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Section of Site: Creatures D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: CreaturesEra: Canon: No

Vink Spider

A Vink Spider is a giant spider that is found in the forests of Kaymore, a
planet in the Kaymore system. Vinks like most web-spinning spiders they have
eight legs, eight eyes, a bulbous abdomen and thin sleek legs. They are
usually black or dark brown in colouration and have no other distinguishing
marks. Vinks have a large pair of fangs, which can inject a lethal dose of
venom into its victims. The transparent silk produced by a Vink is
approximately 10mm in diameter and is incredibly strong and sticky. Their
webs are usually between one and three meters in diameter and can be found
at ground level and up in the trees. Like most other web spinners a Vink
generally waits for its prey to become ensnared in its web before attacking.
Although, there have been a few reports of Vinks attacking people sleeping
in the forests of Kaymore. Thankfully the antidote for their Venom is
available on Kaymore.

A Vink will eat just about anything, although their usual prey on Jols
(large rodents) and Yutta birds. Vinks mate once a year and can have up to
ten offspring. A Vink's expected life span is about two years, although a
few do live for three years.

Type: Forest Predator

Special Abilities:
      - Venomous Bite: STR+1D. If the Damage roll is greater than the target's
        Resist roll, apply normal damage and in each subsequent Round roll 2D+2
        damage against the target's natural STR (no armour bonuses, etc), until
        the venom's antidote is injected into the victim.
      - Web: If someone comes into contact with the web the person needs to make
        a Moderate STR roll to pull free of the web. If the person fails this
        roll or rolls a Mishap on the Wild Die then he/she becomes ensnared in
        the web. The person may attempt to struggle free of the web in subsequent
        rounds, but each failure increases the Difficulty by one step (e.g. After
        the first failure the Difficulty becomes Difficult, then Very Difficult,
        and so on).

Move: 7
Size: 0.3 - 0.4 meters in diameter

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