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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 5 Episode 19: To Catch a Jedi

What is it ? : Ahsoka escapes into the Coruscant Underground, as the Jedi council are briefed by Admiral Tarkin that she stands accused of not only the murder of the Saboteur, but also planning the Sabotage in the first place. Yoda sends Anakin and Plo-Koon to find her and bring her back to the temple, although he is doubtful whether she would be able to remain there.
Ahsoka contacts Barriss Offee, who offers to help, but tells Ahsoka to ditch her Jedi Commlink and use alternative methods of communication, so Ahsoka trades a ration bar for a cloak and boards a train to avoid police, however they are inspecting the train as well.
She is spotted, and escapes from the moving train only to be ambushed by a bounty hunter, who reveals themself to be Asajj Ventress. Ahsoka offers to speak to the Jedi council about getting Ventress a pardon in exchange for her help, and Ventress agrees, although mentions that the bounty is still an alternative.
The two are then spotted leaving by Anakin, and his report of Ahsoka working with Ventress just makes Ahsoka look more guilty. Ahsoka gets in contact with Barriss Offee who informs her that the saboteur obtained the explosives from a warehouse not far from where she is now. As the two head towards the warehouse, they are spotted by Clone Troopers, and defend themselves without harming the troopers, rendering them unconscious, Ventress commenting on how she's turned over a new leaf.
At the warehouse the two split up, and Ventress is ambushed and knocked out by a mysterious figure, inside the warehouse, Ahsoka is now ambushed by someone wearing Ventress's armour and mask, they duel and Ahsoka is knocked down next to a crate of nano-droid explosives, where she is found and stunned unconscious by some Clone Troopers. Anakin and Plo-Koon take her back to the Jedi temple, reporting she was found with the explosives used in the act of sabotage, wondering if she is behind it all, or whether the plot goes deeper.

High Points : This episode is truly amazing, something I really enjoyed from beginning to end.

Seeing the underworld of Coruscant, while we've seen some scummy looking buildings, and the streets of the city-world, here we are beneath the surface, seeing the dirty streets, the beggars, the trashy looking subway trains. It looks different to what we've seen before, this is the realm of those not wanting to be found, and setting a campaign down here would be all too easy. I can imagine a Rebellion era campaign taking place almost exclusively in the Underworld of Coruscant, a group of rebels dodging patrols and raiding surface installations in acts of resistance.

The storyline is great, and seeing Ventress and Ahsoka working together is brilliant, as in many ways the two characters parallel each other on the opposite sides of the Clone Wars, and with both currently abandoned by their master.

Oh, and I forgot last episode the throw some compliments to the voice actor for Admiral Tarkin, he truly is excellent, there are times when he sounds so much like Peter Cushing's portrayal it's uncanny. But on the subject of Tarkin . . . .

Low Points : The use of Admiral Tarkin annoys me here, the character who is so chilling in A New Hope and Rogue One, who supposedly is a military genius and skilled in the application of influence and power here is little more than Palpatine's Toady. I would have prefered to see him working with Anakin again, building up to the Vader/Tarkin relationship we saw work so well in the movies. I think the character would have worked a lot better if he'd been working to find the truth, while building evidence which would further reduce the influence of the Jedi on the military, he'd have been far more effective.

At the end when Ventress gets ambushed, and someone wearing her gear attacks Ahsoka, it's a little too obvious who it is, since there's so few characters in the story, especially one who knows where they were going to be.

So what do you really think ? : I loved this episode, so much so I really didn't want to wait two days to see the next one, I wanted to watch it straight away. However I was in the middle of working, so didn't have the time. Excellent,and really, really looking forwards to the final episode of this season to see how it all works out.

Final Words : Although I'm aware Clone Wars has season 6 to come (although it's only really a half season), this really feels as if Clone Wars is reaching an end. Season 4 was building towards things to come, with Maul and Oppress just starting their storylines, and Ventress embarking on a new chapter in hers. But season six really feels like it's wrapping everything up for the end, we've seen most of the storylines end, and this one also has the feeling of finality.

Score : 9.5/10

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