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Section of Site: Characters D20Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: New RepublicCanon: No


Kelos was born on Naboo in the gungan cities. He was born shortly after the last Clone War took place. Unlike his parents, Kelos was a bit clumsy and forgetful, and was almost banished like the famous Jar Jar Binks, when he was instead sent to Cloud City. There Kelos met and befriended a Dug named Gruben, who owned a Mechanics shop. Kelos was given the honor of being a guard at the shop, which he excelled at. Little else is known about Kelos as he keeps his life as secret as Carl Wean does and though he trusts those his boss hires, he does not trust them that well.

Era: Rise of the Empire
Age: Adult (29)
Gender: Male
Species: Gungan
Skin: Orange
Eyes: Azure
Height: 1.7m
Weight: 56kg

Male Gungan; lvl 6 Fringer; Init: +3; Def: 18 (+5 class, +3 ability); Spd: 10m; VP/WP: 44/12; AB M/R: +6/+7; SQ: Barter, Fringer Bonus Class Skill (Balance), Fringer Bonus Class Skill (Escape Artist), Hold Breath, Jury-rig +4, Low-light Vision, Survival +2; Saves: FORT: +6 (+5 base, +1 ability), REF: +7 (+3 base, +3 ability, +1 Misc), WILL: +2 (+2 base) Size: Medium; FP: 5; DSP: 0; Rep: +5; Stats: STR: 15 (+2), DEX: 16 (+3), CON: 12 (+1), INT: 14 (+2), WIS: 11 (+0), CHA: 12 (+1); SL: Basic, Gungan, Huttese

Comlink, Personal Energy, Shield, 2,500 Credits

Climb: +7 (5 ranks, +2 mod), Gamble: +1 (1 rank), Handle Animal: +11 (8 ranks, +2 mod, +1 ability), Jump: +11 (9 ranks, +2 ability), Listen: +13 (9 ranks, +4 mod), Profession (cook): +7 (7 ranks), Ride: +10 (5 ranks, +2 mod, +3 ability), Spot: +10 (8 ranks, +2 mod), Survival: +6 (6 ranks), Swim: +13 (7 ranks, +4 mod, +2 ability)

Alertness, Animal Affinity, Sharp-eyed, WGP (Blaster Pistols), WGP (Primitive Weapons), WGP (Simple Weapons)

Punch, Attack Bonus: +6, Type: Melee, Size: medium, Damage: 1d3+2,
Electopole, Attack Bonus: +6, Type: Bludgeoning, Size: Medium, Damage: 2d6+2, Critical: 20
-Weapon Enery Balls x5, Attack Bonus: +7, Type: Enery, Size: Medium, Damage: d8+2, Critical: 20

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