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Section of Site: Creatures D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: CreaturesEra: Canon: No


Aranias are a mysterious parasite found scattered across the
galaxy. Their planet of origin is unknown however they have
begun to plague shipping lanes more and more making mynocks
look like nothing.

These creatures grow to three meters in diameter and two in
height. They have large transparent bubble shaped carapaces
which cover odd internal organs which glow and pulsate with
energy. On the underside of the bulbous body are pincher like
mandibles which allow the Aranias to latch onto ships and

It is believed that a group of pirates is using these creatures
to help them attack and disrupt galactic shipping.

Type: Parasite
        Dodge 5D
        Search: energy Source 7D

Move: 8 (flying)        
Size: 3 meters in diameter 2 meters tall

Special Abilities:

Energy Drain: An Aranias can drain the energy out of nearly any
type of power system. Small power systems such as personal
weapons or a suit of power armor can be drawn upon from a
distance of 20 meters by a larva, an adolescent can draw upon
energy systems as large as a speeder scale vehicle from a
distance, adult can draw up to walker scale power systems from
a distance. Levels above their distance roof require the Aranias
to physically attach itself to whatever it's draining power from.
Also any energy weapon damage to them is reduced by one level of
effect if they are hit. Every round that a vehicle or starship
is drained for it loses 1D from all systems. Energy weapons
drained lose 1/4 their max ammo each round so after 4 rounds
all ammo will be gone. Powersuit armor drains in two rounds and
becomes nonfunctional still providing protection but the built
in gear and servomotors won't work.

Carapace: As they mature Aranias' carapaces harden and toughen
more and more protecting them.
Larva: +2 to resist
Adolescent: +1D+2 to resist
Adult: +3D to resist

Vacuum: Aranias don't breath and due to their somewhat unique
physiology they can easily withstand the vacuum of space.

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