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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 5 Episode 18: The Jedi Who Knew Too Much

What is it ? : After the arrest of the suspect for the bombing of the Jedi Temple, she is taken into military custody due to the deaths of Clone Troopers in the attack, Admiral Tarkin takes command of the case, informing Anakin and Ahsoka that Chancellor Palpatine wants to cut as many ties as possible between the military and the Jedi, since they are not military they are part of the Senate.
The prisoner requests Ahsoka, and she goes to the military prison to see the prisoner, but as they talk the prisoner is force choked and dies. Ahsoka, as the only force user in the room, one who was reaching out to help the prisoner as she choked, footage of which makes her look as if she is the one using the power, is taken into custody, and Anakin is refused access.
Ahsoka awakens to find a keycard left outside her cell, so she uses the force to open the door, heading towards the exit, discovering unconscious Clone Troopers on the way. Having been well and truly framed, she goes on the run, escaping the prison, but only after further being framed for the deaths of some Clone Troopers.
Anakin attempts to make the Clone Troopers use stun only, but even though they swap their blasters to stun, they continue to use aircraft weapons, and missile launchers against her.
Anakin finally catches up with her just as she's about to exit into the city, and she asks him to trust her before she escapes on the back of a passing vessel.

High Points : This is an excellent episode, especially knowing that Ahsoka ends up not being a Jedi by the time of Rebels, and knowing how little of Clone Wars is left to go, the frame up is rudimentary, but works well in context of the story, and the action as Ahsoka escapes the prison is excellent.

Forced to choose what impressed me most, I'd choose the escape from the prison, an extended scene, but excellent to watch. But this episode impresses throughout.

Low Points : As mentioned above, the frame up job is rudimentary. If Ahsoka had done almost anything except reaching out to help the choking woman, the frame wouldn't have worked, and it's success relied on her not shouting the troops back into the room, and having ordered them out in the first place.

After Ahsoka is arrested, Anakin tries to see her, and the Clone Troopers inform him that's she's a military prisoner so he can't see her. Ahem, General Skywalker isn't military? Even if the title is honorary, he's still a General and orders troops around. I'd also bring up, that the prison is guarded by Clone Troopers, and certainly they don't look like Clone Naval Officers, so surely they should orders and command of a General more than they should those of an Admiral.

During Ahsoka's escape, Anakin orders the now compliant Clone Troopers to set their weapons to stun. Which they do. But they also begin using Missile Launchers, and vehicle weapons against her, and while this might circumvent Anakins order ("But sir, missiles can't be set to stun!", I have a feeling that the orders were clear enough they realise that they shouldn't be trying to kill her.

Finally, Anakin asks Ahsoka to trust him, and tell the Jedi Council the truth. Which is actually solid advice. Ahsoka doesn't have a lot to fear facing a bunch of Jedi who could read any deception in her, who can see the past, and who know she was off-world when this was arranged. Her defence should be the easiest ever, "Okay, you tell me if I did it."

So what do you really think ? : I really enjoyed this episode, Ahsoka is such a good character, and we're starting to see her beliefs be challenged and setting her down a path that leads to her leaving the Jedi order and outlasting it by many years.

Final Words : I'll be brief, I'm fascinated to see what comes next.

Score : 9/10

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