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Section of Site: Creatures D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: CreaturesEra: Canon: No


Tremors is the name given to a mysterious creature that dates back billions
of years. It aquired its name from the low rumbling tremors it creates as it
nears its prey, usually fleeing sentients.

The life cycle of the Tremor isn't well known. Eye witnesses that have had a
great deal of experience in dealing with the creatures have provided the
only information in this regard. Various reports indicate vast numbers of
small, yet vicious bipedal creatures travelling in packs and attacking all
heat signatures for food and then the numbers of bipedal creatures reduce
and the numbers of larger subterrainian creatures increase.

Type: Developing predator
        Brawling: 4D

Special Abilities:
    Infra Red Vision: +2D to Search when looking for warm blooded prey.
    Beak: STR+3D
    Asexual Reproduction:
        Young Tremors may be able to spawn off exact clones of themselves
        shortly after consuming large amounts of food. In Game Terms: If a
        Young Tremor consumes at least its weight in food within a 10 round
        time span, then it will cough up a genetic clone of itself in 3D

Move: 12
Size: 1 meter tall

The newly born Tremors are bipedal creatures roughly a meter in height with
an already highly developed beak. These bipedal Tremors, like their worm
counterparts, have no eyes, but see in the infra red spectrum when searching
for its prey. In order to further increase the chance for survival, the
young Tremors are granted the ability to spawn exact clones of themselves if
they consume adequate food. The clones are coughed up, much like a hairball,
and quickly grow. Eventually each young Tremor will begin to elongate and
their infra red sensing organs will shrink as well as their legs. As soon as
the first "fingers" emerge (roughly four to five weeks after birth) the
young Tremor will begin burrowing, usually in softer soil at first, and
within three months of moving under ground, they will reach their full size.

Type: Subterrainian predator
        Vibration Tracking: 6D
        Brawling: 8D
        Stamina: 7D+2

Special Abilities:
    Special Skills:
        Vibration Tracking: allows for the creature to pick up on any
        vibrations moving through the ground ranging from someone walking
        to the hum of a ground vehicle.
    Tentacles/Tongues: STR+2D (range of 2 meters)
    Beak: STR+4D

Move: 5 (on surface), 15 (under ground)
Size: 8-10 meters long

Apparently the adult Tremor, a worm like creature with a powerful beak and
several "fingers" for digging, is only a temporary, but final stage in the
creature's development. The worm stage serves a single purpose, reproduction.
Inside the worm Tremor are typically three to five smaller developing
Tremors that will eventually tear their way from the adult worm, killing it
in the process.

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