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SPECTRUM Angel Interceptor
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R2-SHP (Resistance Astromech)


Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 5 Episode 16: The Lawless

What is it ? : Duchess Satine of Mandalore is languishing in a prison cell, when she is rescued by her nephew and Bo-Katan of the Death Watch, fleeing through the city she plans to contact the Jedi to require Obi-Wans help, which she manages after a speeder vs jetpack wearing Mandalorians battle, as the new Death Watch, in red with horns on their armour, fight the classic Death Watch in blue.
The signal is received by the Jedi, and they inform Obi-Wan, telling him that Mandalore's neutrality means they cannot get involved. Obi-Wan takes things into his own hands, taking Anakins ship, the Twilight, and going to Mandalore.
The Twilight is malfunctioning, and acts as a distraction while Obi-Wan obtains a set of Mandalorian armour from a guard. He breaks into the Jail and rescues Satine, taking her back to the Twilight. As they attempt to leave, missiles are fired at the ship, and it crashes burning back into the dock, as Obi-Wan and Satine escape in the nick of time.
Maul and Opress take them back to the throne room, and execute Satine in front of Obi-Wan, sending him to the Prison cells to rot in misery.
Bo-Katan rescues Obi-Wan giving him a ship, and it can be seen that the planet has fallen into chaos as the two parts of Death Watch battle in the streets amid the flaming city.
Meanwhile, across the Galaxy, Palpatine senses something, and orders his ship to be readied, travelling to Mandalore.
Using the force, he easily defeats Mandalorian guards, and heads to the Throne room, where Maul senses his presence and calls him master, professing his loyalty. Palpatine senses his deception, and calls him a rival, before battling the two brothers, outclassing both of them. He easily kills Savage Opress, and leaves Maul crawling on the ground begging for mercy.
Palpatine force lightnings him, he tells Maul that the Sith show no mercy, and that he's not going to kill him as he has plans for Mauls future.

High Points : This episode is action packed from beginning to end, and wraps up the Maul/Opress storyline amazingly.

From the beginning, with the two parts of Death Watch battling above the streets of Mandalore's capital city as Duchess Satine flees in a speeder, the episode shows us action we've never seen before, with a high speed action packed chase.

Then Obi-Wan and Satines second escape, and the dramatic death of Satine and her admission that she has always loved Obi-Wan.

And finally the battle between Palpatine and the brothers, his skill is so far above theirs that they stand no chance, and he moves between fighting styles as he obviously is enjoying this chance to fight.

Low Points : I can't really think of any low points, the repetition of models I commented on a few episodes continues, with everyone using the same speeders and speeder bikes we've seen in the past. But apart from that, I've no real criticism of the episode at all.

So what do you really think ? : This is very much an episode of three parts, and each could easily have been stretched out into it's own episode, so with all this crammed into one episode it seems longer than it's running time, but also really full of action. I definitely didn't see the Palpatine ending coming, and seeing the alliance Maul built totally collapse almost instantly was a complete surprise.

Final Words : We're really getting towards the end here, we've wrapped up multiple storylines, and although there's still more to come, if Clone Wars had ended here, I'm betting everyone would have been happy with this as a finale.

Well, off to an Ahsoka storyline next episode, which makes a whole load of sense, as Clone Wars has in many ways been her series.

Score : 9.5/10

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