the host. Orbalisks use a very powerful adhesive secretion to latch to their host. This makes it virtually impossible to remove them via prying them off. If the orbalisk dies, it releases a fast-acting toxic poison into the host's system, causing near instant death. An electrical shock of enough power, approximately several thousand volts, is enough to stun the orbalisk, thus loosing it's hold on the host long enough to carefully remove it.
       Leeching Armor: Darth Bane was infected by Orbalisks at one point, and wore them for approximately ten years. By allowing the orbalisks to feed on his dark side power, Bane was able to survive the infestation, although with constant levels of extreme pain. He then used the pain to feed his own power in the dark side, thus creating a cyclic loop that kept him alive and safe from the leeching orbalisks as long as he was able to control the mindless rage the cycle created. As time wore on, the orbalisks grew and multiplied, eventually spreading over most of his body. A special metal helmet and gloves protected Bane's head and hands from being overgrown by the feeding (and painful) orbalisks. In return for the continued sustaining and gluttony Bane provided the orbalisks, the orbalisks released chemicals into his system that allowed him to recover almost instantly from virtually any wound, even those inflicted by a lightsaber. They also released a massive surge of enzymes and adrenaline into his system, enhancing his physical strength. Finally, the most beneficial advantage Bane received from the orbalisks was their defenses. Orbalisk shells are nearly impervious to energy, and impossible to shatter. The only weakness to the wearer and the orbalisks themselves is electricity. Orbalisk armor provides 6D+1 armor defense, +2D strength (does not apply to defense) and regeneration (roll 2D. The resulting roll equals the amount of damage healed every other round by the orbalisks).

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