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Section of Site: Creatures D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: CreaturesEra: Canon: No


The Tarrasque is a killing machine of unbelievable power and ferocity.
Though a connection was never proven it is beleived to be related to
the Dark Masters who command the Myrrddraal and Trollocs. There have
been reportings of multiple tarrasque but only one has ever been
positively identified. That one spread destruction across an entire
sector in the Old Republic. Nobody knew how it got from world to world,
but it'd show up and destroy everything it could find. It would eat
anything alive, plant or animal.

A group of jedi were sent in with a Republic task force. Many of the
soldiers were killed during confrontation after confrontation. The
taskforce got desperate when two of the Jedi failed to kill the thing
and were themselves killed. Orbital bombardments were tried but still
the beats persisted. Nuclear weapons were even released to no avail.

Finaly a sacrafice was made to stop the creature from continuing to
sow his unstoppable detsurction across the galaxy. Four of the Jedi,
as well as five hundred crack soldiers from the Republic, held the
Tarrasque in one area while one of the battle cruisers was packed with
high explsoives and crashed down right on top of them. Not even a single
cell survived the thermo-nuclear blast which incinerated everything for

The taskforce went home with only 13% of their force remaining and most
of the sector in ruins, however the Tarrasque was never heard from again.
Several planets were quarantined for unlisted reasons when there were
sightings of Tarrasque on them.

Type: Bestial killer
        Dodge 5D+1
        Sneak 5D+2
        Brawling 11D

Special Abilities:
Armor: The armor of a Tarrasque is very hard and reflective. All
energy attacks that thit the Tarrasque anywhere except the eyes or
an internal area, are reflexted. Roll 1D when an energy attack is
made against hte Tarrasque, if the result is a 6+ the energy attack
is reflected back at the user. They are also totaly immune to heat
and fire.

Regeneration: A Tarrasque can regenrate itself from even the smallest
remaining peice that is still alive. For the Tarrasque to be killed,
every last cell of the creature msut be killed before it can regnerate.
One single cell left go will regenerate back to full size in 1D days.

Teeth: STR+3D
Claws: STR+1D
Tail: STR+2D

Move: 9
Size: 50'
Scale: Speeder

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