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BoShek (Human Smuggler/Tech)

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Section of Site: Creatures D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: CreaturesEra: Canon: No


Type: Semi Sentient Killer
        Dodge: 5D+2
        Melee Combat: 6D+2
        Search: 5D
        Sneak: 6D+1
        Command: Trollocs: 7D
        Brawling: 5D+2

Special Abilities:
Myrddraal Steel: Forged with arcane rituals and human sacrifices these
blades are made in the forges of a place known as Thrakan`dar. If a
character receives a wounded status or higher his wound level increases
one level every hour unless or until put into full bacta submersion.
Nothing but bacta or the force will heal the wound so medkits will not
help. With modern technology this has become less of a problem but it
is still deadly.

Fear: Any person who meets a Myrddraal's gaze must make a Very Difficult
Willpower roll. Failure means they are totally frozen in place or run
in sheer terror(GM's discretion). "To look into the gaze of the Eyeless
is to know fear"
Shadow Traveling: A Myrddraal may move instantaneously through shadows.
they may only move about this way to place on the same planet. By fully
submerging themselves in a shadow they can instantaneously travel to
any other shadow deep enough to fully envelop them. they themselves don't
quite know how. They step in one shadow and step out of the one they
wish. They may not bring anyone through with them this way.

Slow Dying: A Myrddraal is relentless in their pursuit to kill and it
is said they refuse to admit when they die. They suffer on shock
penalties (stunned wound level) and stun weapons have no effect on
them. When they take a kill they will remain alive thrashing about
spasmodically trying to kill anything that gets near it still. It will
remain like this for 3D minutes then will finally die.

Blood: A Myrddraal's blood etches metal faster than the most powerful
acids. While it will not harm stone or wood or even flesh, any metal
touched by Myrddraal blood  will take a cumulative 2D damage every
round starting 4 rounds after contact(i.e. 2D damage first round, 4D
next round, 6d after, 8d after that etc.) until it is wiped off or the
metal is destroyed. Thus a blade used to strike a Myrddraal is quickly
ruined if the wielder is unwary.

Trolloc Commanders: Myrddraal almost never fight alone, they command
hordes of Trollocs. Because the Trollocs fear the Myrddraal more than
the enemy or death they will go into battle full heartedly. Some
Myrddraal actually link their Trollocs to them. Trollocs so bonded get
+1d to all skills, however if a Trolloc horde so bonded's Myrddraal is
slain they will all fall in agony and automatically take an incapacitated
level wound. A non-bonded horde may break and run also if their Myrddraal
is slain.

Story factors:

Myth: Myrddraal have existed since times before the Old Republic's
founding. They are clouded in myths with hundreds of different names,
half men, Myrddraal, the Eyeless, Lurk, Fetch, Shadowman, and Fade.
Many people believe all sorts of things that are not true about them,
the most prominent of which is that they don't exist.

Myrddraal Swords:
Body: 4D
Damage: STR+3D+1
Game Note: A character who wields this blades gains a Dark Side Point
anytime they inflict damage with it due to it being totally imbued
with the dark side.

Myrddraal Armor
Resist: +2D physical, +1D energy

Move: 13
Size: 2.2 meters tall

Note: The material here presented is derived from Robert Jordan's
Wheel of Time literary works and all rights to said material belong
to him, this material is not to be distributed for any sort of
personal gain and is written in deference and respect for his work.

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